21 Gifts for Math Lovers

21 Best Gifts for Math Teachers & Other Math Lovers

Last Updated on November 10, 2021

Teaching is a hard job, and most times thankless. But that special math teacher in your life still has a love for numbers and a passion for teaching. Why not show them some appreciation?

We’ve put a list together of some great gifts for your favorite math teacher or math lover.

Go ahead and take a look!

Best Gifts for Math Teachers & Math Lovers

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1. Handcrafted Wooden Chess Set

Here is an exquisite handcrafted wooden chess set that is carved from Tunisian olive wood. They can conveniently store the playing pieces in the drawers underneath the board.

Not only a beautiful set to play on but also a nice piece to display for decoration. Everyone is going to enjoy hours of challenging entertainment with this chess set.

2. High Precision Cutting Board

Here is a high-precision cutting board to help them to achieve all of their cutting goals. Squares, cubes, ovals, and more. Whether they love to cut their food into precise squares or you simply enjoy geometry, this board is a fun and creative kitchen tool.

The perfect cutting board for any math lover you know.

3. English is Important

Here’s a funny math sticker that conveys a truth every numbers lover knows. “English Is Important, But Math Is Importanter.” It’s sure to bring a smile to any mathematician’s face!

Recipients can apply them to books, thermal mugs, or even their school locker. Give them out at office parties, bachelor parties, birthdays and more. These stickers are just plain fun!

4. Fractal Pyramid

The fractal pyramid is a fantastic educational tool to explain the science of fractals. Your math lover can also display this pyramid as a piece of art.

3D printed construction, the piece has a subtle color change gradient. And no, that’s not an illusion – those really are 3-dimensional pyramids within pyramids, with real shadows! It’s incredible to look at.

Any math teacher or enthusiast would be happy to have this sitting on their desk.

5. Humble Pi: A Comedy of Math Errors

Humble Pi: A Comedy of Math Errors is the first math book to be a number-one bestseller. This comedy of errors will answer the question, “What happens when math goes wrong in the real world?”

Our modern lives are built on math. Numbers and equations are used in computer programs, finance, engineering, and more. And most of the time this math works quietly behind the scenes, until… it doesn’t. 

This delightful book is fun and entertaining for anyone that picks it up.

6. Copper Cow Coffee (perfect for the classroom!)

What if you could have Vietnamese coffee pour over – anywhere? All you need is hot water when you have these little coffee kits!

The math teacher in your life – or anyone on the receiving end, really – will greatly appreciate their Copper Cow Coffee pour over kit during those long, slogging afternoon hours before the final bell rings.

If they are more into tea than coffee, they will enjoy these gift ideas instead!

7. Math Bottle Opener

This math bottle opener is simply cool. If non-Euclidean Geometry is your interest then this bottle opener is a must-have.

Let’s be serious for a second, there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold one after spending the day trying to prove the mysteries of mathematics. 

8. I <3 U Formula Ring

The I <3 U formula ring is crafted from sterling silver with the algebraic love equation on it, 9x – 7i > 3 (3x -7u).

Gift your favorite mathematician with this ring and they’ll know exactly what you mean.

9. Engraved Mathematician Clock

The hand-made, wooden engraved mathematician clock is a great addition to any math teacher’s office, den, or classroom. Each of the equations around the clock solves to be the correct number/time.

This is a thoughtful gift for any math teacher or algebra whiz.

10. Best Math Teacher Ever

How to honor the best math teacher ever? With this customizable thermal mug, of course.

It is a wonderful way for them to keep their hot drinks piping and their cold drinks icy.

Our Polar Camel tumbler mugs are comparable to the much more expensive YETI-brand tumblers- in looks and quality. We offer your choice of stainless steel along with six additional vinyl-wrapped colors.

11. Sir Isaac Newton Bust

What mathematician wouldn’t want this Sir Isaac Newton bust on their desk?!

Sir Isaac Newton was an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, and author. He is widely recognized as one of the greatest mathematicians and most influential scientists of all time. Anyone who loves math would be honored to display a handmade plaster, plastic, and acrylic likeness of this great man of science.

12. Cowculus

What could be cuter or funnier than a cowculus math sweatshirt? Nothing, that’s what!

You can choose from various colors and sizes, so you will have no problems finding the right one for your calculus-loving friend!

13. Proof! Math Game

Proof! Math Game is an exciting, fast-paced game and helps anyone to practice multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and square roots. 

It’s fun for the whole family or classroom and only takes 15 minutes to play, yet will stretch the minds of young learners as they begin to grasp the way numbers can relate to each other.

14. Math Watch

A made-to-order math watch is the ultimate gift idea for any math whiz.

Every formula equals the number on the watch. You’ll have no problem keeping track of the time with this fantastic watch.

Well, you’ll have no problem if you’re a nerdy math lover.

15. Much Needed Summer Vacation

You need to book that much needed summer vacation with Tinggly. You and your mathematician can enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

Tinggly is a cool service because it allows you to purchase a (mini) vacation and give it to someone as a gift. Essentially, they receive a gift card that they can redeem for one of a vast number of exciting and fun experiences. All they need to do is get there!

With so many options all across the USA and around the globe, they’ll be sure to find something within driving distance, or that they can incorporate into a previously planned vacation.

Take advantage of the “summer off” with Tinggly with the world’s best experience vacations.

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16. Geometric Terrarium Container

Made from glass and metal, the geometric terrarium container is the perfect size terrarium for a teacher’s desk. Celebrate that special geometry teacher by presenting him/her with this specially shaped décor.

This adorable terrarium is a perfect size to set on any desk, table, or shelf.

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17. Always Right Mug

The Always Right mug is a wonderful and silly gift for any coffee-guzzling math teacher.

The math mug will make your teacher smile and appreciate you every time they use it. They will enjoy their morning cup of coffee even more with this special cup.

18. Monthly Beer

The Beer of the Month Club will be enjoyed by your math teacher at the end of the school week.

Your special teacher will receive twelve, 12 oz. hand-crafted beers each month. The beers will be from both U.S. craft microbreweries and international breweries. (Check out our review and unboxing here.)

What math-loving beer teacher (wait, is that right…?) wouldn’t enjoy this fantastic gift!

19. Will Give Math Advice for Tacos

File this one under #thetitlesaysitall.

Will Give Math Advice for Tacos t-shirt is an adorable way to honor your math teacher.

Your math teacher/math lover will enjoy some downtime in this 100% cotton, comfy T. You can choose from several colors and sizes and find the ideal one.

Editors note: I’m no math lover, but even I want one of these. Not that my advice would be good or even accurate, but I’ll dispense any sort of advice for tacos.

20. Pi Cookie Cutters

Include the Pi cookie cutter in a fresh batch of cookies for that special teacher. With this cute cookie cutter, it’s easy to celebrate Pi Day or any other special day for that certain math genius.

The Pi cookie cutter is proudly made in the USA from high-quality materials.

21. Fibonacci Spiral Poster

The Fibonacci Spiral poster is a wonderful accessory for any math teacher’s office or classroom.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate the golden ratio? Certainly, anyone that appreciates this print will appreciate everything it represents.

BONUS: Fibonacci Bottle Opener

Our custom Fibonacci bottle opener is made from walnut and maple with a cast iron opener.

Add your favorite math lover’s name to make it extra special. Every time they pop the top off of a cold one, they will think of you.

A nice addition to any game room, home bar, or back patio. Salud!

Thank you for taking the time to peruse our list. We are sure that you will have found at least one or more fun idea for the math lover in your life.

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Best Gifts for Math Teachers

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