50 Best Gifts For Veterans to Honor Their Service

Today we’re going to take a look at the 50 best gifts for veterans.

When it comes to our veterans, I’m pretty passionate (as I’m sure you are, too)! With two grandfathers who served, multiple uncles, and now a son stationed in Georgia, they are — as Willie Nelson would say — always on my mind. Something you can probably relate to!

When the time comes to find a special gift for your favorite military hero, you want to pick something that really suits them. Looking for something that is practical, useful, but still on the pampering side? Read on to find some great ideas!

What Kind of Gifts Do Veterans Like?

Just like anyone else, it varies from person to person! First of all ask yourself if they’re currently serving, or if they’re retired. Are they stationed in a temporary location? If so, they won’t want large items or, goodness me, something alive like a cat or even a house plant.

Is your veteran a male or female? Do they have a family? Or is it just them at this moment in time? So many things to think of before you run off and purchase something.

Here are a few gifts for veterans that we really like the look of, and definitely think they will, too. There’s a bit of something here for everyone!

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Best Gifts for Veterans

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Our very top picks of what to gift a veteran. There’s a little something for everyone here, so we’re sure they’d appreciate any one of these wonderful gifts.

1. Military Veterans Challenge Coin

Show your gratitude for your veteran’s heroism and willingness to sacrifice for our freedom with one of these Military Veterans Challenge Coins!

They’ll last forever, look amazing in a shadowbox or on the wall, and are sure to be passed down to the next generation as a wonderful keepsake. 

2. Heroes Don’t Wear Capes

Because capes would get stuck in all sorts of places — from helicopter propellers to tank engines and trenches! This sweet sign is so true and will look great in your veteran’s living room or office space. 

3. Veteran. Hero. Shirt

For your dad, this shirt cannot be beat! It’s sure to become his absolute favorite lounging about tee (Wait. Do soldiers EVER lounge?).

You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes to make it just right for him. 

4. Flag and Ammo Clock

This clock is a showstopper! It really packs a punch and makes a statement — from its generous sizing to its lightly distressed American flag pattern. Imagine how great this would look hung front and center on a family wall of veterans! Stunning!

5. Marines Don’t Have That Problem

Ronald knew what was up! This great quote from our former president says it all. If you are lucky enough to know a marine, this neat sign is simple but really stands out in a crowd in all the best ways. 

6. Veteran’s Ornaments

Holidays can be the toughest for our veterans and servicemen and women. *Cue I’ll Be Home for Christmas so we can all have a good cry… These great Veteran’s Ornaments will bring a little holiday cheer wherever they may be stationed.

 And once they come home, it’s a wonderful reminder each and every Christmas season when you unpack those ornaments for the tree. 

7. American Veteran Leather Patch Hat

A good ball cap is a must have for everyone, but especially the soldier in your life! Even when they’re off duty or retired, this cap will subtly let everyone know just who they’re dealing with: a hero of our county.

Available in several colors so you can choose the perfect one. 

8. Hero Company Paracord Bracelet

This handsome paracord bracelet comes in camo-green, and 20% of the purchase price goes to connect military personnel with service or shelter dogs!

That alone makes us want to buy a crateful. Other reasons are just how good-looking this bracelet is. It will really make any outfit pop. 

9. Veteran Service Rings

This ring would make such an excellent gift to honor your Army veteran.

Available in .925 Sterling Silver, but also in plated or solid gold finishes, these pieces are beautifully crafted and customizable to feature the appropriate unit/division.

The sides of this ring are embellished with a wonderful braided Celtic design.

10. Veteran’s Whiskey Glass

Let’s toast to freedom with these Veteran’s Whiskey Glasses! Made by a father and son team, these tumblers are totally unique and real keepers. You can even have them engraved with the name or message of your choice! 

Gifts Made by Veterans

Made by veterans, for veterans. These gifts all support our brave men and women even after they’ve left active duty, so the gratitude for their service never ceases.

11. Veteran Made Wall Gun Case

Made by veterans for veterans, this gun case keeps your firearms secure and safely hidden away behind Old Glory.

It will look like a handsome piece of art, all while keeping your and your family safe, and your gun collection stored away from dust, dirt, and prying eyes. 

12. 2nd Amendment Engraved Wall Hanging

Keep the 2nd Amendment front and center, as it should be! With this beautiful, engraved wall hanging, your soldier can have some instant elegance and a work of art to spruce up his or her house or dorm room. Have it personalized for some extra unique customization! 

13. Challenge Coin Display

If they love collecting Challenge coins, then this gift is a real no-brainer! They’ll love showing off their coin collection in such a handsome way. Plus, the personalization really takes it all to another level of sophistication and harmony. 

14. Custom Rank Plaques

Custom made by veterans in Kentucky, these Rank Plaques are so elegant and awe inspiring!

Your military hero will be so appreciative of your thoughtfulness with this great gift. And we love supporting other military heroes by buying from their shops! It’s a win-win with this one. 

15. Resin Coasters

These resin coasters are the neatest looking things we’ve seen all day! Totally unusual in all the right ways, your veteran will love having a place to set down their chilled beverage or hot coffee.

Keep those water and condensation rings off their tables with a set of these cool coasters. 

Veteran’s Day Gifts

Specially picked to celebrate all that they’ve sacrificed for our country, these veterans gifts focus on recognition and gratitude.

16. A Prayer for Veterans

You can pick the best size for this beautiful sign, “A Prayer for Veterans.” If your soldier is still active and moves around a lot, go for the smaller one!

If they’re retired (thank you for your service!) then the larger option is a must-have. Remind your soldiers they have been prayed for this whole time with this great plaque. 

17. Leather Flag Bookmark

These gorgeous, leather bookmarks are just the thing if your veteran or service member is a big reader!

Handcrafted in Maine, these quality leather bookmarks boast a patriotic flag theme and are made to last a lifetime. They’ll love having one (or two!) of these on hand.

18. Bulova Military Heritage Collection Watch

Brought to us by the Veteran Watchmaker’s Initiative (an organization founded by Bulova that teaches veterans how to become watchmakers), this handsome Heritage Collection watch is sure to get a lot of compliments. A great gift for the soldier in your life. And such a meaningful one, too!

19. Complete Militaria Shadowbox

This shadowbox showcases all of their accomplishments and militaria! Once hung on the family wall or in the office, a den, or a library, this box is sure to get all of the compliments. It will probably leave people standing in awe studying it! A beautiful gift that is meaningful and unique, not to mention thoughtful. 

20. Custom Military Footlocker

Designed to appear vintage but with all the modern appeal it can muster, this custom military footlocker is a soldier’s dream!

Handmade of pine and maple wood, you can choose your stain color and your secondary color, too. Totally useful, yet with a bit of luxury — we are here for it!

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Veteran Appreciation Gifts

No matter if it’s on the actual holiday, or just an everyday “I’m grateful for your sacrifice” gift, they’re sure to love any one of these.

21. Custom Damascus Steel Knife

This handmade, Damascus Steel knife is sure to inspire awe (and maybe some jealousy around their coworkers)! You can choose the material that the well-fitted handle is made of, and you can customize the engraved personalization. This gift is one-of-a-kind and tailored just for him/her. 

22. Veteran Definition Digital Download

This neat, easily printable “Definition of a Veteran,” is a wonderful gift that you can personalize by picking the perfect frame! It will look wonderful on the living room wall, or perhaps in an office or study. They’ll appreciate the sweet ‘thank you’ and the recognition.

23. Military Branch Playing Card Set

They don’t get a lot of down time, our soldiers, but when they do they want to have some fun! This military branch playing card set is small enough to keep in their cargo pockets, or in the shared spaces of their houses! It will quickly become a go-to on days off. Hearts, Spades, Rummy, Poker — you name it, they’re here to play it!

24. Thank You Veterans Plaque

Great for retired military personnel who love nature and gardening (now that they have time for a hobby, can I get an ‘Amen’?), this nice looking sign will brighten up their outdoor space. A real winner in our book if you’re looking for gifts for veterans that will last a long, long time. 

25. Laser Engraved Wall Emblem

3D and laser engraved, this wall emblem will add sophistication and elegance to any living space. Totally unique, it is modern and timeless all at once. You can hang in on a wall, or stand in on a desk. Either way, it will catch everyone’s eyes!

26. Personalized KA-BAR knife

This personalized KA-BAR knife is engraved with their name (or a short message from you!). They’ll love this amazingly intrficate and detailed knife. It’s sure to become a favorite even if they’re an avid knife collector! It’s handmade of carbon steel with a leather handle. 

27. My Time in Uniform

You can choose from lots of colors with this great ‘My Time in Uniform’ sweatshirt, so make sure to get their favorite! When it comes to retiring from active duty, getting cozy and comfy for the first time in a long while is key. They’ll love the soft cotton and the message this oh-so true shirt conveys. 

28. Glass Engraved Ornament

Whether they hang in on their Christmas tree or hang it somewhere else all year around, this glass engraved ornament is a real keeper. 

An easy little gift that shows you care and are thinking about them — even from halfway around the world if that’s the case! Simple, sweet, and easy to take with them on their travels as it doesn’t take up much space.

29. Thank You for Your Service Keychain

A good keychain is worth its weight in gold, don’t you think? We’ve found just the one for them with this ‘Thank You For Your Service’ keychain.

Strong and sturdy but still good looking and with an important message, this keychain will hold all of their important keys in one organized, collected spot. A perfect option if you’re looking for small gifts for veterans.

30. Custom Docking Station

Stay organized and sophisticated at the same time with this amazing custom docking station!

Keep their gun, phone, wallet, keys, etc. in one handsome looking spot. They’ll love the way this docking station cleans up their messy desk. What a great invention! 

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Patriotic Gifts for Veterans

These are gifts that they’ll proudly accept as they tip their hats to the red, white, and blue!

31. Mahogany Tank Decanter

Okay, file this one under “Gifts we never knew we wanted and now we’re obsessed with!” These great mahogany, tank decanters would make a totally unique gifts for veterans. 

Your veteran will adore this decanter and will love showing it off at BBQs, tailgating parties, and when hosting dinners and drinks at their house. A superb addition to their bar!

32. Red, White and Blue Standing Basket

When you want to send flowers to your veteran, get them this stunning bouquet! With vibrant colors of red, white, and blue, this blooming basket really stands out in a crowd. 

Send them flowers that they’ll really love and appreciate, and that will show your thoughtfulness and their patriotism all at once. This gorgeous bouquet smells as lovely as it looks, too. 

33. Name Tape Ornament

Looking for small gifts for veterans? Ornaments are an easy gift for your soldier! They take up hardly any space, and it doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy them.

After all, they can display them along with their dog tags, hang them from their rear view mirror, or drape them elegantly in a shadowbox of memorabilia. 

34. Camo Flag Sherpa Throw

Soft and cozy, this camo flag sherpa throw is made for some downtime — something your veteran desperately needs! Snuggle in for some Sunday morning sleeping in, or curl up to watch a documentary under this plush and fluffy blanket. 

35. Military History Calendar

365 days of amazing military moments? Awesome! This great desk calendar will teach all sorts of veteran history each and every day for a whole year!

It will blend in beautifully on their desk at work, or at home on the kitchen counter. Know exactly what day it is along with a great tidbit of history all at the same time! 

36. The Forgotten 500

Choose from the audio book, the paperback, the hardback edition, or the electronic download! It doesn’t matter which format you choose, as long as you familiarize yourself with this wonderful and inspiring true story!

The Forgotten 500 tells the tale of the men and women who risked it all for the greatest rescue mission of WWII. 

37. Veterans Journal

Journaling is a proven way to relieve stress and anxiety, so we think every veteran should have one of these handsome journals! Engraved with their own name (optional), the distressed leather is vintage styled and a real eye-catcher.

They can make lists, write stories, or record their feelings in a sophisticated way. This is one of our favorite thoughtful gifts for veterans. Helping them process all they’ve been through is both good and necessary.

38. This We’ll Defend

A great, sharp fitting t-shirt is such a keeper on those well-deserved days off, isn’t it? This one tells a wonderful message to everyone who sees it, and it’s soft, broken in, and well made.

This is one tee that you might want to snag a few of. Perfect t-shirts are hard to come by, after all! 

39. American Vet Car Coaster

These American Vet car coasters are so nifty, we want a set ourselves! Keep their car clean from sticky messes and spills by way of some style and sophistication with a set of these.

They’ll love them! An easy and inexpensive way to spruce up their vehicle, all while being totally useful and practical. 

40. 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

Let’s drink to the Constitution! These 12 Gauge Shot Glasses are a unique and fun way to remember why they do what they do (serve our country, that is).

Portions of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project, too, so you can feel amazing buying this set of four. Just enough for him or her to share with their friends and raise a toast!

USA Made Gifts for Veterans

These veteran gifts are all made right here in the ole USA for that extra touch of patriotism.

41. Dango Bifold Wallet

Made of genuine leather and 6061 aerospace aluminum, this fabulous wallet will be their new favorite possession almost instantly!

Extra slim, it’s not their granddaddy’s wallet, that’s for sure. No bulkiness or cracking faux leather here — just great craftsmanship and design. 

If you’re looking for useful, everyday gifts for veterans, this wallet is a wonderful option.

42. Stainless Flag Keychain

This stainless steel flag keychain will keep their ever-growing collection of keys organized and all in one place — in style! It’s completely indestructible, and is made from the same metal as the Golden Gate Bridge AND the Empire State Building! How cool! 

43. Personalized Canvas Firewood Carrier

If your favorite veteran loves enjoying a roaring hot fire on a down day, they need this personalized canvas firewood carrier.

They can easily bring kindling and logs from the outdoors in with this sturdy tote. Both classy and functional, it’s a win for the whole family!

44. Custom Smash Burger Press 

If cooking is way up on the list of favorite ways to unwind for your soldier, then this custom smash burger press is the way to go!

It’s going to get a lot of use — from tailgating parties, to backyard BBQs, to family reunions, to just a normal Saturday night at home with some delicious burgers. 

45. Handmade Sheepskin Slippers

Sure, those soldier boots really complete the uniform, but no one ever claimed they were comfy!

Pamper those tired dogs with a wonderful pair of handmade, sheepskin slippers like these! Now they can put up their feet in luxury — just like they deserve. 

46. Birch Bark Flask

Handmade of birch bark, this handsome flask is a decadent and sophisticated pick of unique gifts for veterans.

No one of their friends will have such an unusual and custom flask, making this a wonderful option when you just really want that extra special something! We dig the bear engraving and think they will, too. 

47. Ragg Wool Watch Cap

Keep that military haircut but stay warm in the process, with this great Ragg Wool watch cap!

They’ll love wearing it while jogging or doing training outdoors, or just when walking the pooch on their weekends.

Might want to grab a couple of these — they’re that great and make perfect veteran gifts for all of your service men and women! 

48. Old Glory

A great American flag to fly? Why didn’t you think of that? Haha, we’re only joking. This amazing and beautiful American flag, along with its brass grommets, is a truly wonderful gift that just might bring a tear to your veteran’s eye.

Why not purchase two? One for them and one for you to proudly fly? 

49. The Snowshoe Leather Tote

This Snowshoe Leather tote is especially for the lady veteran in your life! Made of genuine leather and made to last, this tote is the perfect size for all of the essentials.

Whether she’s a hiker, a world traveler, or just likes to be totally prepared for any and all situations. Doesn’t that sound like her? 

50. Personalized Corkscrew

This personalized corkscrew is a great gift for someone who is still actively serving, because it’s so small and functional! But it’s also great for the retiree — one who actually has the time to sit down with a cold beer!

Made to last for many, many years to come, this corkscrew is pretty much worth its weight in gold. A simple pick of veteran gifts that they will really love. 

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