45 Gift Ideas for Basketball Players Who Are Winners

Today we’re going to take a look at the very best gift ideas for basketball players.

The best thing about basketball lovers is it’s pretty easy to know what to buy them as a gift: something basketball related.

But the hard part about it is…what exactly does that entail? 

If you’re about as athletic as a green bean, don’t fret. We did the hard work for you! All you have to do is scroll merrily along and decide which of these best basketball gifts suits your player.

Read on for 45 winning gift ideas for basketball players! 

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Best Gift Ideas for Basketball Players

Alrighty, here they are! Our prime pick of top basketball gifts for everyone from your backyard LeBron to the aspiring professional basketball player. 

Neat gizmos, fun trinkets, and useful equipment abound, so let’s jump in.

1. Tickets to NBA/NCAA Game

This one is a no-brainer and it will make you the King or Queen of gift giving!

So, give it some thought…do you want to be able to out-do this gift next year? 

Just kidding! Tickets to an NBA or NCAA basketball game are a great gift idea for your basketball lover and NBA fan. A perfect present for a special occasion.

2. Jordan Shoes Headphone Stand

Hang those precious headphones somewhere out of reach of the little brother or sister where they will stay safe, at fingertip’s reach, and — most importantly — where they can shine and look awesome! 

This Jordan shoes headphone stand is a totally rad and unique basketball gift for a gamer or someone who likes to watch their NBA games with noise canceling headphones. 

3. Volunteer To Help Coach

Be there for them by volunteering to coach or bring snacks to their games/practices! This is a great gift if you live locally, and is ideal for Grandma or Grandpa. 

Family members will love your presence and your present. Awesome whether your basketball player is in the littlest of leagues or you have older players in high school. 

Also a great coach gift, as well! Volunteer to be their relief coach so they don’t have to stress about needing to take some time away.

4. Hanging Basketball Planter

This clever hanging basketball planter brings some sophistication to your game room, recreation room, or man cave. 

It’s so cute, even their non-sports loving spouse will get a kick out of it! Also, a great idea for decorating a college dorm room or as a gift for your basketball coaches. 

5. Jersey Number Necklace

This basketball necklace is like no other. It’s practically perfect with their jersey number proudly displayed. 

It’s pretty enough for the ladies but chunky enough to look amazing on a man — plus, you can choose your own chain length!  

6. Glow in the Dark Basketball

For those playing at night (we’re looking at you!), this glow in the dark basketball will be the hit of the neighborhood! Before you know it, you’ll have a cul-de-sac team, so watch out. 

Awesome for the young and the young-at-heart alike, free throws will never be the same. It’s so unique and definitely should be on their wish list.

7. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

For the basketball court, this practical gift of a stainless steel water bottle is out of this world. It will keep their Gatorade or water nice and chilly for a long time so they stay hydrated and healthy. 

It holds an impressive 64oz, too, which means no more asking the coach for a break to run to the water fountain. Plus, you can choose their favorite color! 

8. Personalized Gym Towels

When it comes to the game of basketball, you’re talking about sweating hardcore! You need (not want, need) your own personalized gym towel

Easy to toss in their bag or locker and totally worth its weight in gold, this awesome towel is a game changer. Pick their team colors for an extra special touch.

9. Basketball Backpack

For your serious basketball player, why not get a backpack that looks as cool as the stuff inside of it does? 

This one is specially designed for the basketball enthusiast, right down to each and every zippered pocket. The perfect way to get them outfitted for the new season.

10. Mamba Basketball Poster

This basketball poster is a great way to dress up or spruce up a dorm room or bedroom. 

This is a perfect gift to any fan of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant! Their teammates will want to know where they got such cool wall art. 

11. Spa Treatment for Muscle Therapy

Spa gift cards for floatation tanks, cryotherapy, or good ol’ massages will help keep them from injuries, take care of their muscles, and just make them feel like a whole new human! 

Splurge a little on a spa treatment and watch them play the best game of their life afterwards.

12. Just Do It Bracelet

Motivate yourself or your best player with this great gender-neutral Just Do It bracelet! A great reminder to be your best and inspire those around you, too. 

It will look wonderful with everything from your favorite jersey to your date night outfit. 

13. Complete Guide to Motion Offense

For basketball books, may we suggest the “Complete Guide to Motion Offense“? It will kick their know-how into overdrive, re-inspire them, and get them back on the court. 

A totally kick-butt gift for a coach to share with his team as well. 

14. Moving Target Desk Basketball

Work on your skill level with this fun moving target desk basketball! A fun little gift for the student at college or the basketball lover who is stuck at a desk during office hours. 

This mini basketball hoop will motivate them to get back where they love: on the court! 

15. Training Supplies

Set them up with a professional basketball trainer, and training supplies such as weighted baskets, equipment, resistance gear, and other high-quality materials!

This is an amazing gift that will keep on giving long after it’s been “unwrapped.” 

Such a great way for grandparents to stay involved in their grandkid’s passions, too.

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16. Exotic Meats Crate

They need all the protein they can get, right? This exotic meat crate is here to save the day!

Part clever and part whimsy, it’s also a really practical gift, especially for a high schooler (have you seen how much they can eat?). 

This delicious selection of jerky includes chewy goodness made from ostrich, duck, elk, and other exotic meats.

17. Basketball Video Games

It may seem counterintuitive, but video games are proven to help hand/eye coordination, and they may learn a thing or two from playing! 

So, if your player is determined to be the next LeBron James, indulge their passion with a favorite team featured in a video game

Still not convinced? This scientific literature by Pak J Med Sci goes into great detail on this research.

18. Basketball Hoop Earrings

These handsome basketball hoop earrings are so unique and unusual! They’re great for both men and women, and will dress up their look instantly! 

Hypo-allergenic for even the most sensitive ears. A great little birthday gift, or why not stick a pair in their Christmas stocking this holiday season? 

19. Custom Photograph Basketball

Okay, if you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift or a present for your big guy, this custom photograph basketball featuring him and his kids won’t leave a dry eye in the house. 

Such a clever and unique gift, we wish we would have thought of it. But we’re just glad someone did! 

20. Sports Mugs

Designed by a clever eight year old who loved playing with his food, these awesome mugs make mealtimes so much more fun! 

Now you can do what you always are tempted to do: make a shot with your marshmallows into your hot cocoa or shoot a free throw of crackers into your soup. 

21. NBA Basketball Candle

For the basketball fanatic who loves a great smelling living room or just needs some ambiance on date night, we present this NBA basketball candle

You can be a sports fan and still be romantic, sophisticated, and great at home decor, and here’s proof.

22. Protein Powder & a Mini Protein Powder Keychain

Just in case they forgot to take their protein powder before hitting the gym, here’s a great invention: a mini protein powder keychain. We love it! How clever is this? 

Your gym rat and/or basketball lover will get a kick out of this fun gift. Also great for traveling, biking, or hiking.

23. Slam Dunk Shirt

This slam dunk shirt is a nod to a popular anime/manga show featuring their favorite game: basketball! 

Choose their size and watch them wear this fun and very comfortable shirt all the time. It’s bound to be their favorite and they’ll love the attention they get when wearing it. 

Where basketball-themed gifts are concerned, this is a no-brainer.

24. The Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant — even non-sports fans know who he was! 

This book is available in written form in Kobe’s own words, or as an audio book, narrated by the famous basketball player himself. A great gift for a basketball lover of any age.

25. Custom Quote Bottle Opener

Choose their mantra, their sport’s team creed, their winning dates, or whatever you like to be engraved on this custom quote bottle opener

Strong and sturdy, it will be around to open their bottles for years and years to come. Awesome for housewarming or as a host/hostess gift, too.

26. Basketball Purse

Even tomboys need to carry their essentials, but a girly-girl purse just isn’t her style, right? This fun basketball purse comes to the rescue. 

You can choose from pink or brown, whichever suits her best. All we know is, she is going to love it! 

27. Cooling Towels

Cooling off and getting your heart rate back down to normal after an especially grueling practice is easy when you have these ingenious cooling towels

The whole team will want some, so maybe purchase a few? Awesome for the little players and the big ones, too. 

28. Fundraise for Basketball Camps

Help support their dreams/goals by supporting fundraisers for training camps or travels! Sports and passions are expensive — let’s face it — so helping their dreams come true is a real gift. 

This is a great way to support your favorite player when you don’t live in the same town and can’t cheer them on each and every game. 

29. Basketball Inlay Musical Box

This isn’t your typical music box! Nay nay! This one is just right for the basketball lover, boy or girl. 

It’s a sophisticated work of art that they will treasure for years to come and pass down to the next generation of sports lovers. 

30. Sports Magazine Subscription

Sign them up for a sports magazine subscription and watch their eyes light up! 

It’s important to stay up-to-date on all the happenings in the sports world, and a magazine subscription is the best way to do that. Great for little ones all the way up to the professional basketball players! 

31. Basketball Themed Tie

They have to dress up out of that stinky jersey sometimes, right? 

Whether it’s high school prom or a business trip, this basketball themed tie comes to the rescue. It brings some whimsy and tongue-in-cheek humor to a black tie affair! 

32. Custom Basketball Neon Sign

This custom basketball neon sign is great for dorm rooms, little kid’s rooms, man caves, or garages! 

They’re totally personalized with the addition of their name, so this is a one-of-a-kind gift that they will adore. It will instantly transform their living space.

33. Write Them a Letter of Support

Write down a quick, supportive note to lift their spirits before a big game, or pen a carefully worded missive to bring out the team spirit! 

Either way you go, written words of affirmation are one of the best gifts you can give anyone, and they will be cherished for years to come. 

34. Create A Team Photo Collage

Pick out a few favorite photographs (we know, it’s hard to choose) and create a team photo collage

This gift is just right for a dorm room, someone graduating their senior year of high school, or even your little guy who can barely dribble yet but has passion! 

35. Mental Toughness for Young Athletes

Getting involved in sports is so important for many reasons, but it’s not always easy! This book entitled Mental Toughness for Young Athletes should be required reading for your teen. 

They’ll be inspired and ready to get back out on the court with a renewed sense of grit and determination.

36. Basketball Shoe Deodorizers

How do we say this without sounding critical? Basketball shoes STINK! These basketball shoe deodorizers are here to rescue the whole family (not to mention the minivan). 

Get ready to not have to say, “Put those smelly shoes outside, for goodness sake!” 

37. Agility Ladder Set

This agility ladder set will keep them in tip-top shape even during the off season! Totally clever and built to last, your game will see nothing but improvements with this set. 

Totally applicable for any sport, so if your family is also into football or soccer, the whole group can benefit by working out together. 

38. Basketball Themed Hair Scrunchies

Keep her or his hair out of their line of sight with some great hair scrunchies like these basketball themed ones

The whole team will want some, so why not splurge (they’re so affordable) and make their style dreams come true? 

39. Sporting Goods Store Gift Cards

Set them up with some gift cards to their local sports store. 

There’s always something that they need, from socks to hairbands to underclothes, and sometimes it’s just easier for them to pick out what they really want themselves! 

40. Favorite Player’s Jersey

All you need to know is their favorite player, their jersey number, the team color, their size, and voila! A great gift that they will go bananas over. 

Easy, simple to wrap, and it will be a hit for sure. This is a great present for the casual basketball fan all the way up to a serious player. 

41. Meal Prep

Create a meal plan and spend time meal-prepping a week full of nutritious meals. 

It will save time so they can be more focused on the sport, and you can feel good about passing down the family’s recipes and keeping your player healthy and well fed! 

42. Quick Dry Workout Clothes

Face it, basketball players do a lot of sweating even indoors on the air conditioned court (and don’t get us started on playing outdoors in the summertime). 

Get them some well-deserved, quick dry workout clothes and do you both a favor! 

43. Sign Them Up for Meditation Classes

Athletes are always under a lot of pressure to perform. 

Finding ways to help reduce their stress and anxiety, such as meditation classes, can help improve their mental wellbeing.

That in turn will affect their game in a positive way! 

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44. First-Aid Sports Keychains

Get those boo-boos fixed pronto, whether at school, on the court, or in-game with these cute first-aid sports keychains

They come in a variety of sports, so get one for your soccer lover or your football fanatic as well.

45. Fitness Tracking Watch

Keep track of everything they hold dear — like their heart rates, to-do lists, workout combinations, and their team group texts — with a fabulous fitness tracking watch like this one! 

Their cell phone can be safely locked away in their locker, and they still won’t miss an important call or text. Win-win.

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More Basketball Gift Ideas

Didn’t find what you were looking for above? Don’t sweat it! Here are some more fantastic ideas:

  • Basketball Shoes
  • Collect recordings of their games (basketball players watch these to learn from their mistakes)
  • Drive them to and from their games or practices
  • Mini basketball hoops so they can practice from any room in the house (like this indoor basketball hoop that hangs from a ceiling)
  • Help with setting realistic goals as well as tracking their progress
  • Randomly place motivational notes in places they wouldn’t expect
  • Get autographs from their favorite players
  • High-quality luggage for far-away games (this brand is lightweight while still holding its quality)
  • Foam rollers for muscle recovery
  • Braces (knees, ankles, wrists)
  • Blender (for a long-lasting blender a pro will need – we recommend this brand)
  • Inspirational sports movies or documentaries
  • Portable ice baths (some research suggests this helps with muscle recovery)

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