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21 Hilarious Gift Card Ideas

Last Updated on July 31, 2020

You never know when you’ll need a quick DIY gift card with a sense of humor. Here are 21 hilarious gift card ideas we’ve found, for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and more. Enjoy!

Hilarious Gift Card Ideas for Birthday

1. This is the youngest you’ll ever be

Funny gift cards

This is the youngest you’ll ever be. Now this is. Now this is. Now this is…

2. Let us celebrate

Hilarious Gift Card Ideas

Let us celebrate your existence with cake. And possibly ice cream. And mayhaps balloons.

3. Unintentionally frightening small children

Hilarious gift cards

Because wishing Grumpy Old Men on someone is awesome.

4. You’re not old…

Funny Birthday Gift CardsMom, Dad, brother, sister… You’re not old, you’re vintage. **wink**

5. In dog years

Happy Birthday Gift Cards

How old would you even be in dog years… like, 900?

6. No age-related jokes

Hilarious Gift Card Ideas

Happy birthday! And don’t worry, I won’t make any age-related jokes… I genuinely feel bad about how old you are. For reals.

7. Do me a favor…

Hilarious and funny card ideas

Just fake it.

8. More than a birthday card

Hilarious gift cards

How to get away with not giving a gift. #priceless

9. This card is late because…

Funny Gift Card Ideas

This card is late because… I was fighting crime. Yeah, that’s it. Me and Batman, we’re totally tight.

10. Who’s turning fifty?

WTF birthday card

You know what WTF stands for, right? “Who’s turning fifty?!”

11. If you were milk…

Hilarious Gift Card Ideas

I’m not saying you’re old – I’m just saying that if you were milk I’d smell you before I poured you on my cereal. Just to be safe-ish.

Hilarious Gift Card Ideas for Christmas

12. Santa hates you

Hilarious Christmas Cards

This card reads “Santa Hates You” when first pulled out of the envelope. Unfolded, the “uncensored” version tells the whole story: “Santa has some favorites & one is you.”

13. Holiday spirit

Hilarious Christmas Card Ideas

“I find your lack of holiday spirit disturbing.” Yeah, well, Darth, we find your bright red Rudolph nose disturbing.

14. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal

Funny Christmas Cards

Anyone who lived through the ’90s will get love this Christmas gift card.

15. Christmas cookies

Funny card ideas

A card that really says something. More than Christmas cookies?! That’s a lot of lovin’.

16. ‘Tis the season

Nerdy Christmas Card

For anyone who *periodically* tells jokes about elements… give them this card along with a stack of Chemistry Cat memes.

17. Eating and crying

Hilarious gift card ideas

Holidays are for crying and eating. Especially eating.

Hilarious Gift Card Ideas for Various People

18. Without me Father’s/Mother’s Day card

Without me this day wouldn't mean much

It’s true – on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, a child can honestly say, “Without me this day wouldn’t mean much.” Inside reads, “You’re welcome.”

19. Favorite child for Mother’s Day

Funny gift cards for Mother's Day

I love how we don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favourite child.

20. You’ve taught me so much!

Funny Mother's Day Card Idea


You’ve taught me so much over the years…

That ‘going potty’ thing is really working out great!

21. So sorry

Hilarious gift cards

That special gift card for when your gift is an apology covering for an… uh… accident.

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