40 Simple & Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are all sorts of pre-made gifts you can purchase at the store. But why would you go that route when you could make your sweetums one of these wonderful, handcrafted DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that will have him — or her — swooning.

I mean, we’re talking about the most romantic and loving holiday of the whole year!

We think there is something just so extra special about a handmade gift. Afterall, they take so much time, forethought, and energy compared to store bought goods. You really have to put your heart into them!

Here are some great ideas that are sure to open your heart, and get your creative and crafty juices flowing!

Homemade Valentines Gifts

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1. DIY Rose-Filled Heart Card

DIY Rose-Filled Heart Card
Photo Credit: Ottawa Mommy Club

These rose filled heart cards are easy to make since you can use the free printable template. The perfect Valentine’s Day card to show someone how much you love them! There’s just something about roses and a handwritten love letter or card that really make the recipient feel special and adored. 


2. Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs

These Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs are easy to make, even with kids! They’re super fun to watch as they turn into hot chocolate, too.

Just put them in a mug with warm milk, then stir them up with a spoon after they explode! These are the ultimate yummy bombs, and they’re super easy to make on your own with different flavors of chocolate and extracts. 


3. DIY Planter Boxes

DIY Planter Boxes
Photo Credit: The Inspired Workshop

Making your own planter boxes is surprisingly simple, and once you’re done you can fill them with your honey’s favorite blooms! We think that’s a total win-win. These planter boxes are so sturdy and handsome, they’ll be around for years to come. A definite delight for the gardener and nature lover. 


4. 100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar

100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar
Photo Credit: Our Kind of Crazy

Tell your loved ones why you love them with this simple gift idea.. It’s so easy, but just wait and watch how their hearts melt as they read each reason why you adore them. Just spend an evening with a cup of tea, a pretty pen, some paper, and let those 100 reasons flow. This will be a gift they keep forever. 


  • Jar
  • Pen and Paper
  • 100 Reason for Why You Love Them

5. Paper Rose Bouquet

YouTube video

Pick her favorite color and make her a gorgeous paper rose bouquet that will last a lot longer than one you pick up from the florist or supermarket! This is a creative spin on the ever classic (but admittedly dull and uninspired) dozen roses. This one is bound to get a lot of oohs and ahhs! 


6. Candy Charcuterie Board

How adorable and clever is a candy charcuterie board idea? We’re all over the classic version with cheeses and meats and savory delectables, but Valentine’s Day is all about sweets for your sweet!

Go all out on a tray you purchase just for the occasion, and your honey’s favorite sugary snacks. Instant romance (although they’re also great for the kiddos, too)!


7. Conversation Heart Votives

Conversation Heart Votives
Photo Credit: The Soccer Mom Blog

Easily made with materials from thrift shops, the Dollar Tree, or even your own cupboard, these cute conversation heart votives will bring some romantic ambiance to your Valentine’s Day dinner at home! So sweet and fun to make, and even more fun to give away and light up the night!


8. DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Gift Certificates

DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Gift Certificates
Photo Credit: Crafts by Amanda

Give these gift certificates to your favorite Valentine and let them enjoy the gift of giving all year long — just make sure you create enough! Super fun to make and even more fun to scratch off, the ideas can be cute family outings with the kids, or cheeky romantic fun for you and your spouse. Your pick!


9. Valentine Explosion Box

YouTube video

We love this red and black themed Valentine explosion box, but honestly you can use whatever colors you like best! Intricate and really quite the show stopper, this is one gift that will make them swoon. So fun!


10. Free Crochet Heart Pattern for DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Free Crochet Heart Pattern for DIY Valentine's Day Gifts
Photo Credit: Desert Blossom Crafts

There’s nothing so sweet as gifting a handmade, crocheted Valentine’s Day heart. Here are crochet patterns in 3 different sizes, so you can’t go wrong! Pick out the yarn in your sweetie’s favorite color, and make sure it’s as soft as their heart this Valentine’s Day. 


DIY Valentines Gift for Him

11. Donut Bouquet

YouTube video

Sure, you could get him some flowers and he’d probably say thanks (and forget to water them), but what he really wants is a donut bouquet! And why not? It’s so delightful and yummy and adorable — heck, we kinda want one, too! He may just ask for this sweet bouquet every year.


12. “Open When” Love Notes

"Open When" Love Notes

Write prompts on envelopes of when they should open the note (ex: open when you are lonely, hungry, missing me, craving some alone time, etc.) and write a sweet note for them to read when they feel that way!

They’ll love having a gift that keeps on giving all year ‘round, instead of something that gets eaten or used up quickly! 


  • Envelopes
  • Paper and Pen

13. Printable Just a Couple of Love Birds Card

Printable Just a Couple of Love Birds Card

If the written word and words of affirmation are your dear one’s love language, then a handwritten card is just the thing to win their hearts! This adorable printable is perfect for the most romantic holiday of the year. It’ll remind you both of your deep love for one another. 


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14. Yummy Chocolate Chip Meringue Kisses

Yummy Chocolate Chip Meringue Kisses
Photo Credit: DIY Beautify

Make a batch of cookies that will remind your partner of why they fell in love with you! These meringue kisses are made even more special with the addition of chocolate chips. They’re almost too pretty to eat, but we think you’ll both get over the reluctance and gobble them up!


  • Egg Whites
  • Tartar
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Piping Bag

15. Custom Printed XOXO Blanket

Oh-so soft and made for some serious snuggling, this custom printed XOXO blanket is great for a chilly Valentine’s Day night in! It’s perfect for cuddling on the couch, or watching all of your favorite rom-coms together. Add in a bottle of wine and some chocolate truffles, and who in their right mind would even WANT to go out?


DIY Valentines Gift for Her

16. DIY Valentine’s Day Bath Bombs

DIY Valentine's Day Bath Bombs
Photo Credit: Good Life Eats

Homemade bath bombs are super easy, DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. Customize them with your choice of essential oils and dried flower petals. This homemade version is so much nicer and so much healthier than the questionable ones you can buy in the stores. He/she will want a relaxing bath each and every night!


17. Balloon Flower w/ Stuffed Animal

YouTube video

It doesn’t matter how old you or your sweety may be — there’s just something about stuffed animals that makes our hearts melt!

Find the perfect animal and you’re halfway to one of these whimsical and fun balloon flowers. Great for kids and adults alike! Once you know how to make them, you’ll want to do a bunch for upcoming birthdays as well. 


18. Printable Valentine’s Day Coupons

Printable Valentine's Day Coupons

Maybe you love the idea of Valentine’s Day coupons, but if you’re anything like me, you easily get writer’s cramp. These printables are here to save the day! Cute and fun, they’re super easy to print and cut out. He/she will love them (not to mention redeeming them)!


19. Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

Rose Petal Sugar Scrub
Photo Credit: Happiness is Homemade

Make your honey’s skin as soft as a baby’s…well, you know! With this rose petal sugar scrub, all their anxiety and dry skin will be sloughed right off. And touchable skin is, well, touchable. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge. 


  • Flowers
  • Sugar
  • Coconut Oil
  • Essential Oil

20. Heart Shaped Ring Dish

YouTube video

All you need is some clay and a heart shaped cookie cutter, and you’re halfway to completing this adorable, heart-shaped ring dish! This cute little dish is great for keeping your keys handy, putting your rings in by the sink, or any number of helpful catch-alls. 


DIY Valentines Gifts for Classmates

21. Spread Kindness with These DIY Kindness Valentines

Spread Kindness with These DIY Kindness Valentines
Photo Credit: Coffee and Carpool

Use these free printable Valentine notecards to spread kindness to friends, classmates and school staff! These are so great for youth groups, Sunday school classes, book clubs, homeschool co-ops…we could go on and on!

Remind the little darlings it’s not all about candy and sweets — it’s about loving and spreading kindness in the world. 


22. Heart Pencil Arrow Valentine’s + Printable Gift Tag

Heart Pencil Arrow Valentine's + Printable Gift Tag
Photo Credit: Happiness is Homemade

Need an alternative to all that candy (that everyone else is sure to supply) this Valentine’s Day? These pencils are just the ticket! So cute and so easy to make — not to mention budget friendly! It’s simple enough to make up a whole batch in almost no time. 


23. Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Pockets

Photo Credit: Creatively Beth

Even novices with a needle and thread can make these adorable Valentine’s Day, felt heart people pockets! You might even get addicted to making them, they’re so easy and fun. The pockets can be filled with treats, or just leave them empty for the kids to fill up themselves. 


  • Felt
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Thread and Needle
  • Felt Heart Pocket Pattern (in the guide!)

24. I Wooly Wooly Like You Cards

These pom-pom, wooly-wooly cards might just be the cutest ones in the classroom at the end of the day! Everybody loves some soft and pettable sheep, especially if they’re fun and whimsical colors like blue and pink and purple! Too precious.


25. POP POP Personalized Card & Popcorn

Hooray! Something savory after all of that candy! Salty, craveable popcorn, along with an adorable personalized card, will be so appreciated — not just by the teacher and the parents, but the sugar-high children, too! So easy, and affordable. 


DIY Valentines Gifts for Teachers

26. Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

Valentine's Day Candy Jars
Photo Credit: Eat Move Make

Made to look like the old-fashioned candy jars (man, when was the last time I saw one?), these containers are way adorable. Your teacher, or your child’s teacher, will absolutely love all the work you put into one. Shh, she doesn’t have to know it was easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


27. Heart Wreath

YouTube video

Make a sunny heart wreath for the teacher’s classroom door! Her door and room will stand out from all the other humdrum doors in the school. You can pick the colors, but of course pink and red are standard for Valentine’s Day. 


28. DIY Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars

DIY Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars
Photo Credit: A Visual Merriment

Learn how to wrap Valentine’s Day candy bars with this easy DIY tutorial. Includes two free printable designs so you can create a wonderful, last-minute idea! Easy and quick, and they end up so adorable and one-of-a-kind. 


29. The Easiest Wood Bead Heart DIY

The Easiest Wood Bead Heart DIY
Photo Credit: DIY Beautify

You had us at “easiest!” Let’s be honest, sometimes crafting is a real headache. By the time you buy all the supplies, you wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to have bought something at Walmart! Not so with this wonderful tutorial for wood bead hearts. Simple and sweet, they’re the way to go.


30. DIY Heart Macrame Keychain

Everything all in one kit? Yes, please! This cute, macrame heart keychain is a little bit bohemian and a little bit beachy in style! Easy to make and something that they’ll love having on hand (literally) all year! 


DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

31. Printable Racing Valentine Cards (ideal for boys!)

Printable Racing Valentine Cards (ideal for boys!)
Photo Credit: Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Kids who have the need for speed will love these Race Car Valentine Cards. Print these and add a toy car to them (maybe like a Matchbox! Vroom-vroom.) So cute and not so icky-girly lovey-dovey!


32. Pizza Valentines Cards

Which part is best? The adorable card or the fact that it comes with pizza erasers? We’ll let them decide! This cute Valentine’s Day pizza card is easy to make, and it’s so much fun to open up! 


33. Free Printable Coloring Valentines Day Cards

Free Printable Coloring Valentines Day Cards
Photo Credit: Mom Envy

These adorable, free printable coloring Valentine’s Cards for kids can be colored in by the giver, or they can be given blank with a couple of matching crayons! Eight different designs in two styles are included — folded cards or single sided cards.


34. Printable LOVE Cards

Printable LOVE Cards- diy valentine's day gifts

Great for parties, these printable cards are a simple, easy to read for the younger crowd. And they pack a colorful punch! Kids will love collecting them and feeling super special as they do so. 


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35. Top-Secret Morse Code Valentine’s Day Cards

Top-Secret Morse Code Valentine's Day Cards
Photo Credit: Barley and Birch

Combining Morse code and simple craft-making, this super fun DIY project doubles as an experiment in visual languages. An activity for both the card-maker and the recipient, this is a DIY Valentine’s Day card that keeps on giving! 

Whether you download the alphabet kit or use the reference pictures to draw, cut out, or stamp your own, this nifty project is guaranteed to delight code-cracking sleuths of all ages.


Homemade Valentine’s Day Treats

36. Petit Fours

Petit Fours
Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

Yummers! These delightful petit fours are almost too pretty to eat. We said almost! Made of the yummiest of ingredients, this recipe will win over even the grumpiest of Valentine’s Day curmudgeons. (If there is such a thing.)


  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Heavy Cream
  • Sour Cream
  • Corn Syrup
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Chocolates
  • Fruit Preserves

37. Heart-Shaped DIY Cookie Baking Kit

Keep it simple and romantic with some heart-shaped cookies. So delicious to eat, but even more fun to make and give, they’ll make both of you happy! We’re sure there’s enough to share, but just in case, maybe you should make a double batch! 


38. Homemade Marshmallow Valentines

YouTube video

Homemade marshmallows? Why not? They’re actually quite easy to make (albeit slightly messy), and they taste so much better than the drugstore varieties! Which, let’s be honest, have probably been on the shelf since Valentine’s Day last year! 


39. Super Easy (& Decadent) Fudge Recipe for Valentine’s Day

Super Easy (& Decadent) Fudge Recipe for Valentine's Day
Photo Credit: Two Healthy Kitchens

Who wouldn’t love to receive a box of decadent, homemade fudge? With photos and tips showing how to cut it into heart shapes, or how to box it for gift-giving, this recipe is practically foolproof. And sooooo delicious! Valentine’s is made for chocolate and indulging, so go all out! 


40. Valentine’s Day Popcorn

YouTube video

Make some yummy Valentine’s Day popcorn that will brighten up someone’s day! Great for snacking on during your date night in, or for gifting to your neighbors or coworkers. This colorful batch of munchy popcorn is quite addicting (so maybe make a batch for yourself)! 


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