Best Family Movies of the 70s: A Nostalgic Look Back at Classic Films

best family movies of the 70s - feature image

Let’s journey back in time, guided by the flickering light of the projector, to find ourselves surrounded by the nostalgic charm and enduring appeal of the best family movies of the 70s.

The 1970s was a decade of change and innovation, both in the culture at large and in the film industry.  From animated features to adventure films, the 70s produced some of the most memorable family movies of all time.

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100+ Best “We Go Together Like…” Quotes

100+ Best "We Go Together Like..." Quotes

We go together like…

Copy and paste.

Scarlett & Rhett.

PB & J.

If you’re looking for the “perfect pair” of things that go together, we’ve gotcha covered.

Here are over one hundred of the best “we go together like…” quotes. These are great for celebrating romance and friendship alike, with a dash of cutesy humor.

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50 Most Stunning Copper Gift Ideas for Him

copper gift ideas for him - feature image

It’s time to blow your man away with the most stunning copper gift ideas for him!

Whether it’s your seventh wedding anniversary, your tenth, or your twenty-second, a perfect copper gift is just the thing to show your hubby how much he’s meant to you over your years of marriage.

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101 Best Old Age Jokes for Birthday Cards

101 Funny Old Age Birthday Card Ideas

Getting old is no joke.

**Pregnant pause…….**

Of course it is! Getting old is hilarious.

With each passing year, it’s best to share a laugh about getting older with friends and family.

For a friend or loved one who has both an upcoming birthday to celebrate and – importantly – a great sense of humor, here are over a hundred old age jokes for birthday cards.

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50 Best Movie Night Ideas for Epic Adventures at Home

Movie Night Ideas

Looking for creative at home movie night ideas?

Whether you decide to avoid the movie theater experience because it’s too pricey, too germy, too crowded, or there’s nothing playing that you want to see, a relaxing movie night at home is always a good idea.

For most of us, it’s as simple as popping something in the DVD player or scrolling through the latest and greatest streaming service.

But, ya know… it doesn’t have to be that simple. It could, instead, be amazing.

We’re going to show you some of the best ways to elevate your evening and create a cinematic experience at home. Here are some seriously fun movie night ideas for a memorable movie night in the comfort of your own living room!

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RV Gift Ideas: The Ultimate Guide for Your Traveling Friends

rv gift ideas - feature image

You want to find some awesome gifts for someone who is a passionate RV enthusiast.

Well, look no further! We’ve dug down deep to curate this list of great RV gift ideas to suit your friend, family member, or significant other. Below you’re sure to find something that they have always wanted (and needed!). 

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100 Captivating Gift Ideas That Start with C

gift ideas that start with c - feature image

Today we’re going to look at some clever gift ideas that start with C!

Do you have a Caitlyn in your life that is having a birthday? How about the wedding anniversary of Calvin and Casey? 

Why not incorporate a fun theme to your gift-giving with captivating and creative gifts that start with the letter “C?” It’s so fun and really makes you think outside of the box — or perhaps we should say “outside of the crate.”

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