100 Things You Can Make While Watching TV

Here is a big, inspirational list of things you can make while watching TV.

Turn Netflix & chill into something productive by using your crafting or hands-on skills. Or turn those sports game commercial breaks into an opportunity to get your body toned and flexible.

You can use these as gifts for family and friends, to sell at a craft fair, to start an Etsy shop, donate to a homeless shelter, or launch your own small business!

What better way to turn your evening downtime into something useful, profitable, or beneficial to the community?

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Make stuff while watching tv

100 Things You Can Make While Watching TV

Here are 100 things you can make while watching TV. Use these simple tutorials to create your own take on the idea.

Personalize items with names or custom text, use outlandish designs or fabric choices, create your own aromatherapy recipe – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!



Creative & Artistic

  • Make your own cards for birthdays, Christmas, get-well, etc.
  • Pencil or sketch art
  • Painting on canvas
  • Sculpt Christmas ornaments from clay
  • Sculpt jewelry from clay
  • Design tshirts to sell on Etsy, Printful, RedBubble, etc
  • Create your own paper cut art

Duct Tape






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Just Plain Crafty

More ideas & tips below!

But first, pin it to save it for later:

Things to make while watching Netflix

Other Tasks You Can Do While Watching TV

  • Create meal menus and shopping lists
  • Buy snacks in bulk and sort into grab-n-go bags
  • Organize and pay bills
  • Organize your extra cords and cables
  • Organize your digital photos
  • Organize one dresser or kitchen drawer at a time
  • Upload old music CDs to your media player
  • Search, cut, and file coupons
  • Scrapbook
  • Roll change
  • Paint nails
  • Fold laundry
  • Iron clothes
  • Polish silverware
  • Crack/shell nuts
  • Mend clothing
  • Do a puzzle, crossword, or Sudoku
  • Wrap gifts
  • Blog about what you’re watching

Here are some basic tools and supplies you may need to get started on many of these crafts and projects:

Crafting Tools

Crafting Supplies

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