100 Best 100th Birthday Wishes

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Your beloved friend, parent, grandparent, neighbor or whomever it is, is turning a century old? This calls for a celebration and some memorable ways to say Happy Birthday (that isn’t, you know, “happy birthday”). 

To reach that incredible milestone of a grand century, they certainly must possess a lot of personal spirit, inner strength and a LOT of life experience. They deserve to be honored with sweet sentiments and plenty of well wishes.

 Read on for some fun ways to wish your special person a wonderful day that is all about them. 

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100 Best 90th Birthday Wishes

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Talk about a reason to celebrate! Someone near and dear to you is turning how old? 90? Well, don’t that beat all.

Turning 90 is a momentous occasion that not everyone gets to recognize — but you do! Read on for some fun, sentimental, witty, and wonderful 90th Birthday wishes for your loved one. 

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100 Best 80th Birthday Wishes

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If there’s ever a reason to celebrate and paint the town, it’s a loved one turning 80 years old!

In all seriousness: what an accomplishment. An 80th birthday is something to honor. We love our seniors — not just for their stories and wisdom, but for their silly jokes, history lessons, and hugs. Here’s to your favorite 80 year old!

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100 Best 70th Birthday Wishes

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Ahhh, the seventies! What a groovy time of shag carpet, lots of love, bell bottoms and…wait. That’s the 1970s.

Well, your dear friend or family member who is about to celebrate their 70th birthday was at least around during that time, right? Even if he or she can’t quite recall the details because things were, you know, hazey.

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Best Christmas Wishes to Write in Christmas Cards for 2023

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It’s that time of year once again! You know the one I’m talking about, right? The one where we go on that month+ long hunt for the perfect Christmas cards that stand out from the rest? Once the hunt is over comes the task of filling out and addressing each of them to your friends and loved ones. 

A labor of love in the spirit of Christmas is precisely what it is. 

But what makes the perfect Christmas card even that much more special? Why, the touching sentiments, of course! Whether you want to express the most heartfelt of messages, or just a simple holiday greeting, we’ve compiled this list of the best Christmas wishes to write in Christmas cards!

No matter if you send the classic family photo kind, the old-fashioned Christmas illustration, or just have a great gift card that needs a message, here are some ways to say ‘Merry Christmas’ without saying… well, Merry Christmas. 

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100 Best 50th Birthday Wishes

50th Birthday Wishes - Feature Image

A half a century?! Why, you’re better than two 25 year olds put together! 

We love birthdays, and one is a huge milestone that deserves an epic party, some rad gifts, and some really thoughtful wishes. Help your friends or loved ones celebrate their golden year with a sweet sentiment or a funny message.

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Graduation Wishes: 101 Congratulations for Graduation

Graduation Wishes - Pin It Image

Today we’re going to give you 101 graduation wishes to help you celebrate with a recent graduate.

Whether they just graduated from middle school, high school, college, trade school, or got that unbelievable set of initials after their name, graduations are totally a reason to give a card.

Hard work deserves some recognition! Your local shopping mall is full of graduation cards, but what to say inside? We’ve got some ideas for you to say congratulations to your grad.

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100 Best 40th Birthday Wishes

40th Birthday Wishes - feat

When someone you care about reaches their fourth decade, it’s time to tell them what they mean to you with a meaningful 40th birthday message. 

After all, the Big Four-Oh is a big year in terms of birthdays! It’s okay, we have it on good authority that 40 is the new 30. And 30 is… perpetually 25? Anyway, when you’re stuck regarding what to write in the card, here are some ideas for birthday wishes to get you started.

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100 Best 60th Birthday Wishes & Quotes

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Looking for the best Happy 60th Birthday wishes for a dear friend or family member? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! 

The internet is flooded with plenty of source material for witty, snarky, 50th birthday wishes. After all, that is marketed as the official over-the-hill milestone age. But add another decade and suddenly you’re drawing a blank.

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