100 Excellent Gift Ideas That Start with E

Next up in our gift series is gift ideas that start with E!

Maybe you’re thinking of getting a close friend or family member a gift for a special occasion, but you don’t know where to start?

If their name begins with E, why not begin there?

Whether it’s one great big present or a gift basket filled to the brim with exceedingly excellent gifts (see what we did there?), this list of gifts that start with E is a great way to elevate your gifting and encourage you to excel in your endeavors. Heh heh.

Ok, fine. Enough with the E-words already…

We have 100 favorite gift ideas that start with E, so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your extra-special someone.

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100 Gifts That Start with the Letter E

1. Electric Scooters

2. Eyeshadow pallets

3. Experience gifts (or send an experience gift through Giftory)

4. Echo Dot

5. Eight-track tape (give this customized eight-track)

6. Electric Egg cooker

7. Earmuffs

8. Easter lilies

9. Ergonomic office gifts (chairs, mouse pads, keyboards, etc.)

10. English toffee

11. Exploding Kittens card game

12. Electric blanket

13. Eclairs (follow this tutorial for this sweet breakfast treat)

14. Egg timer

15. Enthusiast magazine subscription (ex: for cars, sports, tech, games, etc.)

16. E-gift card (if you’re looking for a digital gift)

17. Exercise Equipment (below are a few to choose from)

18. Eureka Crate subscription (fun educational monthly package)

19. Enso (such as this pendant)

20. Easy chair

21. Electric Mixer (or these cute covers for those who already own a mixer)

22. Eye cream

23. Enameled cast iron pans

24. Edible arrangements

25. Elbow macaroni art (great craft gift idea from the kiddos)

26. Earflap hat

27. Eucalyptus (scented candles or shower bundles like these)

28. Elliptical machine

29. Eyelash curler

30. Easel

31. Egg poacher set

32. Electric toothbrush

33. Eco-friendly products (this guide has a full list of ideas)

34. Enchiladas (bake them tasty enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo or even just their birthday!)

35. “E” letter jewelry or decor

36. Engagement rings (this diamond & blue sapphire ring is timeless)

37. Eyelet lace hair ribbons, shirts, or even table runners

38. Escape room experience (we all love a good escape room date night!)

39. Espadrilles

40. Eyeshadow brushes (sets, cleaners, and cases)

41. Easter decor

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42. Energy drinks (this pair is fun for Rick & Morty fans)

43. Eyelash Extension kits

44. Evening gown

45. Eggnog (’tis the holiday season with this classic drink)

46. Epilator (this one is all the rage right now)

47. Eyebrow beauty products (trimmers, scissors, pencils, or gel)

48. Ear-warmer headband

49. Essential oils

50. Educational toys (we love this site for every age)

51. EA sports video games

52. Everyday backpack

53. Earplugs (great gift idea for the parents of a drummer)

54. Elvin accessories, language books, costumes, or jewelry

55. Eyeglass products (case, cleaners, or this hanging chain necklace)

56. Eiffel Tower replica

57. Entomology (insect) display

58. Erasable crayons or pens (these are shaped like ice cream)

59. Embark on an Exciting adventure (early morning walks, local parks, or to events local to you)

60. Egyptian cotton towels or bed set

61. Envelope wallet (this brand has ultra-thin, high-quality wallets)

62. Epoxy resin art or decorations

63. Excalibur sword

64. Ebb and flow system (like this indoor gardening set)

65. Explosion gift boxes or cards

66. Ecosphere (self-sustaining ecosystem)

67. Eiderdown quilt, pillow, or other bedding

68. Empanada maker

69. Ebony wood (you’ll love this ebony wood scented candle)

70. Ear piercing kit

71. Electric guitar

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72. Endangered wildlife donation in their name

73. Espresso chocolate bars

74. Earbuds/EarPods (best for the friend always losing their wireless earbuds)

75. Etch a sketch

76. Estee Lauder products (lipstick, skincare, the list goes on)

77. Epsom salts

78. Emoji (plushies or anything with an emoji printed onto it)

79. Engine shop toys (this best seller is perfect for toddlers)

80. Elderflower (teas or syrups to give a few ideas)

81. Emergency kit (fill it up with these essential items)

82. Enigmatic puzzle box

83. Espresso cups (like this glass set)

84. Exfoliating skincare set

85. Evergreen bonsai trees

86. Engraved jewelry, frames, glass, etc

87. End tables

88. Equestrian boots

89. Exhibition tickets

90. Earl grey tea (this delicious set has hints of citrus and floral notes)

91. Elastic hair bands (follow this guide for a fun DIY)

92. Eau de parfum

93. Eye Spy books

94. Exotic meats (like this fun crate for manly men)

95. Eyeliner

96. Emery board (or one of these electric nail files for a fancier gift)

97. EltaMD skin care (dermatologist recommended for those with sensitive skin)

98. Emeralds (this 24k gold Emerald Forever Rose is perfect for Valentine’s Day)

99. Elefun game

100. Easy-bake oven

Best Gift Ideas That Start with E

Let’s expound on this good idea a little bit! These are our very favorite gifts that happen to start with the letter E. 

From time-tested classics to the next best thing innovation has contrived, any one of these would make an ideal gift.

Espresso Machine

If they can’t go a day without getting coffee from a cafe, this Breville Barista Express Espresso machine may save them a trip and a charge on their card each day.

It has everything they’d need to make a cafe-quality cup of coffee or espresso. This is the perfect present for coffee lovers.


Let them take their favorite books wherever they go with a Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite features warm lighting and a simple, sleek design so it’s super portable and easy on the eyes. If they aren’t an e-book reader yet, now’s the time to make the switch! 

A great option for the heavy traveler who always needs to have a book with them. 

Envelopes with Personalized Stationery

Does your friend like expressing their love the old-fashioned way by sending letters to their loved ones? Then this set of personalized stationery would be a great idea for them. 

The set comes with twelve personalized monogram letters, and their name printed on the front. They’ll be sending letters in style with this pretty stationery.

Ear Cuffs

You know jewelry would be a great birthday gift or a good way to show your best friend how much she means to you, but you want to find her something unique. 

These 14K gold ear cuffs are a smart choice so she can make a statement with her outfit. They’ll add that pop of finesse she’ll just adore.

Exploration Kits

If you have a tiny wannabe entomologist in your life, they’ll adore this outdoor exploration set

This kit features all the tools they’ll need to safely catch, observe, and release the creepy crawlies in the yard that catches their eye. Great for little kids and big kids alike.


These hognose snake earrings are another eye-catching jewelry option for him or her.

These cool earrings are a great choice and special gift for the individual in your life who knows their worth and wears it with pride.

Ethanol Fireplaces

If they like hosting outdoor parties, this portable, tabletop ethanol fireplace will make an excellent centerpiece and the perfect addition to their back porch. 

A fireplace would be just the thing to give a space a homey, inviting atmosphere when they have guests over. 


An extinguisher is a surprising yet useful gift that they’ll appreciate if they don’t have one handy! 

These extinguishers make excellent gifts beyond being just practical since they feature many options of fun designs to add a pop of color to their kitchen.

Erector Set

In an age where kids are bombarded with screens at every turn, give the special kid in your life a classic gift of an erector set

This present will encourage them to develop problem-solving skills as they fit the 113 pieces in the set to build cars, cranes, excavators, and more.

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts That Start with E

Are Emory and Evelynne tying the knot? Are Eric and Elle celebrating twenty-five wonderful years? 

Then keep scrolling! We have a lovely gift (or gifts) just right for them.

Etched Glassware

If the happy couple are amateur wine connoisseurs, give them their own personalized wine glass etched with a logo, photo, or text of your choice. 

It could be a great choice to personalize these glasses with something that would be meaningful to them, like their wedding date.


Do they love to bake? This earthenware mixing bowl would make a thoughtful gift, especially for a friend or family member who’s getting married and moving into a new place. 

You can choose to buy one of these in four different sizes to suit their baking needs.

Eternity Ring

Show how much she means to you by gifting her this minimalist gold eternity ring

Made with quality gold-plated sterling silver, it’s a simple and elegant piece that communicates your affection.

Ember Smart Mug

Make sure your partner’s morning cup of coffee never goes cold again with this copper-heated smart mug

It’ll keep morning coffee extra fresh (all while reminding them of your commitment to each other) which can be a sweet gesture of love.

White Elephant Gifts That Begin with E

Have to find a gift for a white elephant gift exchange? No sweat. We’ve got that covered, too. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a practical white elephant gift that will make anyone’s home smell great. 

This ceramic diffuser has a beautiful sloping shape, and its gentle aroma would help anyone wind down after a long day. Everyone will be eager to steal this great gift.

Egg Tray

This cute, white ceramic egg tray could be an asset in anyone’s fridge since we all use eggs so much. This delicate, handmade gift is a practical choice for a white elephant party.

Elf on the Shelf

An Elf on the Shelf set would make a humorous holiday gift if your friends don’t follow this newfangled tradition with their children already. 

The lucky winner can have fun moving the little guy around for their kiddos to find. This one will be a steal for sure.

Embroidery Kit

An embroidery kit is a little bit off the beaten path for a white elephant gift, but that means it’ll be a fun and unique addition to the game.

The kit’s cute, easy-to-follow mushroom pattern is suitable for beginners who want to try their hand at a new hobby.

Stocking Stuffers That Start with E

Yup, we’ve got those, too. Christmas morning will be extra special with the addition of these fun items.

Enamel Pins

If they have a thing for decorations and cute critters, they’ll fall in love with these cartoon cat enamel pins.

Chances are they’ll know exactly where to stick these pins the moment they pull them out of their stocking.

Embossed Leather Journal

Are they a writer? Support their hobbies with an embossed leather journal as a stocking journal. 

It features a gorgeous leather cover and 400 blank pages for them to jot down their ideas, stories, opinions, dreams, and whatever they like filling their journals with.

Eye Masks

An eye mask is a practical gift for anyone who suffers from puffy and dry eyes or migraines. You can stick it in the freezer or microwave for an easy cold or hot therapy solution. 

This is the perfect choice for the person who prefers useful presents but also loves a bit of pampering.

Erasers Shaped Like Balloon Animals

These balloon animal erasers are good for the young or the young at heart. Your eraser will be chosen at random from the selection of funny animals that the seller offers. 

Will they get a monkey, a unicorn, a giraffe, or another cute critter? One of these erasers is a good option to top off their stocking this Christmas season.

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Fandom Gift Ideas That Start with the Letter E

Sweet Treats That Begin with E

  • Eccles cake
  • Eclairs
  • Eclipse (bubble gum)
  • Edible cookie dough
  • Eggnog (perfect for the holiday season!)
  • Eskimo Pie
  • El Bubble (candy cigars)
  • Election cake
  • Elephant ears
  • Empanadas
  • Energy drinks
  • English pudding
  • Espresso cake
  • Everlasting Gobstopper
  • Every Flavor Beans
  • Extra (bubble gum)

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