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100 Things You Can Make While Watching TV

Here is a big, inspirational list of things you can make while watching TV. Turn Netflix & chill into something productive by using your crafting or hands-on skills or turn the sports game commercial breaks into an opportunity to get your body toned and flexible. You can use these as gifts for family and friends, to sell at a craft fair, to start an Etsy shop, donate to a homeless shelter, or launch your own small business!

What better way to turn your evening downtime into something useful, profitable, or beneficial to the community! Here are 100 things you can make while watching TV, use these simple tutorials to create your own take on the idea. Personalize it with names or custom text, use outlandish designs or fabric choices, create your own aromatherapy recipe – the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Make stuff while watching tv

Things You Can Make While Watching TV


  1. Make yourself stronger – Try these 10 tips
  2. Make yourself more flexible – Here are 10 Yoga stretches
  3. Make yourself smarter – Read a book on commercial breaks
  4. Make money – try out these ways to get paid for watching TV
  5. Make money & declutter – list items on Craigslist


  1. Upcycled plastic bag sleeping mats for the homeless
  2. Pack a care kit for someone who is homeless
  3. Make thick, warm socks to donate to shelters (and scarves, mittens, etc)
  4. Make no-sew blankets to give to animal shelters
  5. Make Paracord Survival Bracelets to send to troops overseas
  6. Make Traveling Pillowcases to donate to children’s shelters
  7. Make capes for the Capes for Kids program
  8. Make things for Crochet for Cancer
  9. Make Quilts for Kids
  10. Play Free Rice, a simple vocabulary game that donates rice to the UN’s World Food Programme for each correct answer

Creative & Artistic

  1. Make your own cards for birthdays, Christmas, get-well, etc
  2. Pencil or sketch art
  3. Painting on canvas
  4. Sculpt Christmas ornaments from clay
  5. Sculpt jewelry from clay
  6. Design tshirts to sell on Printful, RedBubble, etc
  7. Create your own paper cut art

Duct Tape

  1. Duct tape wallets
  2. Duct tape picture frames
  3. Duct tape shoes
  4. Cute duct tape feather earrings
  5. Duct tape bunting – never buy party decorations again!


  1. Seat belt covers
  2. Simple Rice Heating Packs
  3. Gorgeous Roll-Up Rice Heating Packs
  4. Mermaid Plush Toy
  5. Adorable Mini Triangle Pouch
  6. Hanging Hammock Chair
  7. Place mats for the whole family and/or each season
  8. Remote organizer caddy
  9. Popsicle smartphone organizer cozies
  10. Make a pencil roll
  11. Make baby blankets


  1. Finger puppets
  2. Tablet cases & cozies
  3. Fun monsters
  4. Roadway playmat throw
  5. Cute tank top
  6. Rustic fringe scarf
  7. Large warm blanket
  8. BoHo tassel bag
  9. Easy throw pillow


  1. Iron-on transfer tote bag
  2. Cork coasters with vinyl designs
  3. Easy DIY Photo Coasters
  4. DIY Emoji Clutch
  5. Easy-transfer wood signs
  6. Make DIY coloring books for the kiddos


  1. Upcycle old shirts as a T-Shirt Tote
  2. Upcycle old shirts into cute skirts
  3. Upcycle old kid gloves into a Chipmunk Softie
  4. Upcycle old books into paper garlands – perfect for weddings!
  5. Upcycle old books into phone charging stations that hide your cords
  6. Upcycle old picture frames into chalkboards
  7. Upcycle old knobs and driftwood into necklace holders
  8. Upcycle your old calendar into one of these neat crafts
  9. Upcucle your old mismatched socks into one of these great ideas


  1. Personalize: Dotted dollar store mugs
  2. Personalize: Etched cutting boards
  3. Personalize: Sharpie ceramic plates
  4. Personalize: Watercolor sharpie throw pillows
  5. Personalize: Hand-drawn gift wrap
  6. Personalize: His & Hers mugs
  7. Personalize: Collegiate Team Scarf
  8. Personalize: Monogrammed Soaps
  9. Personalize: Quote canvas wall art

Personalization is what we do. Visit our web store for tons of personalized products, decor, and gift ideas.

Just Plain Crafty

  1. Stretchy ribbon bookmarks
  2. DIY Stacking Bangle Bracelets
  3. Easy Braided Wish Bracelets
  4. Stress Relief Herbal Bath Teas
  5. Vinyl desk pad for laptop and any size desk
  6. New-sew fabric art frame sets using just fabric and frames
  7. Marbled Coffee Mug Sets using just nail polish
  8. Aromatherapy Necklaces that use essential oils
  9. Cute wall-mounted Mason Jar Vase
  10. Wool Dryer Balls – reusable and natural, use instead of dryer sheets
  11. DIY Gift Card Holders – provides a personal touch for when you give a gift card
  12. Glass gem bracelet or necklace pendant
  13. Make a Time-Out Stool Timer for your toddlers
  14. Snowman Poop Christmas gifts
  15. Glass fabric magnets for the fridge
  16. DIY Sharpie Saddle Shoes
  17. Easy Tea Wreath gift
  18. Custom Washi Tape Journal
  19. Leatherbound journal
  20. Paper Doll Kits
  21. Dino phone tripod
  22. Blinged out mittens and scarves
  23. Comic book coaster set
  24. Make a camera strap
  25. No-sew tulle skirt
  26. No-sew leather jewelry pouch
  27. Rhinestone cord bracelets
  28. Make a cork board from old wine corks
  29. DIY scratch-off tickets

More ideas & tips below!

But first, pin it to save it for later:

Things to make while watching Netflix

Other Tasks You Can Do While Watching TV

  • Create meal menus and shopping lists
  • Buy snacks in bulk and sort into grab-n-go bags
  • Organize and pay bills
  • Organize your extra cords and cables
  • Organize your digital photos
  • Organize one dresser or kitchen drawer at a time
  • Upload old music CDs to your media player
  • Search, cut, and file coupons
  • Scrapbook
  • Roll change
  • Paint nails
  • Fold laundry
  • Iron clothes
  • Polish silverware
  • Crack/shell nuts
  • Mend clothing
  • Do a puzzle, crossword, or Sudoku
  • Wrap gifts
  • Blog about what you’re watching

Here are some basic tools and supplies you may need to get started on many of these crafts and projects:

Crafting Tools

Crafting Supplies

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