100+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes

Perfect Birthday Wishes

When someone you care about celebrates their special day, you want to wish them the best birthday ever. But sometimes it is just so hard to think of something sweet, funny, meaningful, or even romantic.

Never fear; help is on the way! We have compiled a list of some fun, sweet, and happy quotes for you to sample freely as you write the perfect birthday card.

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Valentine’s Day Quotes for Family (Especially Kids!)

Valentine's Day Quotes for Family (Especially Kids)

Here we have dozens of the best Valentine’s Day quotes for your family.

When writing Valentine’s Day cards, everyone wants to say something special. Something that shows the recipient how much you love and care for them.

While you can easily apply this to anyone in your family, these V-Day quotes are especially ideal for kids. Below, we have creative and meaningful messages for kids (from you to them) and from kids (to their siblings or parents).

Plus we have more great stuff, including funny Valentines quotes and jokes, brief quotes suitable for any relative, young or old, plus longer messages that come from the heart.

Read on for the best Valentine’s Day Quotes for Family!

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Chronic Illness Memes for Those Fighting a Chronic Condition

Chronic Illness Memes - feature image


Chronic illness is a serious thing, but sometimes all you can do is give up and have a good laugh about it. Here are some chronic illness memes that pay homage to the experience of someone with an autoimmune disorder or other chronic condition.

Inspired by our own experience plus the research we put into our previous article, Gift Ideas for People with Chronic Illness.

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The 20 Most Classy Wine Quotes of All Time

Most Classy Wine Quotes

At Northwest Gifts, some of our most enduringly popular items are from our Wine Décor collection, and we also love customizing our premium personalized glassware for your home bar, wedding, or gift-giving needs.

So it should be no surprise that we’ve come across plenty of inspirational, fun, and classy wine quotes.

Below we’ve set 20 of the most classy wine quotes of all time in attractive fonts for you to share and showcase your love of wine. Perhaps you will even be inspired to add some of these to your own home bar décor. Enjoy!

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