40 Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads (2023)

If you know a new dad, then you know he has been waiting for this specific day for basically his whole adult life. And now the day is finally here — it’s his very first Father’s Day!

Whether he’s a newly expectant dad with his first child on the way, or he’s a first-time dad who can’t wait to celebrate Father’s Day with a newborn baby in his arms, we want the day to be as special as he is.

That first Father’s Day present is an important one, so here are 40 of the best Father’s Day gifts for new dads.

Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

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1. Engraved Leather Photo Keychain

Showing off photos of your brand new baby is soooooo new dad mode!

Sure, he can (and will) scroll through an enormous collection on his phone for each and every friend, family member, and stranger, but this engraved leather photo keychain is a much more old-school, hands-on, adorable, and practical first father’s day gift. 

2. Tactical Style Diaper Bag

A baby bag that doesn’t look like a busy mom’s purse? One covered in rubber ducky print? Nah, we’ve got you, Dad!

This tactical style diaper bag will turn his friend’s green with envy. So many pockets and organizational add-ons. Now he’ll have zero embarrassment walking around town toting a diaper bag!

Don’t forget the set of diapers!

3. Best Dad Ever Bottle Opener

This bottle opener will earn its keep for sure. It’s sturdy, well-made, engraved however you like best, and will last til that baby goes off to college and beyond.

And we’re not even joking! Dads deserve a celebration, some hearty cheers and a toast, and the perfect Father’s Day gift to get that party started. 

4. Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes

Is he the king of corny dad jokes already? You know it! And it’ll only get worse from here…

This ultimate book of dad jokes will fan the flames of his dorky addiction and keep him inspired enough to get eye rolls everywhere. Such a fun gift, and you know he’ll keep it in the bathroom near the throne for easy reading! 

5. New Dad Est. Coffee Mug

When it comes to coffee, first time dads need their fill. This great coffee mug commemorates the year he became something truly remarkable — a daddy!

It’s the perfect size and weight for his favorite morning brew (which he’ll crave since the gift of sleep isn’t exactly — gift-able). It will quickly replace that worn out Michael Scott mug as his go-to, and he’ll love showing it off at the office. 

6. Coffee Subscription

Early mornings…sleep deprivation…yawning so hard you drool on your pjs… We’ve all been there, Dad. 

This coffee subscription is just the thing for that new dad (and new mom) in your life. It’s a gift that will make them excited to wake up for the fifteenth time since midnight for diaper duty. 

7. First Time Dad Portrait

This sweet first time dad portrait will turn your favorite image into something truly remarkable and unique. 

He’ll love (and likely get a little weepy) the sight of him and his little bundle of joy. A great gift idea that will mean so much to him! 

8. New Dad Survival Crate

Get him what he really wants and needs — a new dad survival kit from Man Crates! 

He’s been so overwhelmed and sleep deprived that he really deserves (and will revel in) everything in this unique and useful gift. It’s even got some under-eye patches for that luggage he’s carrying under his poor eyes.

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9. Funny Expecting Dad Shirt

It’s not just mom and her baby bump who are expecting — dads are expecting, too! This great dad t-shirt will boast it to the world with a little tongue-in-cheek humor.

 We think all the dads out there who have experienced a preggo wife will give him a high-five of solidarity. 

10. Best Books for New Dads

You can’t go wrong with some great books as father’s day gifts for new dads. 

There are so many fantastic parenthood books out there to choose from, but it’s not too hard to find just the right fit for your guy. Here are some that caught our eye and our fancy:

11. Smart Baby Sleep Monitor

For a practical gift, this sleep and heartbeat monitor is a game-changer! 

New parents are rightfully anxious about everything in their little squeaker’s new life — now sleeping peacefully doesn’t have to be one of those things. They’ll love the peace of mind it brings. 

12. Cigar Celebration Subscription

Celebrate the birth and then just keep on celebrating because, well, why not? This cigar celebration subscription keeps the party going each and every month. 

There’s always a milestone in a baby’s life that needs a little celebrating. First steps, first tooth, first time sleeping through the night…

We’re big fans of that last one.

13. New Baby Ice Cream

If he’s going to be up half the night anyway, he might as well eat some delicious ice cream! 

These yummy containers are full up with the most delightful and delicious flavors, like mint cookie crunch and cookies and cream. Great for eating with one hand, while the other rubs that little baby’s back. 

14. New Dad Essential Gift Basket

Make your own man crate by putting together a basket of must-have essentials as father’s day gifts for new dads! You can go practical, silly, clever, sentimental, or a collection of all of the above! 

Include items such as:

  • Gift Card (Cabella’s, Amazon, Home Depot, Gamestop)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Gift Certificate (His favorite restaurant, coffee shop, local watering hole)
  • Extra Pacifiers
  • Burp Cloths
  • Rash Paste
  • Rattle or toy
  • Click Here for more ideas

15. Personalized Beer Bottle Carrier

This personalized beer bottle carrier is such a cool gift and is super easy to peel and stick. Now all you need is the beer and you’ll have a clever present that is also totally needed! 

For the first six times Daddy does something wrong, at least he’ll have a cold brewski to soothe his nerves. 

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16. Future Golf Partner Coming Soon

He can use these cute golf balls to announce the coming of the new baby, or just bring a pack to the golf course next time so everyone can congratulate him! 

So fun to pass out and play with. Don’t forget to set one aside for the time when the little one is old enough to play.

17. Digital Picture Frame

Display those special moments proudly and beautifully with this digital picture frame! A great gift for the new dad; he can take it to work and watch as new photos are easily downloaded and displayed anytime you want them, too.

18. Our First Father’s Day Together

New dads and their babies love a good fist bump almost from birth! 

These adorable matching tees are so sweet, they might just stop traffic! You can pick out the colors and sizes, making them absolutely perfectly perfect for Father’s Day. Talk about a Kodak moment… 

19. Tell Me Your Life Story Dad

This guided journal has all sorts of writing prompts, making filling it out so easy and simple. 

A wonderful gift that will last a lifetime and beyond, it’s sentimental without being over the top or cheesy. Such a great idea for any new (or not so new) dad.

20. Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support

Before he knows it, that wee little 6 lb 5 oz bouncing baby boy is a 18 lb, 12 month old who isn’t quite walking yet! 

This baby carrier with lumbar support is just the ticket for carrying Junior around the zoo, the park, the hiking trail, the grocery store — you name it. Totally worth its weight in gold. 

21. Household Tool Kit

From putting together a crib to building a barbie house on Christmas — he will need this practical tool kit. It will come in handy each and every weekend, we just about guarantee it. 

And for a bonus gift, consider adding this must-have cordless drill. He’ll wonder how he ever lived without it! And, come on. Is it even Father’s Day if there are no power tools involved?

22. Rare Beer Club Subscription

These aren’t your average Joes of the beer world! No, this rare beer club subscription is going to be his favorite new thing.

Who says Father’s Day gifts for new dads have to be related to, ya know, dad-ing?Hopefully he’ll share some bottles with you, oh bestest gift giver out there! 

23. Bro Mask: Korean Face Masks

It’s a bro mask and we are here for it! While rocking that fussy baby to sleep or staying in for date night (because sitters are too dang expensive and Baby is so hard to leave), these fun Korean face masks are totally our go-tos. 

We think he needs a little pampering just as much as mom does.

24. Self Heating Mug

Welcome to the world of cold coffee, new dad! Not to worry — this self heating mug is here to save the day and save your French roast. 

Now you don’t have to microwave that same mug a dozen times before noon. All you have to do is find where you left it each time…check the changing table, bro. 

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25. Personalized Baby Frame

Baby’s first photo shoot is going to look so perfect in this personalized baby frame! It will get a place of honor on Dad’s desk at work, or on the coffee table at home. 

So cute and one-of-a-kind! No one else has such a completely unique frame. 

26. 1st Father’s Day Card

If Baby hasn’t quite arrived on time and Father’s Day is here anyway, this adorable and sweet card from the little one to their papa is just perfect. A keeper for sure, and one that will bring manly tears to his eyes!

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27. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Baby may be little, but carrying him or her around all day is murder on the joints and muscles! This deep tissue massage gun is from the gods, and Mama and Papa will want to take turns using it on their tired joints. 

28. Big Slice, Lil’ Slice

Father’s Day gifts for new dads don’t have to be extravagent of expensive! These matching socks will make awesome gifts and bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

So cute and clever, they’ll be a whimsical addition to his wardrobe and will go with each and every outfit (which is good cuz Baby just spit up on his and probably yours, too). 

29. Comfortable Ultra Plush Robe

Absolutely perfect for throwing on for late-night diaper changes, this ultra plush robe will make a new dad feel like a million bucks (even if he’s tired and cranky). 

So soft and luxurious, he’ll forget he’s barely hanging on by a thread! 

30. Print of Their Baby’s Name

The happy couple worked long and hard to find that perfect name. We’re talking about arguments, debates, rejections, funny looks, and out and out brawls which possibly/most likely happened before they found that absolutely gorgeous moniker for their offspring. So give them something that commemorates that decision, like this beautiful print of their baby’s name. 

31. Children’s Books for Dad to Read Aloud

For a thoughtful gift, you cannot beat a great children’s classic for Dad to read aloud! 

My kids are in their twenties now, but they still fondly remember (each and every word) of their favorite kid’s books, read aloud by their pops. Sometimes the little things turn out to be the no-so-little things.

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32. Baby Monitor for Traveling

A great baby monitor is a necessity, not a luxury! This one is great for traveling, so those on-the-go mamas and papas can still get a peaceful night’s sleep knowing that Baby is safe and secure. 

33. Custom Dad Hoodie

This fun dad hoodie is great for everything from weekends to camp-outs to traveling to chilly beach evenings. He’ll want to wear it each and every day! 

It goes with just about everything and is personalized just for him. And did we mention it’s super comfy?

34. Photo Frame Music Box

With his child’s photo right on top, this frame music box is a real show-stopper! He’ll feel his heart-strings being tugged like never before with this one. You can even pick the perfect song!

*sniffle* I think I can hear him getting choked up from here. These special, sentimental boxes make excellent Father’s Day gifts for new dads.

35. Grill Masters Club

Did you say “the best of bbq?” Did we hear “delivered to your door?” Say no more and sign us up! The Grill Masters Club will make him feel like he is killing this dad game. 

Tailgating, backyard BBQs, campouts…they all just got a little easier to plan in between all those diaper changings and bath times! 

36. Keepsake Hand Casting Kit

There isn’t anything cuter than a baby’s feet unless it’s their hands! This keepsake hand casting kit is so sentimental and sweet, the new daddy-o will really fall for it. 

So pretty and such a precious memory preserved for years and years to come. 

37. Personalized Photo Car Coasters

If Dad is a “car guy” he’ll love these personalized photo car coasters! A fun gift that will totally make his cab pop and is completely unique to him and his vehicle. 

A great little gift that will brighten his morning commute Monday through Friday! 

38. Filter Water Bottle with Clip

A filtered water bottle with a clip so that Baby and Daddy always have access to clean drinking water? Yes please! 

This special water bottle is not only ingenious, but it comes with a clip so it can easily be snapped onto a stroller, a diaper bag, or a backpack. 

39. Celebration Champagne Gift Basket

Celebrate Baby’s arrival in style with this champagne gift basket. We’ve been waiting at least nine months for this occasion; now is not the time to hold back or be cheap! 

These delectable champagne buckets are so bubbly and delightful. And since he most likely won’t splurge on something like this for himself, they make great Father’s Day gifts for new dads. Cheers to being a dad! 

40. Personalized Best Dad Ever Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is perfect for nature lovers and can be personalized with whatever lettering you like best! 

Bird watchin’ dads will love this gift. They’ll be up early (and late) what with caring for the new little bundle, so now they have a new hobby! Which happens to be the best hobby — just ask all the dads. 

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