21 Financial Advisor Gifts For Your Financial Advisor To Geek Out On

If you have a family member or friend who is a financial advisor, or if you really appreciate your financial guru and are looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea, look no further.

This list of 21 financial advisor gifts for your financial advisor to geek out on includes finance-related gifts for all types and interests, from old-fashioned office decor pieces to modern tech gifts.

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21 Financial Advisor Gift Ideas

Here are twenty-one of our best gift idea finds for financial advisors.

1. Personalized Vintage Financial Advisor Plaque

This plaque is made in the USA from real wood and is distressed by hand to create a vintage effect.

The dollar sign is a hand-carved 3-dimensional applique, and you can add a personalized hanging name board with your name and/or company name as well. Also available with a Banker design.

Financial advisor gifts don’t get much better than this.

2. Executive Chrome Fire Extinguisher

For the safety-conscious financial advisor, help them keep their office prepared for any emergency while also looking sleek and sharp.

This premium executive fire extinguisher boasts a chrome finish and is attractive enough to be kept out in the open where it can actually be used in case of need.

Besides these classy premium offerings, there’s a whole slew of creatively unique themes for these fire extinguishers, including whiskey, wine, wolves, tropical fish, cigars, classic cars, Albert Einstein, the Love Bug, and original art pieces from select artisans.

3. Personalized Decanter & Glasses Set

This is what takes the financial advisor’s office to the next level. You know you’ve arrived when you have a decanter of fine whiskey at the ready to enjoy with your favored clients.

The Personalized Decanter & Glasses Set is a classy and timeless gift idea for any occasion, and it includes customized engraving to make it just right.

4. Personalized Travel Tumbler

Coffee, tea, or smoothies – whatever helps a good financial advisor to get their game on in the morning – will stay blazing hot or freezing cold in this gorgeous tumbler.

Plus it’s personalized! Get it custom laser engraved with their name and a meaningful phrase.

If they’re the BEST. FINANCIAL ADVISOR. EVER. then by all means say it! You can customize it to say anything you like.

For instance, you could go with this Ben Franklin classic: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

A customized travel mug tailored just for them is the perfect financial advisor gift. Get it here.

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5. Buy The Dip Shirt

This hilarious, tongue-in-cheek shirt will become an instant favorite in their casual wardrobe. The rest of the world may choose to believe they just really enjoy their snacks, but anyone in the world of finance will know the truth. Buy the DIP, There’s no time like the present.

6. Marble Stone Desktop Sign

This great marble, desktop nameplate is just what they need to add that touch of posh to their office. Super sophisticated and equally as well crafted, they will get so many compliments on this one.

7. Fitbit

Maybe it’s just me, but financial advisors seem to have a thing for fitness. Maybe it’s the sedentary office-type work combined with flexible scheduling that inspires them to want to stay in shape.

Who knows.

In any case, a Fitbit is a popular aid for tracking and improving exercise, and your financial advisor will love to receive this as a gift.

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8. Wall Street: 20th Anniversary Edition

Make sure the financial advisor in your life owns the greatest finance film ever made. Wall Street stars Michael Douglas as the (in)famous Gordon Gekko alongside Charlie Sheen and Daryl Hannah, and is directed by the legendary Oliver Stone.

If they already own this one, here are a few more films with a finance theme that will be a great gift idea for the movie buff:

9. Personalized Wine Bottle Opener

Etched with the text of your choice, the Laser Engraved Corkscrew Bottle Opener is a great gift for any celebration.

Christmas, birthday, sealing a deal, helping a client achieve their goals, or simply enjoying a nice glass of wine with loved ones… the options go on. The financial advisor in your life will find plenty of opportunities to put this opener to use.

10. Bull & Bear Bookends

Bull market? Bear market? You may not know what these mean, but your financial advisor does.

Get these classy Bull & Bear Bookends and they will display their favorite reads with a nod towards the current market situation, whatever that may be.

11. Bull & Bear Bronze Statue

The bull and bear make their appearance again on our list, this time as a beautiful bronze electroplated resin sculpture, perfect for a desk or bookcase.

12. Stock Market Executive Decision Maker Paperweight

Your financial advisor helps you make decisions, why not help them make some for themselves? This spinning executive paperweight has all the answers.

Simply spin and whamo! You’ll know it’s time to liquidate, or short, or sell, or whatever.

13. Custom Engraved Business Card Case

Engrave any message, name, or logo onto a stylish business card case for a slim, personalized, and affordable gift.

Business cards are still effective in the digital age, and your financial advisor knows it. You can get this stainless-steel card case custom engraved and delivered for about twenty-five bucks, so get it here.

14. Wall Street Scandal Memorabilia

For the Wall Street history buff who is truly a nerd, grab a piece of some of the infamous deals and scandals that have made the news, fired CEOs, and destroyed stock value.

Bull Market Gifts offers an interesting selection of scandal collectibles and memorabilia, like this stock certificate from Southwestern Bell.

15. Personalized Putter Office Gift Set

Looking for a personalized financial advisor gift idea that combines thoughtfulness with a touch of humor? Then go for a customized bobble head doll sporting their likeness.

Send in a photo of your financial guru and the artist will create a bobble head doll that looks like them and captures their essence.

Put them in a business suit, in swimwear lounging on the beach, or (like the one above) busy at their favorite sport or hobby.

16. Thank You Gift Basket

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Financial advisors do a lot of the mental work that nobody else wants to do! Say “thank you” for all their hard work with this chocolate and snack-filled gift basket.

17. Luxury Laptop Bag

For many professionals, including financial advisor, their laptop is their baby. Their lifeline. Their bread and butter. They have to take super good care of it as their livelihood (and that of many others) depends on it in many cases.

So these super luxe laptop cases are just what they need to keep it in tip-top shape. They’ll love how safe and secure their baby stays wherever they roam.

18. Pit Card Game

Pit is the classic card game from 1904 where players trade commodities to corner the market and win the round. Fast paced and interactive, this has been a proved favorite for years.

Totally affordable and with a fun stock market theme, this is one of the most popular financial advisor gifts out there.

19. Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow

For the financial advisor who sits in an office chair most of the day – and they do, reading online journals, researching trends, emailing, updating portfolios, and oh so much more – a bit of comfortable back support can go a long way.

This Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow is highly reviewed and affordable, and comes in a gift bag.

20. Square Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are beloved by everyone and can be used to help calm and soothe during and after a stressful day. Useful at home, at the office, or in a home office.

21. Unique Investment Gift

Financial Advisor Gifts

This can be a bit of anything, in small or large amounts.

If your financial advisor has a quirky thing for an alternative investment such as Bitcoin or Monero, you might consider giving them a memento like this or some actual equity in one of these alternative investments as a gift.

Other ideas:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • US Treasury bonds
  • State treasury bonds
  • Interesting stocks
  • Litecoin
  • Etherium
  • Zcash

So those are our choices for 21 financial advisor gifts for your financial advisor to geek out on.

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