Celebrate Traditions: 50 Traditional New Year Gift Ideas

Today we’re looking at the best traditional New Year gift ideas for your family and friends, as well as some fun traditions centered around this special holiday.

For centuries, people around the world have exchanged gifts on New Year’s Day to celebrate new beginnings. 

This New Year gift-giving tradition is rooted in the belief that giving and receiving presents brings good luck and prosperity in the coming year.

While the gifts exchanged vary from culture to culture, there are some common themes!

 For instance, in many different cultures red is a lucky color, so red envelopes and other red objects are often given as gifts. How fun is that?

Let’s dive into these time-honored traditions of welcoming the New Year with thoughtful gifts!

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The Significance of New Year Gift-Giving Traditions

The roots of this tradition stretch back to the Babylon era. Ancient civilizations, from the Babylonians to the Romans, exchanged tokens imbued with good fortune.

It was as though they were crafting the very blueprint of destiny itself!

This testament to people’s deep desire for a better future has evolved over millennia, leaving behind a rich history of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day traditions.

In the act of giving gifts, symbolism is significant. Each item chosen carries with it the weight of cultural significance. 

Whether it be the red envelopes of China, promising wealth, blessings, and best wishes; or the sweetness of honey in Jewish tradition, these symbols bind the past to the future, connecting generations through the thread of tradition.

The act of selecting, wrapping, and presenting gifts is a shared experience that binds families and friends. It’s a tangible expression of our love, hope, and gratitude, uniting us as we stand on the threshold of a new year.

Help us keep the tradition of gift-giving during New Year’s Eve celebrations alive!

Check out these handpicked New Year’s gifts for your family tradition. 

Gifts for Celebrating the Stroke of Midnight

We have some practically perfect presents (say that five times fast) for celebrating the big countdown! 

It’s so fun to begin New Year’s traditions with your family, and it’s never too late to establish them. 

Right when the clock strikes midnight — instead of losing your shoe — give your loved one(s) a wonderful gift like one of these great ideas.

P.S. These also make great hostess or host gifts if you have been invited to share in someone else’s New Year’s Eve party. 

1. Brooms To Sweep Out The Old

A witty idea that we are totally here for! 

These brooms make great gifts for the new year: you can literally sweep out the gunk, junk, and dust bunnies of the past year, and sweep in the new year’s promises, sunshine, and a fresh, good start. 

2. Champagne


Is there a more traditional — and delicious — gift than a great bottle of bubbly Champagne?

We think not. 

Something decadent to toast the New Year in is a great yearly habit, and this refreshing Champagne will be everyone’s favorite. 

“Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” — Dom Pérignon, French monk said to have invented Champagne.

3. Peppermint Pigs

As part of Victorian New Year’s food traditions, these peppermint pigs (well, not these ones exactly, of course, but ones similar) were broken open to usher in the new year. 

So fun for the littles in the family, this will be a tradition everyone will clamor to have each and every year. 

This gift comes with the legendary peppermint pig, the story to read aloud, a velvet pouch, and the cutest of little mallets to break open your piggy. 

4. Fireworks & Party Poppers

When it comes to holidays, New Year’s Eve is definitely one of the loudest, don’t you agree? 

Get in on the end-of-year celebration, and get down to partying with your bad self with the help of these fireworks and party poppers! None of those party poopers are going to bed early this year…

5. New Year’s Resolution Activities

Sure, we make ’em…and then we break em, right? But maybe this is the year we do our resolutions a little bit differently? 

These fun New Year’s Resolution Activity Cards are a super fun and thoughtful way to pass the time until midnight. And how sweet will it be to keep them for the upcoming year to read again? 

This is great for a party and is good for all ages. 

6. Organic Lip Balm for Good Luck Kisses

Pucker up, baby! Nobody wants to come in for a smooch if your lips are all scaly and dry! 

These organic lip balms are perfect for your pout, and they are a fun little gift that you can pass out to all of your partygoers, no matter their ages or genders. So sweet! 

7. Throwing Water

Okay, we must admit, we had to look up this traditional gift on the ol’ interweb. Turns out, it’s adorable and we dig it! 

Throwing water out of your door or window (look out below…) symbolizes tossing the bad stuff out from the last year. These cute buckets make an already fun tradition even more entertaining. 

Get a personalized bucket for each kiddo in your house. And you can use them later for organizing — it’s a win-win. 

8. Polar Bear Plunge

Now in my family, the tradition was to run around the house barefoot in the snow on the stroke of midnight!

But for many the Polar Bear Plunge is a steadfast New Year’s Eve tradition, and now you can have your own plunge in the backyard. 

This awesome little pool is just right for soaking tired muscles and reducing inflammation. Beyond the practicality and functionality of this gift, you can challenge your neighbors and guests to a little icy fun at midnight. 

9. Ringing Bells

According to Buddhist beliefs, ringing a bell exactly 108 times will purify you of any evil spirits, passions, or desires. This practice is called “Joya no Kane.” 

What a fun new tradition for any family — who doesn’t love ringing bells? These bells are simple and no fuss and are perfect for practicing Joya no Kane. 

10. Plates to Break

It doesn’t matter your age — we all love breaking things on purpose with no consequences! Well, besides sweeping up after, of course (hey, remember those brooms from up top?). 

These salad plates are cheerfully dedicating their lives to our fun tradition of breaking plates for good luck. 

Gift Ideas for New Year’s Eve Parties

For auld lang syne, naturally! These gift ideas are great for New Year’s Eve rituals, traditions, and even superstitions. 

“I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little ‘stitious.” — Michael Scott, the Office. 

Whether you’re the hostess with the mostest, or you don’t want to show up empty-handed to the big party (how gauche that would be), this mix of quirky and traditional gifts is here to save the day — maybe even the year. 

11. Instant Pot Hoppin John

new year party meals : Instant Pot Hoppin John
Photo Credit: The Typical Mom

When it comes to traditions and holidays, I must confess, the food ones have my heart! And my belly. 

Hoppin’ John is a traditional recipe that will warm your stomach and your heart, and is thought to bring in all the good luck with every spoonful. This recipe is oh-so yummy and we love it even more because it’s InstaPot ready

12. Minute to Win It Games

60 challenges to ring in the new year? Yes, please! I need all the help I can get to stay up until midnight, after all! 

These fun challenges will make that last hour fly by so you can finally kiss your honey bunny and wave goodbye to last year. 

13. New Year’s Toasting Champagne Flutes

Cheers! These pretty New Year’s toasting Champagne flutes are just right for ringing in and toasting the New Year with your family and friends. Or who says you need a big group anyway? 

Make New Year’s a romantic holiday with just you and your sweetie. 

14. White Candles

In Mexican culture and tradition, white candles like these are used in such a creative and fun way! For prosperity, place a few candles on a white plate. Add lentils, beans, rice, corn, flour, and a cinnamon stick (to keep things spicy, of course). 

Burn the candles all night until melted (hey, you’re staying up late anyway), then peel the waxy food mixture off the plate and — here’s where it gets fun — bury it for abundance and for food to always be on your table. 

Happy New Year’s wishes! 

15. New Year Star Fortune Cookies

Need some delicious and traditional New Year’s gift ideas?

How pretty and festive are these New Year’s star fortune cookies? Everyone will love cracking open these yummy treats at the stroke of midnight and reading their fortune aloud. 

Kids of all ages and the young-at-heart will love incorporating these traditional Chinese New Year gifts into their celebration. 

16. New Year, New Beginning Candle

We all feel like we need a fresh start come December 31st, right? This candle is here for you. “New Year, New Beginning” means the slate is wiped clean and the future is ours for the taking! 

This candle makes a wonderful hostess gift, or purchase one for yourself after the year you’ve had (and conquered).

Want a fun tradition to go with this gift? Everyone can write down their wishes on a note to be placed under the candle or to be burned in the candle. As they burn, your wishes are being released into the universe to manifest into reality.

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17. Happy New Year Cards

Maybe Christmas cards are a little passé? Or maybe you forgot to order them in time? Well, no matter! Your family will star front and center in these pretty and festive Happy New Year’s cards

They are absolutely perfect for all of your friend’s and families to hang up on their fridges. 

18. Bundle of Onions Door Hangers

This fun Greek tradition and common practice uses the humble onion to usher in prosperity and even fertility. What do onions do when you’re not looking, after all? They sprout! 

These fun and adorable boho style onion hangers keep the tradition alive and look great doing it. 

19. Bakery Baskets

Did you know banging the walls with bread was meant to get rid of any bad luck held in the house and encourage a plentiful supply of food for the coming year? Fun, huh?

A totally great hostess gift, these bakery baskets are filled with the yummiest of treats! 

Brimming with sweetness and things to make your belly happy, the basket can be reused for years and years to come. That in itself makes a new tradition.

20. New Year’s Champagne Bottle Labels

These printables are so easy and such a simple way to spruce up your party table. 

They are perfectly sized for the mini bottles of Champagne and are great for a large party or just the family. Cheers! 

Good Luck New Year’s Gifts

New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve have always been about ushering good luck into our lives and into the next twelve months!

Incorporating symbols of prosperity and giving gifts to ward off bad luck — well, that’s always appropriate and much appreciated. 

These are all great choices for those specific types of presents. 

21. Evil Eye Bracelet

Resist the bad and embrace the good with this fun and stylish evil eye ankle bracelet.

According to the Washington Post, evil eyes are a special kind of amulet that is said to bring peace, abundance, health, and wealth! Show off yours with this dainty, but noticeably chic ankle bracelet. 

22. Lucky Pennies

These lucky pennies are perfect for passing out to your friends, family, bartender, hairdresser, random person on the street… There are no rules here! 

These pennies are so cute and fun, and are an easy way to spread the luck around this New Year’s Eve. 

23. Good Luck Jewelry

Elephants are one of the oldest symbols of good luck you can find, and this adorable necklace has our favorite pachyderm front and center. 

Just like the accompanying card says, “when you need a little luck, just point your trunk upwards and believe!” 

24. Noise Makers

Wakey-wakey, sleepyhead, we’re staying up ’til midnight! These noise makers are great for the kids to help ring in the New Year (while Mom and Dad are sipping Champagne and smooching). 

According to tradition, making noise at midnight is supposed to scare away evil spirits as you enter a new year.

Easy to use and so celebratory, noise makers are a tradition that will never go out of style.

25. Polka Dot Clothes

For a prosperous New Year, wear…polka dots? That’s right. These sweet and colorful polka dotted scarves are great for wearing in your hair, around your neck, tied onto your purse, or used as a belt. 

However you use them, you’re sure to feel chic and stylish and, of course, full of good luck! 

26. Japanese Good Luck Amulets

This pretty good luck amulet of a koi is handmade and embroidered expertly. Such a fun way to bring yourself or a friend some much-needed good luck this new year. 

Easy to give and fun to receive, these sweet tokens are just the thing for looking ahead with confidence and joy. 

27. Place Some Money Under Their Carpet

traditional new years gift ideas - for hostess

Here’s a fun hostess gift idea that we bet you hadn’t thought of: placing some money under their carpet!

It’s a totally unique and forgotten tradition that will delight everyone involved. 

Whether you tip them off it’s there, tell them it was from you, or just let matters take their course is up to you! How fun is that? 

28. Little Bags of Luck

Seven of the cutest little good luck charms you’ll ever see are inside this charming jute bag

Great for kids to pass out to their school chums, or for Grandma and Grandpa to bring along to the party, this sweet set of charms is just the ticket for a happy New Year’s. 

29. Red Underwear

Here’s a new tradition (for me anyway)! Wearing red underwear is a New Year’s Eve tradition dating so far back, that they think it may have come from the Middle Ages (the ball drop can’t say that)! 

There are only a couple of stipulations for this practice to “work:” They have to be a new pair, and they have to be a gift. So, buy one for your friend, and hope they do the same for you. 

30. Feng Shui Coins

For a Chinese-inspired Lunar New Year gift, these feng shui coins are just right! Easy to pass along to your friends and family, they will usher in prosperity and health. 

There are five coin styles, with the names of Chinese ancient emperors: Shunzhi, Kangxi, Qianlong, Yongzheng, and Jiaqing, all bound together with a red string that symbolizes wealth and good luck. 

Best New Year’s Eve Gift Basket Gifts

Gift baskets are always wonderful hostess gifts, housewarming presents, or just a great way to say “Happy New Year’s, Friends!”

These ones will be a big hit with your friends and family, and they are almost as much fun to shop for/put together as they are to open. 

31. Gold & Black Happy New Year Gift Basket

This gift basket just screams chic and stylish! It’s modern looking, but also timeless and pretty. 

It’s filled with the most delightful and pampering items for your friend to really relax and bring in the New Year right: from candles to sprays to bath bombs. 

32. Cozy New Year Gift Basket

Baby, it’s cold outside! That’s why you should stay inside where it’s warm and cozy and you can snuggle up with the contents of this fun basket

Great for men and women alike, the snuggly throw is perfect after brewing up some yummy coffee and sipping it from the sweet mug. 

33. Box of Luck New Year Gift Basket

I mean, who doesn’t want a box of luck? We all need some, and it’s easier than ever to give away thanks to this great basket

Filled to the brim with yummy snacks, this is a great gift basket to bring to a party or to send to a friend. 

34. New Beginnings Gift Basket

A new year means new beginnings, and this basket really celebrates that fact and opportunity. 

Filled with some luxurious and pampering items, this is a wonderful basket for a dear girlfriend, wife, mother, or grandmother. Or buy one for yourself! 

35. Happy New Year Company Gift Basket

Simple, yet just right, this cute gift basket will tell the recipient how much you want a great year for them! Filled with treats and adorable items, it is perfect for coworkers and employees. 

Also, a fun way to show some love to your UPS driver, garbage worker, hair salon stylist, or personal trainer. 

36. Gourmet Gift Baskets

Now this one is made to impress. If you’re in a new but exciting relationship, he or she will be over the moon for this gourmet gift basket. It practically screams fancy and bougie! 

This gift is full of the most delicious and delectable treats like high-end chocolate. By adding a cabernet wine bottle, it will bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face this New Year’s Eve.

37. Party Cat Flower Gift Basket

For cat lovers only! This adorable and clever kitty-cat flower gift basket is not your typical thrown together box of stuff! No, this one thinks outside the box instead. 

The cat is made of gorgeous and fragrant blooms, and all animal lovers will get a kick out of this basket. 

38. New Year Luck Gift Basket

This New Year or New Year’s Eve, try a basket that brings luck

This one is full of self-care items that will really pamper your loved one and make them feel like a million bucks as they waltz into the new year. 

39. Happy New Spa Gift Basket

Warm and cozy, this spa gift basket is great for the girls! Everything smells as good as it looks and looks as good as it performs. 

You can pick the color of the fuzzy socks, and you can add on as many additional items as you like, until your gift basket is just perfect.

40. Resolutions Are Made to Be Broken

Well, isn’t it the truth? 

This gift basket gets right to the point of the matter: we’re going to break all of those well-thought-out resolutions by mid-January, so why not eat some delightful and delicious popcorn right now?

Supportive New Year’s Resolution Gifts

Give a gift that aligns with common resolutions, or one that encourages a fresh start this New Year’s Eve! 

These gifts are so very supportive and will come in handy all year round. We love these ones for their practicality, but also for their thoughtfulness. 

41. Sun Rise Alarm Clock

This gentle Sun Rise Alarm Clock is just the thing for heavy sleepers, night owls who find it hard to wake up, and even for children who struggle getting ready for school. 

The light brightens gradually, and you can find the just-right setting for the alarm sounds. 

42. Reflection Journal Worksheets

Take some time this year to journal!

Studies have shown that writing things down by hand, instead of typing them or dictating them, is so much better for your memory, your emotional health, and your habits. 

These reflection journal worksheets make it that much easier to keep everyone’s resolution of journaling. 

43. Udemy Online Class Subscription

It’s never too late for them to learn something new, follow their passions, or discover a fun hobby! These online classes from Udemy will make their new year the best year yet. 

They can further their career, start a new profession, or just indulge their love of learning. We love that! 

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44. A Year of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is key! If that’s their resolution this year, then help them to write thank you notes every week.

That’s right: this swanky set of gratitude cards has 52 beautiful stationery sets. 

It will not only brighten up the days of the special people who receive a card, but it will lighten the heart and load of the writer, too. These also make great Christmas gifts! 

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45. Atomic Habits Book

Breaking bad habits is also about learning and replacing them with good habits! This book knows that, and so much more. 

For those trying to set healthy habits, they’ll love learning how to make their life more meaningful and more fulfilling, how to bust out of negative thoughts and deeds, and how to leave the world a better place than how they found it. 

46. Digital Timers

These digital timers are so handy for cooking, but they have a multitude of other uses, too! Totally practical and functional, they are well-made and will last a lifetime. 

Great for workouts and fitness routines, the easy-to-set and read buttons and numbers are perfect for both small children and older adults. 

47. Habit Tracker Calendar

Get inspired with your health and happiness and keep track of it all with this great habit tracker calendar

With its clever layout and journal-like pages, it’s easier than ever to see results. It’s one of those things that make us exclaim, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

48. Fitbit Fitness Watches

One of the most common resolutions for New Year is to lose weight and/or get healthy!

These Fitbit fitness watches make it so much easier to stay on track and not break our promises to ourselves by February. 

Such a nifty invention — you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

49. Affirmation Cards

Because we all need a little affirmation in our lives! Our days are so stressful, and we’re overworked and anxious about all of the things. 

These sweet little cards remind us to breathe and that we are doing well. 

50. Motivational Water Bottles

Staying hydrated can be — let’s face it — a little stressful in and of itself, right? Why is that? 

If your friend’s New Year resolution is to drink more water, then this smart motivational water bottle is here to take the guesswork out of whether or not they’re drinking enough of that high-quality H2O. 

How To Present Your New Year Gift:

  • Use festive wrapping paper and ribbons. This will add to the excitement of opening the gift.
  • Write a handwritten note. Adding a personal touch will just make the gift even more meaningful.
  • Deliver the gift in person. Doing this shows that you put thought and effort into the gift.
  • Make the presentation special. You can create a festive atmosphere by setting up a table or area where the recipient can open the gift. You can also play some music or light some candles.
  • Time the presentation right. While it isn’t always possible, try to not give the gift too early or too late. The best time to give a New Year’s gift is on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

No matter what gift you choose, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Yes, it sounds corny and trite, we know. But it’s true!

A thoughtful gift, no matter how big or small, will show the person that you care about them and that you are thinking of them at the start of the new year.

Fun New Year’s FAQs

Because having some interesting and impressive tidbits of knowledge tucked away is always helpful. And a great party trick…

What is a traditional New Year’s gift?

A traditional New Year’s gift is a thoughtful item given to friends or family members to mark the beginning of a new year. 

These gifts often symbolize good luck, prosperity, and well-wishes for the year ahead.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, people across the world used to give various gifts such as coins, eggs, flasks, and even coal!

Which gift is best for New Year?

The best New Year’s gift can vary depending on personal preferences and cultural traditions. 

However, gifts that symbolize good fortune, such as lucky charms, gourmet treats, or items related to New Year’s resolutions, are often appreciated.

Do you give gifts on Chinese New Year?

Yes, gift-giving is an integral part of Chinese New Year celebrations! 

Red envelopes (hongbao) with money inside, along with symbolic gifts — like tangerines and traditional candies — are commonly exchanged during this time.

If you plan on giving a Chinese New Year gift, be sure to follow these etiquette guidelines!

What is the most popular New Year’s tradition?

In the United States, the most popular New Year’s tradition is to watch the ball drop as everyone counts down to midnight

You will also find many people writing New Year’s resolutions, shooting off fireworks, and sharing a midnight kiss. 

What is a good luck tradition on New Year’s Day?

A common good luck tradition on New Year’s Day is eating certain foods that are believed to bring prosperity and good health! 

For example, in the Southern United States, eating black-eyed peas and collard greens is thought to bring good fortune.

What are some New Year’s superstitions?

There are many New Year’s superstitions around the world, some of which are centuries old. 

Here are a few of the most common for some good luck: wear red underwear, clean your house, open your windows at midnight, and sweep out your house!

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