15 Best Physical Therapist Gifts for All Occasions

Need ideas for great physical therapist gifts? You’re in luck – we’ve taken a deep dive into researching the very best PT gift ideas, and that’s what this article is all about!

So today, we’ve curated gift ideas for physical therapists of every kind and for every occasion. Whether you need something for your favorite PT’s birthday, graduation or retirement, or just want to show your gratitude, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s begin!

15 Best Physical Therapist Gift Ideas

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1. Wooden Therapist Sign with Custom Engraving

From Northwest Gifts’ Pacific Crest series comes this gorgeous wooden sign with your therapist’s name on it (literally).

Handmade in the USA of birch ply and stained alder wood, this sign is custom-made to order. You can also choose any theme you want engraved into the plaque – not just the Staff of Hermes you see above!

Choose what you want each line to say, and also choose between two sizes: 12″ x 16″ or 18″ x 24″. You can even get a bonus name board personalized that hangs below the main plaque.

Check out more of our Pacific Crest plaques here.

2. Funny T-Shirt Just for PT’s

Being a PT is hard work; sometimes you just gotta laugh the stress of the day away. If your therapist is well aware of your funny side (and you theirs) this hilarious t-shirt may be just the gift that puts a big ol’ smile on their face.

The comfy tee is unisex in style, made of 100% cotton, and comes with a tear-away label.

3. “Best PT Ever” Custom Engraved Tumbler

You know who has the best physical therapist in the whole world: YOU! So why not let them know how you feel by surprising them with something they can really use throughout their day: this Polar Camel tumbler with their occupation engraved right on the front.

This tumbler comes double-walled and vacuum-sealed. So whether they choose to use it as a coffee mug or a tea glass (or any hot or cold drink), they can rest assured their beverage is going to stay hot/cold for a long time.

It’s also available in a variety of colors, sizes/styles, and themes.

4. Tea Sampler Gift Set

We’re following the tumbler up with this gift idea because, well, admit it — they’d go great together!

There’s nothing quite as nice as sipping from a piping hot (or ice cold) cup of fresh tea. Especially if it’s REAL tea. You know, the kind of high-end tea you can only get from an artisan shop.

That’s what we’ve picked out for you here. This handcrafted sampler set comes with four different organic teas for your therapist to try:

  • Soul Awaken – Light and refreshing yet earthy and nourishing.
  • Heart Awaken – A well balanced blend of organic tulsi, rose petals and buds, passionflower, oatstraw and marshmallow.
  • Happiness – A fusion of organic tulsi (Holy basil), hibiscus, peppermint and chocolate mint. 
  • Calming – This organic, herbal tea blend is made from Chamomile flowers, Oatstraw and Peppermint.

All samples are caffeine-free.

5. Vintage-Style Anatomy Casual Shoes

A trusty pair of comfy, casual shoes is something we ALL enjoy. We all enjoy expressing ourselves, too, and now your PT can do just that with this cute pair of anatomy kicks from Groove Bags.

These shoes feature a full canvas print in the theme “Vintage Anatomy.” The vamp is elastic, meaning easy slip-on and off. And the EVA outsoles are ultra slip-resistant. Perfect for the on-the-go therapist!

Now all you have to do is slyly figure out their shoe size….

6. Copper Cow Coffee

The amazing thing about these coffee kits is that you don’t need any special equipment – just hot water. The individually packaged coffee servings come in their own pour-over bag, so just put it in the cup, pour hot water over, and viola – delicious coffee. Includes sweet cream to boot!

7. Personalized Gym Bag

Physical therapists work hard to ensure that those under their care are improving their bodies day by day. When you’re focused too much on the well-being of others, it can be too easy to let your own health fall by the wayside.

Something as thoughtful as a gym bag can go a long way in reminding your PT to keep moving themselves. And when it comes personalized with their name, it makes it all the more special.

This personalized polyester duffle bag/gym bag comes in a variety of different colors, perfect for the PT on the go. It’s monogrammed, and includes one main compartment along with three other zippered pockets for maximum packing. Detachable shoulder strap is included.

8. Custom Bobblehead for the Recent Graduate

Know someone who’s about to earn everything they’ve worked so hard toward? Help your favorite future PT celebrate their achievement with a little something fun – this adorable custom bobblehead, crafted from durable polyresin.

To order, all you have to do is give the artist a photo and description details, and they’ll take care of the rest.

We’re pretty sure you can already see the giant grin your graduate is going to give you when they open this one.

The shop has a wide array of styles, so you can do retirement, everyday doctor’s garb, golfing/hobby themes, ripping-off-shirt-with-Superman-beneath, and many more.

9. Walnut and Maple Wood Bottle Opener for the Retiree

Is the best physical therapist in the world retiring? Then as a way to say “thank you” for all that they’ve done for you, you want to give them a gift that will keep on giving.

Of course, we have just the thing.

Another Northwest Gifts original, this solid wood bottle opener is sure to impress first your retiring therapist, and then in turn all of their friends.

Handcrafted right here in the USA of fine walnut and maple wood, it comes personalized with their name and retirement year. The opener is actually cast iron, and the whole thing measures 8.75″ x 5.25″ x 1″…perfect for portable use or as a wall fixture.

If your PT isn’t retiring, there are plenty of additional themes and styles.

10. Human Anatomy Coloring Book

Okay, so the human body is something your physical therapist is probably already very familiar with. But there ain’t nobody that don’t love a nice coloring book!

This one is prefect for brushing up on terminology and/or for a refresher if they have a certification test or CE coming up. It can also just be colored in for fun, or as a stress reliever in between particularly difficult clients (not you). Don’t forget to get them some quality coloring utensils, like these brush pens, to go with it.

This book is 256 pages and available in paperback or spiral bound format.

11. Personalized Bar Necklace

Something discreet, yet elegant. Nothing too flashy, but just enough bling to make it admirable. That’s how we’d describe this modern-style bar necklace.

In our humble opinion, it makes the perfect gift for a PT; it can be worn at work, while wearing casual clothes or even scrubs, or somewhere formal.

You choose the text you’d like engraved onto the metal color of your choice (their name, “Best PT Ever,” etc). Several font styles are available.

12. Physical Therapist’s Vintage-Style Office Sign

Customized PT gifts aren’t hard to find if you know where to look. And if your therapist is one for classical, vintage-style design, this next gift idea is something they’ll appreciate for a long time to come.

This personalized wood sign with hanging name board looks like it stepped right out of the Civil War era. But nope, it’s brand spankin’ new.

Complete with old-timey phrasing, hand-distressed finish, and a 3D resin cast of a caduceus, this sign will make a wonderful addition to their office.

Measures 24″ x 16″.

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13. Erin Condren Life Planner

Erin Condren is the queen of cute planners. Anyone who is into bullet journaling or who simply likes to stay organized has heard of her company, which specializes in paper products of all kinds.

Your PT without a doubt has a need to stay organized, what with work appointments and then regular ol’ life to keep track of outside of that. If you feel that they could benefit from a little help, gift them this beautiful Erin Condren planner.

The monthly and weekly spreads in this planner are undated, meaning that there is room aplenty for personal customization.

If you go with this gift idea, also consider gifting your PT some good pens to go with their planner. And be sure to check out Erin Condren’s other accessories, too.

Related gift for the digital native: Consider the Rocketbook, a series of notebooks and planners that you physically write in, then instantly and easily digitize to the cloud and organize by your choice of folder/app (Dropbox, Evernote, email, etc).

14. Embroidered Headband

It’s no secret that physical therapists are on their feet a lot throughout the day. If they have long hair, it can be hard to keep it swept back (and out of their patients’ faces), even with a ponytail in place. Help your PT keep her mane under check with this cute personalized headband embroidered by Sterling Image Inc.

Made of stretchy cotton and measuring 2.5″ in width. Several band colors, and embroidery thread colors, are available.

15. All-Natural Bath Bombs (DIY!)

We saved the best (for you DIY-ers, at least) for last!

The best gifts for your physical therapist are those that come straight from the giver’s heart. Often times, those are the ones you make yourself.

These DIY bath bombs, made from all-natural ingredients, are the bath bomb dot com. Your physical therapist may have encouraged you on occasion to relax your muscles in a nice, hot bath…now it’s your turn to do the same for her.

Just follow the directions in the link above, pack your bath bombs in a cute gift box or bag, and viola, you’ve got a perfectly sweet physical therapist gift.

Even More Gifts for Physical Therapists

On second thought, we can’t leave you hanging with just 15 physical therapist gifts! So here are a few more of our favorites:

You’ve reached the end of this article, but you’re nowhere close to browsing through ALL the amazing gift ideas we’ve come up with.

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