65+ Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids They’ll Love

This Valentine’s Day, be sure not to leave out the young ones! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers and romance, it’s about love in all of its forms! Valentine’s day gifts for kids can sometimes be a stumper, but they don’t have to be.

Candy and sweets tend to be a given on this lovey-dovey day, but there’s a lot of awesome Valentine’s gifts out there that can really wow kiddos with delight and surprise.

So whether it’s a fun little gift for your own children, your grandchildren, the neighbor’s kids, or your cousin in-law’s twice removed nephew, here are some adorable options for those cutie pies.

25 Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids They’ll Love

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1. Love Pup Flower Basket

This Love Pup Flower Basket is too adorable for words! Alright, we’ll come up with some anyway: sweet, clever, whimsical, cute, awwwww-inspiring. Those and more all come to mind. Your little one will love this puppy that is made out of white carnations.

A super sweet option from Daddy to daughter.

2. I Cerealsly Love You Bowls

If your kiddo is a cereal killer (get it?) then they will love these witty bowls! The only way to make them cuter is to personalize them with their names… Oh wait, they’ve done that, too! 

Kids love having their own names on things, so these will be a huge hit. And don’t limit them to cereal — they make great ice cream and popcorn bowls too. 

3. Lego Valentine Bear

This cute Lego Valentine Bear is just right for the Lego lover! They’ll love putting together this totally adorable bear with you, or all on their own as a “big kid.”

For the Lego collector, this one is a no-brainer. And you don’t have to feel bad about giving them yet another chocolate bar or candy (they’ll be getting plenty of those at school)!

4. Valentine Tattoos

Let them “tat” up with these fun Valentine tattoos! The boys will love flexing their (invisible) muscles when they have a cool looking tat on them, and the girls will feel like showing off, too.

A fun (and easily removable) way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

5. Valentine’s Day Ice Cream

We think every holiday deserves a little ice cream, and Valentine’s is no exception! Yummy, cold treats in delicious flavors — what’s better? Well, if you ask the kids maybe some sprinkles or whipped cream, so plan accordingly! 

6. A Very Big Hug Blanket

Keep them wrapped in your loving embrace, even when you’re not there in person, with this super cute and lovable blanket! The kids will appreciate the sentiment, and it is sure to be their favorite companion while doing homework, watching movies, or reading a good book. Fun to take to sleepovers, too! 

7. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

They’ll love receiving messages from their parents, grandparents, or besties all throughout the day with this clever Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger! It’s an absolutely magical way to say ‘I Love You,’ or ‘I Miss You.’ We’re pretty sure you’re going to have just as much fun with this one as they are! 

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8. Personalized Mini Claw Machine

Come on, you know you want one, too! Claw machines are just so addicting and fun, aren’t they? Totally wholesome and a favorite past-time of kids everywhere, now you can have one in your own home with this personalized mini version! 

How cute! It comes in 15 different colors, is completely personalized with the addition of their name, and you can fill it up with whatever you like! Toys, snacks, candy, hair accessories, stickers and tattoos, books, plushies… The possibilities are endless!

9. Galaxy Rose

This Galaxy Rose is absolutely the thing for your Beauty and the Beast loving daughter or granddaughter! She will be in awe and amazed by such a charming and elegant gift.

She’ll really feel like a big girl, and is sure to show it off to all of her friends. Something she’ll remember fondly and treasure for years to come. 

10. Personalized Love Arrow Decorations

A cute and fun way to dress up their bedroom a little, these sweet personalized arrow decorations are totally adorbs. You can add their names or a short little message, or maybe a nickname only you call them? Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with these pretty arrows. 

11. Mini Love Bear

So furry! So soft! And can you say plush and cuddly? This mini love bear will be squeezed ferociously as soon as it is unwrapped, and is definitely our cuddliest option for valentine’s day gifts for kids.

Perfect for snuggling on stormy nights, taking to Grandma’s house for a slumber party, or for having tea parties with. Such a cutie for your little cutie!

12. Personalized Kaleidoscope Kit

We are really digging this Montessori inspired personalized kaleidoscope kit! You can fill it with practically anything small: from pebbles and flower petals, to sequins and rocks. The list goes on! 

An educational toy that totally doesn’t “feel” educational, this will be their new favorite thing to take on all of their adventures. 

13. Name Stories

Teach them about their own name — where it came from, what it means, etc., with these ‘Name Stories!’ Framed and put up on the wall, the kids will adore reading all about themselves, and will want to be the hero in their own story in no time. 

So great, too, for the children who have unusual names or whose names are spelled differently than the normal. Just ask anyone who has never found their name in a gift shop EVER! 

14. Custom Tic Tac Toe Games

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game & Valentine's Day Cards
Photo Credit: The Inspired Workshop

This custom Tic-Tac-Toe Game is made even more fun by personalizing it with their name! That way, each kiddo or grandkiddo can have their own.

Such a fun way to pass the time during road trips, airplane rides, when their screen time is up, or just when lounging about on the weekends. Watch them become tic-tac-toe masters in no time!

15. Hearts Suncatcher Kit

Kids love arts and crafts, and suncatchers are always a huge hit with both them and Mom and Dad (not a lot of mess with this project!). The pretty colors really pop and, just when you thought making them was the most fun part, you get to watch the kids smile proudly at their creations as they hang them up.

16. Mini Valentine’s Candy Crate

Well, you have to have a little bit of candy on Valentine’s Day, right? It’s practically a law! These adorable mini crates are personalized and filled with everything that will make their hearts sing (and their antics become sugar-induced). 

17. Classic Valentine’s Day Books

Find a reason to read aloud (like we need a reason, right?) with a classic Valentine’s Day book like this one! We love the wholesomeness of the Berenstain Bears family, and know your kids will, too. And did we mention this cute book comes with stickers? Win-win! 

18. Custom Candy Heart Tumbler

Staying hydrated never looked so cute! These custom candy heart tumblers make such great valentine’s day gifts for kids, and life-savers for the family who is always on the go.

Easy to fill and grip by little hands, the straws are reusable and simple to clean. No more mixing up cups at daycare or preschool either — the names on front take care of that problem! 

19. Love You Candle

For the older kid, this cute candle feels like a “grown up” present! Scented delightfully, this candle will be a totally fun addition to bedtime or story time, and maybe even become a new tradition. 

The sweet little ceramic container is too cute to toss when the candle is gone, too. Wash it out and it becomes a great place to store bobby pins, lip glosses, or cotton balls!

20. Printable Coloring Pages

There’s something that is just so fun, satisfying and calming about coloring pages! Why do you think adult ones are so popular these days? Join in with the little ones, and have yourselves a good, old-fashioned coloring contest with these adorable printables.

And when you’re all done, you can gift them to your other Valentines! A neat, creative alternative to valentine’s day gifts for kids.

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21. Personalized Bear Cookies

Yummo, cookies! These bears are sweet enough, but once you add in their names all bets are off! A delicious and delightful way to give into those sugar cravings, but without just buying a bunch of generic candy at the supermarket. Totally special! 

22. Glitter Heart Toilet Bombs

It’s a potty bomb with these clever toilet glitter concoctions! Your kids will laugh it up, sure, but next time one of them has to take a poo, they’ll be in awe! It’s a funny gift, but if you think about it…it’s a gift for the whole family. Especially after taco night. 

23. I Love You Like No Otter

For the babies and toddlers in your life, these sweet board books are second to none! These definitely take the cake as far as cute valentine’s day gifts for kids are concerned.

The cute little otters are the star of the show with this sweet story. Be prepared to read it again and again and again and again…

24. Heart Bouquet Puzzle

A gift for the whole family to get into and complete, this pretty heart bouquet puzzle is a true delight! Totally unusual and unique in all the best ways, it’s such a fun way to pass a rainy day or a school holiday. 

Fun for grandparents to get into, too! And at the end, you have a lovely piece of art to hang up on the wall (just don’t forget the puzzle glue). 

25. Giant Hershey Kisses Chocolate

Give them the biggest kiss ever with this giant Hershey kisses chocolate! They’ll be delighted (and have chocolate mustaches) with this decadent present from Mom or Dad. Yummy and fun, make sure you have your camera on hand for the moment it’s unwrapped. 

These massive kisses make great ‘wow’ factor valentine’s day gifts for kids.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Daughters

26. Weighted Heart Pillow

This sweet heart pillow is weighted just right so it feels like a real hug from Mom or Dad! Great for taking to sleepovers or nights out camping in the backyard. This pillow is great for the preteen ages especially, but we wouldn’t rule it out for the daughter who just moved out to the dorms! 

27. Mini Balloon Flower

Blossoms in a bubble? Yes, please! These totally cute mini balloon flowers feel so grown up and special that your daughter will be pleased as punch. Elegant and cute all at once, they’re such a fun way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to your little sweetheart. 

28. Personalized Photo Socks

 Hmm, what photo to use for these great socks? Dad’s head floating in space? Her pet? Her celebrity crush? No matter which direction you go, she’s sure to burst out laughing and then promptly put these great socks on! 

These make such fun valentine’s day gifts for kids, and they’ll get plenty of wear, too.

29. Mom & Daughter Heart Necklace Set

How cute is this Mom and Daughter heart necklace set? A great gift for your wifey and daughter, or from Mom to daughter, this set just makes us happy. Dainty and elegant, the ‘I Got It From My Mama’ message is too cute for words. 

30. Pink Heart Frame Musical Jewelry Box

Choose your own music for this pretty pink heart jewelry box! If your daughter loves her accessories and jewelry but is always losing them or misplacing them, a real grown-up jewelry box is a must.

She’ll love putting all of her favorite possessions inside and listening to the tune you picked out just for her. 

31. Pink Heart Purse

Little girls love having a purse just like Mom! This cute pink heart is just the right size for her, and will hold all of her important possessions. From her lip balms and her journal, to her rock collection and snacks — this little handbag holds it all! 

32. Custom Kids Apron

For the aspiring baker, artist, potter, or chef, a great apron is a must-have! They’ll love that it’s personalized with their own name, and it’s made to fit their little, growing bodies. Protecting their clothes is a real bonus, too, especially when paint or food coloring is involved! 

Support their growing interests wholeheartedly with these sweet valentine’s day gifts for kids.

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33. Personalized Heart Bracelet

This heart bracelet is personalized with her very own name, and is so stylish and elegant. She’ll never want to take it off! The rose gold will definitely match all of her outfits, and she’ll love showing it off to her friends. 

34. Love You Sweaters

These graphic tees will go with everything from tutus and jeans, to shorts and swimsuit coverups! Cute and playful, they’re also so soft and comfy. That means even the pickiest of girls won’t want to wear anything else. Fun for sisters, too! 

35. Sweetheart Bead Set

Fun for crafters and jewelry lovers, this cute sweet-heart bead set will be a huge hit! She’ll have so much fun putting together her own custom ideas, from bracelets to necklaces to keychains. And at the end, she’ll have gifts she can give to her friends! Or start her own little business…

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Sons

36. Heart Crusher Shirt

Too cute for words! This heart crusher tee shirt will be the talk of the neighborhood! Your little man will look adorable in this comfy tee, and he definitely won’t want to just wear it on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a winner for sure! Paired with jeans, shorts or joggers, he’ll be a tiny little GQ model. 

37. Breakable Chocolate Heart

If he’s a chocoholic who loves breaking things (I know I just described my own man-cub there!), this breakable chocolate heart will make his day! Who doesn’t love smacking something until it breaks open to reveal delicious chocolate candies? He’ll be gobsmacked with this gift. 

38. Funny Valentine’s Day Books

Face it, most boys get the willies when it comes to icky ol’ Valentine’s Day! Romance and love? YUCK! These funny Valentine’s Day books will make sure he knows he’s not alone, and will crack him up with their witty prose and hilarious illustrations.

Valentine’s Day just might become his favorite holiday after all! 

39. To My Son Morse Code Bracelet

For the pre-teen to teen boy, this fabulous Morse Code bracelet is just the thing! He’ll love the manly design and the way it makes him appear effortlessly cool. Tell him you love him without it being too obvious or embarrassing by saying it in Morse code!

We dig the obsidian black, but you can also choose a different gemstone. 

40. Bake Him Valentine Cookies

YouTube video

The way to his heart is through his stomach, after all! Give him what he really wants — some homemade cookies. The house will smell divine as he walks in from school or work, and you’ll have the joy of seeing him gobble these delights right up in no time. Maybe a double batch? 

41. Beef Jerky Bouquet

Especially great for the always-hungry teen boy, this beef jerky bouquet is a sight for sore eyes! Forget that romance and love stuff — bleck — and get him what he never knew he wanted (or never knew existed): chewy, salty, savory, beef jerky in a “flower” shaped bouquet. 

42. Valentine’s Day Squishy Toys

These squishy toys are so much fun to, well, squish! They’re super cute, too, and we think your little guy will love having his own collection! Plus, if he leaves them around the house and you step on them — well, you’ll be glad you didn’t buy the Legos. Just sayin’. 

43. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Remember these reel viewers from our childhoods? Now you can show them to your very own offspring! But there’s something amazing about this one: it’s filled with memories of them! We are just in love with this ‘Create Your Own Reel’ viewer. So nifty and unique!

44. Cupid Barf Candy

If romance is in the air and all your little guys want to do is spray some Lysol, then this clever Cupid Barf candy will really make him laugh! Boys love being grossed out and they love candy, so where’s the loss in this gift?

He’ll be giggling all day and will definitely not want to throw out this colorful packaging! 

45. Personalized Plush Monkey

A monkey for your little monkey! Ready to squish and cuddle, this monkey is made even more special by adding in your guy’s name right on the colorful shirt. He’ll love wearing this one on the daily and you’ll love seeing him in it! 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandchildren

46. Love Message Shortbread Cookies

These yummy shortbread cookies are so adorable with their sweet love message! Have these delivered right to their door for when you can’t be there. Your grandkids will devour these, leaving nothing but crumbs behind.

Such a tasty valentine’s day gifts for kids, they might become a new yearly tradition! 

47. Forever Rose

Your grandkids will feel absolutely special when you get them this gorgeous forever rose! Their eyes will light up at the sight of this beautiful golden blossom that will last forever, both in reality and in their sweet little hearts. Totally unique and elegant, it will make them feel like the center of your world. 

48. Personalized Four-Across Game

How fun and unique is this personalized, four-across game? It’s an adorable version of the classic Connect Four, but even cuter and more fun to play. Once it’s personalized with your family’s name, it transforms into something totally one-of-a-kind, and it’s great for all ages. From the Littles to the grandparents alike!

49. XL Candy Gram

Suddenly I feel the need to organize my candies by color! This XL Candy Gram is so cute and is even more fun to nibble on. A fun way to give everyone’s favorite Valentine’s treats that isn’t your typical goody bag or basket.

It’s over 5 pounds of candy, which means it’s great to send to more than one grandkiddo! This is one valentine’s day gifts for kids that will definitely appease their sweet tooth.

50. 3D Glass Photo Heart Keepsake

The kids will love this 3D glass photo heart keepsake! Pick your favorite photograph of the two of you together, and watch this great frame become an instant family heirloom.

You can even add in a custom engraving to make it more special. An LED light for the base really makes the sculpture pop. 

51. Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

I got one of these for my daughter for Christmas and it was a huge hit! An adorable and sentimental way to make a keepsake (like a letter or recipe) last even longer — like a lifetime! It’s soft and luxurious, and you can choose the perfect size. 

52. Always Know Pocket Token

A sweet little pocket token, this cute ‘Always Know’ bauble will delight the kids. Easy to slip into their pockets at school or in their lunchboxes, it’s a simple but adorable way to show how much you love them. 

53. Personalized Love You S’more Plush

All kids love plushies and all kids love S’mores! Enter in this super cute and cuddly toy that’s even personalized. Definitely one of our cutest valentine’s day gifts for kids!

And did I mention it’s vanilla scented? Whaaaa? I’m gonna have to find myself some grandkids to borrow just so I can give them this. 

54. Personalized I Choose You Mug

These cute mugs are great for sippin’ hot cocoa together on snowy winter mornings, or for having a tea party together! Personalized with their own names, these mugs are perfect for anything from serving up soup, to ice cream and pudding.

55. Close to me Music Box

This figurine is so pretty all on its own, but once you realize it plays music it becomes an instant classic! A grown up gift for a growing girl, it will be instantly treasured. Definitely something that will be kept and treasured for years to come. 

DIY Valentine Gifts

56. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (+ Free Bookmark Printable)

Valentine's Day Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (+ Free Bookmark Printable)
Photo Credit: Good Life Eats

Here is a recipe for delicious sour-cream chocolate Valentine’s Day cupcakes with a bright raspberry buttercream frosting. Absolutely perfect for celebrating your “Sweet” heart. Also includes a free printable Valentine’s Day card and bookmark to complete your gift!

57. Turtle Valentine Craft

Turtle Valentine Craft
Photo Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Have the kids tell someone they “turtle-y” like them with this cool turtle Valentine Card craft.

58. Valentine’s Day Tangram Puzzle

Valentine's Day Tangram Puzzle
Photo Credit: The Gingerbread House

This STEM Valentine tangram for kids is a fun, two-dimensional puzzle for kiddos to make and give to their friends or family.

59. DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Gift

DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift
Photo Credit: Maple Planners

This DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar gift is perfect for kids, friends, and family. Very simple to put together, it’s ready in no time.

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60. DIY Origami Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Origami Valentine's Day Cards
Photo Credit: Fluxing Well

These easy origami greeting cards are fun to make for Valentine’s Day. Plus the supplies are simple and inexpensive! A win-win.

61. DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game & Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game & Valentine's Day Cards
Photo Credit: The Inspired Workshop

These tic tac toe games are the perfect classroom gift or kids Valentine’s craft idea! Using inexpensive penny tiles and tile spacers, you can make enough for a whole classroom for less than you pay for the fancy valentine cards! Free printable valentine tags included!

62. DIY Valentine Garland

DIY Valentine Garland
Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

A sparkly Valentine garland is a perfect gift for someone special! Use it as decor or give it to your sweetheart for a very fun surprise.

63. Cute DIY Gift Bags for Kids

Cute DIY Gift Bags for Kids
Photo Credit: Everyday Thrifty

These free printable Valentine’s Day gift bag tags are sure to be a hit! Make it a family project and get your kids involved in assembling them! That makes it all the more special when giving to their friends.

64. Free Printable Gnome Valentines

Free Printable Gnome Valentines
Photo Credit: Mom Junky

Here are some cute Valentine printables with a super-fun Gnome theme! Who doesn’t love gnomes?

65. Lucky Duck Valentine Printable Tags

Lucky Duck Valentine Printable Tags
Photo Credit: Savvy mama Lifestyle

These Rubber Duck Printable Valentines are super cute! Tie a ribbon around a rubber ducky to show your friends what a lucky duck you are to have them in your life.

66. DIY Crayon Hearts

DIY Crayon Hearts
Photo Credit: Plate In 28

Looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gifts for kids that they can make on their own? Try melting crayons into these adorable heart shapes!

67. Free Printable for Valentine’s Day Pop-It Gift

Free Printable for Valentine's Day Pop-It Gift
Photo Credit: Mom Envy

Your child is sure to be a hit when they give out pop-its this Valentine’s Day. Simply print one of the two styles and attach them to a pop-it for an easy Valentine gift!

68. Messenger Pigeon Valentine’s Day Card & DIY Gift

Messenger Pigeon Valentine's Day Card & DIY Gift
Photo Credit: Barley and Birch

Check out this delightful messenger pigeon who is oh-so ready to deliver all your V-Day cards!

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