4th Anniversary Gifts: Best 4-Year Ideas (Traditional & Modern)

Congratulations to the happy couple for making it past infancy and graduating from toddler-hood!

Year Four isn’t just Five Year Anniversary Eve; it deserves a celebration all its own. Here are some fabulous ideas for 4th anniversary gifts, both traditional and modern.

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4th Anniversary Themes

This is part of our series on Anniversary Gifts by Year.

What is the traditional 4 year anniversary gift?

Fruit or flowers.

Why are fruit and flowers the traditional fourth anniversary gift?

The theme for your 4-year anniversary is blossoming beauty and fruitfulness. That’s why the traditional 4th anniversary gift is fruit or flowers.

You can see where this idea comes from. After four years, your relationship is either going to start wearing down, or (with dedication, work, and lots of love!) it’s going to become more and more fruitful and romantic.

Also, couples are often having children at this point, or at least thinking about it. And if you haven’t, your parents and in-laws will no doubt be dropping hints!

So fruitfulness in your relationship will turn into… ya know… other kinds of fruitfulness.

What is the modern 4 year anniversary gift?


Why are appliances the modern 4th anniversary gift?

You’ve got us there. We have no idea. Perhaps because the stuff you got on your registry is starting to break down, or maybe you’re now at the place where you are buying your first home,* and thus expanding your kitchen.

*Average age for first marriage is 28-30, and the average age for buying a first home is 34. The math checks out.

Or maybe some appliance company just paid to get in some magazine or website list. Who knows!

What is the 4 year anniversary stone?

Blue topaz.

Why is blue topaz the fourth anniversary stone?

Blue topaz symbolizes love and fidelity, which are apparently good things to celebrate on an anniversary.

What is the 4th anniversary flower?

Geraniums or hydrangea.

What is the 4 year anniversary color?

Blue. As is often the case, the color is linked to the gemstone and flowers.

10 Best Fourth Anniversary Gifts

1. Personalized Dry Flower Frame

Sooo pretty, elegant, and unusual, these hanging herbariums will instantly brighten up and transform a room.

Four years isn’t quite long enough to have a fully formed and well-thought out décor, so you can’t go wrong with a set of these dainty dry flower frames.

They’ll match any room: from the ultra modern sleek look to the cozy cottage shabby chic home.

2. Personalized Glasses

The possibilities are endless with these streamlined glass coffee mugs.

Once you engrave them with their married initials or last name, they’ll be just the thing for sipping not only coffee, but tea, cocoa, hot toddies, even cups of soup on chilly nights.

Your spouse (or married couple friends) will definitely love a set of these!

3. Personalized Flower Pot

This adorable personalized flower pot is just the thing to give to your green thumb spouse, and at the same time reflect the 4th anniversary gift theme of flowering fruitfulness.

Be sure to fill it with something thoughtful – her favorite flower or succulent, his favorite veggie or herb.

4. Moon Light

This charming night light will lend a glow of romance and ambiance to the boudoir!

Casting a soft light, you can even customize it with your wedding date displayed on the “moon” using the included decal sets. For additional personalization, simply write on it with a sharpie.

It is also dimmable, meaning you can pick from three light intensities with the touch of a button. Setting the mood? Check.

It’s an appliance, so that fits with the modern 4th year gift theme. And ultimately, what lovers DON’T love snuggling by the light of a full moon?

5. BBQ Gift Set

Good quality tools are a must-have for a decent backyard barbeque! And don’t get us started if your recipient is into Rib Cookoffs or Burger Masters: come on, you HAVE to have the best in spatulas, tongs, and long handled forks.

It’s a great 4th anniversary gift for him because it’s all about the manly “fruit” that, ya know, grows on grills. Or something like that.

Whatever excuse you want to give it, he’ll be sitting pretty as he sips on a frosty beverage between marinating and flipping with this totally personalized BBQ set.

6. Personalized Utensils

Good quality wooden spoons literally last a lifetime and beyond, so consider this lovely and personalized set.

You can’t go wrong with your wedding date inscribed, or simply your shared last name. It’s personal, pretty, and totally useful all at the same time.

7. Bamboo Cutting Board

Perfectly customized with their last name in flowery lettering (flowers are the year four theme, remember?!), this cutting board is just the thing for a 4th wedding anniversary gift.

Especially if the two of you love to entertain, you’ll find yourselves reaching for this well-made bamboo board for many years to come.

8. Royal Albert Old Country Roses Dinnerware Set

The Old Country Roses Dinnerware Set features the best-selling design from Royal Albert, which is perfect to highlight the 4th year theme of flowers. The twenty-piece bone china set includes service for four guests, with three different plates plus saucers and teacups. Add in the Old Country Roses Fruit Bowl to make your gift complete with a “fruit and flowers” theme.

9. Magnetic Couple Bracelets

Show everyone just how connected you two are: literally!

These sweet minimalistic bracelets will have you smiling every time your hands meet. When you just can’t stay away from one another… get the bracelets that keep you close.

10. Kitchen Sign

This charming wooden sign can be personalized with just about anything you like, so feel free to make it romantic for your 4th anniversary!

The crisp white and black will go with any kitchen and will definitely get a spot of honor on your wall.

We really like the “seasoned with love” option too.

Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts (Fruit/Flowers)

11. Flower Seeds

Grow your garden with your anniversary flowers! How romantic is that?!

Simply research what flowers were either used in their wedding, or, if you like, which flower is the one from their wedding month, and voila; you have a unique and sentimental gift that will bring them smiles for months (years, if you choose a perennial).

Also, if you want to go for double prizes:

Be sure to get a personalized planter or an adorable flower pot to go with it.

12. Sweet Orange Earrings

There is a lovely Spanish expression about the search for true love: “Encontrar tu media naranja,” or, in English, “To find your half orange.” Like many curiosities, this idea traces back to ancient Greek myths.

The story goes that humans were originally perfectly balanced, identical on both sides. Two faces, four arms, four legs, and spherical in shape. The poet Aristophanes compared humans to sweet, beautiful, and ideally rounded oranges. This comparison struck the god Zeus as being too close to the divine, so he decided to send lightning bolts to cleave humans in two. Ever since, humans search for their perfectly matching “half orange.”

After four years of marriage, you know full well that you have found your half orange. So give her these lovely fruit-themed earrings to illustrate your appreciation for your eternal soulmate!

13. Garden Lights

Solar-powered and waterproof, this set of 24 gorgeous lilies change into seven different colors! How fun (and pretty) is that? They’ll bring a twilight picnic to life, or a backyard party, with vibrant colors and sense of whimsy.

14. Fruit Coasters

Have a slice of citrus! These cute coasters will be used again and again, as you save your coffee tables from dreaded water rings.

Perfect for the couple who loves mod, vintage, or whimsical things.

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15. Galaxy Rose

Part old-fashioned, part modern, this stunning galaxy rose will make your beloved ooh and ahh with its bright colors and sleek design.

A real focal point and conversation piece to be sure, this is bound to get a lot of compliments from guests, friends, and family.

Modern 4th Anniversary Gifts (Appliances)

16. La Cafetière & Mug Set

This stylish ceramic coffee and mug set is a beautiful and timeless piece of art that will keep them caffeinated too! Its color – a steel gray – is just so pretty, and the French press function always makes a superior cup of coffee.

Plus, it’s so pretty they’ll never banish it to a cupboard!

17. Antique Coffee Grinder

This antique style coffee grinder has all the bells and whistles! It will look amazing in any kitchen, and gives a vintage vibe, all while beckoning the neighbors and friends to stop and stay a while.

Can’t you just smell the freshly ground beans from here?

18. Stove Top Cover

Is there anything more maddening than a freshly cleaned stove top that someone dribbles on? How about a not-so freshly cleaned stove top?

This clever and good looking (not to mention fully personalized) stove top cover will instantly fix both those problems!

Seriously, where has this been our whole lives? You’ll wonder why you never had one before.

19. Self-Heating Ceramic Mug

The appliance theme is convenient if you’re in the market for a new fridge, oven or washer/dryer set. (Not very romantic, but hey – some couples appreciate really practical gifts.)

But there are smaller kitchen gadgets that can fit the bill and bring a sweet smile to your beloved. If your dearest is a coffee drinker, but always seems to be putting a half-full mug in the microwave to reheat, this genius Self-Heating Ceramic Mug is a brilliant gift.

The mug rests on a heated coaster which maintains a steady 130 degree temperature. It includes a lid for when you remove the mug from the coaster, and – bonus! – the coaster also serves as a wireless phone charger. Just, you know, allow it to cool a bit first so your phone doesn’t melt!

20. Safe-T Fire Extinguishers

So many to choose from! Give your spouse the anniversary gift they never even knew they wanted with one of these totally rad fire extinguishers.

Not the kind to banish under the kitchen sink or in a closet, these babies are made to look at (and use if needed).

How does this fit with the 4th anniversary themes? Appliance? Check. Flower designs? Sure, there are flower designs. And blue ones. Or just about anything else you can think of!

4 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

21. Blue Topaz Necklace

This blue topaz necklace with rose gold is going to be the apple of her eye in no time.

Sparkling and eye-catching, she’ll feel like a million dollars every time she wears it – which is bound to be nearly every day.

22. Blue Anniversary Gift Tumbler

This fun and functional custom engraved tumbler is vacuum sealed and way-way insulated. It’ll keep her hydrated (or caffeinated) as she goes throughout her busy day.

Personalize it any way you like, but you can’t go wrong with “World’s Best Wife,” or “Mrs. [Married Name Here].” Many sizes and colors available (including 4th anniversary blue) with personalization included.

23. Professional Flowers

You CAN put together your own bouquet out of your neighbor’s yard, but honestly, they’re onto you (and so is she).

Leave the flower arranging up to the professionals with a gorgeous arrangement. If you want to have a more personal touch, write a lovely card to go with, or specify the flowers she had in her wedding bouquet.

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24. Combined Birth Month Flower Necklace

Combine his birth flowers with hers in this unique and dainty necklace. She’ll love the thought behind this idea and will love explaining it to all who compliment it (which will be plenty).

It’s a romantic and pretty way to give jewelry without just picking something out of a glass case in the mall!

25. Personalized Photo Album

Fill up this gorgeous wooden photo album with all her favorite photos of the two of you. It’s made of rosewood and maple woods, and will last for years to come.

Customize the front with your names and anything else you like, then add pics from when you were dating, getting engaged and then married, and fun times from last week.

Here’s an easy place to print off a collection of photos.

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4 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

26. Orange You Glad You Married Me?

These are bound to be his new favorite socks! For that guy who loves silly fashion, bright colors, and wearing his heart on his sleeve… uh, we mean ankles, this is the perfect gift!

It has a dad joke and a reminder of his anniversary. Those are two things – let’s face it – he really needs.

27. Home Bar Sign

He’ll love this customizable bar sign for his den or man cave! It will be hung in a spot of honor (maybe over the liquor cabinet?) and will be treasured for many years.

And the neutral palate has just a spot of color with that punch of yellow.

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28. Personalized Apron

He’ll love having his own apron with his monogram on it as he grills outdoors, organizes a tailgating party, or becomes king of the kitchen.

And if he only wears it and nothing else on his 4th anniversary, we certainly won’t judge. Just, you know, make sure the blinds are drawn …

29. Custom Fishing Bottle Opener

There’s nothing more annoying than a bottle that isn’t a screw top when you can’t find your opener! Banish that problem with this personalized wooden bottle opener and sign all in one.

Whether it’s hung outside on the porch, or indoors in the kitchen, it is super useful and looks amazing too.

30. Personalized Wolf Knife

Personalized and engraved on the blade with the name, initials, or date of your choice, this beautiful wolf knife is just perfect for that special someone who loves the great outdoors!

The design is old-fashioned and timeless, with elegantly crafted handle, stunning wolf imagery, customized with a monogram, and comes with an equally stunning box.

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4 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

31. Vacation Package!

They’ve made through some touch stuff already in four short years: why not reward their commitment to one another with an amazing vacation package?

Simply sleuth a little to find out what kind of destination they’d prefer first (mountains, beaches, tropical, snow bunnies, etc) and you’ll be on your way! Well, they’ll be on their way. You know what we mean.

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32. Photo Magnets

So cute! These custom magnets are going to make them smile every time they open the fridge, even if they’re holding up Honey-Do Lists, past due bills, or that invite to that wedding they don’t really want to go to.

33. Professional Portraits

Turn one of their favorite wedding snapshots into a gorgeous work of art!

They’ll be gob-smacked with this one and you just might be promoted to World’s Best Gift Giver (it’s a hard title but we’ll help you live up to the new expectations).

34. Mr. & Mrs. Aprons

Make them laugh and then say, “But it’s true!” with this set of funny aprons. If they love cooking together or hosting parties, these will get a lot of use – and a lot of compliments too.

35. Digital Picture Frame

Keep the memories alive and fresh with a digital photo frame. It’s streamlined and timeless, and the perfect size for a desktop, nightstand, or bookshelf. They’ll love this one!

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Unique Fourth Anniversary Gifts

36. Plant a Tree in Their Name

Sometimes that special someone is hard to shop for. Yeah, you sure married a special one!

May we present the idea of planting a tree in their honor? It’s unusual, eco-friendly, green, and kind of the perfect present for anyone who loves nature and doesn’t go in for materialism.

37. Psalm 103:2 Personalized Family Plaque

If they’re the spiritual type, why not display it proudly with this personalized wooden Scripture sign?

Laser engraved with Psalm 103:2, a floral design (flower theme: Check!) and also including your married name and wedding date, this is going to look wonderful on the family wall of photographs.

38. Snacks from Around the World

Universal Yums is right! These snacks from around the world will have them cheerfully chomping away as they discover brand new favorites and flavors they never would have found without you and your amazing gift!

This is a curated monthly subscription box, delivered to your door each month, filled with snacks from other countries and cultures.

It’s the perfect gift if you’re the type of couple that loves travel, new experiences, and delicious food.

39. Personalized Comic Book

Who DOESN’T want to be the hero in their own comic book?! This gift is sure to impress everyone, from the geeks to the sophisticate.

It’s not just super-romantic, it’s also going to be the best thing they get this year, guaranteed!

40. Personalized Sweetheart Birdfeeder

Personalized by you, this sweet bird feeder is high quality and will last through many years and hundreds upon hundreds of hungry birdies! Who knows who loves it most: the couple inscribed, or their feathered friends?

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