70 Most Seaworthy Gift Ideas For Boat Owners

A’hoy there, captain! When it comes time to get your sea-worthiest pal and favorite boating enthusiast a little something for their boat or home, we have got you covered with these great gifts for boat owners.

We did all the leg work, so sit back and scroll on! Below, we’ve curated 70 excellent gift ideas for boaters, each one better than the last. 

They’re always ready to head for open water, but this must-have-on-deck gear will get them borderline giddy to set sail.

Best Gifts for Boaters

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1. Custom Watercolor Boat Painting

Turn their favorite sailboat into a custom watercolor painting! This will grace their cabin walls for a long, long time. It’s super easy, too. 

All you do is choose your size and send the talented artists a photograph of your beloved boaters vessel. Voila! 

A truly one-of-a-kind gift that they will swoon over. Way better than a gift card if you ask us…

2. Custom Captain Hat

Leave no doubt to who is manning the helm with this cute, custom captain’s hat. 

Perfect for keeping the sun out of their eyes as they float and sail along, this cap is personalized with their name. Great for men and women alike!

3. Marine Binoculars

What’s that there on the horizon, matey? Check it out with a great pair of marine binoculars like these! 

Totally practical, your seafaring rover will be reaching for these again and again. An ideal gift for your fine boating friend.

4. Boat Boarding Mat

Welcome aboard all of your friends and family members with this fun boat boarding mat! 

It brings a touch of style and whimsy to your boat, and everyone will love it. A simple way to spruce up your space, and it’s so practical, too! 

5. Inflatable Kayaks

For water sports, these inflatable kayaks are the bee’s knees! Easy to store when not in use, they won’t take up too much space in their garage like normal kayaks do.

They’ll get so much use out of these “small boats,” and they make the perfect gift. So easy to set up, too.

6. Personalized Fish Tumbler

This personalized fish tumbler will come in handy on the boat, and it’s made of high-quality stainless steel so you know it will last and last! 

It will keep all of their hot beverages warm and toasty, and their cool drinks nice ‘n frosty. What more could you ask from a tumbler?

7. Custom Nautical Map

What a fun gift this custom nautical map is! You can pick the size and — not only that — you can choose from metal, acrylic, or canvas, too. 

Totally unique and made to please even the most finicky boat captain. 

8. Sailor’s Farewell Dish Set

What a beauty this ‘Sailor’s Farewell’ dish set is! It’s almost like a work of art that is also completely functional and useful. 

The set is made of the finest bone china and trimmed in 24k gold. And the whole collection tells a story, which might just be our favorite part. 

9. Cobra Floating VHF Radio

This Cobra floating VHF radio is going to be their favorite new piece of technology guaranteed! 

As practical and essential as it is nostalgic, they’ll love staying in communication with one another in such a timeless way.

Get updates on weather emergencies, US and Canadian as well as international radio channels, and so much more. 

And it’s not only top of the line in water resistance, it’s also fully submersible, too! That means if it accidentally goes over the side of the boat there’s nothing to worry about. Unless you can’t swim…

10. Coastal Navigation Class

Live your best sailing life with a coastal navigation class! Get educated and really know your stuff — you’ll be so glad you did. 

A super thoughtful gift for you and all of your boat-loving friends, they’ll be so grateful that you’ve given a gift that really is priceless — knowledge.

11. Wireless Waterproof Speaker

This wireless, waterproof bluetooth speaker turns your ordinary day on the boat into something special! 

Crank up your favorite tunes while sailing along under the blue skies — doesn’t that sound like a perfect afternoon? 

12. Engraved Fly-Fishing Gear Box

Help protect the coral reef with this engraved, fly fishing gear box! 

Rustic and handsome, this box will be something special that your boater friend passes on to the next generation one day. 

13. Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Don’t come back from sailing looking lobster red! Keep your skin safe and protected with this great sunscreen from Blue Lizard. 

No one ever regretted putting on sunscreen, after all, but we can’t say the same for the other way ‘round… 

14. Stained Glass Ship Art

With its vibrant blues that remind us of the ocean, this stained glass ship art is original and lovely! 

Such a great gift idea for boat lovers, it will fit right in with their boat decor whether at home, on deck, nestled in with their fishing gear, or used as a centerpiece. 

15. StaYmo Boat Shock Absorber

Get rid of the wibbles and wobbles on your boat as you calmly troll the waters with this StaYmo boat shock absorber! 

Those fishes won’t know what sneaked up on them. And it comes in a variety of different colors which just makes it extra fun. 

16. Garmin Fishfinder

Find out where that mother lode of fishes is hiding with a Garmin Fishfinder! 

Totally worth its weight in gold, this makes a day of fishing like a day at the beach… Well, you know what we mean. 

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17. Stamp Boat Bookmark

Never lose your page and do it with style with this great stamp boat bookmark. It’s surprisingly easy to keep your TBR pile to a minimum when you never need to worry about finding your place. 

Time for “one more chapter!” 

18. Waterproof Floating Dry Bag

A waterproof backpack? Say no more! This floating dry bag will come in ever so handy at all the opportune and inopportune times.

Never worry about soggy phones, lunches, or shoes again. The waterproof design is patented to keep your goods high and dry.

19. Beer Subscription

What’s a day on the lake without some beer? Lame, that’s what! This beer subscription is a great gift for a boater. And they’ll get to appreciate it and thank you each and every month. 

20. LifeStraw Filter Water Bottle

These LifeStraw Filter Water Bottles are so great for using on the boat where space is limited! 

They’ll be reaching for it again and again. As they should, since it’s so important to stay hydrated when you’re out in the sun all weekend long. 

Boat Warming Gifts for New Boat Owners

21. Ship Christening Champagne

Ship Christening Champagne

Do you know what the new boat owner really needs? To christen that new boat with something bubbly and delicious!  But why? Where did this tradition come from?

While the custom of christening ships has been around for thousands of years, in 1890 the US Navy’s first full-steel battleship, the U.S.S. Maine, was christened with a bottle of champagne. Queen Victoria followed suit in 1891 when she christened H.M.S. Royal Arthur, and the rest is history!

It’s tradition and so much fun, after all. Once the new boat has an official name and has been celebrated properly, you can pass around the decadent chocolate truffles.

22. Custom Boat Pillows

Personalize your boating accessories with these great custom pillows. So cute, adorable, and functional, too! 

Did we mention they’re super soft and squishy and perfect for a lazy afternoon nap? Because they definitely are.

23. Welcome Aboard Personalized Welcome Mat

Help them give a hearty welcome to all of their friends and family with this cute ‘Welcome Aboard’ personalized mat. 

It brings some whimsy and character to the entryway and will also keep dirt and debris from coming inside their little mansion on the water. 

These also make a perfect present for their home on land, too! So maybe snag one for each location.

24. Anchors Aweigh Personalized Coasters

For personalized, unique gifts these ‘Anchors Aweigh’ coasters are just the thing! They bring some fashion and interior design into your boat, and also come in handy for all of those times when water rings are trying to bring you down. 

Granted, it is a boat and water is kinda everywhere… But you know what we mean.

25. Custom Boat Name Decal

It took forever to come up with your boat’s name and now you need to tell the world! These custom vinyl boat name decals are an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up the boat’s exterior. 

Easy to apply, yet secure and lasting. Plus, vinyl is the recommended for boats. Win-win!

Gift Ideas for Boat Captains

26. Captain Jack Bottle Opener

Made of maple and walnut woods and cast iron, this chic Captain Jack bottle opener is one-of-a-kind! Totally useful for cracking open all of those bottles of beer on the wall… 

Ninety-nine bottles, wasn’t it?

27. Handmade Italian Leather Sailing Log Book

Keep track of all of your adventures with this handmade, Italian leather sailing log book! So handsome with its vintage vibe and retro appeal. 

It’s a wonderful way to jot down your sailing thoughts, observations, directions, and the like. 

28. Personalized Wooden Captain Sign

Whether your captain chooses to display it at home or on the boat, this personalized wooden captain sign will show everyone who’s the boss.

Crafted from thick, solid cedar wood and customized with raised lettering, this Made in the USA beauty is a creative and long-lasting gift for your favorite boat enthusiast.

29. Cigar Subscription

Argh, matey! A great sea captain needs an excellent cigar, don’t you think? 

This great cigar subscription scours the globe to find the very best in sophisticated smoking. Each and every month they can find a new favorite!

30. Personalized Decorative Life Ring

Every boat needs a life ring, but not every boat has one this good looking and personalized! Keep your sailors and guests safe and secure with a high quality ring like this one. You’ll be glad you did! 

Well, we hope you won’t have too many occasions to use it, but it’s still a good idea to have this handy tool close by.

31. Engraved Sailboat Whiskey Decanter

For a cool gift that can’t be beat, try this engraved sailboat whiskey decanter. So handsome and sophisticated! And so very unique, too, like a piece of art you can actually use. 

Get ready to hear the question “Where did you find that?!” quite a lot. 

Boat Gifts for Her

32. Waves Ring Holder Necklace

Keep your favorite ring safe and near to your heart instead of on your finger where it can get in the way! Or worse, find its way into the depths of the ocean.

This pretty ring holder necklace is an accessory all on its own, but it comes in really handy as a great way to show off your ring and keep it safe as well. 

33. Insulated Wine Tote

This insulated wine tote keeps your favorite bottle of vino at exactly the right temperature, which is so important! 

Now you’re halfway to having that perfect picnic on the boat. Just add food…and you! And maybe a guest or two if you prefer.

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34. Boats Well With Others Shirt

Stay stylish yet casual with this cute ‘Boats Well with Others’ shirt! Your fellow boaters will be jealous and might want one of their own. 

You can pick out your favorite color, and the sizes range all the way from XS to 3XL. 

35. Handmade Sun Hat

For sunny days, this handmade sun hat is a real life saver. Well, a scalp and face saver, anyway! 

Plus it’s so cute and stylish, you’ll find yourself wearing it even on overcast days. We love a good hat like this. 

36. DIY Fishing Lure Earrings

YouTube video

Just because you’re a fisherwoman doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and jewelry! 

These DIY fishing lure earrings are so fun and fashionable. And all your friends will want a pair, so get cracking, Linda. 

Practical Gifts for Boat Owners

37. Floating Keychain

Raise of hands for anyone who has ever lost their keys while fishing? *Sheepishly raises mine.* 

Never again with these clever and oh-so smart floating keychains! Relax and keep reeling them in, all while not worrying about the state and location of your keys. 

38. Fire Extinguishers

Sure, you’re on the water, but you still need to have a good fire extinguisher! These fine specimens are not your mama’s fire extinguishers. 

So quirky and practically a work of art, you can choose your favorite design. And don’t even think of hiding it away in the back of a cupboard. These are meant to be seen!

39. Premium Flip Up Boat Seat

Relax in style with this premium, flip-up boat seat! So comfortable you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. A great gift for a friend or for yourself, it pays you back in supreme comfort!. 

Good news for you and your tush.

40. Portable Solar Power Bank

This portable solar power bank is like having the power of solar panels at your beck and call. It will come in really handy during power outages, or just for use on the daily. 

Splash proof, too, making these perfect gifts for boat owners! 

41. Instant Pour Over Coffee

There’s a real lack of floating Starbucks, isn’t there? Well, until someone fixes that problem, we’ve got this great instant pour over coffee to the rescue!

Stay caffeinated, awake and happy with a great cup of joe on the lake or the ocean. And it tastes better than store bought, too! Now that’s a win-win.

42. Boat Scuff Erasers

Keep that fiberglass shiny with these great boat scuff erasers. Honestly, practical gifts make some of the very best boat gifts, if you ask us.

The only thing better than sailing on your boat is keeping it in tip-top shape! It’s super easy with these magic erasers. Cleaning has never been so addicting. 

43. Water-Proof Games

When boat life is family life, you’ll love having these great waterproof games to play! After all, you can’t swim your life away — sometimes you just have to dominate at some cards! 

44. Dynamic Life Vest

Life jackets and life vests are certainly not optional when you’re on a boat! These Dynamic vests are just the thing. They’ll fit everyone from the littlest tot to the largest seafaring family member. 

45. Waterproof First Aid Kit

Waterproof and water resistant first aid kits are such a great invention! 

Having this great one on your boat will give you peace of mind and will come in handy with everything from those darn fish hooks (hooking everyone but the fish), to scrapes and burns.

Here are some things you’ll want to consider adding:

High-End Gifts for Boat Owners

46. Waterproof YETI Cooler

Splish! Splash! This waterproof YETI cooler is such a great gift idea. You’re going to look like a rock star when they unwrap this puppy. 

Hey, maybe now you’ll finally land that invitation for a weekend on the boat…

47. Damascus Steel Fillet Fishing Knife

You can never have too much fishing gear. Perish the thought! This Damascus steel, filet fishing knife is so good looking and really practical, too. 

It’s a great time for a fish fry, don’t you think?

48. Paid-For Boating Experience

Whether we’re talking short trips or long ones, boating experiences are so wonderful for your water loving friend. 

This paid-for experience is one for the record books. Order it ahead of time, get an instant voucher, and give it – then plan your trip!

They’ll love having the time of their lives, all thanks to your generosity and thoughtfulness. 

49. Bluetooth LED Distress Signal

Having a distress signal available in case of emergencies on the boat is super smart. 

 This bluetooth LED distress signal will give great peace of mind just by knowing it’s there if you need it. And hopefully you never will! 

50. Luxury Wine Chillers

These unique, luxury wine chillers are totally posh, and we are so here for them. Handsome as ever, they will keep your boat parties sophisticated and high-end — even if it’s a party for one! 

Funny Gifts for Boat owners

51. I Wonder Nautical Mug

Funny and cute! This mug will make your friend laugh and laugh because it’s simply so true. Great for coffee and tea — or a nightcap on the high seas — this delightful mug will be a hit. 

52. New Boat Fund

Something will break, it’s just a matter of when… So, stay ahead of the boating fund emergency by planning for the future now. This cute piggy bank is just the thing!

53. Metal Poop Deck Sign

Made of reclaimed wood, this sign is a keeper! We love it for the boat, but love it even more for its tongue-in-cheek humor in the head. 

54. River Life Beer Holding Hoodie

A hoodie with a can cooler and a bottle opener built right in? This is a gift that will give them a good laugh, but will also be worn just about every weekend. 

Bring on the party! Choose your size and favorite color until this hoodie is just right. 

55. Mystic Conch Shell

Based on an old SpongeBob SquarePants episode, this magic conch shell makes the hard decisions for them! Sassier than its cousin the Magic 8 Ball, this great gift will be the talk of the boat. 

56. Custom Moving Tide Clock

This handsome moving tide clock reveals a secret at low tide — either a stash of sea glass or a charming crustacean. Whichever you choose! 

So unusual in all the best ways, these are great gifts for boat owners or just for your favorite sea lover. 

57. Personalized Boating Socks

Now we’ve seen just about everything with these hilarious, personalized boating socks. They are going to look so great with a pair of Crocs and some Bermuda shorts, baby! 

We’re certain your favorite boater will love them, but if not, they’ll definitely get a hearty laugh at least.

58. Give a Man a Fish Beer Plaque

Turn the old adage into something even truer with this great beer plaque! 

The high-quality craftsmanship really stands out in a nice way, and the sign itself will totally transform your living space with its vintage appeal and funny wording. 

59. Custom Dude in Boat Bobblehead

What’s better than a bobblehead on a boat? One that looks like them of course! This custom dude in a boat bobblehead makes a great personalized gift. 

They’ll laugh and laugh, then put it in a place of honor so everyone can admire it properly. 

60. Sorry For What I Said

Yup, this one made me laugh out loud! This clever and oh-so-very true sticker is an easy and inexpensive gift for all your boating friends. We can all certainly relate…

Christmas Gifts for Boat Owners

61. Engraved Sailboat Ornament

An entire Christmas tree dedicated to boating and sailing? That would be sawweet! And this is a great place to start. 

This engraved sailboat ornament is cheery and festive, and will look absolutely amazing on your tree. 

62. Custom Anchor House Flag

When they have to be in their house instead of out on the boat, at least give a little nod to their seafaring ways with this custom anchor house flag. 

A great housewarming or moving gift for your friends this holiday season! 

63. Puffin Drinkware

Who says gifts for boat owners have to be all tactical and practical and stuff? Find the perfect drinkware for your friends with Puffin!

These clever and whimsical life jackets for your cans are so funny and delightful. We want them all! 

64. Water Skiing Rope

Get some high-quality water skiing rope that won’t break the bank! This great set is everything you ever wanted or dreamed of for your favorite water sport. 

Your friends will appreciate such a thoughtful and practical gift, too! 

65. No-Drill Clamp Cup Holder

It’s portable, easy to use and remove, and will be their favorite new “tool!” 

These no-drill clamp cup holders will come in handy all over the boat, while down at the docks, sitting around a campfire…there’s no place they won’t want to use this cool gift! 

66. Travel Inspired Scented Candles

Since the lake only goes so far, keep the travel dreams alive with these travel inspired candles! Great for the boat cabin or for the home, they will fill your hearts (and nostrils) with wanderlust. 

67. Personalized Towels

A great set of towels — yes please! These personalized sets make the best Christmas gift, but we also think you might want to order a few for your own family. Oversized and ever-so plush, they won’t disappoint. 

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68. DIY Nautical Soap

YouTube video

Make some cool and fun nautical soap with this clever DIY! It might just become your new addiction, and we know all your boat loving friends will appreciate a bar or two or three. 

69. Waterproof GPS Tracker

Don’t get lost out there while adventuring!! Or do, if that’s your prerogative… But we recommend not going missing.

This waterproof GPS tracker takes all the guesswork out of sailing. This is one of those must-have gifts for boat owners that they just shouldn’t have to live without. Second star to the right and straight on till morning! 

70. Sailing Ship Kite

We’re just in love with this beautiful sailing ship kite! It’s gorgeous enough on land, so just imagine it gliding through the air over the beach.

 A wonderful gift for the friend who has everything (because we’re sure they don’t have this!).

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