55 Best Gifts for Construction Workers, Contractors & Builders

We’re going to help you find the very best gifts for construction workers, builders, or contractors that may be in your life.

You don’t have to resort to a gift card to Home Depot anymore. You’re way more creative than that! 

Here are some great gift ideas to get you started as you find the ultimate construction gift. We have over 50 unique offerings for your consideration, but we’ll begin with ten of the very best.

10 Best Gift Ideas for Construction Workers

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1. Best Contractor Ever Personalized Tumbler

This personalized tumbler is a great gift for your construction worker! Whether they are out working in cold elements or the scorching sun, it’s important to stay hydrated or caffeinated at all times.

This tumbler is vacuum sealed and is available in a bunch of different colors. The personalization means one of his crew members won’t accidentally take home the wrong one at the end of the work day – win win!

2. Custom Bobbleheads

Seeing this on the desk every day will make them laugh for years to come! Bring a bit of merriment and whimsy to the office or their truck with this hilarious bobblehead that looks exactly like your favorite construction foreman! You know the whole crew will want one, so make sure to bookmark this site.

3. Custom Construction Sign

This beautiful, handcrafted sign is everything they’re looking for and more! Nothing puts that professional, finishing touch on a business like a great sign, and this one definitely fits the bill.

Each sign is crafted from premium select pine and is finished with an indoor/outdoor sealant to make it perfect for the office or as their business shingle.

4. Handcrafted Full Grain Leather Belt

Keep those pants up and look great doing it! This handcrafted full grain leather belt will last for years to come and will be his favorite accessory.

Definitely a great way to add some style and sophistication to his work outfit, that will bring him right into date night with a pair of jeans and a button down. 

5. Heavy Duty Truck Bed Tool Box

Keeping that collection of tools safe and out of the weather (not to mention well-organized) is so important. This great heavy duty truck bed tool box comes to the rescue.

He (or she!) will feel secure knowing all of their tools and equipment are safe when it comes time for a lunch break, or parking in the driveway after work.

If their toolbox looks banged up, rusty, and like they got it during the Clinton administration, it’s time to upgrade!

6. Good Boot Cleaning

Boot Cleaning

Treat your special construction person’s boots to a good cleaning! A great pair of boots last a long time and sometimes they just aren’t ready to break in a new pair.

In that case, purchase some shoe cleaner (or make your own) and buff those hard-working boots to a shine!

7. Personalized Bottle Opener Contractor Retirement Gift

When it’s finally time to retire and donate those old boots to Goodwill, it’s time to put up your (bare) feet, pop a cold one, and relax!

This great personalized bottle opener should be at the top of your retirement wish list. It looks amazing hanging up in the den or the porch, and is oh-so handy for having nearby when you reach for another soda or beer. It’s five o’clock somewhere!

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8. Yeti Food Storage

A great cooler is a great investment! No one can afford to eat out everyday for lunch (and why would you want to?). Enter in a Yeti food storage cooler!

They’ll love using this for everyday lunches, tailgating, picnics, camping, or stocking it with beer for a backyard cookout. And the ramblers are great for warm lunches like soups and burritos. 

9. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day…

This super funny shirt will be a new favorite go-to on their day off! And it’s hilarious…maybe because it’s true! If they had been on the job, well, there’s a good chance things may have been a little speedier.

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10. Muscle Massagers

Whether they’ve been doing this for 3 years or 40 – construction hurts your muscles! All that heavy lifting, plus ceaseless arm movement, and not to mention squatting!

I am getting sore just thinking about it.

Nope, they definitely DON’T need a membership to the gym, but they sure could use a deep massage once in a while! 

Here are our favorite muscle massagers-

Gifts for Construction Foremen

10. Upgrade Their Tools

Old tools can always be upgraded (you would be surprised how fast they die or are lost in commercial use) so upgrade their tool set with these great updates!

You can never have enough tools when you work with your hands, so updating their collection is sure to bring a big smile to their face. 

Here are some great ideas to get you started-

11. Custom Bobbleheads

Seeing this on the desk every day will make them laugh for years to come!

Bring a bit of merriment and whimsy to the office or their truck with this hilarious bobblehead that looks exactly like your favorite construction foreman!

You know the whole crew will want one, so make sure to bookmark this site. 

12. Sawdust is Manglitter

He’ll certainly get a kick out of this funny hat, not to mention a ton of wear. If you’ve EVER been on a construction site, you know that the sawdust flies 24/7.

It gets everywhere and anywhere, effectively coating anyone in its reach. Man glitter is a pretty fitting tag if you ask me.

13. Rapid Tool Battery Charger

Nothing is worse than a dead tool battery in the middle of a workday – ugh! Help them keep their team going with this portable battery charger.

It’s going to be a lifesaver and game-changer, and it will help ensure they are home on time.

14. Personalized Clipboard

You know how it goes with your construction foreman: always taking notes! What’s up with that? It’ll be nice to have this around to write on, and since it’s personalized with their name, everyone will know who it belongs to in case it’s lost or misplaced.

But let’s hope that doesn’t happen, because we all know they’re just doodling and making grocery lists!

15. Construction Worker Buddy Keychain

This cute keychain is bright yellow making it easier to spot those misplaced keys! A fun little gift that said you were thinking about them.

Adorable (but still manly) and practical, too – two things we always look for in a good gift for a foreman. 

Gifts for Contractors

16. Personalized Profession Sign

Made of 3D resin and wood, this great sign is totally personalized, adding to its charm! It has a vintage appeal and will look absolutely amazing hanging in the office, lobby, or even at home.

The customization really takes it over the top. This is a great gift for someone who went above and beyond in their contracting work for you! 

17. Bluetooth Hearing Protectors

Protecting those tympanic cavities and the three ossicles are so important. Okay, we don’t actually know what those are either… something to do with ears!

Anyway, these Bluetooth hearing protectors will keep their auditory processing at an absolute high, and they look pretty dang good doing it. A great pair of protectors that they will really appreciate. How thoughtful are you?!

18. Sun-Guard Shirts

Being in the sun all day is not good for the skin, but you only want to take those guns out to the gun show once in a while!

Help keep the sun and heat off their backs (and arms and chests) with sun-guard UV protection shirts. Make sure they’re long sleeved for full protection, as well as dry-fit to keep the sweat away. 

19. Truck Chair Protectors

Use these to keep your sweat and dirt from funkifying up your truck seats with these truck chair protectors! At the end of a long, muddy, sweaty day, it’s nice to know your truck won’t get the brunt of your… um, stink.

And they just might find these useful for taking the kids out to eat too! After all, who hasn’t found a fossilized French fry or sticky fruit snack stuck to the seat?

20. Gerber Money Clip Knife

This fantastic knife from Gerber is sleek and super conventional, too, as it doubles as a money clip! Or is it a money clip that doubles as a knife…? Good question.

Regardless, this handy knife is great to keep on him at all times. Made with durable stainless steel, he can easily replace the blade when needed.

21. Engraved Carpenter’s Pencils

It’s a rule for a reason. If he’s been on the job for any amount of time, he’s probably had a few measuring, urm, accidents.

These engraved carpenter’s pencils are a fun reminder for when he needs it most — on the cutting block.

22. Leather Portfolio

Keep your contractor organized with this leather portfolio! They’ll feel (and look) like a million bucks when they’re carrying this around, being all official and bossy.

Just kidding.

Well, not really.

Add a fancy pen if you really want some brownie points. Made of vegan leather, crafted to last. 

23. Gas Station Gift Cards

Construction Worker Gifts - Gas Station Gift Card

It’s something you don’t think about (or maybe you do!) but with the amount of gas station trips their crew takes, this would be a blessing! They might get more excited than Ralphie got with his Red Ryder BB Gun on Christmas morning. 

24. Personalized Workshop Plaque

This uber cool sign will make their day with its eye-catching lettering, saw attachment, and the personalization of their name! It has a timeless appeal, with a rustic vibe that will look so good hanging on their wall. 

25. New Batteries for Their Tools

You can never have enough batteries for your tools! Seriously, you can’t. 

Here are some common batteries they might need:

Gifts for Home Builders

26. No-Cry Knee Pads

Whether it’s working on the car, remodeling the bathroom, laying pavers on the terrace… there are a LOT of jobs around the house that require hours and hours of work while kneeling.

Give their poor knees a break with these awesome knee pads! Sturdy, comfortable, and easily adjustable, they—and their joints—will thank you.

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27. I Turn Coffee into Houses

When you’re building a house, especially on a deadline, you’re certainly going to need coffee to get it done.

This cute mug is great as a sweet little gift for your favorite home builder. They’ll use it on the daily! 

28. Custom Branding Iron

Help him sign off on all of his favorite projects with a personal touch! These awesome, custom brand irons can be customized with their name and even a fun logo.

Each stamp is specifically crafted to order and arrives in a neat wooden box branded with his new logo.

29. Home Builder’s Binder

Help them keep optimally organized with this slick, leather binder! Specifically designed with the busy contractor or builder in mind, it is equipped with a full zip closure and pockets for all his on-site necessities.

He’ll love having such a great place to keep his floor plans, receipts and other important papers.

30. Happy Nuts Comfort Cream

Check Latest Price

Working outdoors in the elements, especially the heat, can create an uncomfortable environment for his lower half.

Help him combat the heat and discomfort with this comfort cream from Happy Nuts. Much easier and more effective than powders, they smell great, too.

Gifts for Carpenters

31. Contour Gauge

Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, this contour gauge might be the gift they didn’t even know they needed until now! Rust-proof and durable, this is also a great tool for working on cars. But you know, the house first. 

32. Carpenter Pencils

“WHERE’S MY PENCIL?!?!” If you’ve this bellowed across the house, you know you can never have too many lying around.

When inspiration or math strikes, you’ll be glad to have one of these carpenter pencils literally at your fingertips. 

33. Lower Back Belt

It doesn’t matter how many times you say to lift with your legs and not your back, sometimes you forget!

Keep your lower back protected with a good quality lower back belt. Not a luxury item—more like a must-have! 

34. Industrial Edison Lamp

Revamp the look of his workshop or man cave with this quirky, industrial style Edison lamp!

These unique art pieces quickly transform any space into an industrial inspired haven. Trendy and still masculine, he’ll love the look and the light it provides.

35. Hot Sauce Kit

Who says his crafting skills stop at the workshop door? This fun kit has everything he needs to craft the most mouth watering (literally) hot sauces from the comfort of home.

He can adjust the ingredient ratios to either make them pleasingly mild for the whole family, or so infernally hot the in-laws will never come back! Whatever floats his boat.

Cool Gadgets for Construction Workers

36. Backup Camera

Backing up in a busy construction site can be a hazard! A good backup camera is a must-have, both for safety and efficiency.

This one, from Amtifo, is great quality and highly rated. A perfect add-on to their work truck that will be so appreciated. 

37. Heated Jacket

The summers are brutal, but sometimes the winters are even worse!

Keep your builder or contractor as warm and dry as possible when they’re out in the elements, with this great heated jacket. It has a hand warmer with a battery pack, and it looks great while doing its job. 

38. Portable Coffee Machine

Brew a fresh cup without going back to the office! Some jobs just aren’t going to be finished in a timely manner without another cup of Joe.

This great portable coffee machine will hardly take up any room in the truck and will be used just as often as the hammer and saws are! 

39. Shoe Dryer & Warmer

No one wants mildewy feet or moldy shoes! Keep your shoes dry and warm with this original PEET dryer. If the US Army Ranger’s Handbook has a whole chapter on the care of your feet, you know they’re important!

40. Durable Bluetooth Speaker

Having some tunes or a podcast going while you work the day away is practically a necessity. This durable Bluetooth speaker is jobsite-tough and looks great while it blasts your favorite bands. 

41. Garmin Outdoor Watch

No one wants to take their phone out to check the time (especially if you’re just going to be distracted by FaceGramTok notifications or incoming emails).

This outdoor watch from Garmin will save the day! It’s rugged and masculine and will keep you on time all day long. 

42. Stanley FuBar

Okay, I only knew a fubar as something entirely different – ahem – but I’m not a contractor. YOUR contractor probably knows what this great tool is and is used for, and would love one as a gift!

Made by Stanley, so you know it’s excellent. 

43. AfterShokz Air Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

These are great for going around the “no-headphone” policy as they fit well underneath hard hats and glasses.

Their biggest feature is that they allow you to be able to hear everything around you which – let’s face it – is important when you’re working construction.

44. Breathable Silicone Rings

These awesome, ThunderFit silicone bands will make the perfect gift for your hardworking man!

Silicone rings are super convenient, durable, and have been around for years now, but what sets these apart is their unique airflow design.

Rather than trapping the heat and moisture under the band, they have carefully designed airflow channels to provide the utmost comfort. A win-win!

45. Workshop Apron

So tool belts aren’t really his thing, huh? Understandable. Traditional tool belts can be heavy or bulky and often include a lot of pockets that he doesn’t necessarily need while just working in the shop.

Enter these great shop aprons! These are durable and provide a layer of protection and just a few essential pockets. A perfect compromise.

Thank-You Gifts for Construction Workers

46. Cocktail Tool Kit

Oh sure, he’s got lots of tools. But does he have THE tools? We’re talkin’ the tools from Man Crate’s Cocktail Tool Kit.

This super cool set includes all the basics he needs to become a pro not only in the shop, but at happy hour, too. He’ll be a practical James Bond in no time.

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47. Catered Lunch or Dinner

Catered Lunch

This is a great way to say thank you to a hard working crew who went above and beyond. Pizza delivery at the main office or meet up somewhere for food, however you do it, you know they’re hungry and will love a great meal.

It’s not a great idea to surprise workers with food while they’re working in dust with no clean place to eat or wash up first, so plan accordingly!

48. Thank You Gift Baskets

Construction Worker Gifts - Gift Baskets

Putting together a basket of their favorite things is so much fun for you to do, and so much fun for them to open! They’ll enjoy having their favorite snacks, hobbies, and the like, right at their fingertips. 

49. Relaxation Get-Away

Your construction workers have earned it, don’t you think? Send them on a relaxing get-away (or a crazy adventure, their choice!) and watch them come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

You can go as big as you want, or just consider a gift card to a spa if a full-on vacation is too much. 

50. A Case of Beer

Case of Beer

If you know your favorite construction worker(s) well, a case of beer and maybe some pizza can go a long way as a thank you!

With this gift, you just might be speaking their love language. You know, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, and ummm, beer. Always more beer. 

51. Thank You Snacks Gift Box

Check Latest Price

This great basket is sure to get their tummies rumbling and mouths salivating! Stuffed to the brim with the most delicious selection of fruits, chocolates, nuts, and more – they don’t get much better than this.

What better way to kick back and chill after a hard day’s work than with some yummy wine and cheese?

52. Thank You Mega Crate

A gift from ManCates is ALWAYS a great idea! With their clever marketing and packed full of delectable “manly man” treats, he’ll love busting open this baby. And maybe he’ll share some of that delicious jerky, chocolate, and boozy snacks. Maybe. 

53. Finding a New Referral

Construction Worker Gifts - Finding New Referral

If you can, help them find more business by referring them to friends or family the next time they need something done!

A thoughtful way to show you appreciate their hard work that in the long run, means more than a traditional gift.  

54. Movie Tickets

Construction Worker Gifts - Movie Tickets

Get movie tickets for them AND their families! This will be so appreciated because we all know he hasn’t had much time for them lately. Everyone comes out a winner with this one!  

55. “Thank You” Bonus

No one can hate an extra “thank you” bonus for a job well done! Place the cash or gift cards inside a custom tumbler with their company logo on it, or “Best. Construction Worker. Ever.” They’ll be beaming from pride and you’ll feel good too. 

More Gift Ideas for Construction Workers

Steel Toed Boots

Much like a rancher is practically married to a certain brand of boots, construction workers have their own favorites they love. Brands like Timberland, Red Wing, and Cat.

It is important to know if their company has other requirements when it comes to boots other than steel toe (waterproof, non-slip, etc) and you can go from there! 

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Truck Bed Retractable Cover

Check Latest Price9. Truck Bed Retractable Cover

Construction workers know this truth: never leave home without it! What, you may ask? Well, anything the day might need.

Keep tools, food, boots, and more safe while it’s stored in the bed of their truck with a lockable truck bed cover. They’ll wonder how they ever got along without one!

All Weather Truck Floor Mats

April showers, May flowers… June hurricanes, February blizzards… Construction workers have seen it all, and worked through it all!

Having a great and hearty floor mat for the truck helps keep their work-mobile clean and tidy. Just haul ‘em out periodically and spray them down. Voila! Instant truck makeover. 

Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles

Being on your feet all day every day can be excruciating. These excellent work insoles by tootsie expert Dr. Scholl can really help with back pain, bunions, dropped arches, blisters, and whatever else ails your feet.

Seriously, a lot can go wrong with those darn appendages. Make sure they’re being babied and taken care of. 

Rugged Phone Protector

It’s not really optional these days to keep your work phone in the truck or office while you’re onsite. What if your client has an emergency? What if you need to get a hold of that employee who didn’t show on time?

But keeping your phone on you amidst hardcore labor can be… stressful. Keep your phone safe with this great rugged phone protector.

Drop it, step on it, slip it into a puddle, run over it with a tractor (just kidding on that last one) – this protector will do its job as well as you do yours.  

6-Foot Fiberglass Stepladder

No one wants to borrow their neighbor’s ladder yet again (or is that just me?). Get them their own 6-foot fiberglass stepladder and they can work safely and effectively while building that home. 

Clear Glasses

A small item but a must have! It’s just too darn easy to lose these, so they’ll love having extras. Safety glasses that can be clearly seen thru and are comfortable to wear are always appreciated by your home builder. 

Leveling Lasers

There was a crooked man who had a crooked house… but it wasn’t your builder!

Keep everything level and built to scale with a great leveling laser like this one. The built-in magnetic bracket means it can be mounted on any metal surface, which is a stroke of pure genius.

Cooling Neck Towels

The dog days of summer hit the builders the hardest. Keep them cool and relatively dry with these great cooling neck towels. They will be super appreciated!

Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vac

Building is dirty work, that’s why a wet/dry vac is so needed and appreciated! They’ll love this one with all the bells and whistles, from Vacmaster.

Spills, dumps, debris… it’s all a part of the job, but no need to sidestep it or push-broom it aside when you have this great vacuum. 

Machinist Square Set

Four different sizes of metal Woodstock squares mean you’ll always have the most accurate tool around for building.

When spaces and corners are tight, you need accuracy – this set really comes in handy. 

Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Find out if there’s voltage in the line with this voltage tester by Fluke. Simply touch it to any terminal strip, outlet, or cord. A super handy tool to add to their collection! 

Portable Camp Stove

For when it’s crunch time, making dinner or lunch on the worksite is sometimes necessary.

This portable camp stove comes in super handy for times like those. Deadlines can be pesky, but your health and stomach don’t have to suffer! 

HotHands Hand Warmers

t’s not something you think about, but it’s a nice gesture to pass these around your crew during the winter months.

These hand warmers will be totally appreciated and it’s easy enough to purchase several so no one mitts go chilly. Warm fingers work faster!

Nice Things to Do for Your Contractor

Apart from all the wonderful gifts for builders mentioned above, you can always find some creative ways to show appreciation to your contractor or construction crew.

Consider any of these ideas of nice things you can do that your contractor will truly appreciate:

  • Bring coffee, donuts, or lunch. Gestures like this show your contractor and his crew that you are thinking about them.
  • Serve a cold beverage on a hot day. When builders are working away in the heat, there’s nothing better than a cold round of lemonade, iced tea, sodas, or sports drinks.
  • Bake cookies. It’s a simple thing to do, yet it speaks volumes in terms of showing your appreciation. And no one ever turned down fresh baked cookies!
  • Write a review. Be thorough and detailed, and post it on their public Google Business and Facebook pages.
  • Provide referrals. All the other things are nice, but at the end of the day (and at the end of the job) your contractor needs just one thing: More work! Ask for your contractor’s business card, recommend them to family and friends, take photos of the completed work and tag the contractor on social media.

Should you tip your contractor?

It is not necessary to tip your contractor. Generally contractors view the contract as fair work for a fair price, so no tip is expected. It is common to hear, “Referrals are the only tip we need!”

However, if you are inclined to give a small monetary tip to the construction crew members, they would surely appreciate and welcome it.

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