65 Best Easter Gifts for Adults They’re Sure to Love

When we think about giving gifts at Easter, we often think of children. Stuffed toys, plastic eggs, chocolate bunnies — you know, the usual! 

But Easter is also a time when family and friends (many of them adults) get together to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than by exchanging gifts?

If you’re looking for some unique gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we will discuss 65 of the best Easter gifts for adults. We have something for everyone on this list, so read on!

Are Gifts Given During Easter?

Before we get into the list of gifts, let’s take a moment to answer the question: are gifts given during Easter? The answer is yes! Many people exchange gifts during Easter.

This tradition started centuries ago with Christians, as Easter is a day of remembrance and celebration of the day Christ rose from the dead. In the relatively recent past, Easter gifts became simple but meaningful items such as chocolate, eggs, and bunnies, or small toys for children.

Today, Easter gifts can be anything from jewelry and clothes to gadgets and even gourmet food items. Easter is still seen as a time of rebirth and new beginnings, which is why many people exchange gifts during this holiday.

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Best Easter Gifts for Adults

This is a selection of our most delightful Easter gifts for adults.

We love all of the creative ideas on this list, but these stand out from the crowd in a special way.

1. Personalized Easter Mugs

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a personalized mug? These mugs can be customized with any text or design that you choose.

The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, this 11 oz mug is both dishwasher safe and microwaveable! It also has high-quality printing that’s completely handmade.

2. Cross & Nails Necklace

Celebrate the Christian spirit of Easter with this beautiful Cross & Nails necklace. This handmade cross necklace is made from vintage rusty nails.

The rustic design makes it a great gift for men or boys who want to express their commitment in some way.

What makes this gift even more special, is that it’s completely handmade making each piece unique.

3. Natural Flower Wreath

These beautifully preserved flower wreaths from VanCortland Farms are so stunning and make elegant Easter gifts.

We love this one with its spring colors, but there are so many more styles and varieties available to suit just about anyone’s tastes.

4. Gourmet Easter Basket

A fantastic twist on the traditional Easter basket. This festive, celebratory basket of goodies is perfect for anyone who has a taste for the finer things. 

A pleasant selection of fruits, sweets, and all sorts of tasty treats await in these prettily arranged pre-filled Easter baskets. 

5. Embroidered Blooms T-Shirt

This vintage-style embroidered t-shirt is the perfect pick for your cute-casual friends or family members.

We love the Easter egg blue and the cheery, embroidered blossoms that give this shirt its classic feel.

6. Blushing Bunny Candles

These Bunny Candles will make an adorable addition to your Easter gift baskets and are a great way to keep the home smelling fresh and clean, while also adding some cute decor.

These handmade little bunnies are so precious, but they’re clean burning, too! Made from a mix of natural beeswax and vegetable wax, you don’t have to worry about nasty toxins ruining your festive spring.

7. Not-so-Classic Chocolate Easter Bunny

Tired of the same old chocolate easter bunny? Why not try something new this year with a not-so-classic chocolate Easter bunny! With the fun mallet (as shown above), simply break apart your easter bunny to watch your candy of choice fall out.

These beautifully designed 7” Bunnies are a great addition to any Easter basket or a delicious gift for your hosts. They’ll be made fresh upon order!

8. Custom Engraved Coasters

These custom engraved coasters will make a great gift for any occasion.

They are crafted from wood which gives them a rustic and unique look. The coasters are then laser engraved with any text or design that you choose.

These engraved bamboo coasters will be a favorite among all your easter guests. The natural beauty of these pieces comes from sustainable resources and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

9. Daffodil Dish

Nothing says spring quite like a gorgeous dish full of Daffodils!

Brighten up their home and their holiday with these sunny blooms, and they’ll love you for it. There’s just something about these cheery blooms that screams new life and fresh starts, making them a springtime favorite for many.

And how cute is that chick planter?! We love that daffodils are bulb flowers so they’ll come back year after year after year.

10. Custom Tumblers

​Make this Easter memorable with a custom tumbler. These neat, personalized tumblers are great for any spring occasion, but especially Easter.

This large thermos comes wrapped in a lovely Easter egg blue to perfectly match the vibe of the holiday!

Plus, you can engrave it with whatever logo you want while still being able to personalize the cup with a name or message for that special someone.

11. Indoor Herb Gardening Kit

Gift your green thumb friend or family member with this Indoor Herb Gardening kit.

This is the best way to get into herb gardening without all of the hassles. With this easy-to-use kit, you can grow fresh herbs right in your own home!

This gift is especially great for those who love to cook and want to add some fresh herbs to their Easter dishes.

It also makes a great gift for the environmentally conscious individual who wants to reduce their carbon footprint.

12. Small Bird Houses

These small birdhouses are a perfect gift for any Easter basket. And perfect for nature lovers, too! The moss and natural branches blend seamlessly into your landscape or fairy garden.

This cute gift would make any bird lover happy with its unique look and woodsy charm.

13. Rabbit Garden Stakes

How precious are these little backyard bunnies? Crafted from lasting, custom cut steel, this little group of bunnies will bring a cheerful, spring celebration to their yard.

You can buy one bunny, two bunnies, groups of three, or a whole fluffle! They’ll get so much joy from these springtime cuties.

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14. Bunny Pop Up Box Card

This Bunny Pop Up Box Card is the perfect way to show someone you care this Easter.

It’s a unique and fun card that will put a smile on anyone’s face. The bunny pops up when you open the card, making it a special surprise for your loved ones. So cute!

15. Adorable Bunny Soaps

How cute would these bunnies look in your powder room? Or you could use them as party favors for your guests!

These little cuties offer more than just their good looks, though. They contain:
NO Sulfates, harsh detergents, parabens, or animal products.

Only the good stuff to keep your hands clean and soft.

Easter Gifts for Women

Easter isn’t all sweet tooth satisfaction and egg hunts.


Sometimes it means a festive and elegant gathering of friends and family or a little pampering over the weekend.

Whatever their Easter traditions or habits, we love this selection of adult Easter gifts just for her.

16. Easter Rabbit Wine Stopper

We all love a good party, and who doesn’t need another excuse to drink wine?

This Easter rabbit wine stopper will be the perfect accessory for your next Easter gathering. 

It features a food-grade silicone stopper to ensure that your corked wine stays fresh and free from contaminates.

17. Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as these Easter themed bath bombs?

These little bombs of fun will make your next bath the best one yet. They are handmade with natural ingredients and essential oils, making them good for your skin, too. 

Hand-made cuties like these will make the best basket stuffers, and they smell like fresh, springtime fun for those who want a treat during their soak time.

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18. Cute Bunny Necklace

These necklaces are both cute and stunning little statement pieces! Bring a touch of festive elegance to her look, and she will love how versatile they are as well. After all, who says you can’t wear adorable little bunnies all year through?

Available in several different necklace lengths as well as multiple finishes of yellow, white and rose gold.

19. Embroidered Bunny Kit

What’s more satisfying than making a cute craft? With these DIY wood kits, you can start your very own embroidery collection. This bunny embroidery kit is perfect for Easter, comes with everything you need, and is a great way to get started in the art of embroidery.

Plus they’re really easy to make so it’ll be fun watching them grow into beautiful creations — just wait until you see how awesome these look in real life!

Love Easter activities? Check out these fun printables!

20. Warm Embrace Willow Tree Figurine

Willow Tree figurines are so special that they truly are suitable for just about any occasion. This elegant little lady holds a bouquet of pretty flowers (you can choose from sunflowers, poppies, or forget-me-nots), and would fit right into their Easter decor.

Settled into a cheery, Easter table centerpiece, or displayed on the mantle or nightstand, she is sure to be cherished for years to come.

21. Cute Egg Slip-ons

These cute egg slip-ons are a great Easter gift for women. They’re soft and comfortable, with rubber soles so you can walk confidently on hardwood floors and carpets, or out to fetch the morning paper!

These adorable little eggs are perfect for springtime, and are sure to be her new favorite house shoes.

22. Pastel Wine Glasses

Calling all wine lovers! These Pastel Wine glasses make wonderful Easter gifts. They’re so elegant and come in three colors, so you can pick your favorite or get a mix of all three!

They’re perfect for your upcoming Easter celebrations, or just for sipping wine at home. They also make a great addition to any Easter basket or decor.

These wine glasses are made of high-quality soda lime glass glass and can hold up to 19 ounces.

23. Vintage Lamb Pendant

It’s not all about the bunnies and chicks! Though we love them, too.

This beautiful vintage-style lamb pendant is so charming and would make a perfect addition to her Easter ensemble. And it’s not so holiday-specific that she couldn’t wear it throughout the spring season.

24. Cute Easter Shirts

How adorable are these bunny shirts? We can’t get over the cuteness! Made from super soft, comfy cotton they are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors. Buy one for them, the kids, and one for yourself while you’re at it!

25. Spring Colored Nail Polish

If there’s one thing the ladies love to do to celebrate the holidays, it’s painting those pretty nails some festive colors! This fantastic set includes all of the essential Easter pastels to create unique and fun nail art. 

Make sweet little egg patterns, keep it simple with solids, or go full-on artist with some bunnies or chicks. The sky’s the limit!

Easter Gifts for Men

Easter presents tend to follow a theme.

Pastel colors, fluffy things, bunny motifs—not the types of things guys usually go wild over.

But all of the “cuteness” aside, there is an old school, classic Easter style that can be embraced, too. We love these gifts that embody that. 

26. 14k Gold Men’s Cross Necklace Easter Gift

This 14k gold men’s cross necklace Easter gift is perfect for any man in your life. It comes with a beautiful and intricate design, making it ta great addition to any outfit. 

This necklace is made of high-quality materials and has been carefully crafted to ensure its durability. Stand out from the crowd with this unique and elegant necklace.

27. Navy Jacquard Hare Tie

Get it? Hare tie? Okay, my apologies on that one.

All jokes aside, this navy Jacquard festive tie features embroidered, golden hares and will step up his style game this Easter.

28. Rainbow Bagel Kit

Does he love bagels? Love rainbows? Does he hate Easter egg dying and needs an alternative?

If so, this Rainbow Bagel Kit is the perfect Easter gift for you! It comes with everything needed to make your very own delicious rainbow bagels. Just add water and some basic kitchen supplies and you’re ready to go!

These bagels are great for any occasion — parties, Easter brunch, or just a fun weekend breakfast.

They’re also really easy to make, so even the most inexperienced cooks will be able to whip them up in no time at all. Each package supplies up to 12 bagels, so there’s enough for him to eat!

29. Engraved Wooden Bottle Opener

This engraved wooden bottle opener is the perfect way to open your favorite beers this Easter.

It’s crafted of high-quality materials and comes with a beautiful and unique design. It would make a great gift for any man in your life who loves beer (or just wants an awesome new bottle opener).

The Oregon-made, walnut frame with maple wood design is not only functional but incredibly beautiful. It features a large block initial and last name that can be customized to show off your unique personality!

30. Best Grilling Cookbook Ever

If the man in question has a love for grilling on the holidays, then this cookbook is just the thing.

Compiled by “The Grill Dads,” these recipes are delicious directives for the average Joe. Don’t worry about being out of his depth, every dish in this book is simple, approachable, and best of all, tasty,

31. Mini Engraved Pocket Knives

These mini engraved pocket knives are a wonderful Easter gift for any man in your life.

They come with a beautiful and unique design that’s perfect for making an impression at parties or just showing off to friends.

 Each knife is made of high-quality materials, so they’re sure to last you years! If you are planning on venturing into the wild this Easter holiday then these mini engraved pocket knives will make perfect companions.

32. Personalized BBQ Gear

Get him geared up for some holiday grilling with this awesome, custom set! He’ll absolutely love having a set like this to show off just how much of a culinary master he is.

The engraved cutting board can be personalized with his name and a fun logo, and the apron is printed to match. For the board, you can also choose from Maple, Oak or Walnut wood!

33. LEGO Easter Bunny Kit

There really are lego sets for just about anyone and any occasion!

He’ll love having this fun and festive bunny egg set to build with the kids while waiting for that ham to come out of the oven, and once it’s finished it doubles as great Easter decoration.

If you ask me, Legos are something you never grow out of, and this cute set is no exception.

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34. Instant Pour Over Coffee

If he loves his morning brew, he’ll adore these fantastic pour over, single serve coffees. Available in lots of delicious flavors and varieties, these are one gift that will delight his taste buds. 

All the coffees from Copper Cow are fairly and sustainably sourced, too, so he can enjoy a great cup of coffee and feel good about it. 

35. Birdwatchers Spotting Scope

For the avid avian lover, this awesome scope is the perfect gift!

This powerful scope has a variety of cool settings and adaptors so they can record and take high quality photos and videos to document their exciting discoveries. 

With its sturdy, waterproof construction, it’s ready to take on adventures just about anywhere they decide to roam.

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Religious Easter Gifts for Resurrection Sunday

If you’re a believer, you know that the reason for the season isn’t bunnies and chocolate eggs.

It’s about the Risen Lamb!

These gifts hearken back and remind us why we’re celebrating to begin with.

36. Easter Blessings Cards

These beautiful cards are the perfect thing to send to all of your family and friends during the Easter season!

With the pretty, spring motifs and sincere messages they will bring the joy of the season to each and every recipient.

You can have the envelopes custom addressed as well to add that special touch!

37. The Empty Tomb

This beautiful carved wood display reminds us of the reason why we celebrate!

The empty tomb display can be engraved with “He is risen!” or left natural, is made from beautiful, knot-free Pinewood, and is available in two sizes.

38. Custom Scripture Plaques

How pretty are these custom scripture plaques from Northwest Gifts? A perfect addition to their Easter decor or to display in their home all year through, you can have them engraved and personalized to best suit each recipient.

These are such meaningful gifts that are certain to be treasured.

39. Scripture Bookmarks

For that reader in your life, these spring floral bookmarks make wonderful surprises! Each of the six bookmarks is unique and bears a different encouraging or inspiring scripture. She’ll love having these to tuck away in the pages of her favorite books, devotionals and even her Bible!

40. Matthew 28:20 Bracelet

These focus bead bracelets are so unique and special. The beautiful, natural agate is a calming shade of sage, and the gold tone verse is so pretty.

It will be an encouraging reminder each and every time they see it, and a wonderful accessory for the Easter season and all year through.

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults

They may not be going on an Easter egg hunt, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a basket!

The best easter basket stuffers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so sit back while we give you all of the ideas.

41. Chocolate Everything

Chocolate Everything

Make everything in the Easter basket a chocolate theme: chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chocolate gift basket, chocolate scented candles.

You get the idea!

If you have a chocolate lover or aficionado in your life, this is the way to go!

42. Spring Hygge Box

Did you know there is a themed Hygge gift box for almost every season and holiday? 

This bright and cheery spring box is filled with all sorts of snacks and accessories that will brighten their heart and bring a twinkle to their eyes.

43. Filled with Their Favorite Snacks

Filled with Their Favorite Snacks

Do they just have that one snack they can never get enough of? Yes?

Fill up their basket with just that favorite goody, and they’ll be stocked for the foreseeable future! They’ll love you for it.

44. Hobby Baskets

Hobby Baskets

If they aren’t really into the traditional Easter goodies but have a fun hobby they enjoy, fill up their basket with items that represent their special interests.

It can be anything from yarn and knitting needles to cooking or baking supplies!

45. Personalized Baskets

Instead of a traditional Easter basket, give them a personalized basket that they can use all year round.

They can store anything and everything in one of these neat storage bins!

46. College Survival

College Survival

Is your adult still in college?

Fill up their basket with items they really need like laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, snacks, gift cards, etc.

They’ll be oh-so grateful for all of the necessary items they won’t have to purchase. 

47. Date Night Baskets

Date Night Baskets

Fill with everything you need for a fun Easter date night. Movies, popcorn, candy, blankets, games, more.

A sweet way to treat your sweetie at Easter!

48. Gardening Theme

Gardening Theme

Fill the gardener’s Easter basket with everything they need to grow the perfect garden.

Gloves, tools, seeds, flowers, aprons, garden decor — you get the idea!

49. Gift Card Easter Basket

Gift Card Easter Basket

Get a tiny Easter basket and fill it with gift cards for all their favorite places: Shopping, restaurants, coffee, dessert…

They’ll feel so special and think of you each time they get to splurge on a special treat.

50. Parenting Survival Must-Haves

Parenting Survival Must-Haves

If your adult children or friends are new parents, fill up their baskets with things to help them survive this precious but sleep-deprived stage.

Spa/relaxation goodies, muscle massagers, bunny face masks, Advil, ear plugs, extra burp cloths. Thoughtful and considerate!

More Things to Put in Adult Easter Baskets

Here are some more adult easter basket ideas for fillers or features!

Books. Whether it’s something about the Resurrection or a new bestseller from a favorite fiction author, books are always a great gift.

Charcuterie. Make a charcuterie gift basket filled with their favorite artisan cheeses, meats, crackers, and spreads. Toss in a few sweet snacks to balance out the savory and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Gag gifts. Go with pre-packaged silliness (like this gross candy) or your own DIY gags.

Coffee or tea. Do they have a favorite brew or tea variety that they just can’t get enough of? Then this is definitely a must.

Journal. Perfect for recording their Easter sermon notes. Consider this Personalized Leather Journal as a special gift.

Date night coupons. Make your own “coupons” for several fun date ideas. Include things like “You pick the restaurant,” or “Dinner & a Movie.”

Socks. Something colorful and fun to go with their Easter outfit.

Wine. Their absolute favorite merlot or sparkling wine to go along with Easter dinner would be a welcome and personal gift.

Throw Blanket. Cozy and comforting, create an Easter tradition of a new fluffy blanket each year.

Plants. Nothing says spring and rebirth quite like new plants. Gift them with a pretty spring lily, ivy, or even an air plant if that’s what they like!

Lindt Chocolate Carrots. Because they’re delicious and adorable at the same time.

Stress relief toys. Grownups love them, too. These funky egg squishies are kinda-sorta Easter-themed if you squint.

Fun crafts. Like this Easter Egg Needle-Felting Kit, or prep little packages of your own DIY Easter crafts for each person’s basket.

Scavenger hunt. Include the first clue to an Easter Scavenger Hunt and you’ll have an afternoon of fun and entertainment to enjoy!

So, what do you think? Did you enjoy our selection of adult easter gift ideas? If you have any more ideas that you’d like to share, let us know in the comments!

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