21 (Terribly) Unique Gifts for Men

Unique gifts for men do not have to be hard to find! In fact, they’re kind of fun to search for if you’re looking in the right place.

Lucky for you, you’re in the right place.

21 Unique Gifts for Men

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In this list, we’ve come up with 21 terribly unique gifts for him that are sure to knock his socks off.

And by the way, if silly socks are his thing, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Let the scrolling commence!

1. Outdoor Pizza Oven

First up on our list of unique gifts for men is this outdoor pizza oven from Napoli.

If your husband, boyfriend, dad or grandpa is a pizza lover (like, they’d pick a delicious handmade pizza over a steak any day), this is the gift for them.

This pizza oven is unique in that’s it’s compatible with charcoal, wood, or gas. With a cooking surface of over 12″ wide and 13″ deep, it’s perfect for baking authentic brick oven-style pizzas.

Pizza stone is included!

2. Personalized Socks

Who doesn’t like silly socks? When you can personalize them to say anything you’d like, they don’t even have to be silly. They could be serious socks, if that’s the type of guy you’re buying for!

In all seriousness (pun intended), these socks are pretty darn unique (okay, enough with the puns).

You can personalize a pair (or several pairs) of crew length socks with pretty much any text, logo, or even photo that you’d love to surprise him with. Choose between black or white, as well as his favorite style (knit or ribbed).

Some ideas on what to have your socks say:

  • This socks.
  • My dog thinks I’m cool.
  • They said don’t give up on your dreams. I’m going back to sleep.
  • I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
  • Nope. Not today.
  • I wonder if tacos think about me too…

3. Vintage Vinyl Record Player

Taking a look back in time can really help you in your search for unique gifts for men.

Take this Victrola vinyl record player, for instance. While it may look like it time traveled from the 1900s, this wood record player has all the necessary elements of a modern sound system.

Besides the record player with 3-speed turntable, your loved one will enjoy the Bluetooth and USB connectivity, RCA output, FM radio, and CD and cassette (yes, cassette) players. Choose from several different colors.

4. Custom Engraved Bamboo Coaster Set

You’ve got to admit, engraved items are super cool. This custom engraved bamboo coaster set from Northwest Gifts is no exception.

These personalized monogram coasters are made from sustainable bamboo and come four to a set (matching holder included).

All four coasters will feature, in large block, your loved one’s initials. How could he not like that?

5. Kalimba Thumb Piano

Talk about unique gifts for men! We bet you weren’t expecting to see something like this on our list.

The Kalimba thumb piano isn’t just another tinker toy. It’s a real instrument that takes time and talent to learn if you’re going to play it properly. Also known as a mbira, this music maker has a long and storied history.

This Kalimba thumb piano is made of mahogany. It comes with instructions for learning how to play, finger picks, a tune hammer, and more, so he’ll have everything he needs to begin with it.

6. Custom Headphone Stand

As you’ve seen, the most unique gifts for men are often also personalized.

It’s no different with a super-unique custom headphone stand from Etsy.

Perfect for the gamer in your life, this nifty wooden headphone stand comes personalized with his name, as well as in his favorite color.

7. Personalized Rosewood Cigar Humidor

Maybe the guy in your life is the type to sit back and relax after a long day with some whiskey in one hand, and a cigar in the other. He’s probably got a favorite brand of cigar that he always reaches for.

Help him keep those cigars in prime condition by gifting him this vintage-style rosewood cigar humidor.

This personalized cigar humidor does that by utilizing a hygrometer (to measure the humidity within) and a humidifier (to keep that humidity at optimal levels). Free personalization is included.

8. Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Is your best guy friend a big movie buff? Does he have a large collection of films that he enjoys watching over and over again, or does he have a set few that he calls his favorite?

In any case, you can help him broaden his horizons with this neat movie poster.

This scratch off movie poster contains 100 of the best movies of all time, from “Scarface” to “A Beautiful Mind.” It’s designed to fit into an A2 size poster frame. A super fun way to keep track of all the movies he’s seen.

9. Instant Translation Device

If your loved one is a traveler and enjoys immersing himself in different cultures, sometimes a language barrier can really get in the way.

Besides digging through his travel bag for his language dictionary when trying to speak with locals (or spending years actually learning the language), what else can he do to best communicate with them?

Enter the Duteri AI voice translator device. This touch screen translator instantly converts conversation into the native language of the recipient, making communication fast and efficient. It supports 106 languages, and is equipped with global WiFi/hotspot as well as Bluetooth.

10. Custom Ballpark Watercolor Map

Here’s a unique gift idea for the baseball fanatic. This custom ballpark watercolor map will feature his favorite diamond in all it’s glory, but in a way that no one else has ever seen before.

This is not just another print – this ballpark map is hand-painted. And you can really think outside the box with this one. It’s total custom, and that means that you can go beyond a professional team’s ballpark if you want.

Think his high school baseball field, college park, or where he first learned to play baseball as a kid- that will really be special.

11. Personalized Man Cave Plaque

Every guy has a place they can “escape” to, where they can relax and get away from life for a while. Maybe this is their garage, maybe it’s the yard, maybe it’s the lake or the forest.

These days, more often than not, it’s a game room or man cave, hidden away right in their own home.

If his man cave is his haven, let him now you realize that with this custom man cave sign from Northwest Gifts.

Made to look like an old-fashioned pub sign, this unique gift sign will come personalized with his name. It measures 16″ x 12″ and includes a cool 3D beer mug relief.

12. Custom Hidden Message Bracelet

If you’re looking for a gift that’s more on the romantic side but still uncommon, consider this hidden message bracelet.

This leather bracelet hides a sweet message just for him underneath the wristband (you can also choose to customize the top). You can also personalize the red copper clasp with a date and initials.

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13. “The Book of Unusual Knowledge”

When looking for unique gifts for men, you can’t go wrong with unique (um, unusual, we mean) books.

If he enjoys trivia, and likes to read, The Book of Unusual Knowledge really takes the cake.

Filled to the brim with all kinds of informational tidbits, this 704-page volume includes illustrations and insights on everything from pop culture to crime.

Is he into the esoteric? Check out our 21 History Buff Gift Ideas, By a History Geek

14. Forest Bookends

Another great gift for the reader in your life! Maybe he has a significant book collection but nowhere to really display his favorites.

With these beautiful, forest-inspired bookends, he’ll finally have a place of honor for the reads he reaches for the most.

These bookends are made of wood and measure 10″ x 5″ x 8″. Besides the treed theme, you can also choose from other designs and character, including Totoro, Big Foot, and a panda among bamboo.

15. Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit

Bonsai trees are unique in that they look like mini versions of big trees, but are small enough to display on a shelf or desk.

If you know someone who’s into gardening or likes to be outside, but has to work in an office setting or otherwise be indoors most of the time, this bonsai tree seed kit may be a fun gift for him to tend to in his spare time.

The kit includes four types of tree seeds (Brazilian Rosewood, Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Spruce and Flame Tree), soil pods, grow bags, plant markers, and more.

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16. Whiskey Barrel Connoisseur Kit

The man who enjoys his whiskey will also enjoy making his own, if only given the chance! Now he can, with this barrel connoisseur kit from Northwest Gifts.

Sans the alcohol, this kit includes all of the ingredients necessary to make three batches of whiskey.

The barrel itself is crafted from American White Oak (which has been charred within for that delicious aged flavor), and includes steel hoops, bung, and spigot.

A beautiful wrought iron stand is also included. AND you get to choose from three different sizes.

17. Legacybox Digitizing Kit

It’s a fact that technology is always changing and improving, but unfortunately that means that some mediums get left behind.

Take home video cassettes, for one. All those old family videos from back in the day are still in tact and could be watchable, if only that old VCR out in the garage was still in working condition.

Do you know someone who brings up this predicament every now and then? Maybe it’s your brother or another family member… they’d love to watch some old home videos from younger days but simply don’t know how to any more.

Enter Legacybox! With Legacybox, all you have to do is send them your old home videos and photos, and they’ll make a digital copy for DVD, thumb drive, or even the cloud. Preservation in all it’s modern glory.

It’s perfect – a terribly unique gift for men that he’s sure to love.

18. Moon Lamp

Would you ever have guessed that a moon lamp would be a part of our list of unique gifts for men? Well, just tap here and take an up-close look at the thing to see why…it’s cool.

And then admit it to yourself: this moon lamp would make a perfect addition to your loved one’s bedside table, bookshelf, coffee table or desk.

While it is a touch device, it also conveniently comes with a remote that can reach up to 30 feet.

With it, he can change the moon’s color as well as the brightness of the lamp. And with the included rechargeable battery, he can literally pick the moon up and take it with him anywhere.

19. Championship Ring Box with Custom Engraving

Is your guy a sports champion? Perhaps a coach? Does he have several championship rings but nowhere to properly display them?

Then he definitely needs this personalized championship ring box. With it’s hinged glass lid and custom-engraved name plate, he’ll be able to show off his collection in style.

This box is made from sturdy walnut wood and measures 3.25″ high and 9.5″ wide. The interior lining is felt, perfect for keeping and protecting his rings for years to come.

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20. Northern Lights Necklace

Here is a piece of stunning jewelry that will have him peering at it closely and staring in amazement.

This beautiful pendant, inspired by the colorful auroras of the storied northern lights, is a work of art unto itself, and will leave all his friends impressed, too!

You choose the chain length, as well as main opal color and pendant diameter.

21. Braille Skateboarding Gift Certificate

In the skateboarding world, Braille has become a force to be reckoned with.

If the man you’re buying for happens to be a skateboarder, he’s no doubt heard of Braille and probably already follows them on social media. With their mission to introduce the sport to everyone worldwide, they have garnered quite the following.

If he’s into Braille Skateboarding, he’s surely browsed their gift shop on occasion, too! So why not surprise him with a gift certificate?

From decks to apparel to signed merch, he’s sure to find something that suits him in their online shop.

More Unique Gifts for Men

You like what you’ve seen so far, but don’t want our unique gift list to stop!

Well, we’ve come up with a few more one-of-a-kind suggestions just for you (DIY gifts included):

Found a gift idea above that you’re considering, but you’d really like to cover all your bases before making a final decision? Be sure to check out our other ideas for best gifts for men.

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Terribly Unique Gifts for Men

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