50th Birthday Gifts for Men & Women (+Party Ideas)

Fiftieth Birthday Gifts for Men & Women

It’s a half a century. I repeat: half of a century. So, c’mon. For the fifty year old in your life, this is no time to get them a careless gift or another package of socks.

This is a year to remember and, hopefully, a birthday celebration to never forget!  Of course, one of the things they’ll remember most is your fabulous selection of 50th birthday gifts, aided by yours truly…

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20 Traditional Engagement Gifts to Begin a Lifetime of Love

traditional engagement gifts - feature image

Love is in the air! When someone you adore finds that special person to spend their life with, it’s time for some really wonderful, traditional engagement gifts. It’s also time to ask some important questions to help find the most perfect of presents. For instance:

  • Are you able to deliver your gift locally, or do they live far away from you?
  • Have they been together a long time, or a short while?
  • Have they already set up house, or are they youngsters who barely own a set of forks between the two of them?
  • Are they religious, or would they prefer something a bit more secular?
  • Do they have children and/or pets?

Once you’ve established the kind of gift your friends (or your own fiancé!) would like the most, it’s time to get shopping! Don’t worry, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Read on for 20 traditional engagement gifts that they will adore almost as much as they adore one another. Awwww!

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30 Classy Law School Graduation Gifts

law school graduation gifts

Today were going to take a look at some top picks for law school graduation gifts!

If anyone is exhausted and in need of a great gift, it’s a law school graduate! They’ve been burning the candle at both ends all the way through school, and now it’s time to enter into the workforce in their best duds. 

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