Last-minute gift ideas for Valentine's Day

10 Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Last Updated on July 30, 2020

Looking for some last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts? No worries, we gotcha covered.

We’ll start at a respectable 10 days before V-Day, which will give you time to get a gorgeous personalized Valentine’s Day gift shipped to your door. As we move closer to the day, you’ll need to find things more local and more pre-packaged.

Whatever your situation, we’ll help you figure out the most workable gift solutions with our countdown of the 10 best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Important: These dates don’t guarantee that the vendor will be able to deliver in time for V-Day if ordered by then; these are approximate dates based on the average production & delivery times.¬†Check the details at checkout or contact the vendor to ensure timely delivery, get expedited shipping, or print out a photo of the product to put in a Valentine’s Day card with a note that it’s coming soon.

The 10 Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

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#10 – February 5: Personalized Tumbler

These tumblers are super cute and include your significant other’s name personalized in script, plus your choice of “best ever” phrase. Best wife ever, best boyfriend ever, hottest fiance ever, etc.

Additionally, these come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your Valentine’s tastes.

Production time is 2-5 business days plus 2-5 days shipping time. Contact Northwest Gifts to ensure timely delivery.

#9 – February 6: Personalized Bird Feeder w/ Heart & Initials

Have you ever thought of giving him or her a bird feeder? Probably not – which is why this is such a great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift!

It’s made in the USA from real, aromatic cedar wood and includes personalization. Etch it with any special message, initials, clipart, etc. to make it the perfect gift for your nature-loving sweetheart.

A bird feeder is not some piece of kitsch that will just take up space (since it’s going outside!). Plus it will bring the beauty and tranquility of the birds close to your home. A truly memorable idea!

Production time is generally a couple of business days, plus 2-7 day transit time depending on location. Please contact Northwest Gifts to arrange timely delivery.

#8 – February 7: Custom Engraved Bottle Opener

Grab a nice bottle of delicious local wine and get this custom engraved bottle opener personalized with her name, your anniversary date, or a special Valentine’s Day message. Usually customized in just a couple days and easy to expedite, this is a great last-minute yet personalized gift.

Made to order in 2-5 business days, plus 2-7 days for regular delivery. Contact Northwest Gifts to ensure timely delivery.

#7 – February 8: Boxed Wine Barrel Dispenser

Does your lady love boxed wine? This oak barrel wine dispenser makes serving easy and attractive. Made from a real oak barrel, simply put the bag of wine inside the barrel and slide the lid closed to class up your boxed wine service.

Ships out within a few business days depending on stock levels, plus normal 2-5 day delivery time. Contact Northwest Gifts to make sure we can get it to you in time.

#6 – February 9: Organic Oregon-Grown Floral Wreath

These organic wreaths are locally grown and made by hand. For last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that show you are thoughtful and eco-conscious, you won’t find a better option that this.

These are shipped out within a few business days. Delivery options are available at checkout.

#5 – February 10: Digital Photo Frame Pre-Loaded With Cute Pics

Nab this nifty WiFi digital picture frame, pull a bunch of photos of the two of you from your social media feeds, and sneak in a couple new shots these last few days before February 14th. Presto, you have a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift that’s both thoughtful and creative.

Stock and delivery times vary, but it’s typically pretty quick. See the product details page for more information.

#4 – February 11: Dope Headphones

She already has headphones. For a mind-(or ear-)blowing yet last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, upgrade her headphones to these ones.

Availability, shipping options, and delivery times will vary. See product page and checkout for delivery options.

#3 – February 12: Super-Comfy Slippers

For the lady that likes to be cozy, get some premium and super-comfy slippers. If you’re not into UGG prices, there are plenty of additional options available, all you need to know is her size.

Availability and delivery times vary by size and color.

#2 – February 13: Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker for Breakfast in Bed

OK so you’re down to the wire… overnight this little heart-shaped waffle maker and grab some pancake mix, OJ, good local coffee, and some of her favorite season fruit from the grocery store.

You’ll have created the cute, winning, and (unbeknownst to her) last minute Valentine’s Day gift of breakfast-in-bed.

Availability will vary, see product page for details on shipping times.

#1 – February 14: It’s Go Time

Gift ideas on Valentine's Day

It’s Valentines Day! Congrats, you truly did put off your gifting until the last minute.

Sorry (not really), but you’re pretty much stuck with whatever is on the shelf at the grocery or department store.

You are lame.

But all is not lost; we’re here to help. And since you don’t have any other recourse, we’ll list not just one but 10 more last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that you can pick up on February 14th.

10 Ultra-last-minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. A gift card to her favorite restaurant

You’ll be taking her there anyways, but this will serve as a promise to future dates together, which she will love.

2. Flowers & chocolate

Yes, it’s cliche. But it’s cliche for a reason – many gals love it! You can go traditional with a bouquet, or go modern with a succulent or orchid.

For chocolate, just about any store will be brimming with boxes of chocolate. You can go the easy route, or take it to the next level by getting your chocolates from a local artisanal shoppe. She’ll appreciate the extra effort.

3. A stuffed animal

Teddy bears are totally classic. But you’ll be able to find a wide range of stuffies at any department or toy store.

But let’s help you get beyond the last-minute traditional teddy. Does she love playing Pokemon Go? How about a stuffed Pikachu. Is she a sci-fi nerd? You should be able to find something in a Star Wars theme. You know what she likes; hit up a toy store or gaming shop to find something unique at the last minute.

4. Wine

That’s an easy one. Go to a local store, wine shop, winery, etc. and pick out her favorite.

5. Local food/beer/specialty items

In our area, we have famous cheese, chocolate, beer, and wine. It’s a simple matter of driving downtown and shelling out for some good quality local foods or beverages. I’m sure your area has plenty of things she’s always wanted to try.

6. Romantic photo session

Contact a local portrait photographer and arrange for a couple’s portrait session. She’ll be thrilled, and this will let her know that you think she’s beautiful enough to be a model.

You don’t even have to arrange everything with the photographer (or even choose one – she might already have one she particularly likes), just give her a card with a note letting her know she’s getting a photo session. Be sure to check out the costs in advance so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

7. Clothing & accessories

There’s probably a few t-shirts, hoodies, coats, hats, purses, belts, socks, etc. that she’s mentioned she wants. Whatever it is, pick it up for her along with some chocolates at the local department store.

8. Coupon book

Coupon book gifts are classic, simple, and meaningful. Be sure to choose ideas that are actually important and helpful to her. You can DIY or go printable style.

9. Tickets

Find a fun, unique, or romantic event and get tickets for it. Last-minute movie tickets or gift cards are ok, but think about going the extra mile.

Pick a local festival, a nearby (or far away!) concert of a favorite band, or go to the theater for a play or musical for a truly memorable night.

10. DIY Valentine’s Day gift

A DIY is a great way to show you care. Check out this list or maybe this list and also this one for plenty of DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Keep in mind that many DIY projects take several hours plus some resources. Plan on running to a craft or hardware store plus a chunk of your afternoon.

Don’t get stuck next year!

So there you have it. These (more than) 10 last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts should get your through the holiday unscathed. Make sure you pin or bookmark this list so it doesn’t happen again!

Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Additionally, to avoid getting stuck in this same boat next year or for Christmas or birthdays, here are some resources to help you find them perfect gift idea for your significant other:

Oh, and one more thing…just for you, here’s 10 more Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Pull Off Right Now.

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