42 Best Birthday Gifts for 19 Year Old (Female Teen)

Sure, 18th and 21st birthday celebrations get all the love and attention, but a 19th birthday is pretty special, too! It’s one of the last opportunities to indulge their inner child, but still recognize that they are all grown up. Well, practically. 

When does that frontal cortex mature, again? Not for another few years, at least.

Our gift experts have selected the very best birthday gifts to help you thrill and enchant the birthday girl. Here are forty-two perfect ideas for birthday gifts for a 19 year old female! 

Birthday Gifts Every 19 Year Old Girl Will Love

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1. Birthday Cake Candles

Top off her birthday cake with some adorable candles like these! You can choose from pink or white, and there are so many cute and whimsical styles available. 

It will make even an ordinary cake stand out in all the best ways. A simple surprise that will delight her.

Need some ideas for her 19th birthday party? Check out this guide!

2. Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

Crossbody bags are all the rage and we get why. They’re so nice to keep everything safe and organized, and they won’t fall off your shoulders. This cell phone purse is so stylish and would make a perfect birthday gift for the young adult she has become. 

It’s great for everything from shopping with friends, to going out to the club, to taking to the office or school. 

3. Sterling Silver Name Necklace

What teenage girl wouldn’t love a beautiful 19th birthday necklace? Have her name shine with this pretty sterling silver piece. 

Not a fan of silver? No worries — they also offer it in rose gold or yellow gold. You can even choose the necklace length so it’s absolutely perfect for her. 

4. Pastel BMO Nintendo Switch Dock

This pastel BMO Nintendo Switch Dock is going to look so great in her dorm room or bedroom! The pink color celebrates her girly side but also is a nod to her inner gamer. 

And it’s so happy looking! Just the right gift for your favorite e-girl.

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5. Birthday Ice Cream

This birthday ice cream is adorable and oh-so tasty, too! We all know the ice cream is the best part of the cake and ice cream tradition, but this is extra special because it’s customizable. 

Not sure when she’ll be home or around to eat it? Go with a gift card that she can redeem at any time she’s craving some ice-creamy goodness.

6. LED Full Length Mirror

If she’s standing on the commode to get a peek at her whole outfit then she definitely needs this LED full length mirror! Easy to hang and super cute to boot.

 It’s even dimmable with three different settings, and it’s shatter proof. We all know those outfit hunting sessions can get a bit wild from time to time.

7. Personalized Note Card Set

If she’s graduating, moving, or just has a lot of thank you cards to pen (perhaps after receiving so many gifts at her birthday party), she’ll love this personalized note card set! 

They’ll come in so handy whenever she wants to drop a line to a loved one. And you can pick the envelope color! 

8. Green Tea Bubble Mask

Help her melt her stress and toxins away with this green tea bubble mask. 

Great for problem skin (as so many teen girls struggle with), it will nourish and hydrate her pretty face after a long day of studying, working, or partying! 

And if we know our nineteen year olds, she probably did all three in one day. 

9. Turkish Cotton Spa Dress

The only problem with wrapping yourself in a towel after a shower is that they A. never stay on, B. don’t have pockets, and C. aren’t as cute as these Turkish cotton spa dresses! 

She’ll love wearing this when she’s styling her hair, painting her toenails, or doing her makeup. Such a fun yet functional birthday present.

10. Personalized Message Suncatcher

This precious sun catcher is personalized with her name and a sweet message just for her. It will look great catching the sun in her dorm room or at work! 

This would make a sweet, meaningful gift from a grandma to her favorite granddaughter. 

11. Rose Gold Press On Nails

Rose gold is such a classy and sophisticated color, and it looks amazing on nails! These press on nails are so easy to use and they really do last. 

It’s like an instant manicure that doesn’t cost a fortune, doesn’t take an hour, and won’t require an appointment! 

12. Bullet Journal Kit

Choose her favorite color with this bullet journal kit and she’s ready to go. Bullet journals are everyone’s new favorite life organizers and for good reason — they are so handy! 

This kit comes with so many fun accessories and ways to make her journal stay neat and pretty, too. Great for students or just girls who love to make lists and write down their thoughts. 

13. Birthday Jewelry Drawer Box

Stylish, sleek and wonderfully high quality, this birthday jewelry box is such an upgrade from her childhood jewelry box! It’s a totally grown up present that she’ll love. 

And it’s always so nice to know where your jewelry and mementos collection is: safe, secure and organized. This is guaranteed to be one of her top gifts this year, for sure.

14. Filled Up Jar

Fill up the cutest jar you can find with her favorite candy, snacks, or just some sweet handwritten notes. It’s perfect for sitting on her desk to be admired and/or devoured! 

A simple, sentimental gift that she’s sure to cherish.

15. Birth Flower Coffee Mug

This pretty coffee mug features her birth flower and is sure to be her new favorite cup to sip her coffee or tea from. 

It has a grown up feel to it, and if you pair it with some yummy local coffee beans or her favorite herbal loose leaf, it makes the perfect 19th birthday gift! 

16. UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Box

There’s nothing that sees more action and gets more cooties than a cell phone. Especially a teen’s cell phone. 

Disinfect it with this great UV light sanitizer box! Not only that, it also charges up her phone so she’s clean and ready for whatever tomorrow may bring. 

A practical and helpful gift that we know she’ll get a lot of use out of.

17. Cherry Earrings

Because she can never have enough jewelry…

A playful nod to summer, these cherry earrings will really make her happy! So adorable and easy to wear, even for sensitive ears, they will make her outfits pop with some sunny cheer and color. 

18. One Line Artwork

You can include up to twelve people for this cool one line artwork! Simply pick out a favorite photograph and the color, and you have a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art that makes everyone who sees it say, “where did you get that?!” Such a fun gift.

19. Boba Charm Keychains

These adorable charm keychains feature her favorite trendy beverage: bubble tea! The charms make it easy to keep track of her car keys, and they’re just childlike enough to appeal to her cutesy, soft side. 

A sweet little way to say “Happy Birthday” to your best girl.

20. Decorative Fire Extinguisher

Keep her and her roomies safe and secure with a decorative fire extinguisher! 

Too cute to keep hidden away, it can be left out in plain sight for all to see, admire, and (hopefully) not use one day. Awesome for dorm rooms, this is a perfectly responsible gift for a responsible young lady! 

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21. Bag Hanging Clip

If she’s always on the go (and you know she is) then a sturdy bag hanging clip is the answer to the ever-present question: where do I put my purse? 

A perfect way to keep her purse off the ground, clean and accessible no matter where so goes — restaurants, classes, cafes, or work. 

22. Engraved Anklet

She’ll look classy and sophisticated from her head to her toes — literally — with this dainty little engraved anklet! It’s a bit boho and a bit chic, too. 

One of the best gift ideas if you are looking for something that is easy to mail if she lives far away. 

23. Portable Stainless Steel Straws

Straws are so bad for the environment, but who wants a face full of ice? A portable stainless steel straw is a great solution. 

Easy to tuck in her purse or backpack or the glove box, they come in ever so handy, ever so often! A great gift for the environmentally conscious gal that she is.

24. Lily of the Valley Hair Claw

Hair claws are back! Those of us who went through the ‘90s remember them fondly and we are quite happy to see them trending again. I never had one this pretty, though.

This lily of the valley hair claw turns her bed head into an instant, glamorous updo. A beautiful gift that all of her best friends will be begging to borrow.

25. Off Topic Party Game

Does she love board games? Then this Off-Topic Party Game will be a huge hit! The trivia lineup will ensure that hilarity wins the night. Get ready to laugh and laugh and play again and again! 

26. Floral Bath Bomb Squares

A relaxing soak in the tub is just what she needs after a long day of studying, finals, or working! 

These floral bath bomb squares are pretty, they smell amazing, and they’re so much nicer than what you can find at The Body Shop. She’ll be pampered and ready for tomorrow.

27. Preserved Flower Angel

This precious preserved flower angel is just the thing to dress up her desk at work or her dorm room. 

She’ll know you’re thinking of her and missing her each time she looks at it. Old-fashioned, but in all the right ways and such a very sweet, thoughtful gift! 

28. Her Name Print

What does her name mean? What is the origin? Does she even know? 

She’ll love learning about her moniker with this thoughtful name print. Such an easy way to transform an accent wall and so fun to read, too! 

29. Birth Month Flower Robe

These robes are so pretty, and we can practically feel the softness from here, too.

Full of floral print, these robes are absolutely beautiful and great for lounging at home or in the dorms when sharing a bathroom with roomies. She’ll want to wear it all the time! 

30. Pocket Up Worry Bear

Pick her favorite color of these adorable pocket up worry bears! They’re tiny enough to stick in her pocket and they come with big ears for “listening” to her problems and anxieties. 

You’re never too old for a worry bear, that’s for sure.

31. Engraved Bookmark

Hold her place in that current book with an engraved bookmark! Bibliophiles will swoon over these sophisticated and slim bookmarks. 

An all around good gift for everything from textbooks to cookbooks to her favorite fantasy reading. 

32. Hyaluronic Acid Lip Gloss

This soothing lip gloss contains hyaluronic acid which means her lips will stay hydrated and smooth and kissable! 

There are tons of gorgeous colors to choose from, but why limit yourself? Grab a few different shades and make her day! 

33. Personalized Song Plaque

How cool are these personalized song plaques? You can add any favorite photograph of her, her friends, the family, or just the two of you!

To finish off this neat gift, add her go-to song, or one that holds special memories for you both. Available in several different sizes and variations, so pick whichever you feel would suit her space best.

34. Sparkle Compact Portable Charger

This portable charger sparkles in all the right ways! Totally practical but still fun to look at, it will bring a bit of bling to wherever she decides to use it. 

A great little way to say Happy 19th Birthday to your girl on the go! 

35. Floral Transparent Socks

She’s old enough now to appreciate how great a gift of awesome socks can be! These floral, transparent socks are so feminine and pretty, and are a huge fashion trend right now. 

They’ll be so fun to style with her outfits, too. So cute and unusual — we just love them. 

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36. Birthday Hygge Gift Box

A grown-up gift, this birthday Hygge gift box is perfect for the 19 year old! She’ll love snuggling in for the evening with some delicious tea, a scented candle, and everything else in this fabulous box. 

37. Makeup Brush Set & Case

“You can never have too many makeup brushes.” — most every nineteen year old girl ever. This set is going to make her squeal with happiness. 

You can tell it didn’t come from the grocery store (like her other sets), and they’re so pretty she’ll want to display them instead of putting them away in a drawer. 

38. Heated Plush Stuffed Animal

You’re never too old for a few stuffed animals! These ones are just so cute to look at and squishy enough to squeeze. 

They also are heatable, so they’re total life savers for after workouts, during cramps, or to soothe pulled muscles or tummy aches. 

39. Boba Tea Light

Great for dorm rooms, this boba tea light will get all the compliments! So quirky and witty, not to mention unusual, she’ll love this little guy. And it will light the way to the bathroom at night, so it’s totally practical! 

40. LifeStraw Water Bottle

Keep her hydrated no matter how busy she is with a LifeStraw water bottle! It filters out all the yucky-ness that tap water brings, so she and you can rest assured her health comes first. And you can pick her favorite color, too! 

41. Jumbo Plush Bean Bag Sofa

This sofa sack is so plush and comfortable she may never want to buy “real” furniture! It’s filled with memory foam so you know how soft and nap-inducing it will be. 

Super fun for dorm rooms or other small spaces. It’s definitely the spot that is going to be fought over each and every evening! 

42. Personalized Apple Watch Band

This Apple watch band is personalized so it’s 100% just for her! Get her favorite color and have it engraved with a sweet, funny, personal, or romantic message. 

She’ll love it and love having it close every day to remind her of you.

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