Holiday Trivia – Printable Gift Exchange Game


These easy-to-read gift exchange printable are perfect for any holiday gift exchange party! Easy to print at home or at your favorite printing service. Digital file only.


If your family is big on trivia, turn your gift exchange into a trivia competition with this Holiday Trivia game printable! Set up two or three teams, or compete individually. There are many ways to pass out the gifts:

  • As each person gets a correct answer, they get to choose a wrapped present, and if they get more than one question right they can pass off their gift pick to another person of their choice (or steal/swap a gift)
  • Competing individually for points, the leading point-getter chooses the gift first, 2nd place second, etc.
  • Teams compete together and write down their answers. Questions can have the same or different point values based on how difficult they are
  • The leading team at the end of the first quarter can choose their wrapped gifts, and the leading team at halftime can choose and/or steal from the first. Everyone opens at the end of the third quarter, and the victorious team at the very end can steal opened gifts from other teams

This is a digital product download.

Once purchased, we cannot accept returns or provide refunds. After you finalize the file, you can save a print-ready file to your device. From there, you will need to get the file to a good printing company to print, or print at home.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-read, candy cane theme for a festive feel
  • One 8.5″x11″ trivia questions download
  • One 8.5″x11″ trivia answer sheet download
  • Instant download

To Print & Prepare:

  • Open both 8.5″x11″ PDF File
  • Print at home or take to local print shop
  • Templates are set up to be printed on one side of a Letter Paper or Letter Cardstock