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21 Lovely Ballet Teacher Gifts that are On Pointe

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Looking for ballet teacher gifts that are srsly on pointe? Welcome to All Gifts Considered, ballet edition!

Ballet teachers teach their art anywhere from a couple classes per week to the rough equivalent of a full time job (or more). Add in those rehearsals with sweaty children and teenagers, and they deserve a great gift, whether it’s National Teacher Day, Nutcracker audition day, or recital night.

Here are 21 ballet teacher gift ideas over which we think any ballet teacher would pas de chat for joy.

21 Lovely Ballet Teacher Gift Ideas

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Ballet Teacher Pencil Set

Pencils with fun ballet quotes

Available here

Bettie Confetti’s adorable pencil set. Right around ten bucks, these are going to give your teacher a smile every time she takes roll at class. Seriously on pointe.

Personalized Ballet Water Bottles

Stay hydrated at those back-to-back ballet classes!

Available here

A personalized water bottle from Simply Graceful Design. With a gift like this, your ballet teacher won’t be accidentally taking a sip from someone else’s bottle and he or she’ll stay hydrated during that long day of rehearsals.

Ballet Bracelet &5678…

Fun Ballet Instructor Gift Ideas

Available here

Ballerinas like to joke that they can only count up to 8. Your teacher will crack up at the sentiment of this pretty, golden bracelet. A great gift idea, and cute too!

Cozy & Cute Slippers

Ballet Slippers for Your Night Off

Available here

These Acorn Forest slippers are a bit pricier, but they are the cutest we’ve seen, and if anyone deserves to pamper their tootsies, it’s a ballet teacher.

Long Sleeve Yoga Top

Available here

Most teachers have put their pink tights and black leotards away for good. This flattering Yoga top comes in nine different colors and goes with anything. Available in several size and color options.

Floral Yoga Pants

Available here

So. Stinking. Cozy! These Yoga pants are a flattering and comfy way to stay flexible all day at the studio. From ArtFish, these cute pants come in a variety of sizes and prints. Yes, please!

Custom Engraved Wooden Ballet Instructor Sign

Personalized Ballet Instructor Sign

Available here

A custom designed and engraved plaque will look perfect hanging on the outside of your teacher’s office door, or set up on her desk.

Whether humorous and whimsical (Miss Betsy, Ballerina Maker), or professional and sophisticated (M. Baryshnikov, Director), this is one ballet teacher gift that is sure to be treasured! Available in several sizes and options, fully customizable.

Ballet Journal

Available here

Dance teachers take notes. A lot of notes. And they need somewhere to keep them organized. Enter this pretty journal, which has such a lovely cover and features quotes from famous dancers sprinkled throughout the pages.

Ballet Teacher Planner

Available here

Planners are a must for teachers to keep track of all they do. We like the looks of this one. Filled with lined pages, the cover highlights a quote from Mikhail Baryshnikov, “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”

Floral Ballet Bag

Available here

Most ballet bags are designed for children, with gem stones, sparkles, and cartoon depictions of ballerinas on the front. We like this option for their grown-up ballet teacher, a floral gym bag. Just the right size for their water bottle, journal, a change of clothes, and a snack.

Ballet Bento Bag

Available here

This LifeWit lunch bag is unisex, nice to look at, totally practical, leak proof, and thermal. Never go hungry at rehearsals again!

Copper Slide Hair Barrette

Ballet Teacher Hair Clip

Available here

Hair accessories are a pretty way to keep your teacher’s hair out of her face while she demonstrates those pirouettes. This pearl and metal hair barrette is functional, practical, and handmade in Russia. What’s not to love?

Boho Ballet Teacher Headband

Floral Boho Headband for Ballet Instructor

Available here

A sweet boho headband brings a pop of color and style to the classroom.

Pashimina Wrap

Available here

These colorful and oh-so soft pashmina wraps are perfect for a chilly classroom, or for jazzing up a pair of Yoga pants and a leo. By Paskmlna, and available in more than twenty colors.

Dancing Is Like Dreaming With Your Feet Socks

Ballerina Socks - Funny Ballet Teacher Gifts

Available here

Ballerinas On Canvas offers these cute ballet socks as the perfect gift idea for your ballet teacher.

Custom Engraved Thermal Travel Mug

Custom Engraved Pink Coffee Mug

Available here

A insulated coffee/tea thermal YETI tumbler mug will keep your teacher’s drinks hot for 6 hours or cold for 24. Of course, we recommend the pink. Available at Northwest Gifts, includes free personalization.

Dancin Vineyards Wine

Ballet Teacher Gift Idea - Wine

Available here

Made in Southern Oregon wine country, Dancin Vineyards’ bottles of reds and whites are gorgeously labeled with photos of real ballerinas. A momento to treasure even after the wine is gone. Prices vary with wine choice, but they’re all worth it.

Born to Dance Wine Glass Set

Available here

To pair perfectly with your Dancin’ Vineyards wine, this set of two “Born to Dance” wine glasses are a pretty way to unwind after a long day of teaching.

GOT BALLET? Car Sticker

Available here

A fun take on the classic trope, this Got Ballet? Sticker is a fun way for your ballet teachers to decorate their car, laptop, or studio windows.

Ballet Canvas Art Prints

Available here

These modern dancers on vintage looking canvas are a beautiful way to liven up the studio space. Choose from several designs, many of which complement one another.

Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No 3

Available here

This fruity, floral Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No3 perfume is a perfect choice for a woman full of zest and spontaneity, according to the makers.

Inspired by the ballerina rose, whose small flowers resemble rows of ballet dancers, the scent includes Fuchsia Flowers, Rosebuds, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper Heart, Sandalwood, Oud, Cashmeran, and much more – a sweet, spicy, and sophisticated fragrance.

Ballet teachers in all walks of life work tirelessly to give your children the finest education in the world.

It may look to outsiders that they are instructing the ‘little things’ in life, the unimportant or the optional, but a world without music and dancing would be a stifled, dull, and sad world indeed. One where people trudge their feet instead of twirl, and limp along instead of pirouette.

Show your Arts Appreciation with a thoughtful gift for your ballet teacher!

Looking for an interesting, alternative gift idea for your ballet teacher? Consider: The Gift of a Tree

Melyssa Williams is a writer by day (check out her retelling of The Nutcracker, steampunk-style) and a ballet teacher in the evenings and weekends. She lives in Southern Oregon, where she frequently uses pencils to both write with and to keep her bun pinned in place. You can follow her blog here.

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