Gifts for Interns: 100 Best Intern Gift Ideas They’ll Love

When it comes time to pick the perfect gift for your amazing intern, it can be intimidating to find something that’s just right. 

But don’t overthink it too much! After all, you’ve been working side-by-side for a long while now. 

You probably know them better than you think you do, and their hard work and creative ways have earned them five stars in your book. Talk about a top talent! 

Give some thought to their hobbies and lifestyle and what might make a thoughtful gift. 

Are they young, fresh out of college or high school? Or someone more seasoned, who was wise enough to know taking an internship would go a long way to launch their own career? 

Did you find yourself snacking on the same things during overtime shifts at the office? Or maybe they’ve mentioned a bucket list to you that you could help them fulfill?

Whatever the decision, know that your intern’s gifts will be well-received because of the thought and care you put into it. Here are 100 top-notch intern gifts they will be thrilled to unwrap! 

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What You Need to Know About Gifts for Interns

Just a few questions to consider before we get started. If they’re coming up on their end of the internship, you might be asking a few of these.

Do you get your intern a gift?

We say, absolutely! Who has worked harder in your office than your intern (besides you, of course)? The answer is, likely, no one. 

They’ve put in long hours, plenty of creative thinking, and have thought outside of the box to improve their professional portfolio and make your office work environment just a little bit better. 

Giving them a cool gift when it’s time to say goodbye to your professional relationship is an excellent opportunity to let them know their diligent work has left a lasting impact, and that they will be missed.

Not leaving yet, but they’ve been burning the candle at both ends for you and the company? Then the answer is still, yes. 

They deserve a wonderful gift even if it’s just a random Tuesday afternoon! 

Is there an Internship Appreciation Day?

There is, and it’s the last Thursday in July! Who knew, right? Well, now you do and you mustn’t miss it. 

Not anywhere near July, but your intern deserves a little something to up their spirits? We say any day can be Internship Appreciation Day! 

Gifts are just a great idea no matter the occasion (or non-occasion).

How do you show appreciation to interns?

So what’s the best way to show them your gratitude? The obvious choices are:

  • Giving them an afternoon or day off
  • Bringing in a nice lunch or dinner on a day when the workload is off the charts
  • Writing them a wonderful letter of recommendation when the time comes for them to leave
  • Penning a heartfelt card letting them know their work doesn’t go unnoticed
  • Bring THEM coffee in the morning instead of the other way around
  • Keeping your ears open for a paid position for them when the time comes
  • And our personal favorite: giving them some of the best gifts!

What do you give an intern on their last day?

Something from your heart that can also be functional items in their toolbox when it comes time to adjust to their new professional settings. 

And whatever gift you put inside that bag, make sure to pick out a lovely card that everyone can sign letting them know how much they’ll be missed! 

How much to spend on an intern gift?

Well, how long have they been with you? How much did they contribute to company culture? How much did their work lighten your load?

There are many things to consider when getting out your wallet or purse.

We say — especially if their help has been priceless — don’t be afraid to spend accordingly.

After all, they haven’t been paid much (if at all), and so really recognizing that fact and “spoiling” them a bit isn’t overly extravagant.

However, if it was a simple job that didn’t require a lot of time or effort on their part, or if they were only with you for a few short weeks (like a summer position), then don’t worry too much about going overboard.

A simple gift is just fine. 

Should an intern give their supervisor a gift?

It isn’t really necessary in our opinion, but there are some special circumstances where it might be appropriate to give your internship supervisor a gift. 

For example: if the internship heavily impacted their life, if it was long and grueling, if the intern is hoping to stay with the company long term, or if their supervisor is retiring/leaving.

As an intern, how do you thank someone for offering an internship?

With your words, of course! A firm handshake, a brilliant smile, and some heartfelt words spoken are truly priceless “gifts.” 

If you are better at writing your feelings than verbally expressing them (hello! I am your spirit animal), then a well-written card will be much appreciated by your supervisor/boss. 

Best Intern Gift Ideas

Whether they are “Happy Last Day” gifts, or welcome gifts for the new hires, any one of these would make an excellent gift for your intern(s). 

Sure, internship experience is a type of gift in itself, but an actual gift is always your best option (especially if you want them to, ya know, like you.)

1. Welcome To The Team Kit

A welcome kit from everyone in the office for your new intern? We say, yes, please! What a thoughtful and lovely idea. 

This one is put together by hand and is personalized, so your intern can feel especially welcomed and a part of the team. 

It includes a spiral notebook and a pen, so it’s a wonderful option for an office-type internship, like journalism or a lawyer’s office. 

2. Advice Books About Failure

Failure is a part of life, and honestly it’s when we fail at something that we grow the most. 

Teach your intern that you’re not afraid of their mistakes, and they shouldn’t be either with some great books about failure

The ones who succeed the most are the ones who really reach for the stars, think outside the box, and get creative. Let’s learn together! 

Here are some other options to inspire your intern:

3. Personalized Stationery Sets

Get them something that’s truly theirs, like this personalized stationery set

They’ll love having these handy pages at their fingertips when inspiration strikes, for taking notes with their boss, making to-do lists, or sketching out their dreams. 

Pretty and polished and oh-so professional. 

4. Gallon Sized Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is key! Interns spend a lot of hours at their desks or on the road, depending on the days and the job, right?

Constantly hitting the water cooler is a time-waster. Enter in this gallon-sized water bottle. Filling it just once a day will keep them wonderfully hydrated and healthy. 

Added bonus: lifting it to their lips gives them a healthy way to work out their arm muscles, too. Heh. 

5. Audible or Spotify Subscription

If your intern is constantly sifting through dry documents, organizing things like desks, papers, or whole offices, or is a wiz with the highlighter, then an Audible or Spotify subscription to keep the boredom at bay is a great gift! 

They can work smarter, not harder, and listen to great music or podcasts at the same time. Win, win. 

6. Garment Steamer

Help them look their best at all times with a great garment steamer!

Wonderful for lawyers-to-be before court appearances, or for traveling with the office (oh, the wrinkles that traveling brings to your best pantsuit!). 

This little genius invention will be used frequently, and they’ll wonder how they got along without it. 

Also wonderful for interns in the acting/theater community, or for traveling pharma reps who need to look their best. 

7. “Because Internship” Wine Glasses

Cheers to that hard-working intern! These wine glasses will let them know that their hard work and diligence don’t go unnoticed. 

They’ll love getting home at night after a long day of work and pouring themself a nice glass of their favorite red or white. 

Oh, and while you’re at it, why not include a nice bottle of local vino to go with? That’s a fabulous gift idea. 

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Interns deal with a lot of noise and what we would call “ear clutter!” Keep them sane and happy with a great pair of noise-canceling headphones like these ones. 

They’ll be used often and so appreciated by your hard-working intern, whether it’s at the office, on the road, on their days off, or when filing boring paperwork. They’ll love these. 

9. Office Wall Calendars

These oversized office wall calendars are a game changer! 

Sure, you can do it all the high-tech way by syncing your phones, but having a really eye-catching calendar where everyone can see it is a wonderful way to stay organized and on the same page. 

Pair with different colored markers, stickers, and push-pins, and it’s a gift the entire office can enjoy for the whole year.  

10. Can Koozies

These can koozies from Puffin Drinkwear have us in stitches! 

If your intern is always on the run for you (and we know they are!), then keep them hydrated and happy with a koozie that matches their style and personality. 

They’re a fun way to keep the office space light and full of humor, even on a long workday that seems to never end. 

11. Massagers

Ugh, sitting at a desk all day, filing paperwork, highlighting documents, pouring over cases…that can cause a lot of back and shoulder pain! 

Keep your overworked intern happy and healthy with a great massager. They’ll find themselves reaching for this wonderful gift over and over again. 

It really does make a difference in overall health and productivity — we guarantee it. 

12. Wine Gift Basket

Of course, the first thing you need to check is the age of your intern. Over the legal drinking age? Then yes, this chocolate-filled gift basket is a must-have!

Over the legal drinking age? Add some wine! Our editor’s choice is a red wine.

Pamper them a little after all of their hard work and dedication to the company with a luxurious basket full of the most delicious cheese, crackers, and of course, wine.

They will absolutely love tearing into this beautiful basket when they get home. You’re about to be their favorite boss ever (even if you’re their only boss ever). 

13. Desk Plants

Brighten up their office space with some beautiful desk plants like these ones

Even if your intern is only here for a short while, it makes such a difference to be surrounded by some pretty plants. They’ll feel more at home, relaxed, and ready to get to work. 

Plus, the health benefits of having plants in the office will benefit everyone! 

14. Ultra Plush Robes

When it comes time for your intern to say their goodbyes, they deserve some pampering time before heading off to their next adventure! 

With one of these ultra plush robes, they can feel like a million bucks. So soft and cozy, that they might consider a remote job so they can stay in this all day. 

Available in several colors so you can pick out the just-right one for them. 

15. Relaxation Gift Baskets

They’ve been working their fingers to the bone for you, and now it’s time to recognize that fact by pampering your intern a little bit! 

These relaxation gift baskets are so thoughtful and well put together. They’ll have everything they need to put the stress and anxiety of work behind them, thanks to you. 

A great gift to say goodbye to your intern, or simply because you and they are halfway through a particularly grueling job and want to finish strong. 

16. Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaners

Keep that desk tidy with a mini desktop vacuum cleaner! Partly funny but partly useful too, this fun gift will make them laugh and then make them go, “hmmmm.” 

It’s kind of addicting to use, actually. If organizing and cleanliness isn’t your intern’s “strong suit,” then this is the gift for them. 

Also great for interns who have a lot of plants on their desk! Or snacks…those crumbs, though. 

17. Spa Gift Cards

Treat them to a spa day! You know it’s exactly what they need and want… 

No matter their age or gender, a day at the spa is going to make them feel like a whole new person.

Their back is tied up in knots, they’ve been running on cold coffee and leftovers, and even their skin is stressed out. It’s definitely time for relaxing and pampering at the local spa. 

18. Custom Desk or Door Plates

Their position with the company is important, too, even if they’re “just the intern!” 

Announce their presence and their importance with a lovely custom desk or door plate. They’ll feel like they’re really part of the business, even if their time with you is short. 

And they can take it with them when they leave, or keep it when they’re hired full-time. 

19. Best Intern Ever Tumblers

Make them say, “Awwwww!” when they open up this fabulous tumbler

You can pick out their favorite color and personalize it however you like best (though we are partial to Best Intern Ever). 

These high-quality tumblers will keep their cold beverages nice and frosty all day long, or their piping hot coffee fresh even late into the night, making them perfect for the office. 

20. Travel Luggage

A great set of luggage is a wonderful gift for the traveling intern! 

Someone who spends more time on the road or at the airport deserves a wonderful set of luggage like these

Made to last throughout all of their unpredictable traveling adventures, they’ll be with them throughout the next several internships and into their exciting professional future. 

And while you’re at it, why not purchase these luggage tags as well? 

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Intern Gift Ideas for First Day of Internship

  • Custom Employee Handbook
  • Leather Portfolio
  • Gym Memberships (to the building’s gym or local gym)
  • Post It Notes Holders (each intern gets their own colors)
  • Seasonal Snacks (hot cocoa bombs, pumpkin spice everything, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, etc)
  • Badge/ID Lanyard with Their Name
  • Laptop Bag (keep that company laptop safe plus a good gift)
  • Classic Soft Shell Vest (with or without company logo)
  • Umbrellas
  • Desktop Air Purifiers

National Intern Day Gifts

  • Host an Intern Party in Their Honor at a Local Restaurant
  • Frisbees (with their intern titles or company logo)
  • Hats (with company logo)
  • Tote Bags (with company logo or words of affirmation)
  • Business Attire Accessories (ties, cufflinks, scarves, socks, etc.)
  • Company Branded Lunch Boxes or Company Gear
  • Personal Baskets (fill it with items that represent their personal interests, office supplies, or the projects they worked on for the company)
  • Celebrate them with free food in the common areas
  • Elegant Sweets (such as Ferrero Rocher chocolates)
  • Pull Over Crew Neck Sweaters

Intern Gift Ideas for Last Day of Internship

  • Take Time to Update Their Resume
  • Funny Coffee Mug
  • Personalized Stockings Filled with Treats (perfect for internships ending during December)
  • Personalized Intern of the Year Plaque
  • Homemade Cookies
  • Thank You Cards
  • Write Them A Referral Letter (this will really help them in their career path)
  • Gift Cards
  • Funny Personal Cakes (Ex: a small cake that reads “Your performance was adequate. Thanks.”
  • “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Dr. Seuss book signed by everyone on the team

Gift Ideas for Internship Programs by Industry

Finally, we’re going to provide our take on the best gift ideas for young professionals based on the specific internship program.

These thoughtful and practical gift ideas offer a great way to show your appreciation for your team of interns.

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