50 Best Surfing Gift Ideas to Drop in for 2023

Your favorite surfer doesn’t want an InstaPot. He doesn’t want a gift card to Olive Garden. She’s not interested in a toaster oven. 

No, surfers are a breed apart and what they want revolves around what they love to do: surf! 

So, settle in for 50 of the best surfing gift ideas for 2023. We’ve got you!

Best Surfing Gifts Ideas

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1. Surf’s Up! Surf Trip

We’re feeling amped for a Surf’s Up! surf trip. It has everything you or your surfing buds need to have the most memorable summer vacay ever. A surf session is full-on what you guys and gals need! 

This is a perfect surf gift for that special surfer in your life.

2. Best. Surfer. Ever. Custom Tumbler

They’re out in the sun all day so keep them hydrated with this great custom tumbler! Even ice water stays frosty cold all day while they’re waiting for those pesky ankle slappers to turn into some rad waves.

3. Mother of Pearl Wave Charm Bracelet

They have to get out of the water sometime to, you know, get groceries and the like. So, when they do, they can give their outfit a pop of color and some style with this mother of pearl wave charm bracelet!

With its timeless design that can be dressed up or down, it’s a perfect addition to their collection.

4. Waterproof Action Camera

It’s a genuine Go-Pro that’s the hero when it comes to waterproof action cameras! They can capture all the excitement of their day catching the best waves the coast has to offer. 

You know what they say: photos or it didn’t happen…

5. Wooden Fin Organizer

Organize all of your surfboard fins in one unique spot with this wooden longboard fin display! It’s like a work of art in your apartment, but comes in super handy, too. 

We love a functional and stylish piece like this one.

6. Solo Stove for the Beach

Nothing’s better than a beach bonfire after a successful day of surfing! With this solo stove you can warm up your raisin fingers and toes, and burn a few brats while you’re at it. Don’t forget the S’mores, obviously. 

A super thoughtful gift idea for that surfer friend that just can’t seem to pull themselves away from the beach.

7. Garmin Outdoor Watch

One of our favorite surfing gift ideas! Surf watches have become truly irreplaceable. Water resistant up to 100 meters, this Garmin outdoor watch is a fabulous example! 

It’s outfitted with a GPS tracking system as well as heart monitoring capabilities to help them keep track of themselves and their position. It’s gnarly, bro!

8. Waterproof Backpack

A great dry bag is an awesome gift for a surfer. This waterproof backpack will keep your dude or dudette’s essentials dry and safe while they’re out on the waves. 

A more practical gift option, but sure to be appreciated.

9. Blue Lizard Sport Sunscreen Lotion

This great sunscreen from Blue Lizard contains no Oxybenzone and no Octinoxate to help protect delicate coral reefs! And it works in rad ways. 

No more lobster skin or risk of skin cancer. Especially good for hanging eleven if that’s what they’re into…

10. Wooden Balance Board

This wooden balance board is a dynamic way to improve your balance and concentration so you’ll be totally ready for some great waves. 

Also great for maintaining your form during the winter months when it’s a tad too cold to plunge in. You’ll be prepared for summer in no time!

Useful Surfing Gift Ideas

11. Freestanding Surfboard Rack

Their surfboard is their baby — don’t just leave it propped up against the couch or languishing outside! Give them all a place to be organized and secure like this freestanding surfboard rack. 

Sure, you could find an overpriced version at your local surf shop, but we guarantee it won’t be as awesome as this one.

12. Pour Over Coffee

Coffee with a view of the ocean? Yes, please. We’re here for this pour over coffee and think your favorite surfer dude will be, too. Stay caffeinated, my bro! 

These pour over sachets are so great because they’re so easy and portable. All you need is hot water and a mug.

13. SunPowered Surfboard Repair Kit

This Sun Powered surfboard gouge and ding repair kit is going to come in handy after all of those rock dances! Keep your board shiny and in the best shape possible. 

Safety is always first, but staying looking sharp comes in a close second. 

14. GEAR AID Wetsuit Repair Kit

This Gear Aid wetsuit repair kit is a totally practical gift that will get a lot of use, whether your surfer is a sponger, a jake, or a kook! A great set that will keep your neoprene in tip-top shape. 

15. Premium Surfboard Leash

With five sizes and eight great colors to choose from, this premium surf leash is a no-brainer kind of gift! Every surfer needs one (well, more than one), so you know this option is sweet. 

Definitely one of our favorite, most practical gifts on this list.

16. Sticky Bumps Surfboard Wax

Surfers baby their boards more than they do themselves, so a great surfboard wax is a must-have at all times and a perfect gift idea! This one from Sticky Bumps will do the trick nicely. 

And for a cold water option, add this to your cart!

17. New Surfing Wetsuit

If your surfer is looking a little worse for the wear, get them what they really want: a new surfing wetsuit!

They’ll be thrilled with the high quality of this suit and will want to leave their own birthday party to go try it out asap. Crafted to last a long time, they’ll get years of wear out of it.

18. Portable Shower

A hot shower after a cold morning on the water? Such luxury! If only the peasants had this experience. This is definitely one of our most innovative and practical choices of surfing gift ideas.

If your surfer finds the Pacific Northwest beaches a tad chilly, he or she will adore this great portable shower. It even has a temperature gauge so you know when your water temperature is just right.

19. Made to Order Custom Surfboard Bag

You know they spent a small fortune getting the new surfboard of their dreams, now help them keep it in tip-top shape with a great, made-to-order, custom surfboard bag! A gift that really does keep on giving, day after day after great surfing day. 

There are different designs based on the type of board, so you know the fit will be just right.

20. Surfboard Sock

This surfboard sock is made of tougher and thicker material than most, providing your board with the ultimate protection from wear and tear! 

It even has UV protection built right in so your board stays safe and secure, out of the elements, and living its best life when not out on the open water.

21. Personal Surf Journal

Keep track of everything in this personal surf journal. Things like the places where you mullered, all your new school ideas, the greatest party waves, and of course, where you saw the men in the grey suits! 

For real though, journaling is a great way to keep track of all your important discoveries along your surfing journey.

22. Fin Case Fin Wallet

A perfect way to keep your fins organized in one handy wallet. Easy to use and store, this is a great gift idea that your surfer will love.

23. Mini Surfer Kit

Organization is the vibe here! This mini surfer kit keeps all of your essentials at your fingertips. You’ll love having a place for everything and everything in its place. 

24. Padded Surfboard Car Roof Rack

You have to get to those gnarly waves somehow, right? Get there in style along with your favorite surfboards with this padded surfboard car roof rack. 

Fits any vehicle with its adjustable straps, and it can hold up to three boards!

25. Long Surf Poncho

Been mooning the whole beach parking lot lately? Yeah, we feel ya. Get one of these long surf ponchos and change in and out of your wetsuit without making the other surfers want to bleach their eyeballs after catching you in your birthday suit. 

Thoughtful Gifts for Surfers

26. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life

For beginner surfers this surf book is a must! They’ll love having something to curl up with and read while they dry out for a bit on the beach. 

Here are some more surf books we think they’ll love:

27. White Sand Salt Water Personalized House Sign

This personalized house sign is a great decoration for their surfing style home! It will blend in nicely with all of their other surfing decor and is a high quality item that any surfer will appreciate and admire. 

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28. Waterproof Phone Pouch

You don’t want to leave your phone on the beach or in your car, so what’s a surfer to do? This waterproof phone patch is here for the rescue! Now, go hunt down that nug already! 

29. Homemade Surfboard Wax

YouTube video

When you want something done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself, my man!

There are so many options for DIY surfing gift ideas, and this homemade surfboard wax will get the job done.  And there’s a certain amount of pride that comes from crafting things yourself, am I right?

For the printable recipe, Click Here!

30. Hand Painted Seascape Surfboard Decor

This hand painted seascape surfboard decor is so striking! It’s really, quite frankly, stunning. Your friend will love hanging this on their wall (right next to all their boards and trophies, obviously). 

31. Teak Wetsuit Hanger

This teak wetsuit hanger will keep your wetsuit off the floor and in pristine condition! You want your suit to stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible, and this hanger will help you accomplish that goal. 

32. Personalized Sea Turtle Cutting Board

After a long day of surfing, it’s meal time! This personalized sea turtle cutting board is adorable and practical, too. 

You can chop your fruit for smoothies, arrange a charcuterie board for one, or mince, dice, and slice your way to a culinary masterpiece. 

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33. Low Beach Chair Set

This two-pack is awesome for catching some rays of vitamin D and watching all those macking waves. Especially great for your favorite paddlepusses! 

34. Online Surf School

Send them to an online surf school! Virtual classes make fantastic surfing gift ideas.

What a fun and unique experience gift for your aspiring surfer. They can learn everything they need to know to become the best surfer they can be. 

Well, everything that’s not physical training, that is. And in almost no time. So fun!

35. Digital Picture Frame

Save all your best surfing photos and fun beach trip memories with this digital frame! You can easily download and change up the photo selection, making this a great gift for family members. 

Just Plain Fun Surf Gifts

36. Personalized Turkish Beach Towel

The only thing better than Turkish beach towels is a personalized Turkish beach towel, am I right? This lush and plush towel will warm them up in no time, and will quickly become their favorite surfing accessory.

37. Ocean Rose Hang Loose Candle

Hang loose, man! This cute ocean rose candle is a great housewarming or hostess gift for your surfer. They’ll love the scent and will definitely want to keep the jar long after the candle has burned down. 

38. Manta Ray Stand-Up Paddle

Surf at a more relaxing pace with this Manta Ray stand-up paddle board! The EVA deck pads are non-slip, making it great for beginners. 

39. Custom Groovy Surfer Bobblehead

Who wouldn’t want a bobblehead modeled after themselves? This hilarious surfer bobblehead is such a groovy pick of surfing gift ideas. You’ll want to customize one for each and every surfer pal you have. Tubular! 

40. Luxury Suitcases

When traveling to your favorite beaches and hang time spots, you don’t need to leave your luxury items behind! These suitcases are so well-made you won’t have to worry about sand getting inside all of your belongings. 

Whether you’re headed to the Gold Coast, Cali, the PNW, or Honolulu, this great set will travel well.

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41. Respect The Locals Shirt

Remember who the boss is while surfing. And a big hint: it’s not us! These cute tees are so soft and oversized, you’ll want to put one on as soon as you peel off that wetsuit at the beach. 

Great for both gals and guys!

42. Windeck Finger Surfboard

Surf the air waves right out of the car window on your way to the beach with this cute and funny Windeck finger surfboard! Great for kids and adults alike, you’ll be mastering all the hard moves in no time…

43. Shark Bait Serving Board

A shark’s bite can be terrifying in the water, but on a charcuterie board they’re nothing but delightful! This cute board is handmade and totally rad. It will be the talk of the dinner party for sure. 

44. Surf Car Decal

Surfing gift ideas don’t have to be overly expensive or extravagant! Make your car stand out with this fun surf decal. An easy way to jazz up your ride, and a great way to easily spot your vehicle when you head back after a day at the beach. 

45. Shark Hair Pins

You won’t mind seeing these sharks in the water! A cute way to keep your hair out of your face while surfing, these shark hair pins are a total kick. 

Don’t just limit them to the girls, either! Guys with the long locks and man buns will love these pins, too! 

46. Custom Surfboard Keychain

These custom surfboard keychains are an easy gift that will make your surfer smile! Especially if their parents gave them a spelling that no one can easily find in the beachfront gift shop (ahem, looking at you mom and dad). 

47. Surfs Up Aqua Barefoot Shoes

Totally breathable and easy to fold and carry, these Surf’s Up aqua barefoot shoes are a must-have for your collection! 

Equally great for diving and boating, or for strolling along the beach, combing for shells. 

For a more classic “shoe” version, try these Surfs Up Slip-On Shoes.

48. DIY Protein Bars

YouTube video

With 22 grams of protein per bar, this DIY protein bar recipe is a real game changer! Great for competition days, these yummy bars will give you the boost and energy you need to ride the waves all day long. 

To print out this recipe, Click Here!

49. Puffin Drinkware

These delightful Puffin drinkware can covers are such a hoot! You can easily find one to match your surfer, from hoodies to vests to zip ups. So fun to customize your drinks, and super useful, too! 

50. Hang Loose Suncatchers

Brighten up their living room, kitchen, or car with these cute hang loose suncatchers! You can pick out your favorite colors to match your vibe, too. An easy way to transform a small space and make you smile. 

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