20 Best Elf on the Shelf Alternatives

Best Elf on the Shelf Alternatives - feature image

Elf on the Shelf alternatives and other family-centric holiday traditions are becoming popular as parents begin to wonder, Is Elf on the Shelf bad?

Over the last few Christmas seasons, Elf on the Shelf has become synonymous with — and perhaps notorious for — all sorts of wild pranks and silly hijinks.

It’s all intended in good fun, but many parents detect an unhealthy disorder in the Elf’s mischief.

Some are wary of unintentional mental harm caused to children who might actually believe that a magical creature is spying on their behavior.

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100 Best 60th Birthday Wishes

60th Birthday Wishes - Feat Image

What should you say in a 60th birthday card? We all have plenty of source material for witty, snarky 50th birthday wishes (after all, that is marketed as the OFFICIAL over-the-hill milestone). But add a few years and suddenly you’re drawing a blank.

The big 6-0 may not be an occasion your friend or loved one is particularly looking forward to, or even wanting to celebrate.

Still, a heartfelt note or grin-worthy quip can go a long way toward helping them feel vibrant, celebratory, and appreciated.

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