50 Doggy Christmas Gifts for a Beloved Fur Baby

If you’re anything like us, you love your pooch to absolute pieces and want nothing but the best for them.

So when Christmastime rolls around, you know they deserve so much more than a boring rawhide chew nabbed last minute from the corner store. They’re family, after all! Enter this list. 

We did a bunch of research and came up with 50 doggy Christmas gifts that are sure to have tails wagging with absolute delight. From treats, to toys, to training tools and more — we’ve got a little bit of everything for Fido! 

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1. Custom Gabled Dog Crate

They deserve nothing less than a palace, so a palace they shall have. Well, more like a Modern Gabled house. This fantastic little piece of doggo architecture will be absolutely perfect for your favorite pooch.

Quality craftsmanship meet peak comfort, providing them with their own space to rest and feel safe. 

2. Velvet Personalized Collar and Leash Set

Who says luxury is just for people? Your furry family member deserves the comfiest collar available. These super soft, beautifully crafted collars and matching leashes will have them outfitted in style. Handmade and triple stitched for strength and durability, they’ll love sporting these pretty pieces.

3. Doggie Christmas Cookies

We always have an abundance of cookies and desserts at Christmas time, but sadly most of them can’t be consumed by our doggos without hurting their health. Enter these fabulous, tasty treats. Baked with your pup’s health and taste buds in mind, this box of scrumptious cookies is made from 100% locally sourced ingredients.

4. Calming Snuggle Toy

This calming snuggle toy is perfect for puppies especially, but also for crate training or doggos that struggle with separation anxiety.

This soft plush features a built-in “heartbeat” as well as a special heating pad that reminds pups of being with their mamas or littermates. A wonderful alternative to sedatives and medications, these plushies sooth your pups fears and stress within moments.

5. Wobble Giggle Ball

Talk about stepping up the ball game! This Wobble Giggle Ball will keep them entertained for hours. Made from super durable vinyl for long periods of chase and chew, this special ball’s secret is the internal noisemaker. No batteries are necessary, so the enticing “giggle sound” will provide endless fun.

6. Corn Chew For Aggressive Chewers

Have you ever been so excited to toss your pupper that new chew toy, only to have it absolutely destroyed in a matter of minutes? Yeah, me too. This corn toy is the perfect solution. Specifically designed for aggressive chewers, this cute little ear will keep their mouths busy for hours. 

7. Classic Sherpa Lined Coat

Keep them warm AND stylish in this pretty, sherpa lined coat! Your doggo deserves to be warm and cozy in the winter, too! Perfect for those brisk morning walks or running around the yard, this super high quality coat will last season after season.

Fitted with easily adjustable closures and available in three beautiful colors.

8. Doggy Dine-Away Bag

This super cool dine away gear has everything your pup needs for a short trip! Food containers, collapsible bowls, a silicone scoop and a food mat all tuck neatly away in the perfect, compact storage bag for travel ease.

Now why don’t they make more stuff like this for people?

9. Custom Blanket

Does every blanket in your house somehow magically transform into “the dog blanket?” I know that is a recurring theme in our house, for sure.

Give them their very own designated blanket to use in their bed, on the couch, on your bed… Your pooch will love having his or her own personalized snuggler, lined with the coziest sherpa for those chilly evenings.

10. Personalized Bone Pet Pillow

How cute is this custom, sherpa bone pillow? Perfect for their bed or the couch, fido will love having this plushy pillow to cuddle up to when you aren’t around. Choose from two different sizes and multiple embroidery colors to perfectly suit your pooch. 

11. Outward Hound Dog Puzzle Toy

This super interactive puzzle toy from Outward Hound will teach them to slide, flip and lift to hunt down all of the hidden treats. You could truly call this one “the boredom buster” as it will keep their minds stimulated and their senses sharp for hours on end. Made from quality materials that are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free to keep your pup’s health and safety in mind.

12. Personalized Dog Treats

Okay, but how adorable are these?! We know Spot can’t tell if his treats are imprinted with his name, but these have so much more to offer than just personalization! Made with the finest quality organic and sourced ingredients, Jake’s treats are so delicious they’ll keep tummies happy and tails wagging. 

13. Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl

Are you and your pupper constantly on the go? Then this collapsible bowl is perfect for you both! Designed for ease of use, this high quality, food grade silicone bowl is outfitted with a carabiner’s clip to easily attach to a purse, backpack or leash when not in use.

It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe, which is a huge plus!

14. Dragons Squeaker Toy with Chew Guard Technology

These cute little dragons are perfect for those dogs that like showing their love a little more… aggressively. Guaranteed to last longer and be tougher than standard plush toys, the seams in these little cuties are reinforced and have a chew-resistant lining. There are lots of fun colors and styles to choose from, too!

15. Custom Initial Dog Collar Tags

Such a neat twist on the usual collar tag! Add your initials, your pup’s, or both to these super fun tags! Made from vegan cactus leather and your choice of metal color and finish, these pretty tags will add a bit of pizzazz to your pooch’s ensemble.

16. Mighty Paw Smart Bell

Potty training has never been easier! This super cool smart bell will be a breeze for your dog to pick up on, plus it’s so much easier for you to hear than a scratch at the door. That means accidents in the house are a thing of the past, and we are big fans.

17. Knitted Sweater

How darling is this hand knitted sweater?! Your pooch will look like a cover feature on Dogue (get it?) in this quality, crafted cable knit. The turtleneck, long “sleeve” design is perfect for keeping them cozy on walks or snuggling by the fire.

Available in eleven beautiful colors and all sizes are available for order. 

18. Doggy Raincoat

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor… oh wait, that’s the mailman. But still! Nothing will keep you and your pooch from your daily walks with this fantastic raincoat designed perfectly for our furry friends.

These super cute slicker ponchos are available in tons of fun patterns, and are equipped with a highly reflective material for extra safety.

19. Bluetooth Smart Dog Leash

This innovative bluetooth leash has too many cool features to list! From the built-in mapping system that syncs with your phone, to the message and call notifications, to the multiple light settings — this leash offers the latest and greatest.

No need to worry about batteries either, as it is easily rechargeable via usb cord.

20. Embroidered Hooded Towel for Pups

How cute will your pooch look wrapped up in this after their bath? Pamper them with this super soft towel that is embroidered with an adorable paw and their name! It’s handmade from fabulous materials in 9 fun colors, and is machine washable, too!

21. K9 Sport Sack

Trekking with your pup is so much fun, and we know they love it as much as you do! But sometimes there are places that are a bit too dangerous or potentially harmful for Fido (think sharp rocks or steep ledges where they could fall). Enter this fantastic trekking backpack. 

It is specially designed to keep pup cool, and provide the utmost comfort. You can use this pack while walking, hiking, cycling and more while never having to worry about their safety.

22. Double Walking Leashes

If you own more than one dog, you know how real that scene from 101 Dalmatians can feel. You know, the one where they get tangled in the leashes and fall into the pond? 

While you may not have ended up in the pond, there’s a decent chance you’ve gotten tangled a time or two. This cool dual tandem leash is the perfect solution to keep you hands-free AND tangle free. It’s designed from sturdy, quality materials to withstand even the strongest pullers, and is guaranteed to make walk time a breeze. 

23. Custom Resin Dog Tags

Collar tags don’t get much prettier than this! Beautifully hand crafted, these tags are made from resin, metallic foil, and pretty pressed flowers, then finished off with your pooch’s name. The choice of flower color and shape is up to you, so pick whichever suits puppy best to dress up their collar.

24. Pup Bandanas

Sometimes we want to dress up our dogs in cute sweaters and jackets during the holidays, but if your dog is anything like mine they simply refuse. Then these little bandanas are a perfect solution!

Made of patterned fleece, these handcrafted neckerchiefs can be embellished with tags, buttons and more to make them as unique as your pup.

25. Portable Paw Cleaner

Why haven’t these been mainstream for decades? These super cool paw cleaners should be a staple in any dog’s home. Available in three sizes to accommodate all types of paws, the mud busters only require a little water added to their silicone bristles to easily remove dirt and debris. 

Use for rinsing muddy pads before hopping in the car after the dog park, or keep it by the back door to keep floors neat and clean.

26. Doggy Booties

The elements can be so harsh on delicate little padded feet. From icy roads and hard, sharp snow to blistering hot asphalt, there are so many things that those precious paws need protection from. These neat booties are specially designed with comfort in mind. 

They come in so many sizes and are easily adjustable for a perfect fit. They also have reflective strips to keep Fido safe on the street.

27. Personalized Paw Stocking

So once you gather up the perfect gifts for Spot, where should you put them? Why in this adorable, personalized paw stocking of course!

These custom stockings are handmade and embroidered with your pooch’s name to make them extra special. Afterall, they deserve a place on the mantle just as much as anyone.

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28. Moda-Pure Pet Water Purifier

As a pet owner, your precious furball’s health is always a priority. This wonderful water fountain doubles as a purifier as well, ensuring that their water is always fresh and clean. There are so many dangerous additives and chemicals in water these days that can harm our pets’ health, so providing them with filtered water is a must. 

29. KONG Extreme 

For the kings of chewing comes this nearly indestructible classic. The KONG Extreme is for next level chewers, with its puncture resistant exterior and super bounce ability. Outfitted with the classic KONG treat compartment, it can be stuffed with their favorite goodies.

This is one toy that won’t be headed for the rubbish bin anytime soon!

30. Heavy Duty Lick Mat

Never heard of a lick mat? Well it’s about time you did! These wonderful mats are perfect for reducing boredom and relieving anxiety. Spread them with peanut butter, yogurt, wet food or spreadable treats and let your pupper go to town. They’ll release tons of happy endorphins while doing so!

31. Custom Bed Cover

This one is so pretty! Spruce up their bed with a beautiful, handcrafted bed cover personalized with their name. Made from sturdy yet soft designer fabrics, just zip this cover over their existing bed for a whole new look. Machine washable, too, and available in sizes XS-XL

32. Abbidot Training Collar

Perfect for training puppies or adults, the lightweight Abbidot training collar has comfort in mind for your pup.

With 3 separate setting types (beep, vibration, and safe shock levels 1-16), it’s also waterproof to allow them to play in the water or rain without fear of injury. With a range up to 3000 ft and a friendly training guide, this collar has us saying wow!

33. Custom iDoggos Harness

This super pretty, vegan leather harness is as comfortable for Fido as it is stylish. Handcrafted with the utmost care for durability and quality control, this harness will last and last and last. Turn heads and have everyone wondering where you found such a nice looking doggo accessory.

34. Furbo Pet Camera

Have you ever wondered what your pet was up to while you’re away from the house? Well, you aren’t alone. That’s why the folks at Furbo came up with this awesome 360 degree camera.

The Furbo pet camera has got to be one of the coolest gifts on this list with all of its incredible features like smart monitoring, two-way audio, night vision camera, treat tosser… the list goes on and on! 

35. Personalized Food Mat

Leave no question as to whose spot is which with these cute, custom food mats! Add their name and three of your favorite nicknames or attributes to make it extra special. It cleans up super easily, too, with just soap and water.

36. No Pull Harness

Without doubt one of the best tools any dog owner can have in their arsenal. These simple, no pull harnesses are perfect for dogs of any size to prevent them from pulling on their walks.

The logic is easy: if they pull, they end up facing you instead of forward. It’s safer for pups than traditional collars as well, because it eliminates the possibility of gagging or choking. Available in tons of fun colors to suit your pup best.

37. Olive wood and Resin Dog Feeder

This gorgeous feeding stand is a true work of art. Crafted by hand from olive wood and resin, each feeder is one of a kind and made to specific dimensions to perfectly suit Spot’s size. He’ll feel like he’s the king of fine dining with this little touch of luxury at dinner time.

38. Personalized Canvas Toy Bin

If your dog is anything like mine, that means toys are strung from one end of the house to the other. Keep all their favorite playthings neat and tidy in this customized, canvas basket. Doggo will quickly learn where to find his chews and tug toys and, if you’re lucky, to put them back too!

39. Thundershirt Anxiety Calming Jacket

Let’s face it, thunderstorms can be really scary. Even for humans! But especially for our furry family members. 

Help keep them soothed and anxiety free with these awesome thundershirts. Light compression can do wonders for dogs to ease their frights, and that is precisely what these jackets are designed to do. If your little guy or girl gets antsy during bad weather, these are a must.

40. Doggy Poo Bag Holder

Ever wondered what to do with that poo bag when there isn’t a trash can nearby? You really don’t want to stick it in your pocket, but holding it for a couple miles isn’t fun either.

Enter these smart bag holders. They quickly and easily clip to the leash and wah-lah! No more poo toting for you!

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41. Custom Silicone Air Tag

A neat twist on the traditional collar tag, these silicone tags are lightweight, sturdy, washable and cute! There are so many design options, too!

Choose from over a dozen colors and patterns, and then customize with their name, phone number, and other important info like whether or not they are microchipped. So cool.

42. The Original Dog Bell

Are you a sucker for anything traditional? Because I definitely am! These original dog bells will help you keep track of Fido whether you’re indoors or out. Its classic design is so pretty and has been improved to withstand all the wear and tear your pup can put it through.

A small price to pay for some peace of mind while they’re off lead.

43. Personalized Leather Collar

These leather collars are just the bee’s knees! The American Bench Craft Dog Collar is hand crafted of tough, durable bridle leather and rust proof brass to make it as lasting as it is stylish. The epitome of classic collar design is so timeless, and is as handsome as Spot is. Available in black or brown with either gold or silver hardware.

44. Doggo Toothpaste and Brush

Not enough owners pay attention to their dog’s oral health which can lead to expensive vet visits down the road. Help prevent those doggie dentine bills and keep their pearly whites clean with this brush and paste set. 

Vet’s Best Enzyme Toothpaste is specially formulated for Fido to help freshen his breath and prevent oral decay. It’s banana flavored, too, so it’s more of a treat than anything.

45. Portable Feeding and Watering Station

Another great solution for doggies on the go. Perfectly store water and a serving of food in one super compact container that can be kept in the car or clipped to your backpack.

It’s not just for doggies either! It’s also great for cats, bunnies, ferrets and other small animals, too.

46. Custom Treat Jar

We’ve covered the custom treats, but now how about the jar to keep them in! This cute custom jar will keep their treats fresh and airtight waaayyyy better than that cardboard box they came in. And it will look super on the counter, too.

47. Pup Beer

Who says booze is just for people? Now your pup can crack open a cold one right alongside you! Well, you might have to pour it for him… But still. It looks almost like real beer, but is made of malt barley and pork and is great for doggy’s joints. Sprinkle it on his food, or let him drink it straight.

48. Fleece Winter Scarf

Just because he’s fuzzy doesn’t mean he can’t still get cold! Keep that little neck warm and cozy this winter season with this adorable, fleece scarf. Handmade and decorated with cute wooden buttons, these scarves come in tons of neat colors. Available in sizes XS-XL.

49. Luxurious Pearl Collar & Leash

They’ll be the most posh looking pooch in the park with this pretty pearl collar and leash. Made of materials equally as sturdy as they are pretty, you two will be turning heads and having everyone ask where you found such an elegant walker.

50. Handmade Pet Bowl

These fabulous, custom ceramic pet bowls are just so cute! Handmade from ceramic and customized with the neat nature patterns and colors of your choice. These bowls are perfect for food or water. Get just one or order a matching set, and your little fuzzball will love them!

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