52 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Home

Here are 52 of the most interesting and unique Christmas gift ideas we’ve found for the home, including home decor, kitchen, man cave, and home bar gifts, gadgets, and accessories.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas: Home Decor

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1. Wooden State Home Plaque from Reclaimed Wood

Made from pallets and reclaimed wood in the shape of a state, these home décor plaques are a trending Christmas gift idea for the home.

This one, shaped like the great state of Michigan and handcrafted in Georgetown, Indiana, is just one of dozens offered by Deakin’s Woodshop.

2. Personalized Bird Feeder Christmas Gift

This cedar wood bird feeder is handcrafted in the USA from genuine aromatic cedar, and includes a custom inscription.

The etching on the front panel includes the recipient’s name plus anything else you want – best friend, best nurse practitioner, or even a special message or quote (don’t worry, if the text gets longer the engravers will just make it smaller to fit and look great).

Suitable for anyone and everyone, a bird feeder is the perfect gift for the home because it goes outside! Everyone needs less stuff cramping up their indoor areas. So give a gift that won’t take up any space inside the home.

Plus, it will draw the birds and help your friends, family, or neighbors to create a beautiful outdoor oasis. More designs available here.

3. Personalized Pushpin Map for Couples

For the couple that loves travel, the Personalized Pushpin World Map is the ideal Christmas gift for the home. It looks incredible, it’s personalized with names and anniversary date, and will showcase all the places you’ve been together.

Romantic, sweet, beautiful, and inspirational – this one has it all.

4. Dasar Brass Incense Holder

There’s nothing than can help you unwind at the end of a long day quite like some sweet smelling incense! This sleek and trendy incense holder will make a beautiful gift for anyone who loves merging art and functionality.

Wonderfully crafted by fair-trade artisans in India, this luxe brass piece will add a touch of elegance to their home.

5. Succulent Christmas Wreath

Gorgeous succulents make up this lovely alternative Christmas wreath.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, unique, and sustainable twist on the more traditional holiday wreaths, a succulent wreath is the way to go.

It will not only look stunning during the festive season, but will last (and still look appropriate!) long after the holiday décor has been boxed up and stowed away.

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6. Family Cellars Quarter Barrel Sign with Grapes

This personalized wine plaque is made from a real oak barrel head, in what we call a “quarter barrel” since it includes the staves and steel hoops from the top part of a barrel.

The colorful grapes and family cellars design is personalized for you with your name or family name and year established onto the large (19″ round by 3-1/2″ deep) barrel head plaque. Arrives ready to hang, and with many additional designs available.

7. Hinoki Wood Bath Caddy

Handcrafted of beautiful Hinoki wood by Japanese craftsman, this modern bath caddy makes for a thoughtful, yet exotic gift. Perfect for those spa nights at home, or even if you just enjoy taking in a good book and a glass of wine while you soak!

Timeless and elegant design make this pretty caddy a winner.

8. White Playroom Table & Chairs Set

This adorable kid’s playroom table set is aesthetic and functional, and altogether waaaaay too cute. Each chair back is designed to look like something playful, from bunny ears to a crown and more.

The kids will simply love to draw, color, and play at this lovely table!

9. Your House Portrait Framed Art

Celebrate your first home – or your new, best-ever home – with a beautifully framed art print of your house portrait.

Simply upload a photo of your house in all of its curbside-appeal glory, and as if by magic it will be transformed into an amazing work of art. All you’ll need to do is choose the style, size, and frame.

10. Agate Bookends

Show off a stellar book collection between these gorgeous polished blue agate bookends.

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11. Magnolia Blossom Rose Bowl

This bowl from Wedgewood is simply stunning! Crafted in Wedgewood’s iconic blue Jasperware, it makes a perfect centerpiece for the table or a focal piece for the mantel.

If they are a fan of beautiful pottery, then this is the perfect gift for them. Comes presented in the classic wedgewood box.

12. As for Me & My House Family Name Plaque

Handcrafted in America, this solid wood home décor plaque is laser engraved with your family name and the text from Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Many other styles, including more Scriptures and other quotes, can be found here.

13. Super Huge Jumbo Clothespin

How cute are these oversized clothes pins? Perfect in the bathroom for holding towels as they dry, or for sweaters, displaying artwork, pictures and so much more. Quality craftsmanship and design meet functionality in these fun clips.

You can also choose from a variety of finishes and even have them customized with your name!

14. Iron Fire Escape Shelf

This three-tiered Fire Escape Shelf looks just like the real thing, but in miniature. Perfect for plants, books, and picture frames, this iron wall décor piece is also the perfect gift!

15. Personalized Beach House Dartboard Cabinet

Your beach house needs a dartboard. This cabinet keeps it tucked away when not in use, and displays your family’s name in a fun design to boot.

Plus it includes everything you need for several popular dart games: The board, two sets of darts, scorekeeping on the inside. When you’re done, just close it up!

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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas: Kitchen

16. Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

Every home needs a coffee maker, but every home doesn’t need a boring, bland, unattractive coffee maker.

Enter this gorgeous Belgian-style Rose Gold Siphon Coffee Maker. It’s stunning to look at, and makes incredible homebrew coffee. It’s an amazing Christmas gift for the home, perfect for any coffee lover in your life.

Not a fan of coffee? They may prefer these tea gifts instead!

17. Indoor Flameless Marshmallow Roaster

The Indoor Flameless S’mores Maker is a great Christmas gift idea for a fun-loving family with kids.

Designed for use inside during the cold winter months, this roaster is completely safe and includes divided tray for holding ‘mallows, grahams, and other s’mores ingredients. It includes two forks for roasting.

Add a personal touch by pre-filling the trays with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers so the family can bust out some Christmas s’mores right away!

18. Personalized Bottle Opener

The perfect gift for someone who always wants a quick and ready way to pop the top off a delicious cold beer.

Made exclusively by Northwest Gifts, this handcrafted wooden bottle opener can be left portable or mounted to your kitchen wall. (Or porch. Or garage, man cave, etc.)

It features a gorgeous two-tone wood backboard, solid cast-iron bottle opener, and personalized engraving along with a fun tractor design – perfect for farmers. There are plenty of additional themes available, too, including home bar, fishing, “best dad ever,” and more.

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19. Renaissance Gold 3 Piece Tea Set

Can you say elegant? Because we certainly can and will! They don’t get much prettier than this tea set from Wedgewood. Timeless design and top quality craftsmanship combine to create a lasting gift for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

20. Heirloom Family Recipe Cutting Board

The lovely surface of this bamboo wood cutting board is custom laser engraved with an heirloom family recipe – in the original handwriting, no less!

That’s right, just scan or take a picture of your family’s favorite recipe, and Northwest Gifts will laser etch it onto a beautiful cutting board. Made from sustainable bamboo wood, this is the perfect gift for the home this Christmas.

More personalized cutting board designs are available, too – check them out here.

21. Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

These neat Himalayan salt blocks are perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their grilling regime. Handcrafted from 100% pure, pink Himalayan sea salt, they naturally flavor your veggies and create a beautiful plating all at once.

Since salt is naturally antimicrobial, clean-up requires little effort. A win-win!

22. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

There’s few things more frustrating than concocting the perfect sauce, only to have it burn to the bottom of the pan — agh! Say bye-bye to burned sauce with this super cool auto pan stirrer.

It keeps those roux and carbonaras at the perfect consistency whilst you tend to your other dishes.

23. Soft Serve Maker with Sprinkles Dispenser

Cute and delicious. Soft serve anytime you want… at home. With sprinkles. Who wouldn’t want their own soft serve maker?

24. Bamboo Charcuterie Board with Serving Knives

Get the party started with this lovely charcuterie board, which includes an assortment of serving and spreading knives tucked away in a secret drawer.

Made from sustainable bamboo wood. Features a divot around the edge specifically designed for crackers and other sundries.

25. Double Sandwich Maker

Everyone loves a hot breakfast sandwich. Making them has never been easier with this Dual Sandwich Maker. It’s great as a housewarming Christmas gift.

26. Floral Crock Pot

A crock pot is something that just about everyone actually needs. But since practical gifts can be boring, why not spice it up by giving your Christmas buddy this gorgeous floral crock pot. You’ll cover style and practicality with this holiday gift idea!

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27. Kitchen Towel Ladder

You gotta love handcrafted wood décor pieces, especially for the farmhouse-style kitchen. This small kitchen towel ladder will look incredible on any countertop, and is available in several different stains and finishes.

28. Farmhouse Tiered Tray

If someone you care about loves to put together a gorgeous coffee bar, then they’ll be thrilled to receive this Christmas gift.

The handcrafted farmhouse tray is made from wood with a painted gray finish. It’s the perfect place for k-cups, sugar and creamer, syrups, or cute décor items.

29. 9-Tray Dehydrator

Everyone’s into growing, making, and baking your own stuff these days. Whether it’s someone who is looking for healthy snacks, an old-school DIYer, or a mom blogger, they’ll love this awesome 9-tray food dehydrator and keep it in use for years.

30. Personalized Acrylic Star Map

Look to the stars for the perfect Christmas gift! This heavenly home accent is custom-designed and crafted just for you.

Celebrate the moment your stars aligned with a personalized map of the sky. Includes your name(s), date, location, and of course a picture of the alignment of the heavens for your special event.

You can also choose the finish of the wooden stand and the color of the sky.

31. Fiddle Bread Knife

These awesome “fiddle” bread knives are a new must for anyone’s kitchen! Handcrafted in the good ole USA of your choice of White Oak, Purple Heartwood, Cherry, Mahogany, or Maple; these pretty pieces of functional art are made to last a lifetime.

Perfect for breads, cheeses, meats and more!

32. Tikal Wood Serving Board

The charcuterie king/queen? Why, that’s you, of course! Take your serving game to the next level with this gorgeous, arched board.

Handcrafted in Guatemala of the finest Mahogany or Granadillo wood, and finished with a sustainable beeswax coating, these pretty yet functional pieces will keep the party going for years.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas: Man Cave

33. All-Star Basketball Hoop Wall Décor

This fun and functional basketball hoop will be the centerpiece of any home or office. Whether you put it in the kids’ play room, the Man Cave, or dad’s office, it will certainly see plenty of use.

Are YOU up to the challenge?!

34. Gamer Room Neon Sign

Your name. In neon lights.

It’s just plain awesome.

35. Personalized Pint Glasses

Get your very own set of four personalized pint glasses made to say whatever you like. Easily customized, permanent laser etching, on premium made-in-the-USA glassware that’s 100% dishwasher safe.

Oh, and you get bulk discounts for ordering more.

36. Personalized Leather Traveling Bag

This attractive leather traveling bag is handmade with real leather in Texas and embroidered with the initials of your choice. A very classy addition to any man’s collection.

37. Personalized Man Cave Plaque

Classic pub sign shape with a fun and trendy Man Cave theme. Custom silkscreened with your dude’s name, our most popular Christmas gift for the man cave.

38. Royal Painting of Himself

You could always print and frame a favorite photo. But if you want a great gift that will be priceless in terms of prestige, enduring appeal, classical taste, and, of course, a good laugh, then the personalized canvas prints from Pop Art You will be just the thing.

Choose from a huge variety of settings and styles, with you, your significant other, and even your whole family in historical dress appropriate for the time period of the painting style.

39. Football Grass Coasters

Here’s a fun idea for the football fan, and one that will see tons of use! Protect those tabletops and celebrate your team’s advance down the field with a set of Football Field Grass Coasters.

40. Beer of the Week Brewery Plaque

Any budding home brewer will love listing the current “beer of the week” selection on this personalized wood man cave brewery plaque which is made in the USA and features a handy mini chalkboard.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas: Home Bar

41. Barrel Connoisseur Kit: Make Your Own Scotch

These Barrel Connoisseur Kits include everything you need to make your own Scotch (or Bourbon, or Whiskey, etc). The Scotch version includes a real oak aging barrel, lovely decorative metal stand, bung, spigot, funnel, cleaning kit, and 3 flavors of Scotch Whiskey essence: Isaly, Speyside, and Highland Malt.

All you have to do is provide the alcohol and follow the simple instructions, and you will be a true connoisseur with your own home distillery.

42. Whiskey Distillery Barrel Personalized

If you like the home distillery idea but want to give a gift with a bit of a personalized touch, look no further. Our line of oak aging barrels can be custom engraved with the recipient’s name and more in a wide variety of designs.

Start with our most popular design, the Whiskey Distillery Barrel, and work your way through the entire collection of custom barrels to find the perfect Christmas gift idea. Available in several sizes.

43. Custom Neon Sign

Take your phrase, artwork, or logo and turn it into an amazing neon light. Now that’s the way to personalize your home bar!

44. Portable Home Bar for Camping

This folding home bar holds everything you need to transform your camping trip into pure awesomeness. This portable home bar for camping will bring class and good times to any campfire.

45. Globe Wine Bar Stand 16th Century

The classy choice for your wine bar! Keep your wine and glasses right out in the open (ready for use, of course!) but still hidden away inside this 16th century style globe and table wine service set.

46. Wooden Wine Bottle & Glass Rack

Made from wood, this home bar piece mounts to the wall and holds wine glasses and a collection of bottles. With a rustic finish, these racks make great Christmas gift ideas for any home bar or wine cellar.

47. Vintage Metal Bar Sign

This gorgeous Personalized Metal Bar Sign can go anywhere, indoors or out, and will last a lifetime. Customize the plaque with up to three lines of text and choose from several different metal finish colors and sizes.

48. Shot Dispenser

Sometimes a silly gag gift is the way to a whiskey lover’s heart. This glass shot dispenser will put on a fun show when you have a group of friends over to enjoy a special bottle of bourbon, whiskey, scotch, or other spirits.

49. Cold Can Coats

Everyone wants to keep their beer cans cold, so why not keep your cans looking great while doing so. These Cold Can Coats are the gift that every beer enthusiast wants.

50. Wine Decanter with Built-in Aerator Pourer

This lovely glass decanter also functions as a filter and aerator that makes pouring easy and drip-free. The classic shape is crafted using 100% lead-free crystal glass and will take your wine experience to the next level.

51. Rapid Wine & Can Cooler

This Rapid Wine & Can Cooler chills canned and bottled drinks in minutes, with wine bottles topping out at about 6 minutes so that you can always keep your home bar open for business.

52. Beer Mug Tavern Quarter Barrel Sign

This neighbor tavern sign is engraved with a festive clinking beer mug design which includes personalization of the recipient’s name and more. Made from a real oak barrel head, spigot, and top “quarter barrel”, this epic and awesome sign is 19″ round and 3-1/2″ deep.

Bonus: More Gifts!

You know what they say – “52 unique Christmas gift ideas are never enough for the true gift shopping enthusiast.” Or at least we heard someone say that one time. Maybe. So here are some more great options!

53. Retro Tissue Box

It’s a tissue box shaped like a vintage radio. This is a completely unique gift for anyone who loves retro décor. Watch their face light up with delight and surprise when they open the box to discover one of these this Christmas!

54. Twisted Wooden Lampshade

This stunning laser cut twisted wood lamp shade will set apart their home décor with a gorgeous accent piece that casts light in sublime shadows.

55. Delicious Gift Basket

These delicious gift baskets are perfect for the person that already has everything they need! Filled with wine, chocolates, and more – they will fit right into any home.

56. Beautiful Piano Music Box

Here’s an old-fashioned, timeless heirloom gift idea that will be treasured for generations.

The Grandiose Italian Sorrento Wood Music Jewelry Box features an intricate floral inlay and your choice of music. Choose from hundreds of classic traditional songs (from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy to The Beatle’s Hey Jude) or upload your own.

57. Zen Garden Kit

This tabletop Zen garden will look great anywhere in the home and provide a soothing, relaxing activity throughout the day.

58. Tree Branch Candle Holders

Everyone needs more candles, and candles need holders. These wooden tree branch candleholders are crafted from real birch trees (you can also choose alder or darker woods if you prefer) so each one is individual, unique, and handmade.

59. 3D Crystal Family Portrait

Celebrate someone special with an incredible 3-dimensional glass portrait keepsake! This is a wonderful decorative gift for your spouse or for your most recent family portrait.

The way they etch the inside of these glass pieces is simply unbelievable, and will impress your gift recipient like nothing else.

60. Macramé Wall Hanging Shelf

Get into the boho style with this gorgeous macramé shelf! Whether for the beach house or for a whimsical room in your home, this shelf will certainly be filled with pretty things.

61. Hook-Sewn Dog Face Pillows

Three qualities that go perfectly together are these: Quality craftsmanship, retro beauty, and the fun of having your dog’s face hook-sewn by hand onto a pillow.

And yes, they all come together in these delightful Dog Face Pillows.

62. Digital Picture Frame

How do you decorate your home with family photos, without having a million and one picture frames? Simple. Use a Skylight Digital Photo Frame.

You (and select friends and family of your choice) can email a photo from your photo directly to the frame, so you’ll always be discovering what the family’s been up to even if you’re miles away. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves to keep up with loved ones and have all the latest pics proudly displayed.

63. Coffee Mug Warmer

That morning cup of coffee should be hot – at all times, even if it takes you a while to finish it off. If someone in your life is constantly microwaving that lingering mug, get them this Coffee Mug Warmer for their desk or end table. They’ll use it – and think of you – often!

64. Large Stone Pillows

Creatively decorate your home with these big stone-shaped pillows! They look great, are highly functional, and will be used every single day.

65. LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree

Bonsai and cherry trees are gorgeous, but not everyone has the time or desire to maintain a real one. So this LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree is a Christmas gift they’ll appreciate, adding the grace of cherry blossoms and the minimalism of a Bonsai tree (not to mention the soft grace of the mini lights) to their home.

Including a Christmas card to any gift adds a sweet personalized touch! Check out our list of 100 Personalized Christmas Cards to find the right card for you.

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