70+ Best Birthday Party Games for All Ages

Birthday Party Games - Feat Image

Birthday party games can make the difference between a dull, forgettable party and an iconic, memorable one.

Parties with lots of fun activities are always a blast. But when no one knows what to do or where to go and no one is breaking the ice, let’s face it – that party is kind of a drag!

Don’t let that happen to you at the next party you plan. Plan plenty of exciting party games and have a few extra up your sleeve. That way, you’ll always be prepared to have a rollicking good time with your guests.

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100 Best 18th Birthday Wishes

18th Birthday Wishes - Feat Image

Turning eighteen is a big deal, y’all! Anyone who has crossed that threshold into young adulthood can tell you it’s much more than just another revolution around the sun.

It hails more responsibility, usually signals their high school years waning to a close, and let’s not forget the the fact that society recognizes that they are a child no longer.

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15 Year Old Gifts: 30 Best Gift Ideas for 15th Birthdays, Christmas & More

15 Year Old Gift Guide

Let’s talk about the best 15 year old gifts to celebrate a special teen!

Most likely you wound up here because you typed something like, “what to get a 15 year old for their birthday” or Christmas, or something similar into your search bar.

Which also means you might be stumped right now. That’s okay! Teens can be tough to shop for, and we all need a little inspiration from time to time.

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14 Year Old Gifts: 30 Great Gift Ideas for 14th Birthdays & Holidays

30 Great Gift Ideas for 14 Year Olds

14-year-olds are the coolest! They’ve outgrown (mostly) the awkward phase, still want to hang out with the old fogies (sometimes), don’t drive yet (to my knowledge!), and still want to snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons (if they’re in the right mood).

But what types of things make really great gifts for 14 year olds? They’re clearly too big for Tonka trucks and Barbies, but too young to appreciate something practical like a really big pack of socks or a stand mixer.

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8 Year Old Gift Ideas: 21 Best Gifts for Birthdays, Holidays & More

Best Gifts for 8 Year Olds

8 year olds are the best. They’re still hilariously pint-sized, and say and do funny things, but are trying to be more grown up. All of this is a recipe for the most squeezable, hysterical, moody, pesky, questionable, loving, embarrassing, kissable, sticky, THING ever. And we think that thing deserves a great gift.

Here are our favorite gifts for 8 year olds, for birthdays, for Christmas, or just because!

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Sweet 16 Ideas: Your Guide to the Ultimate Coming-of-Age Party

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Today, we’re going to look at the best Sweet 16 ideas, and how to throw the perfect coming of age party.

You have to admit, as sweet (and tempestuous) as the toddler phase was, as adorable (and loud) as the preteen and Tween phase was, you and her need a REAL party for this next milestone!

Sweet 16 is a big deal, because come on, it’s literally halfway through the Teenage Years. (Trust us, they need capital letters. If you know, you know.)

So don’t hold back. This Sweet 16 bash is going to remembered for years and years to come! Scroll on for some awesome ideas.

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