Homemade Gifts: Ideas & Etiquette for Used Gifts, DIY & More

Homemade Gift Giving Etiquette and Ideas

Sometimes you just have to get down with your crafty self and give some homemade gifts.

Not crafty, like evil maniacal laughter crafty, but crafty as in, you, you clever thing, know how to knit scarves and mittens and bake cookies and paint still-lives of flower beds.

When inspiration strikes, as it does with you magical unicorns, and someone’s birthday/anniversary/holiday is right around the corner, how do you decide what to bless them with?

Well, we’ve got you some ideas. Bless their (homemade socks) right off!

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How to Annoy Parents: Give a Child One of These Stupid Toys

Annoying Toys Parents Hate

Maybe you’re getting revenge (a dish best served cold) to your little sister who said she’d never have kids and always gave your offspring gifts like sticky candy and that freaking annoying drum set.

Or perhaps you just want to really annoy the heck out of your BFFs.

Either way, we’ve got you covered with some of the best (hence, worst) gifts to give parents to annoy that last little bit of sanity right out of them. Give their kids any of these completely idiotic toys and you’ll be creating a whole new type of special birthday memories.

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4 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Ideas for Birthdays, Holidays & More

Best Gift Ideas for Four Year Old's

Is there anything more delightful than a 4 year old? They’re snuggly, cute, sweet, sticky, honest, quick-witted, strong-willed, hilarious, cuddly, and just plain a joy to be around.

Well, unless they’re hungry or tired. But really, you could say the same about all of us when it comes down to it.

When your favorite 3 year old is about to become your favorite 4 year old, a great present is a must! Here are 21 ideas that are certain to please all miniature human beans everywhere.

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50th Birthday Gifts for Men & Women (+Party Ideas)

Fiftieth Birthday Gifts for Men & Women

It’s a half a century! For the 50 year old in your life, this is no year to get them a careless gift card or another package of socks.

This is a year to remember. And – hopefully – one of the things they’ll remember most is your fabulous 50th birthday gift.

Read on for some delightful and unusual gifts for your favorite quinquagenarian!

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40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women, Men, BFFs & More

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

You know what they say, 40 is the new 30.

At least, I’m pretty sure someone said that once. A very wise person, no less!

For this absolutely monumental birthday milestone, a generic gift card or gift certificate to some chain restaurant just won’t do.

Nay nay, your freshly minted 40 year old deserves more. We’ve got you covered. Read on for 40th birthday gift ideas that will be the toast of the party.

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21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Launching Into Adulthood

Great Gift Ideas for 21st Birthdays

A 21st birthday just calls out for the perfect gift.

They’ve been old enough to vote and play the lottery and enlist and be tried as an adult for three whole years now… but, you know, are you really an “Adult adult” until you’ve turned 21?

It’s getting serious now, but not so serious that they won’t get childish over a pile of presents.

Here are some of the best of the best gifts for your favorite 21 year old.

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21 Best 3 Year Old Gift Ideas [Precious & Delightful]

Gift Ideas for Three Year Olds

3 year olds are at a magical age. Ask any parent and most would agree, 3 is a hysterical, frustrating, adorable, messy, laugh-filled year.

They’re out of those pesky terrible twos, but still little enough to squish and snuggle and sing to.

When your favorite 3 year old needs a special gift, what to do? We’ve got you covered with 21 ideas sure to please the most persnickety (yet precious and delightful) of human beans.

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2 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Gifts for the “Terrible” Twos

2 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Ideas for Birthdays, Holidays, and More

Sure, they call ’em the Terrible Twos, but that’s a misnomer (as anyone who has lived through the Ferocious Threes will tell you).

Two year olds are fabulous little humans. They’re developing minds of their own, an ability to communicate, a belly full of laughs (and sure, the occasional temper tantrum, but who doesn’t have those once in a while).

Here are the best 2 year old gift ideas we’ve found for that special pint-sized being in your life.

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