50 Awesome Push Presents & Push Gift Ideas for Dad

Looking for push gift ideas for dad? Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

Nine months have finally gone by and it’s time for him to meet that little bundle of joy.

The tradition of giving a push present is becoming more and more popular these days, and we are down for any reason to give a gift to the new mamas and the new papas. 

The baby shower is by no means the only occasion to spoil the happy couple with the best gifts.

The term “push present” comes of course from the exit time of literally pushing that little cutie out. 

Obviously, not all babies are pushed out, so sometimes a push present is also called a baby bauble. Whatever you term it, these present ideas are meant to be given right there in the delivery room!

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Do You Get Dad a Push Present?

We say, why not? After all, it’s his baby, too, and while he’s not pushing the little darling out, he’s done some hard work today, as well. 

And just passing around a cigar? So pasé! So, why not get him a little something to help commemorate special occasions like fatherhood and make him feel special as well?

What Is the Male Version of a Push Gift?

While it doesn’t have a different name (that we can find), when shopping for a push present for him, think of the types of gifts men usually fall for.

Anything from snacks to jewelry, techy gifts, trinkets, drinks/beverages, home improvement things… Did we mention snacks? 

Best Push Gift Ideas for Dad

Now, traditionally, a push present is given by the new father to the new mother, but a little bit of breaking gift rules never hurt anyone, did it? 

So sit tight and keep scrolling to find that most perfect push present for papas.

1. Matching Outfit for Baby & Dad

Going home from the hospital or birthing center has never looked better! When Baby and Daddy match there won’t be a frown in sight. 

These adorable matching outfits are a great idea for this special moment and the new father, and talk about a photo op!

Grandma and Grandpa are going to frame the pictures for sure. 

2. Wireless Neck Massager

Being in labor is no joke. After hours of being the support system for his partner, his neck is going to be feeling all the stress and knots. 

Get those kinks out and help him get a little bit of shut-eye with this great wireless neck massager

It will get so much use in the next few months of midnight feedings and diaper changes and lugging around that new bundle of joy. 

3. Kangaroo Shirt for Dad

Wearing your baby is a trend that is so wonderful for bonding and making life a little bit easier when you have a newborn baby! 

These kangaroo shirts are just the thing for some daddy/baby time, and having his hands free means he will still be able to get some things done. 

Multitasking at its finest! We can feel the cozy cuddles from here.

Is it winter where you are or when the baby is due? Then how about a kangaroo jacket

4. Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support

Give Mama a break and still snuggle your new baby all at once with this wonderful baby carrier

It has lumbar support so Dad won’t feel like a snapping glow stick, and it’s totally adjustable as the baby gains weight and gets bigger (which, quite literally, happens overnight and every day). 

A perfect gift that’s also perfectly practical!

5. Custom Photo Patch Tie

Once he’s back in the office after taking some time off, he’s going to miss his little sweetums! Enter in this great custom photo patch tie

Only he will know his favorite photo of his tiny best friend is tucked right inside this classy, handsome tie. A simple and sentimental gift to keep Baby close to his heart even during working hours. 

6. Manly Diaper Bag

Sure, the pink one with the yellow duckies is cute, but maybe — just maybe — Dad doesn’t want to lug it around the park or store! So why not get him his own? 

This manly diaper bag has all the bells and whistles he needs to stay organized, and looks ever-so handsome and sophisticated all at once. 

Tons of pockets and plenty of space to bring all that Baby requires for an afternoon out. 

7. First Time Dad Beer Labels

Celebrate the birth with a toast and a round of “cheers!” These first time dad beer labels will transform his favorite brewski into something that he’ll want to keep even after the last sip is gone. 

Great for toasting the new dad and his baby!

8. Memories for My Child Keepsake Book

There are bound to be some sleepless nights coming up — why not have a great keepsake book and journal to fill out during the wee hours?

This beautiful baby book will be a treasure for his daughter or son for many, many years to come. 

There’s no hurry to fill up every page, either. He can take his time and really reflect on fatherhood. A sweet item like this makes the best gift idea.

9. Fatherhood Affirmation Cards

Being a dad is tough, no doubt about it! These great affirmation cards are here for him. 

They’ll remind him of what a good job he’s doing, even when he’s struggling with the newest milestone. Whether it’s potty training or learning to walk. 

Or curfews and dating…it’ll happen before he knows it! 

10. Name Stories

With Baby’s name all framed up, this name story is a great way to decorate the nursery! 

The expectant dad and mom spent months coming up with the perfect moniker for their little sweetie, so this nod to that makes an excellent push present.

Just pair it with a lovely frame and voila.

11. Personalized Birthstone Bar Necklace

Personalized with the baby’s birthstone and birth date, this piece of jewelry is like no other and a great gift idea for dad! 

It’s a handsome work of art that is totally masculine and timeless. It will look as amazing with a date night outfit as it does with a tee shirt and jeans. 

12. Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

Not just any dad jokes, this book is full of exceptionally bad dad jokes! 

That makes it just about perfect in our eyes. He can spend some time really getting into character — after all, he’s a dad for life now!

Bring on those New Balance tennies already. 

13. Relaxation Spa Gift Box

The new dad needs some pampering and love, too! This relaxation spa gift box is just the thing after getting home from those long achy nights in the hospital chairs. 

He can soak up the love and relax those tired, stressed-out muscles. And he’ll be soft as his own baby’s bottom when he emerges again.

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14. Congrats Cigars

This tradition may be old-school but it is one not to be missed: passing around a great cigar in the lobby of the hospital! 

Okay, they won’t let you light them up anymore, but your guys can still bring them home for a sophisticated and delicious treat for later. 

To get a better idea of what you’re getting, check out our unboxing review for these cigars!

15. Customized Family Portrait

Once you have that perfect photograph of the brand new family, you can have it transformed into a real work of art! 

These customized family portraits will be a delight for the newly formed family unit. It will be treasured for years to come and passed down throughout the generations. 

And it’s not just for dad, either. This is a great option that all the family members can appreciate.

16. Ultra Plush Robe

Might as well stay cozy and warm on all those sleepless, late nights to come, right? 

This ultra plush robe will keep Dad comfortable when he’s doing the midnight feedings or rocking his baby to sleep yet again. So luxurious! 

17. New Born Baby’s Heartbeat Art

“Love at first heartbeat.” Awww! We are so here for that. This amazing and unique newborn baby’s heartbeat art is so simple and sweet. 

The new daddy’s heart grew three sizes with the birth of his baby, and he will be so blown away by this thoughtful gift. 

18. Jogger Stroller

Jogger strollers are the best things to happen to new parents since diaper wipes! This one is so fabulous and is bound to get a lot of use. 

Walks around the block, over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go — no matter the destination, the fun is in the journey.

19. Promoted to Dad Personalized Shirt

Let him wear his new Dad status with pride with this great personalized shirt. It will be his go-to for sure, and his new favorite.

Soft and cozy, all his dad friends will be a little bit jealous. Available in plenty of sizes, and looks great with jeans. 

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20. Comforting Ugg Slippers

If he has a new baby who loves to be walked around (and most do!) then he needs a great pair of slippers, like these comforting Ugg ones

If you’re going to wear a path in the carpet, might as well do it in comfort and style, right?

21. Grand Jerky Bouquet

Let the new mom enjoy her flowers while the new dad snacks away on his grand jerky bouquet

This funny gift is actually perfect because it’s what he really wants: delicious, high-quality, totally addicting dried meats. 

22. Parent Decision Coin

When you’re too tired to make decisions you need these coins! A funny gift that both Mom and Dad will get a kick out of, these coins are made to be flipped. 

Whether it’s whose turn to change the stinky diaper, rock the baby to sleep, or give the munchkin a bath, the coin decides! 

23. Offer to Do Chores

Offer to Do Chores - push gift ideas for dad

Easy to do and ever-so-much appreciated, this gift can’t be wrapped!

Simply offer to do some chores around the house so he can spend some much needed quality time with the new baby and his spouse. 

Cook a meal, clean the bathroom, get rid of some clutter, mow the lawn, or whatever else you can think of to ease the load. 

24. Practical Gift Card & Holder

Fill up this personalized card holder with practical gift cards he will need as a father — fast food, 

Home Depot, Lowes, baby stores, etc. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. 

25. New Dad Willow Tree Figurine

For the sentimental type (and they’re all sentimental when their babies are born!) this new dad figurine from Willow Tree is just the thing for a push present. 

He will display this sweet figurine proudly, right next to all the photographs of his baby that he’s going to frame. 

26. Diapers. Just All Of The Diapers He Needs

You’ll be a lifesaver with this great gift of diapers! Forget the rest: what the family needs and really wants is a whole load of diapers. 

Get several sizes because you know how fast that little baby is going to sprout up. 

27. Custom Wood Photo Print

Have the best shot of the new dad with his newborn on your phone, but want to do something more special with it than just forward it to him? 

Have it turned into this custom wood photo print! This gift is one that he will treasure (and show off) forever. So sweet. 

28. Portable Rocking-Chair

Turn any chair into a rocking chair! Why did this take so long to be invented? I demand a time travel machine so I can go back and have one for all of my babies… 

This great portable rocking chair makes life with a newborn so much easier.

29. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Every Christmas tree has to have at least one Baby’s First Christmas ornament! It simply must be done. We love this totally personalized one that has timeless style and appeal. 

Completely unique to your baby, he or she will love unpacking it and hanging it up for many, many years to come.

30. Best Dad Ever Old Fashioned Pocket Knife

Now that he’s a dad, it’s time to carry around a pocket knife if he doesn’t already! It’s kind of an unwritten dad rule. 

This one is old-fashioned in style, but way modern in quality. And you can have it engraved however you like (but we’re partial to “Best Dad Ever”).

31. Dad’s Pillow

Ahh, how many times have we heard that? Too many times to count, that’s how many! 

This great pillow will get a lot of laughs from everyone who sees it. It’s funny because it’s true!

Great for getting a little bit of shut-eye, or as my dad always called it, “checking my eyelids for light leaks.” 

32. Minimalist Coffee Mug for New Dads

Keep it simple but oh-so-sweet with this minimalist coffee mug for the new dad! 

Since he’s going to be drinking more of that bean juice in the years to come than ever before, might as well have a brand, spankin’ new mug to chug it out of! 

33. Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Frame

They grow so fast, don’t they? Get him this keepsake frame to remind him of how little Baby was when they first brought him or her home. 

So sentimental, it might bring tears to his eyes, but we think he’ll forgive you for that! 

34. Engraved Leather Bracelet

This leather bracelet is so handsome, and you can have it engraved with the baby’s name and birth date. 

It will tuck nicely into his office shirt when he has to go back to work, and will bring to mind all those wonderful memories of the birth of his firstborn. Manly and timeless as well! 

35. Hanging Photo Car Charm

Get rid of that dorky (and stinky) tree-shaped air freshener and hang this in its place! This utterly adorable hanging photo car charm will make him smile every time he gets into his car. 

Great for dads who do a lot of commuting to work! 

36. Photo Holder Keychain

New dads just love showing off photo after photo of their exceptional children, right? Well, there’s something just not so special about having to continuously scroll through their phone. 

Make it more of a big deal with this photo holder keychain! So practical and useful, but still so sweet. 

37. Engraved Birthdate Watch

Give him this handsome engraved watch with the date and time of his child’s birth! He’ll love having such a traditional treasure that will last a long, long time. 

Maybe even long enough to pass down to the next generation (or two).

38. Back Support Belt

Does Dad have some heavy lifting to do? Maybe say, twins? Then he would love this back support belt!

Getting things done around the house never felt as doable as it does now. Stay fit and strong for those babies by taking care of your back.

39. Engraved Classic Style Watch Box

Keep his watch collection organized in style with this watch box! You can have it engraved with his new child’s birthdate and name, making it extra special. 

A good push present for a modern gentleman. 

40. Monogram Collar Stays

Place his child’s monogram in a spot that is front and center! Once Dad is back to work it doesn’t mean his baby isn’t close to his heart. 

And now they can be even more so with this great classic gift of a monogrammed collar stay

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41. Congrats Fruits & Snacks Care Package

Nothing says “I’m a dad” more than “pass the snacks!” Especially after coming home after the birth where he likely didn’t eat a thing, Dad is going to be famished. 

This fruit and snacks care package is going to be devoured in no time! 

42. Nose Clips for Diaper Changes

Looking for a funny gift? How about some hilarious nose clips for those oh-so foul-smelling diaper changes? Talk about a photo op! 

This cute gift will make everyone laugh, but you never know when they will actually be used (we’d say the same week solids are introduced, right?)

43. Dad Baseball Cap

Fully adjustable and made of cotton, this comfy baseball cap says it all: Dad. That’s all you need to know! 

Classic black means it will match with any outfit, so it can be worn on the daily. We think it will be. 

44. Personalized Papa Bear Tumblr

Personalize this great tumbler however you like! Go with a sweet and mushy message, or choose something funny. 

Either way you go, he can enjoy his hot beverages piping, and his cold ones refreshing! Choose his favorite color and you have a winner of a push present. 

45. My Favorite People Call Me Dad Frame

Deciding which photo to use is the only hard part of this gift! Or maybe keep it empty so he can decide for himself? 

This great frame has a modern and timeless vibe, with its sleek black color and lines. It will look amazing on the wall, or on his office desk! 

46. New Dad Baby Hacks

A contemporary guide for new dads, this book of baby hacks is required reading! Especially during those late nights when he’s not sleeping, a good book to have at hand is essential. 

Keep it on the back of the toilet or on the nightstand for instant reading.

47. Baby’s Birthdate Newspaper

Baby's Birthdate Newspaper - push gift ideas for dad

Pick up a local newspaper with his baby’s birth date and wrap it up! Or you could go above and beyond and have it framed. 

What a sweet and easy idea that will be treasured for years to come. 

48. Monthly Coffee Subscription

If he’s a coffee drinker (and what new parent isn’t?) then this gift of a coffee subscription will be a God-send. 

Each and every month a new batch of the most delicious brews will arrive right on their doorstep. Yummy and we would dare to say, essential.

49. Cozy & Comfy Clothes

It wasn’t just the new mom who gained some pregnancy weight, was it? Let’s be honest, most of their partners put on some pounds during those nine months, too! 

Get him the gift of some new cozy and comfy clothes and watch him become a new man. Practical items like this make the best push gifts.

50. Baby’s First Years Photo Album Book

This adorable photo album will be flipped through by Mom and Dad and the baby for many years to come! I still like to look at mine when I go home to see my parents. 

Such a sweetly thoughtful gift that might make the new dad a little teary-eyed. But in a good way, of course.

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