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Chronic Illness Memes for Those Fighting a Chronic Condition

Last Updated on February 10, 2022

Chronic illness is a serious thing, but sometimes all you can do is give up and have a good laugh about it. Here are some chronic illness memes that pay homage to the experience of someone with an autoimmune disorder or other chronic condition.

Inspired by our own experience plus the research we put into our previous article, Gift Ideas for People with Chronic Illness.

Things people with chronic illness think about…

Do you want the long story, or the short version?

There’s the long story, and the false story. Pick one.

Being honest about symptoms is not negativity

It’s weird how people think that by simply talking about what’s going on in your life you’re being negative. It’s like you should just not have those symptoms, and not spend your time trying to get better, just magically be better. Yay. It’s especially hard to not think about this stuff all the time when this is a regular occurrence:

Chonic Illness Memes

This happens once or twice a day. Or three times. Or four.

Chronic condition memes

Somehow, attempts to do something always seem to turn in to a nap.

Things people say…

Chronic illness humor

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Have you tried essential oils?

“Have you tried essential oils?” lol

The things people say when you have a chronic condition

Yeah, I’ll get right on that. Unless the essential oils and St. John’s wort work first.

But you don't look that sick!

*Drops mic

Memes for people with chronic conditions

This is such a common comment. “Uh, so where did you say you got your medical degree?”

Funny chronic illness memes

Oh the things you never thought you would truly consider until you experienced chronic pain….

You're too young for that!!

“Oh, you’re only 24? Sorry, I’ll keep looking for someone in their 70s.” – No chronic condition ever.

Chronic illness impacts every part of your life, every day.

Wait, wut? Your condition is actually serious? I thought you were just being dramatic… that’s why I keep asking:

When are you going to get better?

What don’t you understand about the word “chronic”?

Chronic Illness Humor

Every now and then you can talk to someone and watch the light bulb go on in their brain: “If your pain level is an 8/10 every day, that means on a bad day….”

Walking up the stairs with chronic pain meme

People really actually say stuff like this. “But I have chronic pain and I have plenty of energy because I take this supplement, you should totally try it!” Shut. Up.

Chronic illness humor

They say, “always trust your gut.” But have you met my gut? You don’t want to trust that bastard, I’m telling ya.

Living the life…

Living with chronic illness like dat

I try to tell myself not to mess with me, but I don’t listen.

More medications than grandma!

What’s that, grandma? You take 12 different medications every day? Psh, rookie.

Memes for people with autoimmune conditions


Chronic Illness Memes - Pain?

Having a conversation with an uninitiated doctor or nurse can be a little confusing.

Autoimmune disease memes

This is literally what happens inside our bodies. Actually this isn’t very funny.

Memes for people with chronic illness

Oh, the side effects!

Feeling pretty good right now!

Feeling pretty good lasts about as long as an avacado stays ripe.

The Chronic Illness Meme To Sum It All Up:

Memes for people with chronic conditions

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