50 Best Vet Tech Week Gift Ideas for a Sensational 2023

Been thinking about your beloved veterinary professionals? Well, we have the very best vet tech gift ideas to help put those grateful thoughts into action!

Maybe they’ve been heroes in your life just recently, or you just love seeing their smiling faces when it’s time for your fur baby’s regular appointment? 

Bet you didn’t know there is actually a National Veterinary Technician Week though, huh? 

That’s right! As if you needed an excuse to give them a gift.

Veterinary practice owners and practitioners love being appreciated for all the hard work they do, and what better way to say ‘thank you’ than with a great gift idea? 

If you have a favorite veterinary technician in your life, this would be the best time (and a perfect way) to show how much you care. Don’t forget to sign the card from your furry family members, too! 

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When Is Vet Tech Week?

It’s the third week of October! What a great time for a little celebration, am I right? 

National Vet Tech Appreciation Week is going on the calendar each and every year now, so we’ll always remember to celebrate our favorite vet workers and veterinary clinics. 

The Life of a Vet Tech

Some heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs with animal characters on them. 

Vet techs get up early, stay up late, work weekends and holidays, get messy (oh! so messy), and are covered in fur and hair- but they love what they do. 

We’d go so far as to say being a vet tech is a calling, not a job. And we’re so glad they answered it! 

Best Vet Tech Week Gift Ideas

Vet tech gifts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and varieties. Kind of like their patients! 

Your special vet tech deserves only the best of the best, so when it comes time to pick the perfect gift, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look!

1. Personalized Stethoscope Tag

It’s a great gift, but this personalized stethoscope name tag also helps further their professional development! 

They’ll love sprucing up their scrubs a bit, and they’ll also love how this name tag just helps their busy day run a bit smoother. They’re hand-stamped and you can choose from silver, gold, or rose gold.  

2. Engraved Thank You Vet Cutting Board

Why not consider this engraved cutting board? It’s a practical and also thoughtful gift that they’ll use again and again. 

The size is great for charcuterie boards or serving at a party. It also makes a wonderful housewarming gift! Your vet tech will love this pretty board and will think of you often — like, every time they use it.

3. Leave a Thoughtful Review

Free Vet Tech Recognition Gifts

Leaving a thoughtful and well-written review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or other sites, really helps small businesses succeed! 

It doesn’t have to be long, but make sure to mention their names and the things you love about their team. They’ll be so appreciative, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. 

4. Personalized Vet Tech Tumblers

Vet techs often work long shifts making it hard to stay hydrated, so these personalized tumblers are here to save the day! 

Why not get each and every one of their veterinary team members their own color? What a hit that would be. 

Vacuum-sealed and made to last, they’ll keep cold beverages cold all day long, and their hot coffee at just the right temp!

5. Flower Pup Gift Baskets

This little flower pup gift basket is such a scene-stealer! The practice manager will want to put it front and center so all can enjoy the pure adorable-ness of this arrangement. 

When the veterinary dream team has literally saved the life of your fur baby, it’s hard to find a way to say thank you, but this sweet basket does it nicely, don’t you think? 

6. Angel of Friendship Willow Tree Figurine

A figurine from Willow Tree is always a good idea! We love this sweet ‘Angel of Friendship’ one that is amazing for a vet tech or the clinic. 

It really embodies the connection between you and your best friend — your sweet doggo. Watch them melt as they open this beautifully made figurine.

7. DIY Waterfall Photo Gift

YouTube video

Place your pet’s photos on this DIY waterfall gift, along with a heartfelt, hand-written ‘thank you’ for making them healthy again! 

It’s such a fun way to create something handmade, and they’ll love the effort you put into making them special and one-of-a-kind cards. 

It’s definitely going up on the wall at the clinic! 

8. Paw Print Ornament Keepsake

Place your pet’s paw print on an ornament, and include a sweet thank you note for your hero vet tech! 

They’ll love hanging this adorable keepsake on their office Christmas tree, or up on the board at work. Such a personal gift from one pet owner to another. 

9. Vet Tech Smart Watch Bands

These smart watch bands are picture-perfect (or should we say purrfect?) for your favorite vet tech! 

They stand out in a crowd and are both sturdy and water-resistant. Not to mention puppy and kitty cat resistant. Handmade of comfortable silicone for hours of wear.

10. Reusable Sticky Lint Roller

Is there a vet technician underneath all of that dog and cat hair? We’re sure there is, and they need this reusable sticky lint roller to save their scrubs and outfits! 

Sometimes you just gotta go straight to dinner or drinks after work, and this little invention is here to save the day. One for the car, one for the purse, one for the office, one for home… We can’t get enough!

11. Paw Print Hoop Earrings

These hoops are going to get so many compliments! They’re perfect for your vet tech and she will love them. 

A great way to still look put together and professional, even if part of your job description is combing out tangles and mats, removing ticks, and occasionally getting tinkled on… 

12. Personalized Vet Tech Journal

A new journal is always a hit, but a personalized one? That takes the cake! 

This pleasing one is just right for taking notes, doodling, making to-do lists, sketching, or just jotting down feelings. It’s a lovely and sweet gift that your vet tech will really appreciate. 

13. Plant a Tree in Their Name

If they love being outdoors almost as much as they love helping animals, then this gift of planting a tree in their honor will be a big hit! 

You can feel really good about your purchase, too. They’ll be able to visit their tree if they like, and even bring Fido (who will want to…well, you know.) 

Come on, Fido, really?

14. Framed Photo

Tell your pet to “say cheese,” then put their photo into this custom frame as a great ‘thank you’ gift! 

Did they just save your Precious’s life? Or maybe they’ve been your favorite vet tech for a long while (and through several fur babies)? 

Either way, this is a great gift that they will love displaying for years. 

15. Vet Skeletal Diagram Boots

Talk about a gift just made just for them! 

These adorable and ultra cool skeletal diagram boots are going to be a huge hit in the clinic. 

You won’t find a more perfect gift for someone who practices veterinary medicine — really. Just ask their coworkers what size to order for these awesome and rad boots. 

16. Personalized Bandage Scissor ID Tag

“Where are my scissors?” is a commonly repeated phrase throughout any busy veterinary office! 

These personalized bandage scissors tags are a nifty way to stay organized and at your best, seven days a week. 

And the bonus is? No arguing whose scissors are whose! Maybe everyone in the clinic should get a pair, no? 

17. Stay Paw-Sitive Bracelets

This bracelet is adorable enough for a date night out, or just to wear to work with your scrubs. 

It’s simple and minimalistic, but still really cute. Any animal lover will love it, but especially your favorite vet tech. 

Any easy gift for Vet Tech Week that won’t break, but will still bring the wow!

18. Best Vet Tech Ever Tumbler

Made of stainless steel so you know their beverage will stay cold forever (or should we say, furever?), these awesome tumblers are personalized and engraved however you like best! 

We love the simple but catchy ‘Best Vet Tech Ever,’ but hey, there are no rules. Your vet tech will stay hydrated in style with one of these great tumblers. 

Don’t forget to get their favorite color, too. 

19. Fun Vet Tech Scrubs

For those wonderful heroes in the veterinary industry — like your fantastic vet tech and his/her team — these fun vet tech scrubs will be much appreciated, not to mention much worn! 

They are high-quality so they’ll last a long time, even through that umpteenth washing and drying. 

Umpteenth is surely a veterinary term. We think. 

There are so many fun and clever patterns and fabrics to choose from — the only hard part is figuring out which set they’d like best! 

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20. Cute Paw Print Dog Photo Socks

Place their “client’s” photos onto some super fun paw print socks for them

So clever and adorable, that they’ll want to wear them every day (preferably with shorts or skirts, so everyone can appreciate their awesomeness). 

Use your doggo’s photo, or the vet clinic’s mascot for ultimate appeal! 

21. Vet Tech Problems Coloring Book

This witty and funny “vet tech problems” coloring book will help them relax and giggle on their lunch break each day! 

Pair with some high-quality coloring pencils or markers, and watch them go to town with their artistic ability. Such a cute gift that will make the whole clinic laugh and laugh! 

This is definitely fridge-worthy art.

22. Custom Vet Tech Tank Top

Get a gift for the whole clinic! 

Simply choose your styles, colors, and sizes, then personalize them with the team member’s names, and voila. 

You have a real hit on your hands. When the whole team has gone above and beyond taking care of your beloved pet, they deserve something thoughtful and unique, like these cute tank tops

23. Coconut Fiber Dog Planter

Oh my heart, how cute are these coconut fiber dog planters? They will instantly brighten and cheer up an otherwise dull office, lobby, or living room. 

Everyone — and I do mean, everyone — will want to know where you got such adorable planters. 

Now if someone could teach me how not to kill plants, I’d be golden with a whole “litter” of these! 

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24. Stop By With Morning Coffee & Donuts

DIY Gift Ideas for Vet Tech Week

Start their day off right with a thank-you card, a box of local, fresh donuts, and a pack of hot coffee! Just look up how early they open and be ready… 

You’ll be a real hero to a team that deserves some pampering. 

Not a morning glory type of person? Bring in some hot lunch from the fav local taco truck, or opt for a midday pick-me-up with tea and cookies! 

 25. Personalized Pacific Crest Vet Sign

You can personalize this awesome sign however you like best, meaning it’s going to be absolutely one-of-a-kind! 

Such high-quality and a real stand-out on any wall. It would look equally amazing on the wall of the lobby, the waiting room, the exam room, or just taken home by the vet tech to cherish in the living room. 

Vet Tech Appreciation Gift Ideas

Looking for ways to just completely lavish them with utter thanks? These special gifts go the extra mile to make them feel loved and cared for.

26. Thank You Gift Baskets

You can’t go wrong with a great gift basket when it comes time to say a heartfelt ‘thank-you.’ 

This one is so delicious and decadent, the treats inside won’t last long! The whole office can have a case of the midday munchies and satisfy their cravings with all the yummy noshings inside. 

It’s also easy enough to make your own! Just find a cute basket and stuff with treats, homemade cookies, popcorn, or candy. 

27. Thank You Spa Box

Vet techs work such long hours! They certainly deserve a little pampering after all of those long hours on their feet. 

This great spa box turns their very own bathroom into a luxurious place to relax and get away from the stresses of work life. Everything looks so nice, you can almost de-stress just looking at it, right? 

Add a personalized message for a just-right gift for your favorite vet tech. 

28. Thank You Gift Cards

A gift card is always so appreciated! We get why. When you find a forgotten one at the bottom of your purse, it’s like you hit the lottery. 

Tell your vet tech “thank you” by way of an experience by gifting them cards to the movie theater, a favorite restaurant, a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor… I mean, the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget to grab this adorable cat wallet to place the gift cards into! 

29. Personalized Paw Print Coasters

Personalize these custom coasters with the name of the vet clinic, or with a simple “thank you.” 

It doesn’t matter how exactly you customize them, just know they make a great gift! So adorable and practical, too. We love a gift that is both sweet and functional. 

30. Never Forget Why You Started Thank You Card

A handwritten note of sincere appreciation cannot be outdone! It will be the best part of the gift, even if there is a boxed little something to open next. 

This lovely card will remind them why they got into this hectic business, and you can add to the sweetness by penning a little note inside. We guarantee this is one card that won’t get tossed in the trash after reading. 

31. Vet Thank You Cookie Gift Box

Mmmmm cookies! This yummy gift box is so delectable and delicious, it practically jumps out at you from the screen. Lovingly batched by hand, and the attention to detail just blows us away. 

Almost too pretty to eat! 

We said ‘almost.’

Plus, there is enough to share with the whole team. This is a great gift for a veterinary clinic that went above and beyond for you and your pet’s care. 

32. Beyond Grateful Wine Label

Pick out a bottle of locally made wine and use this ‘Beyond Grateful’ label to make it your own! This sweet gift is oh-so easy and it really says a lot. Mainly, “Thank you for all you do, and here’s some delicious alcohol!”  

They’re affordable and simple, so why not pick up a few so you always have a lovely gift ready at a moment’s notice for all the hard-working people in your life? 

33. Personalized Gratitude Candle

Candles always make great gifts, but a personalized candle with their name and why you love them printed right on the label? 

That’s priceless! They’ll love the delightful aroma that fills the air when they burn this high-quality candle. And to be sure, once it is all used up, they’ll be washing out that jar to keep for trinkets!  

34. Appreciation Paw Keychain

This cute keychain is an easy way to say how much you appreciate them! 

It will certainly brighten up their set of keys, not to mention, make them easier to find in the bottom of their bag. 

With a sweet sentiment, this keychain looks modern and timeless, and is gender neutral, too. 

35. Thank You Ice Cream

You scream, they scream, we all scream for ice cream! 

After a long hard shift at the clinic, your favorite hard-working vet tech deserves some sweet treats. 

This delicious ice cream is so creamy and smooth, they won’t want to share…but maybe they can be persuaded.


Team Building Gift Ideas for Veterinary Staff

The dream team. That’s your vet staff’s secret, superhero group name! 

There’s nothing like a well-oiled machine running smoothly, and these fun team gifts are perfect for bringing them closer than ever. 

36. Set Up A Scavenger Hunt

Need to build up some camaraderie with the veterinary office staff? Look no further than a great scavenger hunt

Always a hit with every age and for good reason. It will get their competitive juices flowing, they’ll have to work together (or not), and the laughs will rule the day! This version is all done for you, so no stress or anxiety is needed for planning. 

37. Group Experience

After all the hard work and long hours they’ve been putting in, they’d love a chance to get out of the clinic and do something totally fun together! 

These group experiences will get everyone’s imaginations firing, and they’ll be making memories together, which is the secret to a team that stays together for years. 

One of our favorite vet tech week gift ideas for the whole staff.

38. Keurig Coffee Machine

Nothing builds community like coffee, am I right? This Keurig coffee machine is just the thing for the veterinary clinic. 

It will certainly earn its keep! The work environment is made that much sweeter by some strong brew, sugar and honey, an assortment of creamers, and a set of cute animal mugs! 

We love it! 

39. Cute Veterinarian Cotton Tote Bags

Fill these utterly adorable tote bags with some fun office supplies or some other items we’ve already talked about (scroll up!). They’re so sturdy, so the vet tech(s) can use these totes day-in and day-out. 

They’re great for packing your lunches, bringing a change of clothes to work, or shopping on your days off.

40. Food Truck Party

Food Truck Party

Hire a local food truck to treat your employees to a tasty lunch! 

The smell alone will make you beg the owner to never leave your lot, and you can feel great about feeding your fabulous crew and supporting your local business. 

It’s even more fun if it’s a surprise for your team as you celebrate Nation Vet Tech Week! 

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