21 Margarita Gifts To Keep You Tequila Lovers In The Cups

Margarita gifts can be for other people. Yep, sure. For others.

More likely, you are feeling the need to give yourself a little lovin’, a little something something. Or maybe you are looking for the kind of margarita gifts that you can get one for her, one for you, one for him, one for you….

Well, in any case, whoever the margarita gift recipient is going to be they will love any one of these fun and creative ideas. Take a look at the twenty-one best margarita gifts available on the web. These gifts will help keep you tequila lovers in the cups, living the good life, chillin like a villain.


Most of the margarita gifts below are affiliate links, which means that we get a small commission should you choose to get one of these awesome products. That’s how we keep in business around here, so we hope you really enjoy! You can read our full disclosure here.

Alrighty, here is your inspiration for great margarita gift ideas.

1. Margarita Cantina Quarter Barrel Sign

Bold yellows, reds, and greens on the top section of an oak barrel make the perfect – and personalized – margarita wall decor plaque. Includes your name customized in festive lettering over “Cantina” along with a hand-carved applique of a lime green margarita.

2. Margarita Deck Party Personalized Metal Sign

This metal sign works both indoors and out. Cast to order for you in a high-density aluminum alloy, the sign comes ready to hang in your choice of fancy metallic finish. A full and delicious-looking margarita glass with lime takes center stage, and you get two lines of text, sixteen characters per line, across the top and bottom of the sign.

3. Margarita Slippers

Soft cozies with a bottle of tequila on one slipper and a cactus-shaped margarita glass on the other. The perfect margarita gift for anyone who loves to sit and sip.

4. Margarita Maker

This here is called a “frozen concoction maker” but we know what it’s really best for. The top-rated unit in mid-sized margarita machines, this classy beast shaves ice instead of crushing it, resulting in a smoother beverage. Simply press the button for 1, 2, or 3 drinks, and the party is on!

5. Triple Margarita Maker

Same as the above, but triple the volume. Fills three 24oz jars via a rotating ice chute on autopilot for a result of 72 ounces of bliss. And that bliss can come as a margarita, daiquiri, mojito, colada, mudslide, and plain ol’ fashioned smoothie.

The premium bamboo construction combined with brushed aluminum and polished stainless steel accents give this margarita maker a beautiful shine that will look great at any party.

6. Super-Size Margarita Maker

The margarita maker for when things get real.

7. Stainless Steel 6-Piece Bar Tool Set

Appeal to their inner bartender with this fantastic bar set from Sur La Table! Beautiful craftsmanship and sleek design meet in perfect harmony in this great assortment of essential tools. They can hop to crafting all of their guest’s favorite classics, and maybe even think about picking up a side gig on the weekends once they get their practice in.

8. Margarita FREEZE Cooling Cups

With these margarita cups in the freezer, you’ll always be ready when the time is right for perfectly chilled margaritas. Oh wait… the time is right!

9. Margarita Glass Set

Premium margarita glass gift set of four Libbey brand wavy-stemmed 12 ounce glasses. Every home bar needs to begin with some classy glassware, and these are just the trick for anyone who loves margaritas.

10. Infused Margarita Salt

Citrus infused salt using real fruit… this is an affordable margarita gift that will make your mouth start to water immediately.

If you are getting this as a gift for a friend, you might want to order another one for yourself because you probably won’t be able to resist opening and testing it out.

11. Chip Dippin’ and Margarita Sippin’ Shirt

Chips, salsa, and margaritas… that’s the recipe for the good life. Totally adorable shirt with your two favorite things on it – chips and margaritas.

12. Margarita Coffee Mug

Drink up, morning or evening! The coffee gets you through the day until it’s margarita time.

13. Personalized Margarita Coaster

Lovely little cork coaster with a margarita theme. Personalized with your name, the coaster reads, “[Your name’s] Margarita Goes Here.”

14. I Need A Margarita Shirt

I need a margarita the size of my butt. Say it like you mean it. Then put it on a t-shirt. Then get a margarita.

15. Margaritaville Plaque

Sun of a beach… It’s 5:02! Time to break out the fancy cups and ice blender.

16. Bring Me Tequila Socks

Comfy cozy socks with feet that say, “If you can read this, bring me some tequila.” The perfect way to unwind after a long day. Put up your feet, mix a margarita, and chill.

17. Margarita Marquee Light Sign

Large and fun, this 60″ wide (5 foot) metal margarita light decor piece will add a fun shine to the margarita parties in your home bar.

18. Personalized Hand-Painted Margarita Wood Sign

Hand-crafted from reclaimed wood pallets, this authentic original is painted by hand with a margarita glass, the name of your choice, and other verbiage. The result is a completely unique margarita gift that will help keep the tequila lover in the cups.

19. Hand-Painted Margarita Glasses

Do you have artistic sensibilities? Take a set of regular margarita glasses and transform them into a great gift idea. All you need is some enamel-based paint, sketch paper and pen, masking tape, and rubbing alcohol.

20. Carry On Cocktail Kit

Here’s a creative margarita gift idea for someone who often travels. This Carry-On Margarita Cocktail Kit includes the tools to mix two Margaritas mid-flight, with small-batch margarita syrup and rimming salt plus a tiny little jigger, recipe card, bar spoon, and linen coaster.

21. Seven-Piece Margarita Glass Entertainment Set

This complete margarita glass set includes all the glassware you need to serve up six beautiful beverages from an 89-ounce lead-free pitcher. Let’s get this party started!

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