21 Creative Anesthesiologist Gift Ideas

Last Updated on February 10, 2022

People generally feel one of two ways about encountering anesthesia. Either they don’t know what to expect, and the thought of it makes them want to pee their pants, or they have been there done that, and are all about being put to sleep.

Let’s face it, the days of biting down on sticks, or downing hard liquor to drown pain do not sound enviable.

Whether you know and are thankful for a good anesthesiologist, and would like to give them a thank you gift, or have someone you love in this career, we have a list of anesthesiologist gift ideas to get you started. We will keep it short and sweet, like we all wish surgeries would be!

21 Creative Anesthesiologist Gift Ideas

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1. Customized Vintage Anesthesiologist Plaque

Give that expert pain fighter a classic gift. This anesthesiologist plaque can be personalized, and will add a nice flair to any home or office. Made in the USA from genuine solid wood.

2. I Will Knock You Out Anesthesiologist T-Shirt

As an anesthesiologist, you know better than anyone how to take someone down and out. Share a sense of dark humor with this “I will knock you out” t-shirt.

ALSO: You may be interested in another anesthesiology humor shirt that says, “I like people (under general anesthesia).” Get it in premium short-sleeve or long-sleeve.

3. Classic Littmann Stethoscope

No doctor should ever be without a trusty Littmann stethoscope. You’d be surprised how often it’s needed.

4. Personalized “Best Anesthesiologist Ever” Tumbler

A durable tumbler mug is fun and useful gift that includes personalization of name and any quote you like. This would make a lovely gift for that anesthesiologist, nurse, doctor, or graduate in your life.

With a personalized tumbler, you’ll never let your anesthesiologist’s coffee mug go missing again. There is a reason people always steal mugs. Because they are awesome!!

5. Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Customization is all the rage these days. Here’s a rustic yet attractive wall-mounted bottle opener, handcrafted in the USA from solid wood and personalized for the anesthesiologist in your life.

6. I Pass Gas for a Living Anesthesiologist T-Shirt

Anesthesiolgists can truly say, “I pass gas… for a living.” This is the perfect medical humor gift t-shirt for an anesthesiologist who loves fart jokes.

7. Laryngoscope Pendant Necklace

I have no idea what an anesthesiologist uses a laryngoscope for, but it looks cool. She’s going to love it.

8. Laryngoscope Bottle Opener Keychain

And here’s the laryngoscope as a keychain bottle opener! How cool! But if your anesthesiologist friend isn’t into the whole larynx thing, you can do this nifty bottle opener with custom laser engraving to create a personalized gift idea.

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, and while drive throughs are quick, and…well…yummy…we know they really aren’t great for your health.

Here is a great idea for creating quick and delicious sandwiches from home, and give your day a delicious jump start. Perfect for professionals on the go or the busy medical student.

10. Smoothie Blender

If smoothies are more up your morning alley, or you or your loved one works early in the morning, this baby is super handy! Blend up your drink, pop a sipping top on, and you are good to go.

This is a good way to get those vitamins in your system for an excellent morning go-juice.

11. Organic Bird Seed Wreath

Give a festive gift, to brighten the home or office. Cool thing about this particular wreath: not only is it organically grown, harvested, and hand-crafted in Oregon, when the holidays end you can put it outside to feed the birds! That’s why it’s called the “Feast for Feathered Friends.”

12. Circulation Socks

It may sound silly, but from firsthand experience I can say, good socks make amazing presents! (The ones above are wonderful!)

For that someone who is on their feet a lot, these socks will help keep their blood a pumpin’ properly, which is pretty important. 😉

13. I Like People (Under General Anesthesia) Anesthesiologist T-Shirt

There’s no shame in admitting it, especially when you know how true it is.

14. Retro Candy Gift Box

If you’re like us, you get a big kick out of all of the retro candy coming back out.

If you are looking for a fun thank-you gift basket or are shopping for an anesthesiology student, this might just be the one. We get to feeling nostalgic just looking at it. Abba-stinkin-Zaba?! Yes please!

15. Sleep Coffee Mug

Anesthesiologists are experts at putting others to sleep, so let’s help keep them caffeinated, so they don’t put themselves to sleep. 😉

16. Smart Watch

Whether you are on the job, or out and about, this watch makes a great gift. With exercise challenges, reminders, calendars, scheduling, and more, it will keep you on your “A” game.

Speaking of games, we recommend the game “2048.” It’s a nice easy brain teaser for those brief down moments. Hot tip: always move those blocks down and to the right!

17. Anaesthetist’s Humor Booklet

This interactive little anesthetist’s humor booklet is filled with fun stuff – stickers, (clean) jokes, colorful illustrations, and more. All of this printed on premium and environmentally-friendly paper.

18. Putt-A-Bout Office Golf Putting Green

Here’s the perfect golf-themed gift idea for the anesthesiologist who loves to putter about. Get it? Putter?! Haha I crack myself up. More golf gift ideas here.

19. Anesthesiologist Sculpture Art

Now here is a creative gift for the surgery center or anesthesiologist’s office. This detailed contemporary art statue creatively depicts the anesthesiologist and patient, all ready for surgery. The scene is complete with monitors, surgery table, and even an IV bag!

20. Fine Wine Gifts

Any wine enthusiast anesthesiologist will appreciate a nice bottle of wine. You could also go the extra mile with something unique and long lasting, like the wine aging barrel above. There are also plenty of popular vintage-style wine decor plaques like these:

21. Fine Whiskey Gifts

What better way to relax after a long work day than with a fine whiskey. All the better if you’ve aged it yourself! Check out this “Age your own whiskey” kit, which includes an authentic oak whiskey barrel, gorgeous iron stand, and 3 varieties of whiskey essence along with the neccessary barrel accessories. There’s also bourbon, scotch, and Irish whiskey kits.

Other whiskey gift ideas include personalized decanter sets, custom engraved barrels, vintage wall decor, barrel head serving trays, and more which you can see here.

And don’t forget the obvious: A bottle of fine aged whiskey.

We hope this list of Anesthesiologist Gift Ideas is helpful! We’ll leave off with this inspirational quote. “You can’t fix stupid, but you can sedate it.”

Bonus: Killing It Coffee Mug Anesthesiologist Gift

We couldn’t just leave it at 21 without giving you a bonus for reading all the way through. This fun coffee mug reads, “I never dreamed I would be a super cool anesthesiologist but here I am killing it!”

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