30+ Best Geology Gifts for Rock Collectors & Gem Lovers

Do you have a budding geologist in your life? Or someone with a lifelong love of all types of rocks, gems, and minerals? Encourage that naturalist bent of theirs by giving them the perfect geology gifts. 

We’ve mined, unearthed, polished, and collected the best gifts for geologists, rockhounds, and mineral lovers below.

Whether you’re trying to find a geology-themed gift for a kid who simply likes rocks, or you need something to surprise and inspire a professional geologist, we’ve got you covered.

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Table of Contents

Best Geology Gifts
Equipment Gift ideas for Geologists
3 Leaverite Gifts to Avoid
Fun and Nerdy Rock Collector Gift Ideas
Geology FAQs

10 Best Geology Gifts for Rock Collectors, Gem Lovers, and Mineral Enthusiasts

Want to get your most favorite geology lover (be it your best friend, spouse, or a family member) a really great gift?

Then let’s take a closer look at our top ten gifts for anyone who finds themselves fascinated by geology, rocks, the earth sciences, and more! 

1. A Rock Hunting Expedition

geology gifts - experience

The best gifts for geology lovers are experiences.

Be it your crystal obsessed child or an adult rockhound, they’ll be in seventh heaven digging around for something spectacular.

For kids: Go to a public mine, where you can pay a few bucks to sluice through pre-packaged buckets, dig in the ground, or sift through the (likely pdiggre-seeded) creek. It’s actually really fun!

For adults: Plan a getaway to a real bucket-list location. Someplace that involves a hike and taking survival gear. Your rockhound will love it.

2. Rocks & Minerals Collection

A legendary gift and excellent choice for rock collectors.

For adults: The Classified Rocks Collection pictured above is the perfect geology gift idea. It features 414 labeled samples of sedimentary, igneous, hydrothermal, and other various rock types.

For kids: Younger folks will love the Classified Rocks Collection, too.

For more budget-friendly ideas, you can find small, medium, and large grab bags of various (or very specific) types of rocks here in prices from a few dollars on up.

Young rockhounds love poring over random rocks, so any geology gift that includes rock, crystal, and mineral specimens will be a winning gift for sure!

Pair a bag of rocks with a rock and mineral guide for hours of geeky fun.

3. Rock On! Geology Game

This fun STEM-based game is essentially Bingo, but with rocks. To place, you have to find and identify the rock samples and fill up your card to win.

There are different levels, plus trivia-style cards full of facts and information.

More rock & geology-themed games:

4. Rock Tumbler

A rock tumbler is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves rock collecting.

For kids: The National Geographic Rock Tumbling Kit has everything a young geologist will need to tumbler and polish some of the cool new rocks she or he has found. We got this for our son several years ago, and he still uses it.

For adults: An avid rockhound will want something with a little more firepower. The MJR Tumblers 20 lbs Rock Tumbler is just the ticket — huge capacity, graded for industrial and commercial use, this thing is a beast.

With stainless steel ball bearings and a two-year warranty, this is a tumbler any avid geologist will be proud to own — and use constantly!

5. Rock & Mineral Identification Books

For adults: The Audubon Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals is perfect.

For adults: The Audubon Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals is perfect. Like all of their great books, it’s thorough with all the necessary detailed information, yet small enough to carry with you.

And it’s extremely well-bound so it can take the rigors of the expedition. Looks great on a coffee table, too!

For kids: First, don’t get me wrong – if a child is really into geology, the Audubon Field Guide listed above is great.

My son loved to pore over adult-level guides to rocks (and coins; still does, btw). But sometimes the kid-friendly version is the way to go.

DK always produces excellent material, and My Book of Rocks and Minerals is no exception.

6. Magnifiers: Loupe and Digital Microscope

For kids: Start with a loupe or hand lens, which is a pocket-sized jeweler’s magnifying glass that can view at up to 120 times magnification! 

Includes LED light so they can view in all weather conditions (or hiding under the covers at night after lights-out).

For adults: The loupe is actually great for the full-grown rock lover in your life as well, not just for kids!

But chances are the avid rockhound already has one. So take it up a notch with this 1200x Digital Microscope, which can record and display a live view of up to 1200x magnification while retaining brilliant clarity.

They’ll be able to save images directly to their computer to study later, as well!

7. National Geographic Geode Kit

Sure, it’s popular and mainstream and all that, but seriously, what rockhound wouldn’t jump at the chance to crack open a few geodes?

Plus, from personal experience I can tell you that good geology kits are the perfect gift for a young geology enthusiast.

8. UV Light

For adults: Rocks can look very cool (check this out) under a black light. So every rockhound is going to want this high-quality UV light from uvBeast. This thing is top of the line, and designed by scientists and engineers.

Proven 385nm-395nm wavelength means more power, more visibility, and genuine industrial strength.

For kids: A simpler, more affordable knockoff version will do just fine. Here’s a good one. Your young geologist will have tons of fun with her or his very own black light!

9. National Geographic Rock & Fossils Kit

Ok, this is the last boxed gift kit we’ll feature. But once again, especially for kids, NatGeo has simply done a great job creating a massively appealing product.

The Rock & Fossil Kit has rocks (Adventurine, Snowflake Obsidian, Metorite), fossils (prehistoric shark teeth!), geodes (broken and unbroken), and other little touches like specimen display, magnifying glass, and more. Good stuff!

10. Geology Comfort Gift Basket

It’s not a bad thing to want to be comfortable while rock hunting! These are the little things that help make a memorable day even better.

  1. Sun hat
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Hiking stick
  4. Anti-itch cream for bites or poison ivy, etc
  5. Wet wipes
  6. TP and/or outdoor toilet
  7. Waders
  8. Telescoping/collapsible travel stool
  9. Sand-free towel
  10. Delicious, non-meltable snacks

Equipment Gift Ideas for Geologists

Our top 10 were pretty awesome, but the great gifts for geology lovers don’t stop there!

We’ve got some top-notch mining tools, equipment, and other gifts for rockhounds that they’ll love.

We sourced these essential geology tool suggestions from the experts over at Stanford and University College London, so you know you’re after the right stuff.

11. Geological Hammer with Leather Grip

The ultimate mining hammer and pick combo with a luxurious leather handle.

From the renowned Estwing brand, this tool is forged in one piece and finished with a durable and comfort-friendly leather grip.

Estwing rock picks are highly regarded in the field for good reason, so if you add this to their collection, they’re sure to have it by their side for a very long time.

12. Rockhounding Emergency Kit Gift Basket

We’re going to sprinkle this list with several themed gift baskets. First, a complete safety kit, followed by must-have tools and then a geology comfort gift basket.

Safety is always the priority for all adventurers, young and old alike! Here’s what you need for a successful rockhounding expedition:

  1. Emergency kit (includes a first aid kit)
  2. A few MREs (Meal Ready to Eat)
  3. Safety glasses/goggles
  4. Sun screen
  5. Insect repellant
  6. LifeStraw water filter
  7. Fire starter (ferro rod)
  8. 30+ mile range walkie talkies
  9. Flashlight (the one in most emergency kits isn’t great)
  10. Orange vest (for use during hunting season)

13. Geological Compass

A solid, geological compass like this one is an essential tool for the serious minded Rockhound. 

Geological compasses are different from an average compass because of the anti-clockwise direction of the numbers on the compass dial.

This is because the compass is used to determine dip and dip-direction of surfaces, and plunge and plunge-direction of lines.

They’re also pretty dope looking…just saying.

14. Heavy Weight Canvas Rucksack

What good is all of this awesome gear if you have nothing to tote it around in? Enter the Fox Outdoor Utility Rucksack!

Designed after the Aussie military field bag, this heavyweight, cotton canvas tote is ready to take on any adventure and keep you organized at the same time.

15. Geology Tool Kit Gift Basket

Here are the tools that make for a successful expedition.

  1. Bucket & specimen bags
  2. Sturdy backpack
  3. Good, thick rubber gloves
  4. Rock hammer & pick
  5. Hand shovel
  6. Cold chisel with handguard
  7. Sand scoop
  8. Sifting screen or pan
  9. Spray bottle, wire scrub brush, & plastic brush
  10. Loupe (jeweler’s magnifying glass)

16. Waterproof Map Case

Keep that fancy geological map (that they prize so highly) safe and dry with this super cool map case.

We love how this one folds up nice ‘n neat to slip into your backpack or clip to your belt.

17. Geologist’s Field Book

Nothing beats the classic geologists field book.

Tried and true and designed to withstand the elements, they can keep all of their discoveries, measurements, observations, and more in this Rite in the Rain graphed field book.

18. Waterproof Tactical Jacket

Where are you sure to find your rockhounds? Well, that’s kind of a silly question…

They’re going to be outside looking for rocks, of course! And much like the mailman, neither rain nor hail nor sleet or snow will keep them from their hunt.

So, that means they need an all weather jacket to protect them.

For adults, we love this one from outdoor brand ANTARCTICA.

For kids, this 3-in-1 triclimate jacket from Mountain Warehouse is a great choice.

19. Rock Chisels

A good set of rock chisels is an essential in any geologist’s pack. These allow you to break carefully into rock formations without potentially damaging your special finds.

Sturdy, capable, and at a really good price mark, we are all for this set.

20. Belt Loop Hammer/Pick Holder

What better to pair with the hammer and pick tool than this classic, durable hammer holder!

21. Field Tape Measure

A sturdy yet flexible measuring tape is another essential in the field.

To measure rock formations, distances between outcroppings, and more you can depend on this open reel fiberglass tape to get the job done.

22. Folding Travel Shovel

This portable folding shovel is the ideal tool to have on hand.

Your geologist may discover the need to dig and mine at any time, so why not pack along a shovel! Fits easily in any vehicle or backpack.

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23. Estwing Paleo Pick

This 25″ geologist’s pick is forged in one uniform piece and includes a no-slip cushion grip. If you’re going to get a pick, get this one.

24. Safety Glasses

If you’re using one of the fine picks, chisels, or hammers listed above, you definitely need a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes.

After all, nothing could interrupt a major discovery like getting a piece of shale in your eye. Not to mention the way your new equipment money just went to an ER bill…

25. Sand & Rock Scoop

For panning and sifting, this is the perfect tool. Sand scoops are a must-have in every rock hunter’s toolkit.

26. Stackable Sifting Pan/Sieve

The stackable sifting pan from Prospector’s Choice is a relative newcomer on the market, but it’s proven to be a favorite.

Choose multiple sizes for the sieve, then stack the pans so that you can sift through and catch a wide range of sizes of rocks and minerals all at once.

3 Leaverite Gifts to Avoid

Leaverite is an important type of rock that every geologist should know about. It’s often beautiful, and amateur rockhounds gravitate towards it.

But experienced miners and geologists know that sometimes a great-looking specimen isn’t what is seems. Instead of being an interesting and valuable discovery, it’s a common, worthless rock. And you should leaverite there.

Get it? It’s a joke.

In the same way, there are many seemingly excellent geology gifts that you might think would be just right.

But if you want to avoid the knowing, disappointed sigh of the lifelong enthusiast or the frustrated tears of a boy with a broken toy, skip out on these rockhound gift ideas.

In fact, leaverite there.

Avoid: Cheesy Geology Humor Shirts

C’mon. Puh-lease. “I may be GNEISS but don’t take me for GRANITE”? Terrible.

But maybe your rockhound loooooves a good pun. So fine, go for it. But chances are, the serious geologist has heard all the geology jokes a million times:

What to get instead: Pretty much anything else. If this appeals to you, fine, whatever. You might as well go full-cheese and get a coffee mug with the same phrase to go along with it.

Avoid: Rock Painting Kits

Ok fine, there’s nothing wrong with a good rock painting kit.

It will provide some fun for the kids to express some creativity with paint and rocks. Heck, my kids got one for Christmas and enjoyed it.

But it’s not the same as an authentic geology gift. The rocks are just plain ol’ river rocks that you can find at any landscaping supply (or in your neighbor’s yard).

What to get instead: Dig a Dozen Gem Blocks Kit, which includes 12 gemstones hidden inside little clay bricks, which they chisel away to find a real gem.

It makes a mess, so do it outside, but they’ll have a blast and enjoy identifying each one.

Avoid: Cheap Digital Microscope

I’ll admit I haven’t tried this one personally, so maybe it’s ok. But I do have a 10-year-old son who is interested in science, geology, and engineering, so we’ve gone through our share of cheap gadgets and devices.

Drones, race cars, microscopes, experiment kits, and so on.

You know the drill: There’s a $10-25 version of something that looks fun or interesting, and then there’s the $40-100 version.

The cheap version is asking for something to break, a part to be missing, or the results to be shoddy.

We just made this mistake with a camera drone on super-sale. Turns out the darn thing was on super-sale for a reason: it doesn’t work.

So save yourself the tears and frustration and avoid the one pictured above.

What to get instead: Give your rockhound a good-quality version of whatever you want to get. The digital microscope we listed above (gift idea #5) is a good one.

Leaverite Gift Tips

Here’s what it comes down to:

#1 – Avoid cheesy gifts (like the t-shirts, above), since they’ve already heard all the jokes and gags.

#2 – Skip the sparkly gift packages that say “ROCKS!” on them, as those are often just a collection of junky craft stuff that doesn’t have much to do with real geology.

#3 – And if you’re going to get any sort of tool, tech, or rock-hunting accessory, watch out for the cheap knockoffs and choose a gift with real quality and durability.

While we’re at it: The 21 Worst Gift Ideas. Ever.

Even if your rock mining enthusiast is a child, treat their interest as you would an adult and give them real, authentic, meaningful gifts for geologists that they can use their whole life.

So with that said, here are a few more gift ideas.

Fun and Nerdy Rock Collector Gift Ideas

Need fun gifts for gemstone lovers? Hobby collectors? Your lovely, out-and-out nerds? Well, you’ve come to the right section…

27. Complete Their Rock Collection

The Mineral Insomniac has everything you need to complete your rock collection. Which, of course, could mean every rock ever. At least that’s what it seems like they have…

If they’re missing a certain rock, or are just starting, fill up their collection with one of these gorgeous collections and watch their eyes light up when unwrapping their gift.

28. Agate Geode Coasters

These natural agate coasters add so much life to any decor, providing beauty and a stellar conversation piece while protecting your geologist friend’s furniture.

Each one is beautifully unique and hand gilded. If you’re looking for gifts for gemstone lovers, then look no further!

29. 3D Effect Terrain Map

How about a 3-dimensional geological map of the British Isles?

Printed in relief by 3D printing technology, this topological map is a reproduction of a satellite image from 1969.

30. Rocks for Brains Sticker

This is hilarious. If you know someone like this, well, you know. Get them a Rocks for Brains Vinyl Sticker for their laptop, water bottle, or vehicle.

31. Rock Cycle Shoes

Sure, they’re not going to want to wear these shoes on an expedition, but by golly they’re going to get plenty of wear on every other day of the week!

These fun Rock Cycle Casual Shoes depict every stage of a rock’s life from lava to, well, you know, being a sedimentary rock.

The geologist in your life will love this gift, especially when paired with a matching tote!

32. Some of Us Are Looking for Cool Rocks

This geologist gift mug says, “Not all who wander are lost. Some of us are looking for cool rocks.” Which pretty much sums it up, am I right?

33. Seismograph Tie

This classy tie shows seismic waves in a variety of colorful tones. A great dad gift for Father’s Day or a birthday.

34. Will Dig for Beer Tumbler Glass

Diggers gonna dig, even when relaxing with a refreshing beverage.

Since everyone uses cups anyways, get the geologist in your life the perfect gift with this funny tumbler glass.

35. Gems & Minerals Print

This vintage-style geology print is the perfect wall art for their home. Be sure to get it framed!

36. Geology Rocks — Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

Geologists love nature in all forms, so don’t be surprised when your special rockhound friend simply adores this bird feeder!

Customize the front panel with any name, text, or line art of your choice to create the perfect gift idea.

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Geology FAQs

Want to learn a little bit more about your friend’s or child’s interest in the big, wide world of rocks? We don’t blame you!

What do you call someone who loves rocks? What do geologists study? How about the history of geology? We got you.

Whether it’s out of pure curiosity, or just so you can better understand your neighborhood rockhound and their rock rants, here are some interesting facts about geology that you may not have known before.

Do hobby geologists have a name?

Yep! Amateur geologists are lovingly referred to as “Rockhounds.”

That’s way cooler than amateur bug collectors, who get to be called — wait for it — amateur bug collectors.

Who was the first geologist?

James Hutton, a Scottish farmer and naturalist of the 18th century, is known as the founder of modern geology.

Although, the study of the earth’s crust and its formations is nearly as old as civilization itself.

How many types of geology are there?

Believe it or not, there are actually 37 unique branches of geology, their geologists specializing in unique disciplines.

Of course, there is some overlap, but that’s a lot of rock lovers!

How much money do professional geologists make?

That varies greatly depending on their specialized field, location, and level of expertise. In the United States, the average annual salary for a geologist ranges from $40,000 – $110,000.

How long does it take to become a geologist?

Being a professional geologist requires a bachelor’s degree (so four years), plus 3-5 years of field experience. So you’re looking at 7-9 years.

Some states require licensing on the state level, as well, which can add another six months to a year.

What is a Hydrogeologist? Are they geologists, too?

Yes! Hydrogeology is a type of geology that studies how water affects and interacts with the earth’s natural surface.

What do geologists study besides rocks?

Geologists are often skilled in many various disciplines including (but not limited to) chemistry, physics, gemology, mathematics, history, archeology, and more!

Who employs the most geologists?

In the US, geologists are primarily employed by the US Government, private energy companies, educational institutions, and the fuel industry.

But I thought geologists looked for stones, gems, and precious metals?

Well, they do! The field of geology is astronomically vast.

Quite literally. Like, there are geologists employed by NASA that specialize in studying asteroids and other space rocks…

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the field of geology is limited, because it’s anything but.

Well, we hope you’ve had a smashingly good time with this article on gifts for rock collectors and geologists!

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