40 Dirt Bike Gift Ideas for Motocross Enthusiasts

Let’s dig into some of the best dirt bike gift ideas!

The easiest thing about buying a great gift for your local motocross enthusiast? Knowing that all you have to do is pick something related to dirt biking.

The hardest thing about buying a gift for them? How in the world do you know what a dirt bike enthusiast likes or needs?

Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! Read on for 40 ultimate dirt bike gifts for your favorite adrenaline junky.

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1. GoPro HERO6 Action Camera

This GoPro Hero 6 action camera is going to document all the crazy adventures that sit just over the horizon.

You know what they say: pictures, or it didn’t happen, right? 

This action camera is designed to see tons of grit, speed, and adventure. They’re going to get so much use out of this perfect dirt bike gift! 

This fabulous piece of technology does things like send pics to your phone to be turned into awesome videos, has touch zoom, and is so incredibly fast.

2. Moto Cross Bike Lego

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re always game for some Legos. This set is ridiculously cool, and motocross enthusiasts will eat it up.

So simple and fun — it’s an easy, good gift choice. Go ahead and tear it up!

You can even build a realistic chain-drive, and see the pistons kick. How cool is that?

3. Vented Dirt Bike Helmet

Safety first, y’all! Helmets are essential dirt bike accessories, and this vented dirt bike helmet is so good-looking, you won’t even have to remind your friend to wear it. 

In fact, you might just have to remind them to take it off! The colors pop and the fit is so comfortable, they might forget they’re wearing it. 

4. BikeMaster Easy Lift Stand

The only part of motocross racing that can be such a drag is getting those bikes on and off of the truck bed, am I right? 

This BikeMaster easy-lift stand makes moto-life so much more convenient!

Now you can spend even more time on the track (woot woot!) and less time struggling in your driveway. A perfect solution to an age-old struggle.

5. Custom Dirt Bike Bobblehead

Personalize and customize this dirt bike bobblehead to look exactly like your friend. Laughter will abound in no time, and every time they look at their wee likeness, they’re gonna grin. 

The only problem? All their friends are going to want one, too!

Well, at least you can bookmark this site and never be at a loss for what to buy when you need Christmas gifts. 

6. Brass Keychain

Get them a cool, good quality keychain for their dirt bike keys! This brass keychain will be their new favorite accessory, and they’ll wonder how they ever got along without it. 

Plus, with so many designs to choose from, it will be a cinch to find the “perfect” one. I am diggin’ the octopus one myself. 

7. Fox Racing Dirtpaw Gloves

A good pair of gloves is a motocross enthusiast’s secret weapon, and are a totally necessary piece of protective gear! These Fox racing dirtpaw gloves look as great as they feel.

All you need to do is know their size (consult their handy sizing chart on the site), and either hint around about their favorite color, or match the rest of their gear.

No need to shell out a lot of nickels for a pair of high-quality gloves when you have Fox! They deliver excellent quality motocross gifts at affordable price points.

8. Race Fuel Candle

Oh my, these “dude” candles are simply the best! Totally perfect for the garage, they come in scents like Race Fuel, WD-40, Burnt Rubber, and Gasoline.

A perfect choice for a gag gift that isn’t really a gag gift because they’re going to love it! I might need the complete set, and I don’t even own a dirt bike. 

9. Snap-Lock Dirt Bike Boots

A high-quality pair of boots is one of the most important things to have for riding.

With their metal shanks and four-buckle closure system, these dirt bike boots will have everyone asking, “Where did you get those?”. 

They are available in other colors besides the classic black, as well! As bad-a$$ as they look, they are also renowned for their cushy and comfortable feel. 

There’s no element out there that a new pair of these Element boots can’t handle.

10. Dirt Bike Life Tumbler

When bikers play, they play hard! Keep them happy and hydrated with a cool tumbler that you can totally customize just for them.

It’ll keep ice water cold for hours, even in the hot sun, and the same temperature control works for their hot coffee on cold days. 

Once you choose the color and wording, you’ll have a great gift idea and a one-of-a-kind cup that is ready for adventuring! 

11. Digital Photo Frame

Help them keep track of all of their best dirt biking photos with this digital photo frame!

You know they have plenty to choose from, and now they don’t have to select just their top few — they can put them all on there to rotate throughout the day and make them smile. 

It’s so easy to upload from wherever they are, too! it’s as simple as sending a quick email and voila! They have brand new memories to look at. 

12. Boot Warmer & Dryer

The only thing more fun than a day of dirt biking is a day of dirt biking through the mud! Keep their new boots dry (so they’ll last longer and be ready for the next adventure) with this boot warmer and dryer

We know you are eying this one, so here’s the clincher: it also dries your gloves and hats! This is definitely a favorite on our list of dirt bike gift ideas.

13. AirC Leg Massager

Enhance your performance by getting out those stubborn knots in your leg muscles! This AirC leg massager is going to be your new best friend forever. 

It works out all the kinks and cramps, and will make you feel like you just spent a day at the luxury spa.

It has three different modes, a heat setting, and even comes with a tote bag to take it all with you when you’re traveling. 

14. Dirt Bike Goggles

Looking for the best dirt bike goggles? Look no further than this cool scratch resistant pair that will protect you, as well as make you look…well, “awesomely rad” comes to mind. 

Light-weight and anti-fog, they are available in a wide range of colors so you can choose your absolute favorite.

15. Personalized Motocross Ornament

Need a great Christmas gift for a motocross enthusiast? This ornament is personalized just for them!

It’s a truly unique and thoughtful gift that they will love unpacking and putting on the tree each holiday season. We love the rustic vibe! 

16. Compact Portable Grill

When you’re headed up the mountain for a few days of bliss on the trails, having a portable grill is pretty essential, don’t you think? We think, yes!

This compact grill is just the ticket to all things savory, saucy, and delicious! The most important thing you’ll pack all day (besides the dirt bike, of course). 

17. Dirt Bike Training & Fundamentals

Perfect for newbies, this dirt bike training and fundamentals course will teach you everything you need to know to stay safe and have a great time.

A perfect and relatively inexpensive way to introduce your kids to the sport, or your best friend who has finally decided to take the plunge into dirt bike racing. Grab this now — you’ll be glad you did! 

18. Professional Portrait

Turn their best action photo into a professional painting! How cool would that be? Your friend will love this gift and will proudly hang it front and center on their wall. 

We also love the idea of taking a photo of their most memorable wipe-out moment and immortalizing that, as well! So one-of-a-kind and unique, your pals will definitely get a kick out of it. 

19. Rechargeable Neck Fan

Keep calm and keep it cool with this nifty, rechargeable neck fan! A good idea for dirt bike riders of all ages, its clever design won’t get caught in long hair.

Stay cool even in the hottest of temperatures with this hands-free fan that features three different speeds for the ultimate comfort. 

20. Compact Dirt Bikes Tool Kit

Standard tools won’t always do the trick when it comes to fixing up a dirt bike collection. Enter in this awesome set of dirt biker tools they can keep all together in one compact spot. 

They’ll get so much use out of this specialized kit! Consider buying one for you and one for your buddy…otherwise it’s always going to be “borrowed,” right? 

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21. Inspirational Meat Card

Send them an inspiring message and some much-needed protein before their next big dirt bike competition with this funny insperational meat “card!”

They’ll get a good laugh and a good snack in just in time for the big race. Such a cute and unusual gift idea that might just become a tradition in your gift-giving arsenal! 

22. Radios for Large Groups

This four-pack of walkie-talkies is so great for families. Keep everyone up-to-date on safety and their whereabouts known.

These practical, sturdy radios are going to come in handy more times than you can even imagine and make perfect gift ideas. Kids will love them as much as the adults do! 

23. Dirt Bike Wrapping Paper

Got an awesome gift, but just need the perfect wrapping paper? Here you go! Now you can make that great gift into an even better gift.

This neat paper is almost as much fun as whatever is inside. Definitely the kind of paper you don’t tear and rip into: it’s the kind you want to carefully fold and keep to reuse for another dirt bike riding friend! 

24. Heavy-Duty Tie Downs

These tie-down straps make your life a little bit easier! You’ll find yourself using them for just about everything — from securing the bikes on the trailer or truck bed, to packing all your gear up Tetris style.

The soft material is totally strong, but it won’t scratch up your beloved bikes either. Bonus points! 

25. Dirt Life

These tanks are so fun and they come in a variety of styles (like scoop neck vs. V), and a ton of colors.

You could outfit the whole dirt bike gang in these! And they look just as cute with jeans as they do with a flirty skirt. Watch this site for free shipping, too! 

26. Dirt Bike Key Holder

Keep all of those keys to your most beloved dirt bikes, trucks, and cars in one handy-dandy spot with this great key holder! Finally, some organization in the family, right? 

This just makes life so much easier — it’s one less thing to think about and you gotta love that. 

27. Lightweight Hydration Water Backpack

Stay hydrated all day long, sunup to sundown, with this hydration backpack! The best part? It’s totally lightweight so your speed and mobility won’t be affected. 

The next best part? It’s really durable so it won’t fall apart the first time you wipe-out.

I mean, not that that would ever happen, right? 

28. Custom @ Handle Decal

For those who love posting their action shots online for all to see, consider this custom @ handle decal! It’s a super easy gift that they will love showing off on their car or truck. 

Help them get some likes with this great choice for your motocross enthusiast! 

29. Fire Cam Helmet Camera

An awesome helmet cam duo makes a good gear combo and a winner of an idea! This high-tech camera comes with all the bells and whistles you can imagine, and is super durable and weather resistant, as well.

They can document all of their adventures, races, wipe-outs, and memories so easily and simply with this awesome cam. 

30. Cooling Towels

Keep it cool under pressure with these cooling towels! A gift they’ll use over and over again, these towels are a great addition to their riding gear and something they didn’t even know they needed until now. 

This pack of four means they can share, too, or you can give it to a family of dirt bike lovers.

31. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

Perfect for cleaning and polishing up those mud-caked dirt bikes, this Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is a practical gift that anyone will love!

You’ll be tempted to line up the muddy children as well and hose them down, but let’s keep it to the bikes, shall we?

32. Good Luck Charms

Because what could be luckier than a four-leaf clover?! Whenever they go out for another afternoon of riding, busting out cool new tricks, or off-road discovery, they need a little luck charm like this one. Small enough to fit in their pocket or on their keychain without getting in the way, too.

33. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Keep those tires optimally full and eating up the race track with a good, high-quality pressure gauge like this one

An essential pick of dirt bike or motorcycle gifts, they’ll be using it all the time and wonder how they ever got along without it. It has a backlit LED and a non-slip grip, making it so user-friendly and simple. 

34. Personalized Photo Flag

Turn their best action shot into a flag!

This gift is so one-of-a-kind and is great for motocross enthusiasts of all ages, and perfect for hanging in their bedroom or garage space. 

35. Probably Out Riding My Dirt Bike Doormat

Leave no doubt where you are with this fun doormat!

Not just cute and clever, but also practical and useful (goodbye, mud), this mat will make everyone smile when they see it.

Scrape off all that mud when you get home from the track, camping, or biking! 

36. Decorative Fire Extinguisher

You never know when you will need one, but who says fire extinguishers need to be boring? These particular extinguishers are works of art, but still have your back incase of an emergency. 

There are so many fun designs to choose from — it’s kind of hard to pick! Find a favorite and make sure everyone in the house knows how to use it and where to find it. 

37. Dirt Racing Gear Bag

Need a legit gear bag? Look no further. This racing bag will hold everything you need (plus a snack or two) to get you where you’re going. 

Durable and strong, it’s made to last a long time from high-quality materials. One of our best dirt bike gifts, it will carry you throughout all of your racing adventures in style. 

38. I’d Rather Be On My Dirt Bike

It’s funny because it’s true, right?

This clever license plate holder will get you some good-natured honks and waves from your fellow motocross enthusiasts. Hopefully while on your way to do some racing! 

39. Bike Cup Holder

This bike cup holder fits your favorite water bottle so you can stay hydrated at all times, even while on the trails!

Super adjustable and easy to mount, it’s even mud proof. Now we’re talking…

40. Ultra Thin Wallet

You need your license and other cards with you when you ride, but who wants a bulky wallet that makes your ride uncomfortable? Not us! And not you either.

Good news, with this ultra thin wallet you can carry everything you need and want (including a photo of your honey) without all that extra bulkage. 

We hope you’ve found some wonderfully appealing dirt bike gift ideas for your favorite motocross enthusiasts.

Whether it’s exciting tactical gear for their ensemble, or a fun trinket for their hobby collection, they’re bound to love it.

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