21 Quirky & Awesome Gifts for Musicians

The best gift ideas for musicians are those off-the-beaten-path gifts that are both awesome and just a little bit quirky.

Because — let’s face it — musicians are weird. So a quirky gift for a musician is oddly fitting. As a musician myself (guitar, and I tinker around on a banjo) I know that musicians like gifts that are just a little bit…different.

So whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, trying to research what to get a musician for Christmas, or you’re a musician yourself and you’re making a list of ideas to pass on to your family — we’ve got you covered.

Keep scrolling for some delightfully quirky, unique gifts for musicians.

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Musicians Like Quirky Gifts

For instance, consider unique musical instruments for gifts. Something moderately simple that creates a unique sound. That’s a great gift!

It actually doesn’t matter a whole lot if we actually play it, or — for non-instrument gifts — use it. Just having interesting and quirky music-related stuff is tons o’ fun.

This means that, for most oddball musicians, whatever you get them will be a success. Just be sure to take into account their interests; for example, a classical music enthusiast will probably like different things than, say, someone who is into rap.

But then again, music is a great unifier, and people are always coming up with ways to marry diverse styles. So in reality someone who plays the violin may love a death metal distortion pedal, and you don’t have to be into blues or throat singing to enjoy the marvelous documentary Ghengis Blues.

Enough said. Here are 21 great gift ideas for musicians. Mostly instruments, but there are some other cool accessories and stuff, too.

21 Awesome Gifts for Musicians

1. Theremin (Moog)

The Theremin — the only instrument you play without touching — is so weirdly awesome it just has to be #1 on our list of gifts for musicians. The Moog is the standard in Theremin instruments.

Watch this fascinating documentary if you’re not convinced. (Watch the trailer here.) Heck, get your loved one the movie poster if the Moog is out of your price range.

2. Personalized Tumbler Musician Gift

Personalization is always a good idea. For the musician in your life, custom engrave a stainless steel tumbler in your choice of color (or regular stainless steel finish).

Available at Northwest Gifts, we can laser etch these tumblers with any text or clipart. Is your musician friend in a band, and do they have a logo? We can engrave that!

These tumblers make great gift ideas because not only are they personalized, but they keep their coffee/tea blazing hot throughout a long practice session. Plus it will keep their healthy green-based smoothies cold during those long road trips to their next gig. A must-have gift!

3. Thumb Piano (Kalimba)

Thumb pianos are a super-nerdy gift idea for a musician. Check out these premium mahogany wood thumb pianos, which includes note listings and a tuning hammer. The triple sound hole creates beautiful sound, and looks great too!

4. Guitar Wall Hanger Shaped Like a Pick

Cleverly shaped like a guitar pick, this is a neat way to wall mount a guitar. Made in the USA in six different designs, it includes personalization of name and guitar name. Available here.

5. Bluegrass Jaw Harp

The jaw harp provides that special sound that is a distinctive of hillbilly bluegrass. Perfect as a stocking stuffer gift for musicians.

5. Personalized Soundwaves Print

This is a great idea… a personalized etching of the soundwaves of your musician’s favorite song. Unique, quirky, personalized, and just plain awesome.

6. Guitar Toilet Seat

gifts for musicians - Weird Gift Ideas for Musicians

You asked for weird… here it is! Made by Jammin’ Johns (seriously!). These come in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano.

 7. Floating Bluetooth Speaker

It’s like a mini spaceship that sits in your home and plays music. Get it here.

8. Hydropowered Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The thing about those waterproof shower speakers is that they always need to be recharged. You un-suction them, charge them (oh wait, where’d the charger go? < That’s the current status of ours), and then go to re-suction them and they don’t stick.


But not this one — it uses the water pressure from your shower to recharge! Heck stinking yeah.

So your musician or music lover will never have to worry about not having tunes in the shower. They will be thrilled to get this as a gift.

9. Nychelharpa T-Shirt

Do you know the difference between a nyckelharpa, a dymeharpa, and a quartyrharpa? Not many do.

Musicians love weird niche stuff, so even if the musician in your life doesn’t play these instruments, they’ll love this gift. Get it here.

11. DIY Synth Kit

When you ask about things that never go out of style, most people will probably say a classy suit or a little black dress.

But musicians are weird, so don’t be surprised that we say the correct answer is “synthesizers.” If that sounds about right, get the musician in your life this DIY Synth Kit.

(If they already have this there’s also the DIY Speaker Kit. Just sayin.)

12. Guitar Doorbell

This is fun, and maybe something you can DIY. When the door is opened, it strums your guitar!

Check out the Guitar Doorbell Kit, but make sure you have your volume down before clicking the link! I had mine pumped up and I nearly jumped out of my swivel chair when this circa-1995 website loaded with its auto-play strum sound effect. Sheesh.

13. Strumstick

The strumstick sounds like a cross between a banjo and a dulcimer, and can be picked or strummed. A fun addition to your stringed instrument collection. Get it here.

14. Major Scale Wine Glass Set

For the musician who loves wine… a set of wine glasses that guides you to playing the major scale. These come in sets of two, so you’ll need 4 sets to get all 8 notes in the major scale to play at once. Get them here.

You may also be interested in some engraved wine glasses custom etched with anything you like – the silhouettes of classical composers, the name of the recipient’s band, a favorite song quote.

15. Guitar Amp Key Holder

Here’s a great stocking stuffer for the electric guitarist or bass player. This wall-mounted key ring holder uses 1/4″ input jacks to store your keys when not in use.

16. Didgeridoo

The Didgeridoo is almost a parody of itself as the go-to weird niche instrument. It’s so mainstreamly-unique that to have one is actually kinda ironic in the hipster sense.

Plus it’s just fun to blow on something and make noise! Here are the premium quality ones, and here’s one that will fit in just about anyone’s gift budget.

17. Stylophone Pocket Synthesizer

Snyths are just cool. So a pocket-sized one that you play with a stylus? Super cool. Get it here.

18. Playable Washboard Tie

Grab a pair of thimbles and play along with any bluegrass tune. Best of all, you can wear this anywhere and play it anytime! Here it is.

19. Stumpf Fiddle

The Stumpf Fiddle is a weird percussion instrument. Sometimes also referred to as a stomp stick, this is basically a pogo stick (which makes a thump on the ground) plus all sorts of percussion accessories all rolled into one. Get it here.

20. Build Your Own Ukulele Kit

Build your own ukulele? Yes please.

21. Playable Rock ‘n Roll T-Shirt

Bring your rock ‘n roll with you wherever you go with this t-shirt that has a guitar YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY.

That’s right.

You can strum this shirt and it will play any major chord. (Except on laundry day.)

More Interesting Music Gifts

… and this mug for anybody who was ever in choir:

Musician Gift Ideas

What are some of your favorite weird musician gift ideas?

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