2 Year Anniversary Gifts: Traditional & Modern Ideas (2 Years!)

Today we’re taking a look at the best ideas for 2nd Anniversary Gifts, both traditional and modern.

If you happen to be looking for a gift for your spouse, the first thing we want to say is—Congratulations! 

The truth is that you’re still new to the anniversary gift-giving tradition, so you may be brimming with all sorts of creative ideas on what to get your spouse.

On the other hand, you may not be. Which is exactly why you’ve landed on our page.

We get it! You don’t want to make a misstep this early in the game. Plus, you want to spoil your SO with a just-right gift that is both exciting and reminiscent of your love story.

So, we’ve carefully curated this list of awesome 2-year anniversary gifts to help you do just that.

And this list isn’t just for lovers! If you’re shopping for a special couple in your life, many of these unique gifts would be perfectly appropriate to give them on this special occasion. 

Now, let’s not waste time and get you on your way to finding the perfect second wedding anniversary gift.

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All About 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Cotton is the traditional gift for a 2nd anniversary.

What is the traditional 2 year anniversary gift?


Why is cotton the traditional second anniversary gift?

It’s versatile, comfortable, and strong, just like your marriage!

Woven together with dainty strands, cotton (and your relationship) bonds and becomes stronger together than the individual threads.

What is the modern 2 year anniversary gift?


Why is china the modern second anniversary gift?

It’s beautiful, resilient, and yet still fragile. Just like relationships. 

What is the 2 year anniversary stone?

Garnet (or sometimes alternatively rose quartz). 

Why is garnet the second anniversary stone?

Garnet is a fiery red color and, you guessed it, red signifies passion and heat. The romance is still going strong after two years of marriage!

What is the second anniversary flower?

The Cosmos flower!

What is the 2 year anniversary color?

Red, which signifies your love and passion for one another.

10 Best 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you straightforward: the second year of marriage is always the hardest.

The honeymoon phase has fizzled somewhat and the reality of life together, the good and the difficult, has hit.

But this is also the time when the strength of your love for one another can really shine forth! We love these ten best gifts that emphasize togetherness and the special bond you share.

1. Luxe Cotton Bath Towels

Luxe Cotton Bath Towels from The Citizenry
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Because nice bath towels are a little luxury we could all use more of.

These 100% Pima Organic Cotton bath towels from The Citizenry will make the best anniversary gift and make them feel like a million bucks each time they get to wrap up in them.

2. Couple’s Vacation Package

Gifts for Couples – Tinggly
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Especially fabulous for the newlyweds who didn’t go on a honeymoon right away, a getaway will soothe their weary but still-in-love souls.

A perfect way to help them make memories and have the time of their life (cue Dirty Dancing theme), give them an experience and vacation they’ll never forget.

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3. Turkish Cotton Bed Quilt

Organic Turkish Cotton Bedspread
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A beautiful throw quilt or bedspread is wonderful enough, but organic Turkish cotton at that? And in all of those blovely neutral patterns?

I’ll take two, please.

4. Couples Watercolor Map

Couples Waterclolor Adventure Map
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How neat is this personalized gift?

The canvas painting makes it a perfect fit for the cotton theme, and they can have so much fun with this throughout their years of adventuring together.

5. Romantic & Fun His-and-Hers Pillow Covers

Love Me Tender Couples Pillowcases
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So adorable and a perfect cotton anniversary gift! These soft pillowcases are so sweet and will make any bedroom décor pop.

You can also get it in body pillow size, which is super fun.

6. Recycled Wildflower Hearts

Recycled Fiber Seed Paper Hearts
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These sweet little hearts would make a perfect cotton gift! Made from 100% recycled cotton fibers, you. just plant these pretty little hearts in the yard or window planter and watch the wildflowers grow.

A great idea for a couple that loves working in the yard together or just really loves the planet!

7. Framed Burlap Canvas

2nd Anniversary Burlap Print
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Burlap is close to cotton, isn’t it? This sweet and playful framed canvas is simply adorable.

The colors are neutral enough to go with anything, too, making it an easy choice when searching for an anniversary gift.

8. String Art State

Custom Cotton String Art
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So clever and unique! These string art pieces are carefully woven together with (you guessed it) cotton strings, forming the shape of the state they live (or were married) in.

We guarantee they don’t already have one of these (you can’t say the same for some of the other gifts they’ll be receiving).

9. Cotton Stem Coasters

Cotton Stem Marble Coasters
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Not all cotton anniversary gifts are made with cotton fabric! 

These marble coasters are so pretty, with their engravings of delicate cotton blossoms.

A perfect gift for your new house or apartment, and doubly useful for keeping water rings off the furniture. 

10. Oneida Dinnerware

Oneida 12 Piece Dinnerware Set
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Fitting right in with our modern theme, this Oneida 24-7 dinnerware set is a great gift idea.

Young couples often go years with mismatched dinnerware that they wish they could afford to replace.

This set is versatile, elegant, and timeless, and Oneida is praised for its lasting and affordable pieces.

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Traditional 2nd Anniversary Gifts (Cotton)

Okay, these are our top picks for the best cotton anniversary gifts!

Any one of these would make a thoughtful gift for your significant other or that special couple in your life celebrating two years of love.

11. Couple’s Calendar

A sneaky and adorable way to make sure you both never forget your wedding date, this cute anniversary calendar will brighten up any living space.

Personalized, of course, with your names and date this is sure to bring a smile every time your hubs or wifey lays eyes on it.

12. Cotton Flower Painting

Timeless in its simplicity, this floral painting of cotton blooms really stands out from the crowd.

The soft colors of this traditional second anniversary gift won’t clash with your décor and it’s a lovely homage to your second anniversary. 

13. Married 730 Days Pillow

Math is hard.

Make it easier with this charming pillow that makes a perfect traditional 2nd anniversary gift! The sentiment rings as true as your wedding vows.

14. Couple’s Hammock

What’s better than spooning with your favorite person? Spooning in a couple’s hammock, of course!

This boho-style hammock will cheer up any yard, and all it needs is him and her and a relaxing afternoon to make it complete. Toss in a cozy blanket as icing on the cake!

15. Monogrammed Robe Set

Perfect for lazy Sundays or to pack on vacations, these his and hers monogrammed robes are made of soft, durable cotton.

They’re classy and comfy and make a wonderfully practical gift. The monogram thread is available in different colors, too, so be sure to snag their favorite.

Modern 2nd Anniversary Gifts (China)

China dinnerware is the contemporary theme for year two. Here are some thoughtful and creative 2nd year anniversary gift ideas that incorporate elegant ceramics.

16. Bone China Place Setting

This gorgeous Wedgwood 5-piece Hibiscus set of china will make her jaw drop.

And those colors!

So beautifully vibrant. She’ll want to continue adding to the collection until that china cupboard is completely full.

17. White Folia Bulb Vase

China can be used for much more than just dinnerware.

Consider this lovely White Folia Bulb Vase crafted from bone china to serve as a stunning centerpiece.

Ditch the red rose and fill it with a bouquet of Cosmos flowers for a perfectly paired 2nd-anniversary gift for your everlasting love.

18. China Tea Pot

This old-fashioned teapot is so sweet with its white and pink blossoms.

It feels like a grown-up gift for the couple who isn’t starting out anymore, but instead knows exactly where they’re going (and would like a cup of tea when they get there).

19. Blue China Earrings

She’ll get so many compliments on these china earrings!

The love birds complete the special meaning, and the blue and white are such a timeless combination. 

20. China Mugs

For the armchair travelers, these Mr. and Mrs. mugs are just too great to pass up!

Whether the two of you are coffee connoisseurs or tea sippers, your spouse of two years will love a set of these great cups. 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Let’s take a look at the best 2nd year wedding anniversary gifts for your beautiful wife! Surprise her with a meaningful gift that shows just how much you adore her.

21. Garnet Cluster Necklace

The deep red of the garnet perfectly captures the fiery moments of your marriage. 

This drop necklace is going to look amazing on her whether it’s resting against her little black dress or tucked into her work scrubs.

She’ll feel so special putting this unique piece on, and is sure to cherish it for a long time!

22. 100% Cotton Tote

Made of cotton, this versatile tote will have a million uses, from holding all of her books and pencils to grocery shopping.

She’ll wonder how she ever got along without it.

23. Reusable Cotton Face Pads

Eco-friendly and oh-so-cute, too!

These cotton reusable face pads are such a simple and easy way to save money and save the earth.

Whether she uses them to remove makeup or nail polish or what-have-you, she’ll love this set. It also comes with a wash bag so she won’t lose them all in the washer/dryer!

24. Tiered Cotton Dress

She hasn’t loved a dress this much since her wedding day.

This cozy and comfy tiered dress is just what she’s been looking for to fill that gap in her wardrobe. She can dress this versatile piece up or down to suit her needs and look fabulous 24/7. 

25. DIY Necklace for Her

DIY Broken Necklace

This downloadable PDF will help guide you in making her a unique broken china necklace that she will love forever, and probably wear everyday!

Making your own anniversary present really brings a whole other level of thoughtfulness to a simple gift.

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

He’s special, he’s handsome, and he’s all yours. As your special day approaches, we’re here to help you find the best two-year anniversary gifts for him!

26. 100% Cotton Pullover

He’ll feel like a million bucks in this 100% cotton shir that is as chic as it is comfy.

The folks over at Gentle Herd are known for producing high-quality, key pieces that can be worn around the clock.

Just the ticket for a relaxing weekend or a fun date night with you!

27. Personalized Tray

Useful and good looking! Isn’t that what you said about him, after all? This personalized wooden serving tray is rugged and rustic, but also streamlined and classy. He’s going to love it!

28. Men’s Garnet Bracelet

Jewelry isn’t just for the ladies, you know! This stunning garnet bracelet is going to look fabulous on his wrist and would make a great 2nd year anniversary gift.

29. Beer Subscription

If he isn’t into tea, beer is always a popular alternative! It’s the gift that keeps on making him smile, with every pop of the top!

30. Canvas Duffle Bag

If he’s the traveling type or simply the going-to-the-gym type, he’ll love this customized duffle!

Fantastic, quality canvas so you know it will last him for years.

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Let’s talk about gifts for couples.

Whether you’re giving a gift to a special couple in your life on their 2nd anniversary, or maybe you want to give your spouse something that emphasizes your “togetherness,” these are some of our favorite gifts for the perfectly paired couple.

31. 2nd Anniversary Game Shirt

It make take other people a minute to figure this out, but give a set of these to the gaming enthusiast anniversary couple and they will “get it” immediately!

Perfect for the gamers in your life, this will be their new favorite matching tees.

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32. Fire Extinguisher

Hemp is the new cotton.

Why not get them something useful and necessary? This fire extinguisher really fits the bill!

It’s beautiful, so they’ll want to keep it in plain sight where it will be ready (heaven forbid!) should they ever need to use it.

33. Make Your Own Chinese Ceramic Tea Pot

DIY Teapot

Make your teapots together and cherish the memories! It’s a romantic activity and a gorgeous keepsake that you can use for tea time. Cheers!

34. Engraved House Portrait

What better way to memorialize their first home together, whether it was their starter home or their dream home?

This engraved house portrait is made of alder wood and will become a keepsake they cherish.

35. Personalized Couple Mugs

So sweet with its illustration and personalized names! Perfect for the camping, hiking, and outdoorsy couple. They’ll swear everything tastes better when sipped out of these mugs.

Unique Second Anniversary Gifts

Here are some truly original ideas. Sometimes it’s best to think outside the box, so… enjoy!

36. Date Night Ideas

It’s so hard to figure out what to do and where to go for date night, isn’t it?

How many arguments and squabbles have happened over where to go to eat when you both get hangry?!

Take that option right out with this Date Night Ideas Box. It’s easy to use (scratch-off!) and full of creative ideas to liven up your time together.

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37. Trees for a Change

Dedicate a tree to their love as a green and eco-friendly alternative to a gift! No gift wrapping or scotch tape required and it quite literally will last forever! You can’t say that about a blender.

38. Family Illustration

Make them say “Awwww!” when they unwrap this adorable print of them.

Add in the family pet or a hobby and this will be their favorite gift of the year.

39. Ginger Jar Lamp

They’ve only been married for two years so you know full well how they’re still collecting furniture and knickknacks.

Why not add something useful and pretty, like this blue and white ginger jar lamp? It fits the china theme, too!

40. Tea Garden

They might not have the time or the know-how to start a full-on backyard garden, but anybody can get the hang of this herbal tea starter!

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Whatever gift you pick, make sure you include a card with a well-thought-out and romantic note to your beloved inside. For ideas on what to write, be inspired by these 101 Happy Anniversary Wishes.

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