35+ Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Teachers

Today, we’re going to look at 35 of the best Thanksgiving gifts for teachers.

When we think about the busiest people at the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving, let’s be honest…

It’s usually all of those mothers, grandmothers, and aunties who are cooking up a storm that come to mind. And rightfully so! 

But you know who else is super busy around that time? Teachers.

That’s right, you heard me.

Thanksgiving means Thanksgiving break. And Thanksgiving break means countless projects, tests, papers and quizzes are piling up on their poor little desks.

So much work, so little time.

Let them know how grateful you are for all of their hard work and wonderful teaching skills with a special Thanksgiving gift.

How better to tell them how appreciated they are? While Thanksgiving gifts aren’t the most common in the world, there are plenty of wonderful options out there!

We’ve compiled this list of the 35 best Thanksgiving teacher gifts to help kickstart your ideas.

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What to Give Teachers for Thanksgiving?

It’s a good question. After all, Thanksgiving isn’t always considered a gift-giving holiday.

But teachers pour so much time, love, and work into your children, so this is the perfect time to thank them for a fantastic start to the year.

Thanksgiving gift ideas for teachers can range from extraordinarily practical items that they can use in their daily life (or in the classroom), to holiday themed gifts like Thanksgiving gift baskets and cookies.

Really, Thanksgiving teacher gifts can be anything that you think they’d love and that would make them feel appreciated, as they should be!

Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Teachers

Nope, it’s not Teacher Appreciation Week yet, but this school year we think it would be a really good idea to bestow something beyond just kind words on your child’s favorite teacher.

As the holiday approaches, sit tight for our selection of the best Thanksgiving teacher gifts. 

1. Teach, Love, Inspire Fall Sweaters

How pretty is this fall-themed sweater? So cute and oh-so cozy, it’s perfectly suitable for the classroom while being comfy enough for those late nights spent grading.

And it’s available in tons of colors and sizes, so you can find just the right one for them!

2. Thanks a Latte Gift Card Holder

There are few professionals out there who need their coffee more than teachers.

Help them fuel that constant need with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, then wrap it up in this adorable pumpkin-adorned holder for the best gift.

They will be delighted with your thoughtfulness, as coffee gifts are always a great idea.

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3. Thankful For This Teacher Personalized Tumbler

We just talked about coffee and a teacher’s undeniable need for it, didn’t we? Well, how can they keep said hot beverage hot and fresh? With one of these great, personalized tumblers, of course!

You can go with something like “Thankful for This Teacher” or “Best Teacher Ever,” but the choice is yours for this practical teacher Thanksgiving gift.

4. Personalized Teacher Earrings

These teacher earrings are just too cute! Personalize them with her name, and she’ll have an adorable accessory that will make her think of you each time she wears them.

Handmade with the fun school supplies design printed both front and back, these will be cherished for years to come.

5. DIY Magnetic Cement Planters

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - DIY Magnetic Cement Planters
Photo Credit: Artsy Pretty Plants

Create adorable, magnetic cement planters that make a special gift for teachers this Thanksgiving break.

Fill with succulents or fall-themed decor — real or fake — with this tutorial that takes only 15 minutes. What a great idea!

6. Best Teacher Ever Potholders

Don’t think just because they have all that grading that they won’t still have tons of baking and cooking to do for the big feast! These adorable teacher potholder/mitt pouches will get them equipped for their baking frenzy.

7. Personalized Teacher Appreciation Candy Jar

These glass candy jars are perfect for keeping those necessary afternoon sweets and student rewards on hand.

So cute and customizable, fill these sweet jars up with their favorite assortment of candies, or maybe nuts or fruit leather for a healthier option. 

Need some filler ideas? Check out some of these sweet treats from Old Time Candy!

8. Happy Thanksgiving Candy Bar Wrapper

These adorable, Thanksgiving candy bar wrappers are an easy, affordable way to let them know you’re thinking about them during the holidays!

A sweet treat dressed in its Thanksgiving best.

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9. Thank You For Helping Me Grow DIY Teacher Gift

Make them feel extra special with pretty little gifts you crafted yourself! Nothing says “thank you’ quite like something made with love by hand.

This fun DIY tutorial is just what you’re looking for.

10. Pumpkin Spice Latte Kit

One of the most wonderful things about Thanksgiving? It’s plopped smack-dab in the middle of pumpkin spice season.

I mean it makes sense with all those beautiful pumpkin patches and pumpkin pies and pumpkin breads and…you get the idea. It’s pretty much the best time of year in the vibes department (sorry Christmas).

I know there’s a lot of haters out there, but a good pumpkin spice latté or tea or cocoa is like a warm hug for the senses. This fantastic assortment of hot beverage add-ins will thrill them.

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11. Thank You Floral Pumpkin Card

What better way to say thank you than in a heartfelt note? These beautiful, autumnal thank you cards are so special.

Fill it up with all of your most grateful sentiments, and they’ll have a lovely keepsake to tuck away.

Pop in a pressed fall leaf, a bookmark, or maybe an Amazon gift card for something extra special.

12. Free DIY Printable Teacher Thank-You Letter

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - Free DIY Printable Teacher Thank You Letter
Photo Credit: Printables Fairy

The youngest kids may not know how to properly express their thanks to their teacher.

This simple printable helps them do just that by filling in the blanks in their own handwriting on these free printables!

Easy and free, yet also cute and meaningful, this is a wonderful way to teach your children to give thanks to those who mean the most to them.

13. Bake Cute Turkey Cookies

Bake Cute Turkey Cookies
Photo Credit: Practically Homemade

Let your kids participate in the gift-giving on this special occasion by baking these adorable (and delicious) Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies! 

Homemade cookies just carry a special meaning with them, ya know? And these are too cute for words.

14. Teacher Appreciation Keychains

These keychains make the best teacher appreciation gift for any time of year. But especially for Thanksgiving!

The cute little harvest apples and sweet sentiments will have them smiling each time they look at it.

15. DIY Fall Macramé Rainbow

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - DIY Fall Macramé Rainbow
Photo Credit: Big Family Blessings

This adorable Fall Macramé Rainbow craft is simple to make, and a great Thanksgiving craft. Not to mention a perfect gift! They will surely cherish this pretty keepsake for years to come.

They can hang it on their desk, from their car mirror, on the fridge at home…anywhere really!

16. Morse Code Teacher Appreciation Bracelet

How ingenious is this morse code bracelet? A little bracelet that carries a big message and a lot of gratitude with it.

Easily paired with other jewelry or worn alone, this bracelet will become an instant favorite and is a perfect way to show how much you care.

17. Gingerbread Caramel Corn

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - Gingerbread Caramel Corn
Photo Credit: The Forked Spoon

This inviting Homemade Caramel Corn Recipe is made with gingerbread spices and sweet buttery caramel sauce.

Share your very own batch of this perfectly sweet and crunchy gingerbread caramel corn with teachers for an easy, homemade, and edible gift.

18. Make A “Junk Journal” From Leftover School Crafts & Homework Assignments

Make A "Junk Journal" From Leftover School Crafts & Homework Assignments
Photo Credit: Upcycle My Stuff

Journals are the perfect thing for teachers and you can customize them for any season!

Have your child clean out their school desk and make use of their old papers and crafts, showcasing all that they’ve learned so far this year to their teacher in a unique and fun thank-you gift.

From journaling to lesson plans to her daily to-do list, this fun journal has got her covered.

19. Sew a DIY Infinity Scarf Teacher Gift

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - DIY infinity Scarf Teacher Gift
Photo Credit: Happiest Camper

Tell her thanks by helping her stay warm this fall with a super-cute infinity scarf anyone can sew.

Not only is it a great way to help your young ones give thanks to a teacher who has done so much for them, it’s also an easy way to learn or further their sewing abilities. Win-win!

20. Thank You Red Wine Gift Basket

That favorite ethics professor, writing mentor, art instructor — they deserve the world for taking you under their wing.

You might not be able to give them the world, but this beautiful gift basket goes a long way in expressing your gratitude. All you need to add is the wine!

Filled with the most premium delights and delicacies, they’ll feel so appreciated when they receive it.

21. To An Amazing Teacher Necklace

We couldn’t have said it better. You never forget that one teacher, that one professor that changed your life forever.

Give her this lovely necklace as a heartwarming reminder of that special bond you share. So pretty and minimalist, she’ll be able to wear it with anything!

22. So Very Thankful For You Candle

These candles are just wonderful. They will love lighting it on those crisp autumn nights, and letting the warm scents wrap them in that cozy feeling only candles can give.

With so many enticing scents available, you can purchase one candle or a whole set for a variety!

23. DIY Leather Keychain

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - DIY Leather Keychain
Photo Credit: Making Manzanita

This DIY leather keychain only takes a few minutes to throw together and the result is so cute!

There’s a tutorial for two different kinds: a leather tassel keychain and a braided leather keychain. Take your pick or make them both. A simple gift they’ll use and appreciate.

24. Lucky to Have a Teacher Like You

This sweet bud vase will look just perfect perched on her classroom desk, or in her home! You can have it personalized just for her too!

Pop some pretty fall flowers in it, or even fill it up with some sweets to appease her sweet tooth.

25. Thank You Teacher Silicone Spatulas

These adorable spatulas are perfect for any occasion, but especially the holidays when baking and cooking are done in abundance.

They won’t be able to hold back the smiles while stirring that cookie batter or pumpkin pie filling. Simple and sweet.

26. Easy DIY Essential Oil Teacher Gifts

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - Easy DIY Essential Oil
Photo Credit: Our Crafty Mom

Make easy essential oil teacher gifts in soothing blends of lavender and refreshing tangerine, or your own choice of fall-themed aromas.

Teachers tend to be pretty stressed individuals (speaking from experience here), especially when holiday breaks roll around. These types of essential oils are truly helpful, and they will love them.

27. Thank You for Making a Difference Figurine

There’s just something about a Willow figurine. They’re so beautiful and are a keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

This pretty figurine will certainly earn a place of honor either in their home, office, or classroom. A special, meaningful gift for a very special, meaningful individual. It’s a perfect fit.

28. Custom Engraved Bookmarks

There are few who spend more time in books than teachers! These wonderful, engraved leather bookmarks are completely customizable, and will be so, so useful.

And at such a great price point, you could purchase as many as you think they may need!

29. DIY Coffee Scrub

thanksgiving gifts for teachers - DIY Coffee Scrub
Photo Credit: This Mama Cooks

It’s a fact: Teachers thrive on coffee. That’s why this easy DIY coffee scrub is the perfect Thanksgiving gift for teachers.

It’s so easy to make that the kids can help you make up several batches in no time, and you’ll have a little something to give to each and every one of your children’s caring instructors.

30. Engraved Fall Lanyards

So fun, creative and absolutely adorable! These engraved fall lanyards are definitely one of the “cute award” winners on this list.

Your teacher will love clipping it on their keys or teaching bag (you know… THE teacher bag. They all have one.)

Have it personalized with their name to make it extra special!

31. DIY Adorably Teeny Tiny Wine Cork Succulent Planters

DIY Adorably Teeny Tiny Wine Cork Succulent Planters
Photo Credit: Artsy Pretty Plants

Wine cork succulent planters are a creative way for kids to upcycle mom’s wine corks, and they make such a charmingly great gift!

Easy to assemble, they’ll love making these as much as giving them away!

32. Weighted Heart Pillow

This weighted heart pillow will represent all the love you have for them.

Always on hand when they need a snuggle, the weight of this wonderfully soft heart is meant to replicate the feeling of a real hug. Now that’s comfort in gift form.

33. DIY Back-to-School Survival Kit

Here’s a fun and practical gift you can create over the Thanksgiving holiday break — a “back to school” teacher survival kit!

Packed with the essentials like pencils, pens, Emergen-C, wet wipes, etc. they’ll be all set to take on the new semester!

34. Pairs Well With Teaching Wine Label

And that I can attest to. These funny (and accurate) wine labels can be edited by you, and then printed and adhered to a nice bottle of vino for that favorite professor.

They’ll be oh-so grateful, not to mention tickled.

35. Fall Flowers

How gorgeous is this fall flower arrangement? Beautifully made of lush, fall colored blossoms, it is the perfect “thank you” for everything they’ve done for you.

Brighten up their home, office, or classroom and bring warm smiles to their face each time they see it.

Even More Thanksgiving Teacher Gifts

We just can’t get enough of these fun and helpful Thanksgiving gift ideas for teachers!

From organizational tools to tasty treats, you don’t want to miss these.

Desktop Pencil and Pen Organizer

Keep their desk tidy and clutter-free with this fabulous rotating supply organizer!

No more pencils and red pens rolling around and getting lost when they have this handy tool at arm’s reach.

Things My Students Have Said

If you’ve ever taught (even if it was just Sunday school or children’s church), you most likely have a note in your phone documenting all of the silly things your students have said.

Now your teacher can have a dedicated notebook to jot down all of those silly sayings in so they’ll never get lost due to an update or accidental deletion.

They can pull this out during staff meetings for a little levity, or on particularly hard days when they need a reminder of why they do what they do.

Invite Them for Thanksgiving Dinner!

If the teacher you wish to thank possibly doesn’t have any family or friends nearby to celebrate with (perhaps they’ve just moved to town), why not ask them to join your family for Thanksgiving dinner?

Whether it’s just them or perhaps them and their spouse, a heartfelt invitation to not spend the holiday alone wouldn’t be amiss.

After all, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? Being grateful and sharing the bounty we’re blessed with with those around us?

Winter Pumpkin Candle

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, but the focus here is on the pumpkin part…

Paddywax Candle Co. has the most fabulously balanced and delightful scents that surround you with all the seasonal vibes.

These hand-poured, soy wax candles are non-toxic, feature a double wick, and come in the prettiest frosted glass.

Cutest Pumpkins Tote-Bag

Isn’t this little tote just the cutest darn thing you ever did see? And it’s so true, too.

They take such good care of all of their little pumpkins, and this tote will help take care of them.

Perfect for toting around teaching supplies, books, lunches… you name it! Personalize it with their name for an extra special touch.

Artisan Chocolates

Who could say no to these gorgeous artisan chocolates?

Lovingly handmade from white, milk, and dark chocolate, these little works of art come beautifully presented in a gift box.

Give them the gift of a little indulgence to celebrate all of their hard work.

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