21 Gifts for Teachers That Anyone Can Afford

Let’s look at some great gifts for teachers that anyone can afford.

Being a high-school English teacher for three years, I definitely know about the mental, physical, and emotional toil that teachers experience year-in and year-out.

Although often underpaid and underappreciated, teachers are some of the most hardworking and caring people in the world.

Even when the majority of the fruit of the teacher’s labor goes unnoticed until later in life when students have grown older, teachers strive day-in and day-out to offer learning, kindness, discipline, structure, and moral support to children, adolescents, teens, and even adults.

So, while most teachers are motivated not by money or reward but by offering themselves as a service to the good of society, it is still nice to receive a thoughtful gift from a student or parent. A small but genuine gift for your teacher can go a long way to show them how much you appreciate his or her work.

Thankfully there are plenty of great options that won’t break the bank! At All Gifts Considered, we are here to help you honor your favorite teachers with 21 great gift suggestions that will work for anyone’s budget. These affordable teacher gift ideas are just the thing for the dedicated educator in your life.

21 Great Gifts for Teachers

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1. Single-Serve Coffee Pot

The daily grind of a teacher can become very wearisome, especially when those days turn to months, and months to years.

From after-school, extra-curricular activities to late-night lesson planning and grading, teachers run the risk of becoming exhausted both mentally and physically. That is why my top suggestion is a single serve coffee pot for your teacher’s classroom.

While a full pot may be too much, a single-serve is the perfect option for the teacher who needs a quick boost to continue teaching at the highest level. This coffee machine is easily maintained, easy to clean, and doesn’t take up much desk space.

2. Coffee Pods

And to go along with option number one? Coffee of course! This makes a great gift for those teachers who make coffee at home or already have a coffee maker at school.

I recommend Starbucks Pike Place for a bold, stern brew that will make your favorite teacher operate at his or her best. You could also choose a roast from a local independent coffee shop, or find out the teacher’s favorite brand and get that for them.

3. Electric Water Kettle

You would be surprised at how convenient it is to have a compact electric water kettle on hand. With this sweet accessory, teachers can boil water for tea or prep lunches that require hot water.

A lot of people also like to boil their drinking water for precautionary reasons, so this device allows for that as well. This will fit on just about any teacher’s desk, and is one of the more surprisingly useful gifts for teachers on this list.

4. Personalized Water Bottle

Ah, yes, water! One of the best tips of advice I received early in my teaching career was to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

As we all know, teachers speak frequently and loudly in the classroom, and I can confess that it is easy to get lost in instruction and forget to stay hydrated.

That’s why an affordable, compact water bottle is great for teachers to have on their desks so that they remember in between lessons to stay refreshed and avoid dehydration. Plus, it’s personalized!

5. Weekly Planner Gift for Teachers

Lesson plans, faculty meetings, standardized tests, sports events, personal life, so many places to be! Teachers have a lot of commitments to organize.

A great gift for your teacher is a sturdy planner/ organizer so that he or she can stay on top scheduling and not miss any important meetings, events, or other appointments.

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6. Assorted Teas

I suggested coffee earlier, but herbal teas are great as well. This collection of herbal teas would especially be a great combo with suggestion number three.

These tasty tea gifts for teachers work well to soothe a stressful day and may even be good for medicinal use to fight all those colds that get passed around.

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7. Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

Treat a teacher to a favorite restaurant

We may think all teachers do is plan lessons and grade papers, but teachers have personal lives too!

A great way to show your teachers how much you appreciate them is to send them off to a nice dinner at a local favorite spot.

Everyone knows that food tastes just a little bit better when someone else has paid for it!

8. Insulated Lunch Box

When lugging folders, worksheets, and other materials to the classroom, teachers need a nice, separate space to bring a substantial lunch to enjoy and stay nourished.

In my years in the school system, I saw teachers eating quick, insufficient meals for lunch. Make it easy for your teachers to pack full and healthy meals to stay strong and ready for whatever the day may bring. This classy and stylish insulated lunch bag is just the thing.

9. Laptop & Materials Bag

Again, space and ease of use are essential for a teacher’s productivity. That laptop and all those papers require a dedicated place that will keep them protected and easily accessible.

This laptop briefcase bag is a great option, especially for math teachers who have to grade homework daily.

10. Soup Thermos

Soup and chili lovers won’t have to wait in line for the microwave in the teachers’ lounge any longer! This soup thermos is a great, compact for teachers to pack good lunches. Heat it up in the morning and it will stay warm all day, ready wherever you are!

11. Thermal Insulated Coffee Mug

How many of us take a coffee or tea on our way out the door to work? This excellent Rambler Tumbler by Yeti allows your teachers to have their favorite morning beverage on hand without feeling tempted to swing into the gas station on the way to school.

Want it personalized? For a few bucks more, you can get a custom engraved thermal insulated mug!

The thermal insulation comes from the double walled vacuum sealed construction. Stainless steel durability and an attractive, modern design makes this coffee mug one of our favorite gifts for teachers, especially when custom engraved.

12. Custom Engraved Key Chain

Teachers have keys. Lots of keys.

This custom key chain is a great gift, especially for coaches or administration who need to have on them at all times various keys to open school doors, locker rooms, closets, the gym, etc. The best part about this one is that you can make it personal to the educator to whom you give it.

13. Electric Pencil Sharpener

Teachers love practical things that help with everyday tasks. This sharpener is great for classroom or personal use and is an excellent gift for elementary, math, and art teachers.

No more grinding away and breaking lead with this highly rated pencil sharpener!

14. Toaster Oven

While already having to scarf down food in just a few minutes, waiting in line for the teacher lounge microwave can turn lunch into a nightmare.

Because of this, your teacher will surely delight in having his or her own toaster oven to heat up frozen meals or toast while being able to work on other things in the meantime. Every minute counts during the school day!

15. Personal Fan

Ahh, the infamous district-controlled thermostats! I don’t know about your district, but mine…

Well, it’s not a problem any longer. I recommend it as a great gift for your teacher’s classroom a personal fan. This fan is compact, yet powerful enough for a quick cool-down after an intensive teaching session.

16. Humidifier/ Essential Oil diffuser

Educators are in their classrooms often more than they are in their own homes, so give your teacher a gift that makes their classroom as much like home as possible!

A humidifier that diffuses calming essential oils is a perfect way to help your teacher ensure a peaceful and refreshing environment. Keep for a great gift to go along with this next one…

17. Essential Oils

Did you know that teachers are not allowed to have candles in the classroom? It’s a fire hazard for tests after all! For teachers who want their classroom to smell amazing, but not break the rules, essential oils are great to have on hand.

18. Handheld Vacuum

Yes, over the course of 180 or so days, the classroom can get pretty messy. Especially when papers are piling up like nobody’s business.

With a handheld, cordless vacuum, your teacher will now be empowered to maintain a clean and cozy desk, computer space, and any other surfaces that tend to collect dust.

19. Heated Seat Cushion

When teachers aren’t on their feet moving around the room assisting students, they are probably sitting down grading assessments, typing up lesson plans, or checking emails.

Want to make scoring those final exams much more enjoyable? Then get this heated cushion seat as a warm, cozy addition to your teacher’s classroom. His or her body will appreciate it!

20. Portable Charging Port

Teachers travel frequently to attend training and such, and they often have to take their school-issued devices with them. Not having access to a charging port on an airplane or at a training can be a nightmare.

That is why this portable charger is an excellent gift for your teachers who are in the sky or on the road a lot.

21. Gifts for Teachers: Wireless Mouse

Technology is advancing quickly. Gone are the days of typewriters; now there are desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones… Veteran teachers especially can feel a little overwhelmed.

This wireless computer mouse is a great gift for teachers who have been issued a laptop or who will be traveling frequently and work better with their hands on a traditional mouse rather than the keypad. It’s light and compact and easy to place in a travel bag.

Well, I hope that this list of gifts for teachers provides you with some interesting, innovative, and helpful gift ideas to give to your teachers.

Remember, teachers labor for their students to learn and mature into successful adults, but they love a tangible and useful gift from time to time!

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Teacher Gift Ideas for Any Budget
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