15th Anniversary Gifts: Best Ideas (Traditional & Modern)

15th Anniversary Gifts

Today we’ve put together the very best 15th anniversary gifts to help you celebrate the love you share with your amazing spouse.

After all… 15 years together! You two deserve a party for sure. And of course parties just aren’t parties without some really fabulous gifts to unwrap.

We’ve done the footwork for you, so all you need to do is scroll along merrily and find the utmost, perfect gift for that fabulous couple.

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16th Anniversary Gifts: Best Ideas (Traditional & Modern)

Traditional 16th Anniversary Gifts

Congratulations on your 16th anniversary! You certainly should celebrate the achievement.

But more importantly, celebrate the love you share and celebrate your spouse. Make the day special, and give him or her some wonderful, romantic, and thoughtful 16th anniversary gifts.

But after 16 years of celebrating your wedding day, plus Valentine’s Days, birthdays, and holidays, the perfect anniversary gift can be hard to find. That’s why we have put a comprehensive list together that includes all the best traditional themes along with modern ideas.

The hardest part now will be deciding on which ONE to give! (So maybe try two?)

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8th Anniversary Gifts: Best Ideas (Traditional & Modern)

8th Anniversary Gifts

Just because it’s not a nice, round, “monumental” number like say, the 5th or 10th or 25th anniversary, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate will all your hearts! Eight years in itself is monumental, we think, and it deserves a great gift.

Whether it’s for your honey bunny on your very own anniversary, or for your friend and their spouse, one of these presents is sure to please.

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14 Year Old Gifts: 30 Great Gift Ideas for 14th Birthdays & Holidays

30 Great Gift Ideas for 14 Year Olds

14-year-olds are the coolest! They’ve outgrown (mostly) the awkward phase, still want to hang out with the old fogies (sometimes), don’t drive yet (to my knowledge!), and still want to snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons (if they’re in the right mood).

But what types of things make really great gifts for 14 year olds? They’re clearly too big for Tonka trucks and Barbies, but too young to appreciate something practical like a really big pack of socks or a stand mixer.

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50 Most Hilariously Funny Graduation Gifts

Best Hilarious Graduation Gifts

When you’re hunting down the perfect graduation gift, sure, you can go the sappy and sentimental route. (Cheesy.) Or useful and practical. (Boring.)

But graduation is a time to let loose and laugh after all that studying, right?

While those other types of graduation gifts have their place, a goofy and hilarious one will be even more spot on. Read on for some knee-slapping, guffaw-inducing suggestions for your grad!

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8 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Best Gifts for Birthdays, Holidays & More

Best Gifts for 8 Year Olds

8 year olds are the best. They’re still hilariously pint-sized, and say and do funny things, but are trying to be more grown up. All of this is a recipe for the most squeezable, hysterical, moody, pesky, questionable, loving, embarrassing, kissable, sticky, THING ever. And we think that thing deserves a great gift.

Here are our favorite gifts for 8 year olds, for birthdays, for Christmas, or just because!

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7th Anniversary Gifts: Best Traditional & Modern Gift Ideas

7th Anniversary Gift Ideas

There are struggles with any marriage, along with much joy. You have made it to your 7th anniversary, and that’s a great accomplishment. It’s a testament to your love for one another. Congratulations!

Your loved one deserves a fantastic 7th wedding anniversary gift to celebrate this milestone. You know it (that’s why you’re here), we know it (that’s why we wrote this article), and your spouse knows it (that’s why you married them).

Whether you’re looking for a traditional idea, a contemporary theme, something completely different, or are simply curious about the flower or gems for year seven, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the 7th anniversary gifts and traditions.

C’mon and let’s celebrate your marriage with a wonderful gift!

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