55 Approved Retirement Messages For Your Favorite Coworker

It’s a sad time when your favorite coworker decides to leave! How selfish of them! Did they not think of the hole they’d leave behind? You may have originally thought of some sweet retirement messages for your coworker, but now you may just give them an earful!

All kidding aside, you want to have some heart-felt (or funny) sentiments and messages for that special person. Just signing your name to a group card? No way! Totally gauche. You’re better than that, and they deserve more.

Here are some ideas to get your pen flowing once you’ve picked out the perfect retirement card! (And yes, we’ve got you covered on the card front as well. Just keep scrolling.)

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Best Retirement Messages for Your Coworker

Am I proud of you - retirement quote

1. Am I proud of you? Sad to see you go? Confused about the hole in my life? All of the above!

2. It’s a sad day for me, but three cheers and a HUZZAH for you!

3. You’re leaving me? *cues music* “Alll byyy myyyself.”

4. This place won’t be the same without your warm smile, witty comebacks, and knowhow! 

5. So excited for all the adventures you’re going to have. Stop by to tell us all about them!

6. We’re living vicariously through you now, buddy! Don’t let us down!

7. Hey, don’t be a stranger! That’s an order. Oh right. You don’t have to take orders anymore… 

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8. You’re going to leave quite the hole — we will miss you!

9. What size shoe are you? *Desperately looks for someone to fill yours*

10. I’m sad to see you go, but oh-so happy to know you’re retiring!

11. You’ve earned some major retirement kickbacks, my friend!

Cheers to you quotes

12. Cheers to you — my mentor and inspiration at work!

13. You’re retiring? Well, color me jealous. 

14. I’ve been looking up to you for so long, and that won’t stop now! Happy retirement! 

15. It’s your day and boy-oh-boy, have you earned it. Let’s get this party started!

16. Best wishes for the absolute best coworker! We can’t wait to hear all about retirement life.

17. Socks with sandals, day drinking, a nap here and there… Go get that retirement, buddy!

18. Here’s to golfing, fishing, and never knowing what day it is. Happy retirement!

19. Hope retirement is all it’s cracked up to be! (And if not, come back to work, ok?)

20. You’re the best coworker I’ve ever had. Someone give me sympathy and a “sorry for your loss” card already!

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Best Retirement Quotes for Every Coworker

21. I can’t believe you’re leaving us — the lights of your life! Well, okay, then. Humph.

22. Come in on your day off to say hi… Wait. All your days are days off.

retirement messages for coworker: funny office retirement texts

23. This place won’t be the same without your smiling face and goofy antics!

24. So pleased to hear of your retirement! We can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures in this next phase of life. 

25. So happy for you on this, your day of retirement! So very well earned and we’re so excited for you.

26. I know you’ve been waiting for this day for so many years! Go out there and have some fun in your retirement years.

retirement planning quotes

27. You’ve always been someone I could look up to at work! Now, I can admire the way you retire and plan mine accordingly!

28. I can’t believe the day is finally here. You go, girl! 

29. Happy retirement day to my favorite of coworkers (don’t tell the rest of those slackers)!

30. It’s your day! Here’s to cake and toasts, gifts and cards and — most of all — here’s to you!

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Short Retirement Messages for Your Coworker

31. Congratulations on a much deserved retirement!

32. Nice job, buddy! You did it.

33. The day is finally here! Now, let’s party.

34. Congratulations and let’s raise a glass to you!

retirement quotes for funny coworkers

35. You’re retiring? How long has this been coming? 

36. Nobody cares that I’m losing my favorite coworker. 

37. Grab life by the horns!

38. It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of! Happy retirement! 

39. I’m so excited for you, I could cry happy tears!

retirement messages for coworker: adorable retirement messages

40. Take me with you… Please.

41. I’m so happy for you, I could scream!

42. Happy retirement day to you — you’ve earned every bit of happiness coming your way. 

43. Is there a retirement dance we can do? No? There should be.

44. You’ve done it! You’ve escaped! Er, I mean, retired.

45. So much joy is headed your way on this, your retirement day! 

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Best Retirement Cards for Your Favorite Coworker

Once you’ve settled on your pick of retirement messages for your coworker, next comes the perfect card! You can just ring one up at the supermarket as you’re scanning your milk and eggs, but come on. Let’s be a little more creative!

Speaking of creativity, there are some dang funny and clever cards out there on the ol’ interweb… Ones that are much funnier and more unique. Kind of like your favorite coworker, right? 

Here are some we found that made our faces hurt from smiling. Don’t you love that kind of pain? We know we do. So, do yourself a favor and purchase a few — they’re nice to have on hand for retirement…emergencies? Okay, that’s probably not a thing. But it never hurts to be prepared.

46. I Can’t Believe You are Escaping

47. Go Live Your Retirement Dreams

48. First of All

49. Rested Relaxed Refreshed

50. This Was Not a Team Decision

51. Illustrated Dog Retirement Card

52. Easy Stamped Retirement Card

YouTube video

53. Take Us With You!

54. Retirement (Noun) Card

55. Here’s to the Next Chapter

Once you’ve found that perfect card, written the most amazing of messages and gussied yourself up for the retirement party, you can rest easy! Knowing that the best time is yet to come gives you something to look forward to, afterall. Your own retirement! 

So, maybe share this article with your friends and family so they, too, can be prepared and inspired when that time comes… 

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