21 Thank You Gifts for Doctors to Show Your Appreciation

Doctor Thank You Gift Ideas

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

You’re on the hunt for the perfect thank you gift for your doctor. Your doctor is amazing and has always been there for you, keeping your health in check and you informed. Maybe they’ve even saved your life, or the life of someone you love!

What in the world could you possibly get them to show your appreciation?

We have completed the search for you. Below you will find 21 of our favorite thank you gifts for doctors. These gift ideas are perfect for someone in one of the many different doctoral professions.

From keepsakes to plushies, there is a little something for everyone. Look through this list, and you just may find that one special gift the doctor in your life is sure to treasure forever.

21 Best Thank You Gifts for Doctors

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1. Walnut Wood Keepsake Box

This beautiful keepsake box, made from sturdy walnut wood, is one of our most popular gifts. It comes with engraving on the glass, as well as custom laser etching on the accompanying metal nameplate.

You may choose to keep the Staff of Hermes as shown, or allow us to engrave any logo or image of your choosing. We are also able to fully personalize the nameplate with your doctor’s name, office or hospital, or whatever else you would like us to add.

2. Specialty Coffee Maker

This Ninja coffee maker may be the perfect gift for your physician if they also happen to be an avid coffee drinker.

Whether your doc prefers to start their day with an iced coffee or a cappuccino, this lovely machine makes them all. It brews everything from single serve up to a full 10-cup pot, allowing your doc to share the caffeine with the whole office if they’d like.

For the sought-after texture of a high-quality coffee, this particular Ninja has a fold-away frother that turns any added milk into creamy froth.

3. Personalized Pen Set

For any professional, a personalized pen set is always a nice gift to receive. For the doctor with a sense of humor, this pen set adds just a touch of humor with the lines, “Trust me… I’m a doctor.”

The set comes with three writing utensils: roller ball pen, ballpoint pen, and mechanical pencil. The wood keepsake box allows for up to five lines of engraved personalization, and also features the traditional Caduceus symbol.

Show a valued MD your appreciation with this popular keepsake gift for doctors!

4. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener Doctor Thank You Gift

Let’s say you just found out that your favorite doctor is retiring! You want to get them a custom retirement gift that they’ll enjoy for years to come, but what could that gift be?

Well, have a look at this stunning bottle opener. We construct this beautiful retirement gift from rugged walnut and maple wood, ensuring that it will last for years. We also provide custom laser engraving that includes your doctor’s name, a medical symbol, and any other text you like.

The bottle opener itself is cast iron, and comes with a screw for the optional wall mount. Other personalized designs are available here, including one specifically for retirement.

5. Custom Engraved Tumbler

These custom engraved tumblers are another thoughtful gift idea from our own collection at Northwest Gifts. Say thank you to your doctor with one of these personalized Polar Camel tumblers, which can also be customized for those of any medical profession.

Our tumblers come in an array of sizes and colors, including in black, gray, pink and teal. They are vacuum-sealed to keep drinks steaming hot or chilled for hours.

6. Novelty Coffee Mug

When good health is on the line, any caring doctor wants their patients to follow their orders to a T. But with easy access to search engines comes the ability to self-diagnose and self-treat… not always good ideas!

This cute novelty mug serves as the perfectly humorous thank-you gift for doctors. Show your respect for not only their dedication to your health, but also to their hard-earned knowledge of medicine.

Every doctor needs one of these mugs!

7. Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

Bring a smile to the face of any doctor with our custom engraved bird feeder. Whether the doctor in your life is retiring, or you just to show them your appreciation for years of quality care, consider this high-quality piece.

We are able to laser engrave any name, design or logo of your choosing onto this bird feeder. It is made of sturdy cedar wood and the panels are acrylic, allowing it to withstand the outdoor elements for years.

8. Anatomy Coasters

Any doctor would love to have this quality set of anatomy coasters to decorate either their office or their home. This detailed coaster set features sketches of a skull, brain, heart, and rib cage. The sketches are hand printed on tumbled marble.

You have the option of selecting individual coasters, or ordering them as a set. Additionally, you can order the coasters with or without a holder.

9. Gray’s Anatomy Leatherbound Book

Henry Gray’s classic textbook “Gray’s Anatomy” has been staple reading material for doctors since its original publication in 1858.

Say thanks to your doctor by gifting them this keepsake leather bound edition. They can enjoy reading it, or may choose to display it in their office or home library.

10. Hippocratic Oath Scarf

When someone completes their years of studies and becomes a physician, they take the Hippocratic Oath. When swearing by the Oath, they vow to help and not to harm their patients.

You know that your doctor takes her oath seriously. Why not show her your appreciation for all she does with this unique Hippocratic Oath scarf? It features the text of the oath’s English translation and is printed on a beige viscose fabric.

11. Personalized Pediatrician Cartoon Print

Pediatricians have a special place in our hearts, for they care for the most precious people in our lives.

Your child’s pediatrician has cared for them since the day you brought them home from the hospital. This adorable cartoon print comes matted and is completely customizable to your doctor.

You can also order it as a magnet or keychain. You get to choose the cartoon doctor’s gender, hair color, and skin tone. Add text to customize their name and place of work. A delightful and affordable doctor thank-you gift!

12. Eye Chart Tie

Optometrists and ophthalmologists don’t get near the recognition they deserve! But their work is just as important as the work of other physicians. They know that our eyesight is a precious gift that should be properly cared for.

This cute Snellen eye chart tie makes for a thoughtful thank you gift for your eye doctor. He or she can wear it to jazz up any workday outfit. It is made of 100% microfiber polyester and is standard adult length.

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13. Personalized Desk clock

Every good doctor needs to arrive to appointments on time, or risk losing their patients!

To help your doc stay on schedule, gift them this beautiful desk clock. It’s made of genuine marble and features a quartz timepiece. It can be customized with any two lines of your choosing.

This marble clock is a thoughtful gift for the doctor in your life, whether they are just starting their practice or retiring.

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14. Stethoscope Brooch

When you think of doctors and the critical work they do, what do you picture? Most likely you see a man or woman in a white coat wearing a stethoscope around their neck!

Stethoscopes have long been the symbol for medical care, and now your doctor can wear it with pride right on their lapel.

This stunning brooch is crafted from 14K gold and plated with quality sterling silver. It measures a dainty 3cm. Another one of our favorite thank you gifts for doctors!!

15. Dermatologist’s Plush

Who doesn’t love a super-soft, huggable plush? Your dermatologist is sure to love this one, which is designed to look like a layer of skin with a single hair popping out the top. (Okay-that may not sound cute, but just take a look at that adorable picture above!)

This smiling “skin” plush is made of 100% polyester and comes with a cute educational booklet.

Other types of plushes that will work for other medical specialties:

16. Floral Brain Print

If your doctor is one for vintage style, check out this handmade work of art. A colorful floral design surrounds this detailed sketch of a brain, which sits on a background of classical dictionary paper. Choose from several different sizes.

This makes for a thoughtful gift for your doctor whether he or she is a neurologist, neurosurgeon, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

17. Framed Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer is a classic prayer spoken not only in places of worship, but in schools, at sporting events, at addiction meetings, and in hospitals all over the world. It was first written by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, and ever since then has become one of the world’s most well-known prayers for peace and guidance.

The Doctor’s Serenity Prayer is from Peter Townsend’s Irish Collection and is available in four different sizes. You may personalize it with your doctor’s name upon request. It arrives set into a dark walnut frame.

18. OBGYN Tote Bag

A good OBGYN is hard to find! You know for sure that you have found the best one when he or she safely delivers your precious bundle of joy into the world. Show your doc your great appreciation with this adorable “baby catcher” tote bag.

This thoughtful tote is made from durable cotton canvas, and printed with sister easyweed vinyl to last through years of use.

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19. Personalized Vintage Veterinarian Plaque (Other Professions Available)

We can’t forget to say thank-you to all the wonderful veterinarians out there! This beautiful vintage-style veterinarian’s plaque will get the job done. It is hand-distressed to antique-style perfection, and comes with a hanging name board which can be customized with up to two lines.

This stunning medical sign is crafted right here in the USA. It includes a beautiful relief carved centerpiece featuring the Rod of Asclepius.

They have a variety of other medical professions available as well, including:

20. Engraved Pen Stand

Things Remembered brings us this stunning spinning cube pen stand. The quality stand will make an elegant addition to any doctor’s desk. It includes a metal nameplate on the front, which can be engraved with the name of your physician.

It comes with a spinning clock, a pen, and a place for business cards. On the opposite side of the clock is a place to put a personal photo, making this gift extra special.

21. Personalized Shadowbox

When words fail, this beautiful shadowbox will serve as a lasting thank you to the doctor in your life whom you are especially grateful for. You are able to customize the text however you like. It will arrive in a pretty tulipwood frame and will also feature the universal symbol of the stethoscope, held carefully within a little glass bottle.

This little shadowbox is only 15 centimeters in height, making it easy to add it to any office wall or shelf.

More Thank You Gifts for Doctors

These are all wonderful, high-quality thank you gifts for doctors to show them your great appreciation. But for more ideas, just think outside the box! Items such as gift cards, edible creations, wine and snack trays that the whole office will enjoy would also surely be a welcome surprise.

DIY gifts are also a good idea. Put together a gift basket for your doctor, create a candy jar full of their favorite snacks, or put your own artistic skills to use with a beautiful drawing or painting.

Even just writing your doctor a simple thank you note would brighten their day, and serve to remind them that what they do makes a big difference.

We have a massive list of thank you gifts for all occasions, browse that for more great ways to show your appreciation.

If you would like to browse through even more unique and quality gift ideas, take a look at our website, Northwest Gifts! We have many more customizable ideas for you to peruse.

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Thank You Gifts for Doctors

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