Last Updated on July 31, 2020

Treasure in the desert! This week’s collection of gift-giving inspiration is for cactus gift ideas. A cactus is a great special occasion or housewarming gift – it’s easy to keep alive, doesn’t really need to be watered, and looks cool just about anywhere. If you’re looking for a cactus, well then just go down to your friendly neighborhood garden center and you’ll find all sorts of neat prickly plants. This list of cactus gift ideas is a bit different – for someone who is really into cacti, or has a southwest-desert home decor theme, here are some unique and original cactus themed gifts:

1. Cactus Soap Set

10 Cactus Gift Ideas

A nice way to decorate a bathroom with cactus while washing your hands! Shaped like a cactus in classic ceramic pottery, scented with lime and cilantro, and sold in a set of two.

2. Echeveria Succulent Living Wreath

10 Cactus Gift Ideas

Organically grown and ethically harvested, this succulent wreath is a living and beautiful cactus gift. Echeveria is actually in the Crassulaceae¬†family, but who’s counting? This is a popular alternative to a spring or holiday wreath, and is ideal as a housewarming gift.

3. Cactus Letter Holder

Cactus Gift Ideas

Slightly geeky, slightly quicky, and definitely a cactus. This cactus-shaped letter holder is the perfect way to hold your mail in the office, or napkins in the kitchen.

4. Hand Embroidered Succulent Hoop Art

Cactus Gift Ideas

A succulent is stitched on to 100% cotton canvas with 100% cotton embroidery floss. It sits in a hand painted terracotta pot painted with acrylics. This piece is all handmade- no machine embroidery here! An adorable decorative art piece with a cactus flair.

5. Hanging Cactus Terrarium

Cactus Gift Ideas

A hanging cactus terrarium is a fun way to spruce up any room or office. This glass orb comes with the hemp hanger and a cute charm, a Mammillaria Cactus, and a bag of cactus-ready soil.

6. Cactus Cookie Cutter

Cactus Gift Ideas - Cookie Cutter

A plate full of frosted cactus sugar cookies, tied with a cute bow and including this classic-cactus-shape cookie cutter, will win you a friend for life. Guaranteed.

7. Cactus Wine Rack


For a little more sophisticated cactus gift idea, try this cactus wine rack. The prickly pears keep up to eight bottles of wine perfectly in place and ready to use.

8. Handmade Stainless Steel Planter

Cactus Gift Ideas

Hand made from 60% recycled materials, then polished and heated for color accents. A cute and unique planter for giving away a little wee cactus.

9. Cactus Toothpick Holder

Cactus Gift Ideas: Cacti Toothpick Storage

This quirky cactus gift is a sort of DIY-cacti, which doubles as a toothpick holder.

10. Desert Moon Cactus & Wolf Cremation Urn

Cactus Wood Art

Ok, a cactus cremation urn is pretty weird, but admit it, the rest of these cactus gifts are pretty weird too. Although you definitely wouldn’t want to use this as a gift (“Happy birthday, here’s an urn!”), people who love deserts and wolves and cacti need to plan ahead and make final arrangements same as everybody else. And the woodwork on this is incredible: each piece is made from a different type of wood in its natural color, laser engraved and inlaid together like a 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Check out the rest of these fascinating “Dimensional Art” cremation urns at Urns Northwest.

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