35 Best Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa Gift Guide

Secret Santa games and Christmas gift exchange parties are so fun, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to bring!

Do you go ridiculous, sentimental, whimsical, practical? And what about the budget? You don’t want to bring a $50 gift to a $10 party! (Or vice versa…)

Well, we’ve got you covered. Scroll on for some great Secret Santa gifts that anyone will happy to receive!

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50 Warm & Cozy Gifts for the Best Snuggles

Best Warm & Cozy Gifts

If you know someone who craves and adores snuggly warmth, then you know that warm and cozy gifts are the way to go for any gift-giving occasion.

You know how it goes… Cool weather swoops in with a crisp frost. Hot cider steams from a fall-themed mug. Fluffy socks are pulled out from the back of the drawer and onto waiting feet. The meet-cute holiday movie is queued up.

If this is your snuggle bunny’s idea of the perfect birthday (or Christmas… or Thanksgiving… or Tuesday…) then read on for the very best warm & cozy gift ideas.

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14 Year Old Gifts: 30 Great Gift Ideas for 14th Birthdays & Holidays

30 Great Gift Ideas for 14 Year Olds

14-year-olds are the coolest! They’ve outgrown (mostly) the awkward phase, still want to hang out with the old fogies (sometimes), don’t drive yet (to my knowledge!), and still want to snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons (if they’re in the right mood).

But what types of things make really great gifts for 14 year olds? They’re clearly too big for Tonka trucks and Barbies, but too young to appreciate something practical like a really big pack of socks or a stand mixer.

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Top 50 Kitchen Gifts for Every Chef, Baker, & Cooking Hobbyist

Ultimate Gifts for Bakers

Whether it’s the perfect gift for the professional chef in your life, your neighborhood baker who sets aside those scrumptious cinnamon rolls for you on Tuesdays, your spouse who yells frantically at the television every time someone puts too much truffle oil in their Top Chef episode, or yourself (the next nominee for Worst Cooks In America), we’ve got some great kitchen gift ideas for you.

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25 Gifts for Writers that Won’t Cramp Their Writing Style

Gift for Writers

Writers are a funny breed, aren’t we?

Getting one of us a gift isn’t as easy as it seems, either.

First of all, if the gift is remotely distracting, we’ll just procrastinate our deadlines away and you’ll be in hot water. Secondly, we’re a bundle of witty, funny, romantic, tragic nerves. So don’t get us anything that we’ll be too attached to.

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50 Most Hilariously Funny Graduation Gifts

Best Hilarious Graduation Gifts

When you’re hunting down the perfect graduation gift, sure, you can go the sappy and sentimental route. (Cheesy.) Or useful and practical. (Boring.)

But graduation is a time to let loose and laugh after all that studying, right?

While those other types of graduation gifts have their place, a goofy and hilarious one will be even more spot on. Read on for some knee-slapping, guffaw-inducing suggestions for your grad!

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8 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Best Gifts for Birthdays, Holidays & More

Best Gifts for 8 Year Olds

8 year olds are the best. They’re still hilariously pint-sized, and say and do funny things, but are trying to be more grown up. All of this is a recipe for the most squeezable, hysterical, moody, pesky, questionable, loving, embarrassing, kissable, sticky, THING ever. And we think that thing deserves a great gift.

Here are our favorite gifts for 8 year olds, for birthdays, for Christmas, or just because!

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21 Lovely Ballet Teacher Gifts that are On Pointe

Gift Ideas for Your Child's Ballet Teacher

Looking for ballet teacher gifts that are srsly on pointe? Welcome to All Gifts Considered, Ballet Edition!

Ballet teachers teach their art anywhere from a couple classes per week to the rough equivalent of a full time job (or more). Add in those rehearsals with sweaty children and teenagers, and they deserve a great gift, whether it’s National Teacher Day, Nutcracker audition day, or recital night.

Here are 21 ballet teacher gift ideas over which we think any ballet teacher would pas de chat for joy.

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Sweet 16 Ideas: Your Guide to the Ultimate Coming-of-Age Party

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Today, we’re going to look at the best Sweet 16 ideas, and how to throw the perfect coming of age party.

You have to admit, as sweet (and tempestuous) as the toddler phase was, as adorable (and loud) as the preteen and Tween phase was, you and her need a REAL party for this next milestone!

Sweet 16 is a big deal, because come on, it’s literally halfway through the Teenage Years. (Trust us, they need capital letters. If you know, you know.)

So don’t hold back. This Sweet 16 bash is going to remembered for years and years to come! Scroll on for some awesome ideas.

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