What to Get Someone Whose Dog Died (and 30+ Dog Passing Gifts)

What do you get someone whose dog has just died?

If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to a beloved canine friend, you know just how difficult it can be to process.

Dog lovers everywhere (and all animal lovers, for that matter) consider their pets to be members of the family. So the death of a precious “fur baby” can be overwhelming to say the least. It’s like losing a family member.

The sorrow is the same whether your loved one had raised their dog since it was a pup or had adopted a senior to allow them to live out the “golden years” surrounded by love.

Even in the case that they lost their pet to a tragic accident, sometimes the best way you can say “I’m here for you” is by giving them a comforting sympathy gift.

What to Get Someone Whose Dog Died

There are three things to consider when thinking about what to get someone when their dog dies.

First, it really is true that it’s the thought that counts. The simple gesture of giving a pet sympathy gift will mean a lot to your friend. Don’t underestimate that.

Second, consider a custom or personalized gift. Personalization adds that special touch which makes the dog passing gift extra-meaningful. Many items can be engraved or printed with the pet’s name and dates, and gifts with a photograph of the dog will always be treasured.

And third, write a note. It doesn’t need to be long and it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just tell your friend that you’re sorry for their loss, you want to be there for them, and that you’re grieving with them. If you’re not sure what to say, here’s a guide on what to say (and what not to say) in a sympathy card.

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10 Best Dog Passing Gifts

Ok, now it’s time to get a little more detailed with some specific gift ideas.

Dog memorial gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Below we’ve compiled 10 of the best for you to consider. Let’s take a look at what to get someone whose dog died.

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1. Personalized Pet Memorial Bird Feeder

Provide your friend or family member a little bit of comfort in the midst of grief with this pet memorial bird feeder from Urns Northwest.

This bird feeder is made of sturdy cedar wood and comes personalized with the dog’s name as well as a paw print. It comes with an optional gift note where you can write a special message to the recipient.

Every time your loved one sees the birds enjoying a snack on this feeder, they’ll be gently reminded of their dog, and of the fact that life goes on.

2. Wooden Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Such beautiful commemorations of their pooch crossing that rainbow bridge and just how loved they were. These wooden art pieces are unique and timeless, and go beyond your typical pet memorial.

So heartfelt and special, and they will love displaying it in the bookshelf or on their desk where they can see it everyday.

It’s a great dog memorial gift that they’ll be proud to use in honor of their pet’s memory.

3. Customized Lit Glass Frame

One of the hardest things about losing a beloved pet is that they leave such a huge hole in your daily life. They held a special place in the heart and in the home, and as such they deserve an equally special memorial to honor their memory.

These beautiful custom memorials are so much more than typical pet sympathy gifts. They are a meaningful gift that will remind them daily of the special ways their doggo touched their life.

The high-quality material of the acrylic display, wooden base, and beautiful soft lighting come together to make this a perfectly thoughtful gift.

4. Custom Memorial Ornament

Just like when a human family member passes away, and that first Christmas without them comes around, it will be difficult for your loved one to get through their first holiday season without their dog by their side.

Ease a little bit of their holiday grief by surprising them with this customized ornament. Measuring almost 3″ in diameter, it’ll include their dog’s name as well as dates of birth/adoption and death.

5.Custom Pet Sweatshirt

Just as with our human companions, the healing process after a pet’s death takes time. It’s a great loss in your friend’s life, so one of the best things to do is just be there for them and perhaps offer some comforting words when the time is right.

Custom t-shirts and sweaters are popular ways to memorialize a beloved family member, furry or otherwise. They make excellent pet loss gifts, and are a beautiful way to comfort a grieving pet owner.

This particular sweatshirt is so sweet and so cozy, and is customized with their doggo’s name and picture. Even if they miss the warmth of their fur baby, this can provide just a little bit of that in their absence.

6. Custom Felted Pup

These sweet felted pups are an absolute work of art and are crafted by hand to look just like their favorite angel doggy.

The period after the death of a dog is a trying time that will take some adjustment. Especially when they miss seeing that fluffy, furry face each day. A felted replica of their doggy may be just what they need to ease the pain.

Like having a 3D portrait that they can touch and pet, these make excellent memorial gifts for when a dog dies and will last a lifetime.

7. Wooden Ear Art

These memorial plaques make a thoughtful gift and are a beautiful way to commemorate their beloved pet.

The high-quality material and sweet customization of these plaques make them a wonderful gift, and a great alternative to a more typical memorial frame. Your friend’s dog was a friend to you too, after all, and as a beloved family member they deserve only the best.

8. Willow Tree Pet Keepsake Box

This pet keepsake box from Willow Tree portrays the unconditional love of man’s (or woman’s) best friend. It is a cast from the original sculpting created by world-renowned artist Susan Lordi.

Measuring 2″ high and 3″ across, this box is the perfect size for your friend to keep a photo of their dog, a collar or tag, tuft of fur, or even ashes.

On a related note, Urns Northwest offers gorgeous, high-quality cremation urns created just for pets. If you’re looking for the perfect urn to hold the remains of your dog or that of a friend, see here to browse the collection.

9. Mini Urn Necklace

A meaningful and intimate sympathy gift, this memorial urn necklace is so special. If they had their beloved friend cremated, they can place a small amount of the ashes into this pendant.

There’s something uniquely comforting about carrying them with you wherever you go. This beautiful piece can be engraved, too, for an extra special touch.

10. Personalized Memorial Candle

Candles are a traditional condolence gift and a great way to show your support and love during their time of great loss.

These pretty, customized candles are a small token, but a meaningful one. When processing the loss of their beloved pet, they can light this candle for some soft warmth and comfort and a few quiet moments of reflection.

Personalized Memorial Gifts

Here are some personalized pet memorial gifts to comfort your bereaved friend.

11. Custom Engraved Pet Memorial Tumbler

A tumbler makes a great gift for almost any occasion, and especially so with the loss of a beloved dog.

This personalized pet memorial tumbler from Northwest Gifts comes double-walled and vacuum-sealed, to ensure that hot or cold beverages stay that way. Have it engraved with your friend’s dog’s name and important dates. Choose between seven different colors and four different sizes.

12. Portrait Pendant

Having a wearable memorial like this that they can leave on and carry with them daily is often very important to he healing process.

These meaningful, custom portrait pendants are a thoughtful gift that will bring them endless comfort. While much of memorial pet jewelry consists of paw prints and breed silhouettes (which are still wonderful), having a precise portrait of their beloved pet is just so special.

13. Engraved Garden Paw Stone

If they have a garden or outdoor area at their house, then perhaps a personalized memorial stone is the right choice of pet sympathy gifts for them.

These beautiful garden paw prints are so sweet, and there’s so much charm in their simplicity. Each stone is engraved with “A lifetime of Love, forever in our hearts,” and their pet’s name.

14. Custom Car Decal

These custom pup silhouette angel decals make the perfect gift for the grieving pet parent.

They can place these sweet decals on their car, laptop, windows, or just anywhere they want to frequently see them. Their dog held such a special place in their hearts and the world should know, too.

15. Wooden Heart Memorial

A unique memorial gift in remembrance of a unique pup. These gorgeous engraved wooden hearts are so sweet.

Sometimes we just want something to hold in our hands, something tangible to run our fingers over as we work through the grief in our hearts. A meaningful gift like this can provide more comfort than you might ever imagine.

16. Custom Breed Planter

One of the great things about dogs is that they’ll do anything with you. They follow you around the house as you do chores, they trek to the lake with you on a hike, and they mosey around the yard with you as you garden! Faithful little shadows as we go about our days.

If your friend enjoys spending time out in the yard where they and their fur baby used to spend warm days in the sunshine together, then these custom planters may be the perfect gift!

Built and painted by the artist to look just like their pup, these make a lasting and thoughtful gift.

17. Custom Granite Headstone

A gift that is a bit more somber, but extraordinarily meaningful. Some may say that a headstone is too final, too heavy. But something like this can actually provide the closure they may need.

These beautifully crafted headstones are made from solid granite and inscribed to your specifications. Whether used as an actual headstone or simply as a memorial garden stone, they are a meaningful gift that will be appreciated.

18. Personalized Dog Memorial Bracelet

For an elegant memorial gift your friend can enjoy every day, choose this stainless steel charm bracelet. Customize it with their late dog’s name as well as the breed.

Every time your friend puts this bracelet on, they’ll be reminded that it’s better to have loved and lost their dog, than to have never gotten to love them at all.

19. Leather Picture Keychain

These little keychains may be small, but they pack a meaningful punch. Personalized with a sweet photo and custom engraving, they can carry their best friend with them wherever they go.

The high-quality leather and craftsmanship ensure this is one gift that last them a lifetime.

20. Remembrance Bracelet

memorial bangle bracelet
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Beautiful, sentimental, and so sweet. These memorial bangles are wearable reminders of their beloved friend.

Engraved with “Once by my side, forever in my heart” on the inside their doggo’s name on the outside, they’ll love this special bracelet. It’s simple enough to be worn every day, but also pretty enough that they won’t feel the need to take it off when they go out in the evenings.

More Great Dog Memorial Gifts

21. Dog Memorial Picture Frame

A photo gift is always a thoughtful gesture, especially when a frame is already included.

This pretty hinged pet picture frame holds a 5″ x 7″ photo and comes with a comforting “Pawprints” poem. You can get the decorative dog tag engraved locally with the pet’s name, or your friend can replace it with the dog’s actual collar.

22. Rainbow Bridge Suncatcher

How precious is this sun catcher? When the day comes that their precious fur baby steps paws on that rainbow bridge, a neat memorial like this will go so far to show them your support.

Perfect to hang in a sunny spot in the window, or perhaps above Fido’s napping spot, they’ll love this unique memorial gift.

23. Wire Pooch Planter

An adorable gift in memory of an adorable friend. This little wire vase is just too precious and will look lovely in their home.

Great as a traditional vase, but it can also be used for air plants or as a hydroponics planter. This is one memorial gift that is sure to bring a smile to their face each time they see it.

24. Shadow Box

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A shadow box is an excellent sympathy gift that they can put together in time as they heal.

This is a wonderful example with plenty of room for pictures, their pooch’s favorite toy, a collar, or any other memorabilia that they may have of their best friend.

25. Sleeping Angel Solar Garden Statue

A precious little reminder of their favorite angel to go in their garden or along the walkway. This sweet pup garden statue has a solar light so that it can be seen even in the evenings.

They’ll love having this little guy nearby to keep them company and remind them of the doggo watching over them from above.

26. Doggy Flower Basket

You can’t go wrong with sympathy flowers, and this little winged puppy arrangement is here to lift their spirits.

With floral arrangements from 1-800-flowers you can have these beautiful, fresh baskets of blooms delivered right to their door, even if you live states (or even countries!) away.

27. Printed Dog Breed Scarf

While it may not be personalized, this adorable scarf makes a wonderful gift for the dog lover.

Printed with so many of the most popular breeds in a colorful pattern, it will make a great addition to their wardrobe and a sweet reminder of their furry friend.

28. Opal Paw Earrings

An elegant yet understated piece of memorial jewelry, these opal paw print earrings are so pretty.

Seeing those little paw prints in the sand or snow will be a missed part of their life, but the paw prints left behind in our hearts never fade away.

29. Dog Lover Sympathy Basket

Gift baskets are another one of those ideas that make a thoughtful present no matter the occasion. But when filled with soothing items that sweetly remind them of the one they are now missing, gift baskets are especially welcome by someone who is grieving.

This gift basket for dog lovers is a prime example. It includes a candle, a memory stone, plants, and more.

The great thing about gift baskets is that you can DIY them, too. You know your loved one and how they grieve better than anyone, so consider tailor-making a basket especially for them and their bereavement journey.

30. Dog Memorial Garden Stake

This dog memorial garden stake from Heart to Heart Sympathy Gifts would look good in a flower garden, or even as a grave marker.

Measuring a foot tall and made of rust-resistant aluminum alloy, it’s designed to weather the outdoor elements for years to come.

31. Rainbow Bridge Wind Chime

Without a little guidance, it can be hard to know the right gift for someone whose dog died. Sometimes it can help to think just a little bit outside the box. A gift like a wind chime, for instance, can remind your friend of their sweet dog whenever the wind blows.

This unique wind chime is constructed of wood and aluminum and mentions the Rainbow Bridge. As an added touch, the wood sail that hangs below the chimes can be personalized. From top to bottom, this wind chime measures 25″.

32. Angel Pup Urn Statue

sleeping puppy angel urn
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If you know they plan to cremate their lost companion, then perhaps consider this sweet doggy urn from Urns Northwest.

Even if they choose burial rather than cremation, this would still make an excellent gift as a memorial sculpture to keep in their home and remind them of their little fur baby in heaven.

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Dog Memorials & Helping Kids Cope

Often times the loss of a pet is the first real experience with death a child will face. Even when handled carefully, pet loss can be traumatic, confusing, and downright scary for little ones.

Thankfully, there is lots of great advice out there from both parents and parenting experts alike for helping kids cope with the loss of a pet.

If your child or a child you know is currently processing the death of their dog, here are some general tips for helping them deal with their feelings, no matter their age:

  • Get them a book that encourages them to focus on happy memories they had with their dog. “The Forever Dog” is a good example, as are many of these 101 Books to Help Children Grieve.
  • Let them keep a token of their pet’s life (such as a collar tag, lock of fur, or a cast paw print) as a memorial.
  • Be honest about the finality of death with them. It depends on the family, but for some young children the concept of the “Rainbow Bridge” can help to guide this discussion.
  • Give them time and space to deal with their loss. Children understand more than we often give them credit for, even when it comes to death.
  • Give them something to look forward to. Let them know that life goes on. Consider letting the kids take a main part in the family’s next pet adoption journey.

Thank you for reading! Hopefully we were able to help you find the perfect dog memorial gift for your loved one, to bring them a little bit of comfort and peace as they say goodbye to their furry friend. If you still didn’t find the right gift, here are some more heartwarming pet sympathy gift ideas.

Have you ever received a wonderful dog sympathy gift? If so, or if you have any other great gift ideas you’d like to share, feel free to let us and our readers know in a comment below.

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