21 Optometrist Gift Ideas for the Home or Office

Gifts for an Optometrist

Every optometrist needs a few creative gift items that reflect their passion for what they do. Whether for the home or office, these 21 creative optometrist gift ideas will help you find the perfect optometry-themed gift for any occasion.

21 Optometrist Gift Ideas


21 Optometrist Gift Ideas for the Home or Office

Available here.

Crafted in the USA and personalized to order, this Vintage Personalized Optometrist Plaque features a hand-carved 3-dimensional eyeglasses applique and witty old-fashioned banter. The optional hanging nameplate can be personalized with the name and/or business name, and you can hang multiple nameplates for offices with several optometrists.


Creative Eyeglass Display

Available here.

Mango wood bust-style eyeglass holder, looks great on any optometrist’s desk or nightstand. Use as a fun display or to actually hold your glasses!


Be the good plaque - optometrist gift ideas

Available here.

This is a great optometrist gift because it isn’t quite as goofy and obvious as most other optometrist quotes. It’s a classic quote, so it can be done in a variety of ways that don’t scream out “optometrist’s office!!”

The handmade design pictured above takes the form of an eye chart, which is pretty clever. You can also have this quote personalized on a variety of other products – in the eye chart style, or as a simple quote, or even with the recipient’s name or optometry business name added to it.

Here are a few options for items on which you can engrave or print this quote:

Note that the price of each of those items includes personalization, so you can put anything you like on the item including logos, names, quotes, and more.


Optometrist Gift Ideas

Available here.

The classic optometrist’s eye chart, adopted to accent your footwear. This is a good one to wear to the office to impress your patients.


Optemetrist Gift Ideas - Optometry Humor

Available here.

Eye am an optometrist… my jokes are as corneas it gets. The winningest optometry humor gift idea for the ultimate dad-joke-loving eye doctor.


Optometry Gift Ideas

Available here.

No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side. A cheery, fun, and handmade wall decor plaque perfect for the optometrist’s home or office.


Optometrist Gift Ideas

Available here.

Here is the perfect optometrist office gift idea – a business card dispenser of a mini eye doctor figure holding an eye chart. Clever, attractive, humorous, and appropriate for all occasions.


Golf Plaque for Optometrist Office

Available here – Browse more vintage plaques here.

You don’t have to get an optometrist something that says “Optometrist” all over it. Consider a gift like one of our personalized vintage plaques that reminds them of the things they love outside of work: Golf, tooling around in the garage, going fishing, enjoying the fruits of their labor in a luxurious home bar.


Customized Tumblers for Optometrist

Available here.

Here’s another optometrist gift idea that may or may not have anything to do with optometry. Vacuum-sealed tumblers are all the rage right now, and even better is one that is customized. You can go with the doctor’s name, business name, or logo; you can do a cute optometrist quote (borrow one from one of the other gift ideas listed here), or you can keep it simple with a name or simple line art depicting a favorite hobby. When personalizing one of our YETI or RTIC tumblers, the options are endless!


Optometrist Gift Ideas - Wall Decor

Available here.

Here’s a fun optometrist office plaque with a modern vibe: “Make a spectacle of yourself.” What optometrist hasn’t heard that one yet?!


Optometrist Office Gift Ideas

Available here.

If you’re searching for an affordable, simple, and quirky gift idea for a coffee-loving optometrist boss, then you will know just by looking at the picture above if this is the right thing for you.


Gift ideas for the optometrist who loves wine

Available here.

If they’re into wine more than coffee, try this optometrist humor sign on for size. The idea is that they can prescribe the perfect “pair” for their “condition.”


Optometrist Gift Ideas: Succulent Wreath

Available here.

Add the spice of life to your optometrist office with a “living” wreath. Made from organic echeveria succulents grown and harvested in Oregon, this beautiful wreath is actually still living. Makes a wonderful centerpiece or wall decor accent, great for any home or office.


Optometrist Gift Ideas

Available here.

This set of six 8×10 photo art prints are perfect for the optometrist who has it all. Set them in some matted frames and you have a classy, brilliant gift that will revolutionize their office at work or the den at home.


Eyeglasses art - Optometrist Gift Ideas

Available here.

This cheery wall decor piece is the perfect gift idea for the optometrist who can always stay positive.


Office Gift Ideas for the Optometrist

Available here.

Then, of course, there is the optometrist who maybe needs to learn to stay a bit more positive… in what can be a high-stress occupation, this desktop zen garden provides a relaxing escape in the midst of a busy workday.


Optometrist Gift Ideas

Available here.

Another simple, affordable, and beautifying accent for the optometrist’s office. This Himalayan rock salt lamp offers many benefits including air purification, reduced athsma and allergy symptoms, improved blood flow, and more.


Optometrist Gift Ideas

Available here.

There are quite a few cute and interesting eyeglass holders; we’re going to list a few of our favorites. This Charlie Brown / Peanuts figurine is an instant classic.


Optometrist Gift Ideas: Eyeglass holder

Available here, plus matching phone stand and pen holder

Here is an eyeglass holder that gives the impression of an artsy marble bust. Plus you can get a matching cell phone stand and office accessory/pen holder in the same style for a complete set!


Optometrist Gifts for the Office

Available here.

Perfect for the home or office, this owl eyeglass stand is totally adorable with its rustic wood sensibilities and dual functionality.



Optometrist gifts

Available here.

We’ll leave you with the soothing, tranquil sounds of water trickling down through the copper pipes of this slate tabletop fountain. A beautiful gift for the home or office of your favorite optometrist.

10 Creative “just because” gift ideas for $20 or less

Gift ideas for those special "just because" gifts

Sometimes you just feel like giving. It’s a great feeling, giving a gift for no reason other than to show that you care. Here are 10 creative “just because” gift ideas, all for $20 or less. Whether it’s your bestie, a co-worker, your spouse, or a good friend, these fun gifts are a sure winner and won’t set you back much more than a Benjamin.

10 Creative “Just Because” Gift Ideas


Gift idea for a co-worker

Do you have a quirky, whimsical co-worker who is always stealing your tape? Get a Unicorn Tape Dispenser, just because. Includes 2 rolls of rainbow tape. Also comes in weiner dog and frog designs.


Just Because Gift Ideas Under $20

Etch a favorite quote, special date, or “I love you” message onto this stainless steel wine bottle opener accessory multitool. This is a stellar wine-themed “just because” gift for twenty bucks that will be remembered and treasured always. Well worth it. (Available here)


Gift Ideas for Her Under $20

Everyone seems to be getting into the essential oil diffusing game. This is one of those things that a special person in your life will probably want, but won’t always get around to getting one themselves. But once they have it, they’ll wonder how they ever lived without it! (Available here)


Creative "Just Because" Gifts

Hand-crafted small batch organic bath salts, for pure relaxation. The perfect treat for the perfect end to a long and beautiful day. Filled with a blend of specialty salts and highlighted with rose petals, calendula oil, and chamomile flowers.


For the love of french fries

Fries are so delicious…. a great gift idea for a bestie, and she doesn’t even have to be getting over a relationship. This is a totes perfect tote for… Just because. (Available here)


A truly "just because" gift idea

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and your friends deserve to chill out with some refreshing beverages littered with…. dachshund ice cubes. Unleash the cooling power of the dachsh, and make a friend smile with this creative “just because” gift idea.


Great Gift Ideas

While we’re on the topic of ice-cold drinks: why don’t you make it “explosively” cold with a 3D hand-grenade ice cube mold?? Just one cube should do the trick. And it looks so cool!


Just because gifts for tea time

If you have a friend who loves tea, and if you like to “hang out” together drinking aforementioned tea, maybe a couple of these creative tea infusers will be the perfect “just because” gift.


Lifelike animal toy - just because

This cute little guy is a teriffic adornment for the desk, office, bookshelf, or nightstand of anyone who loves animals. Add in a tiger or a giraffe or any of the many other options to create a herd of gifts!


Just because gift ideas for the kid at heart

The perfect “just because” gift idea for the young at heart…. maybe it’s just because it’s summer, or perhaps it’s just because you want to see them belly flop on the lawn, whatever your motive may be, a lawn water slide is a great fun ‘n fancy free gift to give, just because.

7 Gift Giving Fallacies You Should Completely Ignore

Gift Giving Fallacies

Not all gifts are created equal, and the same goes for the little rules built up in our minds about gift giving. Some gift giving etiquette is simple common sense and kindness; for the rest, it’s true that it’s the thought that counts. Let’s take a look at seven gift giving fallacies that you should completely and totally ignore.

7 Gift Giving Fallacies You Should Completely Ignore

Ignore these seven gift giving fallacies

1. Gifts should be given on the right date to count

The gift has to arrive by December 24th to count as a Christmas gift! We have to have it in hand by their birthday!


I mean, yeah, if you’re the type of person who habitually forgets birthdays and anniversaries, constantly scrambling for a last-minute gift, you should probably focus on getting a gift ahead of time. Doing so shows that this person is important enough to you that you will spend the proper time preparing.

But let’s say you’re trying to get something really unique and perfectly suitable for someone who means a whole lot to you. You’ve been looking and looking, and finally – eureka! – you found it. Let’s say it’s a customized 1950’s flair Ice Cream Parlor sign made out of a real barrel head, for your vintage-loving rum enthusiast bestie who totally adores ice cream and is currently remodeling her kitchen. (And yes, such a product does exist.)

The trouble is, you found this and ordered it two days before her birthday, and since it’s custom-made, it’s going to show up after the holiday, birthday, graduation, etc. Guess what? That’s ok! If it’s something special that they will have for the rest of their life, a few days shouldn’t be a big deal. Take (or download) a picture of the item, slip it in a card, maybe toss in a small coffee gift card, and they’ll be fine with it.

2. Gifts should be tangible

Some people fall into the trap of thinking you have to give stuff. If there’s not something to unwrap then it doesn’t count – or so the theory goes.


Many of us already have tons of stuff. The last thing we need is more. The idea that a present needs to be unwrapped is one of the most hobbling gift giving fallacies, because it will seriously limit your options for a truly meaningful gift.

Consider giving an experience – a date at a nice restaurant, a luxury photo shoot, a vacation, a day at the trampoline park. This sort of experiential gift will often be remembered and treasured long after all the other stuff has been tossed out.

3. Gifts should be wrapped beautifully

We love us some beautiful gift wrapping. A good wrapping job shows care and creativity, and can be a work of art. So just to be clear we’re not anti-wrapping fruitcakes.

But on the other hand… Seriously, do you need to waste $5.95 on a roll of paper that’s just going to be ripped up five minutes later and then tossed into a landfill? Do you need to keep an entire drawer filled with bows and ribbons and tissue paper, all of which will be sent directly to the trash bin?


No need to waste paper. Upcycle an old gift bag, or use a piece of cloth to wrap the gift. Or accessorize the gift itselt: A baby shower gift can come wrapped in a baby blanket, a housewarming gift in a kitchen towel, a Jurassic Park Blu-Ray wrapped in a “Clever Girl” T-shirt, a twenty-dollar bill can come “wrapped” in a wallet. Heck, my family will often give a gift wrapped in whatever they can find: grocery bags, t-shirts that aren’t part of the gift, and the throw blanket from the back of the very couch we’ve been sitting on – none of these are out of the question in our house. It’s about celebrating someone we love with a meaningful gift, not necessarily about the wrapping job.*

*Although we’ve been known to get pretty crazy with fancy-upcycled-DIY-art  wrapping as well.

Use your imagination, and you can easily save on both the financial and environmental cost of wrapping paper.

4. Gifts should be new

This one makes a certain amount of sense. After all, nothing goes over as poorly as re-gifting something you used twice, or passing along some old clothes, books, or movies. Does that mean all used gifts should be avoided?


Some people are way into vintage and antiques – just look at mega-site Etsy, or mega-hits like Antiques Roadshow. Sometimes the very best gifts are used: a first-edition book, or a rare vinyl LP, or a 16-year-olds first car.

So don’t limit your search for the perfect gift to items in nice packaging at the mall or Costco. Think outside the box, and if it’s the perfect fit, it’s a great gift, regardless of how new it is.

5. Gifts should be unique

This is one of those gift giving fallacies that I can easily fall prey to. You, too, most likely. We all love to give that perfectly memorable, one-of-a-kind, “WOW” gift. And those types of unique, creative gifts are great; in fact, that’s our main goal at Northwest Gifts – to provide a stellar selection of unique, memorable, and “wow”-worthy gifts. So does that mean you should always try to get the most interesting and unique gift possible?


Sometimes it’s ok to do. We totally recommend going the extra mile, finding that “just perfect” gift they totally love. But you can’t always top last year’s gift, and sometimes people simply try too hard.

The fallacy is in thinking it’s a bad thing to get them something simple, something practical, or something that they said they want. So maybe the Batman trilogy on Blu-Ray isn’t the most unique gift in the world – so what? If someone likes Batman, get them Batman. You don’t need to find some weird hand-knit batman beanie mask that they’ll never wear in real life. Just get them the Blu-Ray… the one they actually want.

6. Gifts should be expensive

Parents will often fall into this when getting the kids Christmas presents. (I know we do!) Child A has 3 presents that cost $100, and we found 2 **completely perfect** presents for Child B that set us back just $45. So we owe Child B another $55, right?

Or maybe last year you bought your spouse an incredible necklace that cost a few grand. You don’t mind, because: love. This year, do you need to meet or exceed last year’s spend?


Gifts shouldn’t be about the dollar amount. If it is, just write a check. Gift giving is great because it’s fun to give. It’s fun to find a great deal on a special item, or find that completely niche thing you didn’t even know existed until you stumbled across it online. It doesn’t have to cost much in order to make it special.

Of course, price is important; it’s part of what limits just about everyone’s gift giving, and there really is no way to compare a car, diamond jewelry, or an exotic vacation with a DVD from the $5 bin and a box of microwave popcorn.

But you know what? There’s a time for everything. Sometimes the right thing to do is splurge and get that cruise, that diamond-studded earring set, that billiards table, that piano. And other times the right thing to do is give a $20 coffee gift card. The rule that gifts need to be expensive is bogus. The important thing is giving generously and thoughtfully with where you are at in life.

7. Gifts should be reciprocal

Oh shoot, she got me a $50-60 gift and mine was only $20! Darn, he gave me a gift and I didn’t give him one…. What the heck, why did I go out of my way to get this super special custom-ordered personalized vintage plaque for this couple, when they just picked me up a book from the bookstore?

Nope, nope, nope. You’re missing the whole point.

Gift giving is about giving. A gift isn’t an exchange – that’s commerce, and we do it way too much anyways. Gift giving is about giving. Give with a generous heart, and receive without feeling obligation. You shouldn’t feel guilt when your gift (or lack of gift) doesn’t compare with their pricey one. And vice versa.

We all like to repay our debts, and no one likes to feel like they owe anyone anything. That’s all fine and good. But don’t bring that in to gift giving, and don’t put up with others doing it to you.


There you have it, 7 classic gift giving fallacies that you should completely ignore. Because: you’re better than that. Enjoy your gift giving experience!

21 Real Estate Closing Gifts Your Clients Will Remember

Gift Ideas for Real Estate Closing

Real estate closing gifts are the perfect opportunity for all you real estate agents to thank your clients, and show them how much you appreciated working with them. It’s also a great way to leave them with a positive image of their experience with you, and it can be a step toward future referrals.

Below we have 21 unique and memorable ideas for real estate closing gifts. Continue reading

21 Brilliant Obstetrician Gift Ideas for OB/GYNs

Gift Ideas for an Obstetrician

Obstetrician gift ideas take a bit of thought. OB/GYNs are well-known and well-regarded for their thoughtfulness towards their patients, caring demeanor, and wholesome attitude and lifestyle. You’ll want to put some time and effort into choosing just the right obstetrician gift for the OB/GYN in your life.

That’s where this list of 21 brilliant obstetrician gift ideas comes in. We’ve separated it into two parts; first, general gift ideas for your friend or family member who is an OB, then some great gift ideas for the obstetrician who delivered your baby. Let’s dive in!

Obstetrician Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Vintage Obstetrician Plaque

OBGYN Gift Ideas

Crafted in the USA in gorgeous wood with a vintage and hand distressed finish, this plaque is perfect for the obstetrician’s office. Optional hanging personalized nameboard (you can get multiples, too!), this charming plaque is available here.

2. Yes, I Deliver Coffee Mug

Obstetrician Gift Idea Coffee Mug

24 hours a day, 7 days a week… yes, I deliver! The perfect humorous coffee mug for an OB/GYN. Available here and with a color-changing option to boot.

3. Personalized At Your Cervix Mug

Obstetrician Gift Ideas

A little further on down the dodgy humor scale, this hilarious mug deadpans with the classic obstetrician joke “at your cervix.” Customize with your OB’s name across the top for a fun and useful gift. Available here.

4. Wine

Give the Gift of Wine

If they love wine, then this is an easy choice. Pair up a good wine with a personalized cork catcher or a customized corkscrew bottle opener.

5. Personalized Cigar Box

Gift Ideas for Male OBGYNs

Birth and cigars are a time-honored and traditional pair. What better to get a male OB/GYN as a gift than a personalized cigar box and humidor to collect all those cigars? Several designs to choose from available here.

6. De-Stress Office Gifts

Gift Ideas

There are plenty of creative options for office stress relief obstetrician gift ideas. Here are a few favorites:

  • Bonsai Tree Kit – Everything they’ll need to grow up to four bonsai trees in a simple gift box.
  • Pillow Massager with Heat – Popular and affordable, this portable back and shoulder massager includes a heat function and can strap to their office chair.
  • Stress Cube Toy – Handheld fidget cube helps destress with the many included functions. Plus it’s just a couple bucks.
  • Tangle Relax Therapy – Another de-stress toy, this twistable therapy device has an ergonomic approach to stress relief and hand therapy.
  • Acupressure Mat with Pillow – Relaxation and healing via acupressure. This pillow and mat set works wonders on the back, shoulders, and neck.

Gift Ideas for the OB/GYN Who Delivered Your Baby

Now let’s delve in to some gift ideas for the OB/GYN who delivered your baby. Of course these obstetrician gift ideas are useful for anyone to give to an OB in their life, but these are ideal for that close-but-still-professional relationship you have with the obstetrician who was there for you throughout your pregnancy.

12. Personalized Frame w/ Baby Photo

Alder Wood Engraved Photo Frame

A cute way to personalize your gift. Available here.

13. Digital Picture Frame

Digital Photo Frame Gift Idea

A digital picture frame is a good option so that your OB/GYN can continually update it with new baby photos. Available here.

14. Specialty Foods

Specialty Food Gift Basket

Pick up a nice gift basket from a local vendor, or order one online delivered right to the office. Your baby’s OB and their entire staff will love it! The gourmet sausage & meat gift basket pictured above is available here.

15. Cookie Platter for the Whole Office


Another great food gift idea for those with a sweet tooth… this one is simple to deliver yourself from a local grocery store or specialty bakery. You can also order gourmet cookies like these ones online.

16. Restaurant Gift Certificate

Gift Ideas for OB/GYN

Everybody eats, and a night out is a great treat. Pick a local favorite or a popular chain restaurant and get a gift card funded with enough credit for a nice dinner for two.

17. Coffee Gift Card

Gift Ideas for Obstetrician / Gynecologist

Some OB/GYNs live on espresso. Go to their favorite coffee shop; get gift card. Done.

18. Specialty Services

Gift Ideas for Obstetrician / OB/GYN

A little spa care goes a long way. Treat your baby’s doctor to a specialty service such as a manicure, pedicure, massage, or some other unique specialty service.

19. Boxed Dinner

Gift ideas for OBGYN

For the busy OB/GYN, a few months’ subscription to a boxed dinner service may be the perfect gift. Freshly is a good one.

20. Handmade Gifts

Gift ideas for DIY gifts

In a world of specialized manufacturing and constant commercialization, something individually handmade says a lot about how much this person means to you. Here are some easy DIY gift ideas.

21. Enthusiastic Online Reviews

Write a glowing online review

An enthusiastic online review is a great obstetrician gift idea to give to your doctor, because it lets others know the quality of care that you received and means more potential clients for the OB/GYN. There are many places to write reviews: try finding your doctor’s office on Google Maps and leave a review there, or find other sites like YP, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more. Many insurance companies provide ways to review practitioners, or you could simply write a glowing review on Facebook, Instagram, or other social sites and tag your OB.

So, how about it? Did any of these ideas suit you, or do you have any to add? Leave a comment below!